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ETO DEVICE helps you with the conversion of shipping container into pop-up restaurant and the realization of portable concession stand idea.
Is there a creative and unique restaurant idea? The shipping container restaurant! Wait, what is that? A restaurant in a shipping container? Typically speaking, it is a standardized shipping container that is converted into a mobile restaurant. As one of the pop-up restaurant ideas, a shipping container restaurant is ideal for both large and small mobile catering businesses, given its modular design. You can have one as a portable concession stand, or more to set up a food court with a spacious patio. If you are looking for a modular restaurant, the shipping container is your first option to establish your business because of its mobile structure and rigid materials. ETO Device specializes in the design and customization of shipping container restaurants. Keep reading to explore more about the shipping container restaurant for sale.

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Shipping Container Restaurant

Shipping container bar for sale

Shipping Container Bar

Container Bar for sale
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Why Do You Need a Shipping Container Restaurant To Set Up a Concession Stand?

The shipping container restaurant is a new trend in the catering business. As a concession stand, it is much more affordable for the majority of small entrepreneurs. But, the price is not the main reason why you should have it and set up a concession stand. In fact, there are a variety of benefits of this shipping container food stand. There are 4 benefits of shipping container restaurants.
  • High Flexibility
In comparison with mobile food trailers or outdoor concession stands, shipping container restaurant stands out by its flexibility. It can be either highly mobile or fixed, which mainly depends on your willingness to equip it with wheels or bolts. In other words, a shipping container restaurant allows you take it to start a mobile catering business from business districts to parks easily, or set up a stationary food concession stand to run your food concession business.
  • Custom Size and Dimension
The modular restaurant is the conversion of the standardized shipping container whose frame is galvanized square tubes. Thanks to the high-quality metal, the compressive strength of the shipping container improves, prolonging the service life of the container. Besides, the walls and the doors of the modular restaurant building are built with aluminum composite panels that are extremely durable and sturdy. All the steel and alloy are up to the national standard of the mobile catering industry. Therefore, food safety is ensured. Considering shipping container restaurant construction and material, this square shipping container is more durable than a wooden concession stand. Hence, it is the best option for your food stand business plan.
  • Good Durability
For those who are ambitious for their concession stand business, a shipping container restaurant is a perfect choice because of its standard size, design and capacity. If you want to have a large portable concession stand and expand your business, a commercial modular restaurant can be set up with many customized shipping containers stacked together. These containers, with the same characteristics and designs, will impress your eaters deeply! You can contact us to get the list of standard sizes of shipping containers.
  • Time Savings
Unlike traditional food concession stands, modular container restaurants save you a lot of time to start your business, which means a quicker economic return. According to your requirements, it takes about a few weeks to custom a shipping container restaurant with the required equipment, like concession windows, water sinks, and work surfaces. All you need is to prepare an ideal site for your food concession stall franchise and wait for the delivery of your converted shipping container restaurant.

Modular container restaurant for sale

3 Trending Shipping Container Pop-up Restaurant Ideas This Year

How to turn a shipping container into a pop-up restaurant? The first step is to decide on your shipping container restaurant design ideas. There are 3 hot shipping container pop-up restaurant ideas for you to choose from.
  • Shipping Container Coffee Shop for Sale
Are you interested in converting a shipping container into a mobile coffee shop? Shipping container coffee shops give you an opportunity to expand your business. A 5.5m*2.1m shipping container cafe will provide a comfortable place for your customers to enjoy their outdoor time when you set up it in the vicinity of leisure venues. Don’t forget to equip it with benches, tables and umbrellas.
  • Shipping Container Bar for Sale
What is the best idea to make money at sports events or music shows? Buy a container bar and start your concession stand business! Given the room for the storage of your bars, wines and cups, a mini, 2.8m*2.1m*2.15m shipping container bar is able to attract a stream of people for you. Its estimated price is about $6,000, depending on the accessories, installation and other customization.


  • Fast Food Shipping Container Restaurant for Sale
If you specialize in fast food, it is a good choice to set up a shipping container food stand to sell cheeseburgers, pizzas and tacos. A 3.5m*2.1m fast food shipping container restaurant outfitted with mobile wheels can go any place with many foot traffic, including music fests, carnivals and football games. Also, you can buy a bigger modular restaurant so that you have sufficient room to store your ingredients, obviating the need to take prepared food from your home.

Where Can I Buy a Quality Shipping Container Restaurant?

ETO Device, a leading shipping container restaurant manufacturer in the international markets, has made cooperation with hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world and realized their shipping container restaurant concepts and ideas. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose us for your idea of building a shipping container restaurant.
  • Free Shipping Container Restaurant Design: We recruit a group of creative graphic designers who have the ability to realize your shipping container food stand ideas. There are many materials and drawings we will provide to you for free, including a shipping container restaurant 3d model, design and construction.
  • Shipping Container Restaurant Equipment for Sale: As a shipping container restaurant company, we sell a variety of kitchen equipment for your modular mobile restaurants, such as the freezer, the frier, and the ice cream machine.
  • Excellent Customer Service: A technical square aims at finding a perfect solution for your questions about building a shipping container restaurant. Contact us now for a tip on how to turn a shipping container into a restaurant.
  • Custom Shipping Container Restaurant: We are a skillful shipping container restaurant builder who has finished hundreds of turnkey projects. We provide the service of customizing. If you have any special needs for the dimension and the size of your shipping container restaurant, you can contact us now.

The Best Location For Your Shipping Container Restaurant or Modular Restaurant

Since you have made up your mind to have a mobile food concession stand, there is a crucial thing for you to consider - location, the location of your shipping container restaurant. In fact, location matters for the food concession stand because your income is up to the number of eaters. Therefore, an area with many foot traffic provides you with a stable extra income stream. These are the best locations for you to realize shipping container ideas.
  • Parks: This is the paradise for food concession stand vendors due to the traffic. But, don’t be afraid of competing with others. Honestly, cooperation is good for everyone. Your container cafe can be set up with other modular container restaurants that sell confections and ice cream.
  • Beaches: It is a good place for an outdoor container bar. Nothing is better than basking in the sun with a cold brew. Of course, ice cream can be another option on your menu.
  • Parking Lot: If you choose there to build your food shipping container restaurant, you need to figure out who your target customers are. The parking lot near an office building is full of people longing for a delicious dish as their lunch. So, it would be better to start a shipping container restaurant there.
  • Business Districts: This is a place where has a stable supply of hungry eaters. If you are preparing to sell fast food or pizza, go and ask permission to set up a shipping container restaurant near the building and provide delicious food for the staff.
  • Transportation Stations: Like the office building, the transportation station is a place where people bustle around to buy drinks and food to feed their roaring stomachs. Why not set up a restaurant in the shipping container and cater to them with your delicious food?

shipping container pop up restaurant for sale



Which One is Best for You: a Shipping Container Restaurant a Mobile Food Trailer or a Cart?

When it comes to portable concession stands in the catering industry, mobile food trailers and food carts with wheels are the top options for most street vendors. However, people’s fever for them decreases as shipping container restaurants come into focus. An entrepreneur, who is the first time to start his business, may be overwhelmed by these various choices. So, there is a question- How can you make the final decision among them?
Modular restaurant equipment
Do You Prefer a Larger Mobile Restaurant?
It is such a drudge to hustle and bustle in a small mobile kitchen, hunching over and serving eaters through a small concession window. How about building a shipping container restaurant with a much large room? A commercial, 5.7m*2.1m mobile restaurant shipping container gives you about 12 meters square of service space, which allows you to equip it with anything, such as a fryer, a pizza oven and a big freezer.

How Much is Your Budget?
Your budget matters when you buy a shipping container restaurant. In general, shipping containers used for restaurants are more affordable for those who already have a restaurant and want to expand their business. Considering their dimensions and quality materials, shipping container restaurants need more investment to set up. If your budget is under 3,000 dollars, a small street food cart should be your top choice.

Do You Like Driving Back and Forth?
The food truck trailer and American hot dog cart stand out due to their high mobility. You can drive with them to go everywhere you want and explore ultimate possibilities and opportunities. However, a shipping container restaurant saves you lots of fuel and energy once you find a prime location crowded with many eaters. A new place for people to enjoy their meals can be created when different shipping container pop-up restaurants from a food park.

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