Shipping Container Bar

We specialize in customizing and converting shipping container bars. There are 3 ideas of shipping container bars designs for your business.

What is a Shipping Container Bar: A New Trend Across Cities

Where to get a drink and get your mind out of daily trifles? In a shipping container bar near the street! The shipping container bar is one of the hottest business ideas across the world. Due to its modular construction and compact size, the container bar is an ideal choice for a seasonal location for your catering business. Actually, it gives a good opportunity to these young entrepreneurs who are limited by budget. Just stroll around downtown in the evening. As you turn a corner, a shipping container bar, with a unique design and salient logo light box, may appear, gathered a boisterous crowd, talking and laughing. You can profit from it greatly over one night if the weather is fine.

ETO Device, one of the leading catering trailer builders in the world, specializes in building and converting shipping container bars. If you are exploring the possibility of a shipping container bar, keep reading to learn more about our shipping container bar for sale and get a turnkey solution for your business idea.
Shipping Container Bar
Shipping Container Food Trailer
Container Coffee Shop for Sale
Container Restaurant for Sale

Shipping Container Bar

shipping container bar for sale
Mobile container bar for sale
container bar for sale
the rear of a portable container bar
the kitchen equipment in a shipping container bar
container bar equipment
the water sink of shipping container pop up bar
the cabinet for gas tanks
the air vends of a shipping container bar
This is a 18.7x6.8x7 shipping container bar for sale. With modular construction, it is set up as a portable food concession stand. Unlike street food trailers, carts and kiosks, shipping container pop-up bars can be fixed or mobiles, which means you can start your business in a prime location permanently or move to find a better place. Besides, the shipping container bar is equipped with the electrical system, the work surface, cabinets, 3 compartment sinks, water pumps and other required equipment.

Design Drawing
shiping container bar design
  • The frame is made from galvanized square tubing, strong and rigid.
  • The inner wall is a combination of lays of flame-retardant insulation, polystyrene foam boards and aluminum composite panels used in the catering industry.
  • The exterior wall is made from painted corrugated steel, which is about 1.2 mm thick.
  • The floor is paved with aluminum checker plates in order to avoid slipping.
  • 2 concession windows have frames made of aluminum alloy that are durable.
  • A small window is used for ventilation.
  • A special place is for placing gas tanks.
  • 2 stainless steel work surfaces for you to place your kitchen equipment.
  • 2 compartment water sinks are equipped with faucets for cold water and hot water and water sinks.
  • The electrical system includes 5 sockets, 2 tube lights (1.2m), a socket for external power supply and etc.
  • Basic kitchen equipment includes commercial stainless steel pans, a horizontal refrigerator, a coffee machine, a hot food holding cabinet and a hood vent.

Shipping Container Food Trailer

small shipping container food trailer
small shipping container food trailer for sale in usa
small shipping container food trailer for sale
hipping container food trailer for sale
small shipping container restaurant trailer for sale
dot certified tail lights on the shipping container food trailer
receptacle for the generator
small shipping container restaurant trailer tongue
shipping container food trailer with led lighting units
shipping container food trailer inside
small shipping container food trailer layout
us electrical system in the shipping container food trailer
small shipping container food trailer with 3 compartment water sink
shipping container food trailer with plenty of storage space
small sshipping container food trailer with fridge for sale

Based on a 9.8ftx 6.5ft standard shipping container size, this is the small shipping container food trailer we customized for a client in Norfolk, Virginia. It is the combination of a small food trailer and a shipping container. Its strong structure is made of reinforced gauge corrugated steel with a cover of special treatment, the material of most shipping containers, and it is tightly welded and fixed on a galvanized steel trailer chassis with axles, tires, and braking system that provide high mobility so you can take the shipping container food trailer from place to place and set up a portable concession stand for selling food quickly. Heavy-duty support legs can give your support and balance when you park the container and run your business. If you have a fixed location for your business, the chassis can be removed. Therefore, you don't need to tow it back and forth after setting it up.

Regardless of its small size, the small shipping container food trailer is a functional commercial kitchen equipped with large equipment, such as a fridge, range hood, and 3 compartment water sink. There is plenty of counter space for adding the cooking appliances you need.

Floor Plan
shipping container food trailer floor plan

The small shipping container food trailer is the project of shipping container conversion. We build a brand new container and then turn it into a functional kitchen by wiring, plumbing, cutting doors and concession windows, and installing the kitchen equipment, floor, and insulation. The process is flexible, allowing for the customization of the shipping container food trailer floor plan.


- Electrical: The shipping container food trailer is properly wired and installed with an electrical panel, US electrical outlets, switches, receptacles for the generator, circuit breakers, and LED lighting units by our certified electricians so any additional electrical appliances can run safely in it when you plug them in.


- Water System: According to health codes and regulations in the US, the shipping container food trailer is properly outfitted with a 3 compartment water sink and a hand sink, with auxiliary equipment including plumbings, faucets, water pumps, water heaters, clean water tanks, waste water tanks.


- Layout: The shipping container food trailer has an optimized floor plan that provides a lot of counter space and storage room for appliances and supplies. Stainless steel workbenches are fixed with bolts at the back and front walls, creating a large area for cooking and serving. A 1.5m commercial range hood is mounted above the rear table where there is more room for gas cooking appliances. Right next to it is a water sink with a cabinet for water tanks and pipes. We put the under-bench fridge under the front tables for the overall balance of the container food trailer.

* The customization of the small shipping container food trailer specification, layout, and design is available.

Container Coffee Shop for Sale

container coffee shop design
container coffee shop design (2)
container coffee shop design (3)
container coffee shop design (4)
container coffee shop design (5)
container coffee shop design (6)
container coffee shop design (7)
How to avoid fierce competition in the coffee business? This vintage container coffee shop for sale is the best solution for setting up a unique outdoor coffee bar that tells you apart from your competitors by dint of its stylish modern and industrious look and modular construction.

As a new concept in the restaurant industry, the vintage container coffee shop is built as a pop-up cafe or bar that serves coffee and drinks to people in a fixed or temporary location. Compared to traditional coffee shops, it requires less investment and operational costs and can be set up quickly, making it a cost-friendly solution that helps you stay on budget. You can use the shipping container cafe for different businesses, such as selling bubble tea, milkshakes, and juices, when you equip it with specific appliances.

Made of the best corrugated steel, the container coffee shop has impressive properties of high durability, perfect heat, and corrosion resistance, and good protection from extreme weather. With walls, floor, and ceiling, it is just like a regular coffee shop that lasts for a long time, but its design is more attractive and unique.

The Compact Design of the Container Coffee Shop for Sale
Due to its modular construction, the container coffee shop has a double-deck design. The shipping container has main working areas of the commercial kitchen and a large service opening to serve customers, and its top provides a comfortable dining area for customers to enjoy their drinks. Such a compact design allows you to start a cafe shop business in a small space.

The shipping container coffee shop is built to the standards of commercial kitchens. Its interior has essential kitchen equipment including stainless steel worktables and cabinets for placing your cooking appliances, ingredients, and consumables. The water system gives you a stable supply of sufficient hot and cold water. The container cafe layout can be tailored to your specific requirements and health codes.

There is a stair up to the top of the container cafe that is floored. We installed the railings around the top for the sake of safety. With a strong steel frame, the container coffee shop is able to support the great weight so tables and chairs can be placed on top to create a dining area. The container structure is stable and firm.

With high design flexibility, the outdoor container coffee shop for sale can be customized based on your shipping container cafe design ideas and concepts. What kind of cafe style do you prefer? Which espresso machine do you need? How to arrange each working block in the cafe to make it suit your workflow? Talk with our design team about your container coffee shop design today!

Container Restaurant for Sale

container restaurant for sale
shipping container restaurant
vintage container restaurant for sale
vintage shipping container restaurant for sale
quality container restaurant for sale
dual-deck container restaurant for sale
container restaurant for sale
container restaurant design
shipping container restaurant for sale
pop-up shipping container restaurant design

Do you want to build an attractive restaurant? How about converting a shipping container into a portable restaurant? This commercial container restaurant for sale is a modular concession building made of strong and firm shipping containers. It has the same functions as the food stalls/kiosks, so can you operate any food business in it, from providing authentic Italian food to selling great BBQ.

The dual-deck container restaurant is a perfect solution for setting up a pop-up restaurant with a special dining atmosphere. It features a restaurant below and a stair that leads to an open dining area above. With a large capacity, the ground floor of the container has a restaurant layout that includes the dining areas, kitchen, bathroom, and storage. People can walk into your container restaurant and enjoy their meals inside as they do in a regular restaurant. A revolving stair leads customers to the top of the container where it provides an open area and a compartment for dining. All containers are equipped with sliding glass doors for easy access and windows for more lights.

The overall style of the shipping container restaurant can be designed to your preference. There are many choices for the container color, kitchen equipment, decoration items, and container construction. Our design team is eager to know your shipping container restaurant ideas and provide a custom solution for your business!

  • Portable Restaurant Design: It takes months to build a regular restaurant, while the shipping container can be set up in a place within hours. With modular construction, the shipping container restaurant can be placed anywhere as long as you have the permits. If the location you choose initially can not keep your business afloat, just move it by the regular transit method - using a forklift and a truck. Such a portable restaurant allows you to relocate and re-plan your business with minimal loss.
  • Large Container Restaurant Size: Is a 26ft shipping container too small for you? Several shipping containers can be put and stacked together to build a dual-deck container restaurant with a large capacity, and they can be separated to provide individual areas for specific purposes, such as preparing food, serving customers, and storing supplies. The shipping container sizes depend on your design and budget.
  • One-stop Solutions: The container restaurant contains standard electric systems, water systems, gas piping, worktables, water sinks, floors, LED lighting units, and cooking appliances. If you need other items, such as disposables, wooden floors, and decorative lights, we can source the best for your needs. Everything is set up before delivery. We aim to provide you with a turnkey solution for all modular restaurants. Send an e-mail to our design team to tell us your shipping container restaurant plan.

Why a Shipping Container Bar?

There are various options for you to start your mobile catering business, such as beverage trailers and food kiosks. Why should you buy a shipping container bar? Is it an ideal choice for you? Answer the following 5 questions first.
  • Do you want to expand your regime?
A bar should be a nice place for relaxing and chilling. A mobile food trailer fails to accommodate many eaters during lunchtime. However, an outdoor container bar is easy to expand as large as possible. Just simply decorate the top of your shipping container pop-up bar with a balustrade, chairs and stairs. Alternatively, you can place some tables, lounge chairs and sun shades around your container bar, and you will have extra square feet for your bar. In short, shipping container pop-up bar is able to provide an excellent outdoor dining experience for your customers to enjoy their drinks if it is designed properly.
  • Is gas prices a burden on you?
The price of gas remains erratic against a backdrop of an intense political landscape. Mobile food trailers, carts and kiosks basically rely on your truck or van to move. That means that fuel is one of your daily bills. How to cut the expense? A shipping container bar can help, given its possibility of becoming a permanent construction. Once you find a prime place with foot traffic for your bar, fix it with bolts to set up a grounded container bar. A fixed position lowers your expenditure on fuel. Besides, you can leave and go home simply after locking your ground container bar there, obviating the worry of securing a good place for your bar tomorrow.
  • Do you need a way to minimize the risk?
For small entrepreneurs, the catering business comes with risk. Then, how to lower the risk and secure success? Open a container bar! A shipping container bar has the ability to move from one place to another easily, even if it does not have any wheels. Just use a large truck to pick it up or haul it to other blocks if your initial place does not work out or the diet of consumers there changes. The mobility of the container pop-up bar actually can save your business so that you will have a buffer for finding a good location for operating your shipping container pop-up bar during the initial months.
  • Do you need a sturdy construction for running your bar?
The external wall of a portable shipping container bar is made of corrugated steel, a kind of steel that lasts longer than other materials. Moreover, a shipping container pop-up bar is treated with layers of paint and varnish to avoid rusting and corrosion. We source fine steel and materials of high quality to produce every part of the shipping container bar so that the final product can stand up to the abuse and corrosion for several decades.
  • Do you want a commercial kitchen for your bar?
The diversity of menus is a good way to increase your income. If you have an idea to sell drinks with snacks or fast food, a large working room is required. Our big container bar(5.7x2.1x2.15m) provides you with a spacious room. It can be used as a shipping container restaurant. You can install anything you need, from refrigerators, freezers to prep water sinks. You don’t need a commissary for storing water or products.


Which Shipping Container Bar is the Best for You?

There are various options for building a shipping container bar. So, how to choose an ideal one for your business idea? The first step in the process of building a shipping container bar is to determine its size. Typically, the width and height of our shipping container pop-up bar are 2.1m and 2.15m respectively, while the length varies greatly, from 2.8m to 5.7m. Then, how should you make a final choice?  

ETO Device, as a company of shipping container conversion, provides you with 3 turnkey solutions of shipping container bar with different designs and layouts. Now, check out our hot design of container bar for inspiration.
  • Mobile Container Bar for Sale
Do you want to make a quick buck from festivals and events? If you do, a portable mobile container bar is your top option. It is 2.8m long, 2.1m wide and 2.15m high. Due to its small size, it takes just a few hours to set it up and expand your business. You can easily move your small shipping container bar around festivals and sports events. Though it is small, there is basic equipment which improves your experience, such as water sinks, big tanks and cupboards.
  • Shipping Container Garden Bar for Sale
What a wonderful thing to have a drink with friends in the garden where trees and vegetation provide natural shade and a relaxed atmosphere. If you have a plan to build a garden bar, you need a large grounded shipping container bar (3.5x2.1x2.15 m) so that more room can be provided to your customers. What is the best benefit of this bar? You don’t need to do paving or landscaping to create an environment that appeals to customers. Just find a nice garden, transport your shipping container garden bar to there and start your business. In addition, your attractive garden bar may be a target for some partners who are looking for a good spot to hold special events. If you work with them, your sales will be maximized greatly!
  • Shipping Container Juice Bar for Sale
A little change on your menu will bring more customers to you. In addition to drinks, there are other salable beverages, such as juice, tea and bubble tea. These options help appeal to a younger crowd and expand your operation. Then, your prime time shifts and prolongs, from the evening to all day long. Streams of customers, including adults and kids, come forward to your container juice bar every day. We provide a 5.5x2.1x2.15m shipping container juice bar for sale. Thanks to its roomy place, the container juice bar is fully equipped with necessary, such as the water system, the electrical system and 3 compartment sinks. Of course, there is room left for you to place a blender, stainless steel food pans and a microwave.

Portable shipping container bar for sale

How Much is a Shipping Container Bar?

Now, here comes the topic that almost everyone cares about - the price of a container bar. Actually, your total cost to buy a shipping container bar mainly depends on many factors, including design, size, model and accessories. It ranges from $6,000 to $11,000. If you need other decorations and auxiliary equipment, the price will be slightly higher. But, it is more affordable and cheaper than a traditional bar, which requires a high production cost.

For the clients who prefer customization, the shipping container bar design drawings and 3D models can be given without any extra fee. Then, we will send you a clear and transparent quote according to your container bar design idea. There is a part of chargeable items:
  • Logo stickers: $13-23/m3
  • Logo lightbox: $70/m, including stickers, lights and the frame
  • LED strip lights: $7/m
  • 3 stainless steel water sinks in the U.S. standard: $185/set
  • 130L stainless steel water tanks: $1.1/L
  • Cupboard with 2 doors: $67/m

You can contact us for a free price list of equipment and tools used in a shipping container bar.


What Will We Provide You With If You Choose Us?

As a reliable mobile food builder in the international market, ETO Device has over 10 years of experience producing and customizing the best shipping container bars at an affordable price. But, we can do more. We are here to realize your unique concept and design of a container bar. Then, what can we do for your business?
  • Compact Design:
Does our custom pop-up container bar meet all the codes in your country? Yes! Our professional technicians have expertise in configuring ideal layouts of shipping container bars in compliance with national standards in the US and the UK. We will find an ideal design to optimize space usage in your container pop-up bar.
  • Instruction Manual:
How to install the shipping container bar? How to use the kitchen appliance in it? Don’t worry. You have us! A file will be sent to your e-mail after delivery. It has documents expatiating on the operation and maintenance. For your convenience, we have a 24/7 technical squad to teach you how to use our product step by step.
  • Free Warranty:
We are responsible for replacing it with a new one if there is any damage or breakdown because of the quality of our shipping container bars or other products (except human-caused damage)
  • Preferential Rates:
We share our special offers with our clients first. If you want to wholesale consumable goods, like cups, napkins and straws, you are eligible to enjoy the best discounts!

Affordable shipping container bar for sale

Frequently Asked Question About Shipping Container Pop-up Bar

1. Will it get hot in the shipping container pop-up bar during summer?
Considering its ability to absorb heat, the steel construction creates a room with stiffing heat during summer afternoons. Is that true? In fact, a shipping container bar, with proper insulation and ventilation, is as comfortable and pleasant as any other building. Now, have a look at the design of our container bar which allows you to have a good working environment.
  • The inner wall with an impressive feature of insulation.
  • The air conditioner to keep you and your staff comfortable all the time.
  • Vents to improve the ventilation.
  • Concession windows with double pane glass, to minimize the loss of warm and cold air during winter or summer.

2. What is the material of the container bar? Will it rust easily?
The materials of our shipping container bars vary according to a  number of parts, such as the frame, the exterior wall and work surfaces. All of them are strong steel with great resistance to oxidation, corrosion and attrition.
  • The frame: galvanized square tubing(50x100x3.0mm)
  • The 10-centimeter inner wall: the flame-retardant insulation, foam board made from polystyrene and aluminum composite panels.
  • The exterior wall: the corrugated steel made of fine carbon steel
  • Work surfaces: stainless steel, 1.0 mm thick.
  • The floor: the galvanized steel, MDF and aluminum checker plates

3. What is the service life of your container outdoor bar?
A shipping container outdoor bar is not a makeshift as long as you maintain it in a proper way. Our container bar will stand the test of a long time, even in extreme conditions, like high humidity and heavy rains. According to the feedback of our clients, the container outdoor bar is able to last over 10 years or longer, without any damage. Once you pay the deposit, we will send you a PDF of how to maintain a chipping container bar in the right way.

4. How long does it take to build a shipping container bar?
If you prefer customization, patience is required. In general, it takes about 20 days or longer in the procedure of building a shipping container bar according to your requirements, which is faster than setting up a traditional bar. Our designer will send you the container bar layout on the basis of your design ideas. Then, the process of container bar conversion will start while we exercise rigorous standards of quality control. When everything is done, a full inspection for testing every part and component will ensure the high quality of your shipping container bar before delivery.

To get a customized shipping container bar, please contact us by filling out the following contact form. We will send you a free container bar design and quota as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you to build and open a shipping container bar. Send an inquiry now!
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