Here is your ultimate mobile kitchen solution!
This 13ft cooking trailer for sale is designed with the classic American enclosed trailer style, offering everything you need for quick cooking process. This model has outperformed other concession trailers in terms of sales, and for good reason!
The kitchen features a deep fryer for whipping up crispy french fries, chicken tenders, and more. The spacious grill allows you to prepare mouthwatering burgers, steaks, and even tacos. Worried about ventilation? Our concession trailer comes equipped with a commercial ventilation system that ensures a comfortable cooking environment. The workbenches offer individual areas for serving and food preparation. Underneath the worktable, you’ll find spacious compartments that can be used for storing ingredients, disposables, utensils, and your appliances. The built-in refrigerator has both chilling and freezing compartments, catering to all your ingredient storage needs. Additionally, there’s a built-in sink with two compartments and a faucet, conveniently located near the worktable. The trailer also features 110V power outlets, allowing you to use additional appliances and provide your customers with the finest cuisine possible!
This high-quality cooking trailer is priced at just $8,000. Where else can you find a fully equipped mobile kitchen at such a budget-friendly price? Moreover, as the manufacturer, we offer customization services. Whether it’s the exterior design or the interior equipment, you’ll have more than just one option. Get in touch with our team now to explore our tailor-made solutions that fit within your budget.