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7.2ft Fully Equipped Churro Trailer for Sale

Do you need a food trailer to make and serve churro? Yes, we can customize a mobile food trailer for your churro business! This is a 7.2ft Churro trailer we designed for those who need a mobile kitchen that allows them to make fresh churro and other food anytime and anywhere. Measured 7.2ftx6.5ft, it is a quality food trailer with health department certification and CE certification. Its features include a food-grade stainless steel worktable, 2 compartment water sink, a churro maker with a fryer, a 170L bench fridge, stainless steel range hood, and a drink cooler. This small baby can make the best churro in town!


Fully Equipped Churro Trailer for Sale

small churro trailer for sale.

churro trailer with churro maker and fryer for sale

churro trailer with kitchen equipment

churro trailer with the commercial kitchen equipment for making churro

fully equipped churro trailer with 2 compartment water sink


What Does the Churro Trailer for Sale Have?

This is a new churro trailer for sale equipped with commercial kitchen equipment to make churro with different fillings. Here is its equipment list:

  • A new food trailer with a reinforced steel structure and frame
  • Strong cold-rolled steel exterior wall
  • Large concession window with awning
  • Drop-out service table
  • LED lighting units on the awning
  • 4 heavy-duty supporting legs
  • Heavy-duty trailer tongue
  • Food trailer jack with wheel
  • 2 stainless steel gas tank holders
  • Certified food trailer tail light and reflectors
  • Electrical system including a fully electric panel, sockets, and receptacle for the generator
  • Interior walls made of light aluminum composite panels
  • Non-slippery floor
  • Floor drain
  • 2 compartment water sink with tap
  • 25L water sinks for clean water and waste water
  • Commercial churro maker with fryers
  • Commercial range hood
  • 170L bench fridge
  • Small drink bar

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