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Build quality food trailers for mobile ice cream, coffee, pizza, burger, bar, hot dog, bbq & catering business with the best concession trailer manufacturer near you. We guarantee the best price & design. Fast delivery.

Why should you buy a food trailer for sale?

The development of food trailer for sale in modern business is in full swing, and you can see it in many places. You can buy a concession trailer to sell all kinds of food, such as pizza, hot dogs, snacks, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, crayfish, corn, barbecue, donuts, drinks, juices, etc. You can also sell groceries, flowers , clothes, vegetables and fruits. Fully equipped food concession trailer for sale is very suitable for entrepreneurs who start a food business for the first time, and also very suitable for restaurants who want to expand their business or test new recipes.

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Food Trailer for sale
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Custom food trailers design

Food trailer is the most popular kind of street food stall, and trailers with different styles have become a kind of food culture. ETO DEVICE has custom-designed and produced more than 500 concession trailers and shipped them to food trailer business entrepreneurs all over the world.

The high-quality fully equipped food trailers we have customized and produced include: pizza trailers, barbecue food trailers, doughnut trailers, hamburger trailers, fast food trailers, coffee trailers, beverage and juice trailers, hot dog trailers, etc. Of course, there are some trailers used by entrepreneurs to sell other items. If what you need is a food cart, we are also specialized in food cart trailer and food kiosk.

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How to choose a right size for your mobile food trailer?

Many trailer owners will tell you that he regrets choosing a trailer that is too large or too small. Choosing the right size will bring a lot of benefits to your mobile food business. Your mobile kitchen has enough storage space, the employees' work does not interfere with each other, and there will be no excessive space waste, which will save you the cost of buying a trailer, and at the same time make your pizza and burgers sell more.

When choosing a trailer size, you need to consider:
Types of recipes on the menu. The more types of recipes, the bigger the trailer you need.
The type and quantity of cooking equipment and freezing equipment you need, such as fryer, steamer, fridge, freezer, etc.
Ample storage space.
Dimensions of sink and workbench.
Other things that you might put in the kitchen, such as spice racks, kitchen utensils, tableware, napkins, etc.
You need a detailed list of the space and size required for each item that needs to be considered.

Fully equipped food trailer for sale

Want to equip your mobile food trailer for sale with all the cooking equipment? Let's take a look at some basic kitchen cooking equipment options!
Cooking equipment: fryer, griddle, hot dog machine, steamer, gas stove, BBQ grill, crepe machine.
Freezing equipment: fridge, freezer, ice cream machine, popsicle machine.
Beverage equipment: coffee machine, cup sealer, juicer, beverage display cabinet, fructose machine.
Others: gas stove, range hood, air conditioner workbench.
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Where can your food trailer sell food?

Any place with high traffic is your destination, and you can make huge profits. You can go to high-traffic intersections, participate in local food festivals, provide food for weddings, family gatherings, festivals, various sports events, etc. You can also go to crowded parks to sell your food on weekends. Investigating and counting these places and events in advance is very necessary for running your food business.

Why should you choose ETO DEVICE as your Food trailer manufacturer?

In the past five years, food trailer has performed very well in the commercial field, but its potential is far more than that. If you want to enter the mobile food business now, a good food trailer manufacturer is very important. Why choose ETO DEVICE to build your Mobile kitchen trailer? Below is the answer to the question.
The best price. ETO DEVICE is a professional food trailer builders. In our factory, we manufacture custom concession trailers of various styles and deliver them directly to customers. All customers will enjoy the factory price.
Free design. We can provide customers with 2D or 3D design drawings for free according to their needs. These drawings can be modified according to customer needs until they are fully approved by the customer. By choosing ETO DEVICE, you can enjoy the free service of a team of outstanding designers.
Experienced team. Our team is composed of engineers with kitchen background. They design and manufacture more than 500 custom food trailers every year. This is a trustworthy team.
Quality Control. For all trailers, we use high-quality materials. From the trailer chassis structure to its body, we implement quality control and supervision for every construction procedure. We will test the food trailer before it is delivered to the customer.

How much does a food trailer cost?

The price of different trailers is also different, because the size of the trailer and the equipment in each kitchen are different. But in general, the price of a 6×7 small food trailer for sale is about US$4,000 to US$6,000. The price of Large food trailer for sale ranges from approximately US$10,000 to US$20,000.

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