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10/20/40ft custom shipping containers for sale. ETO is a modified shipping container builder offering turnkey solutions for kitchen, restaurant, bar & more.
Custom Shipping Containers - Durable, Unique & Modular Structures that Can be Modified & Customized for any Purpose

Custom shipping containers offer a durable, eco-friendly, portable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. With a variety of shipping container modification kits and options, they can be customized to fit any purpose – portable restaurants, container bars, pop-up cafes, shipping container concession stands, and more.

ETO is a professional custom shipping container builder specializing in providing shipping container modification and conversion solutions. Our containers are fully custom-built - You have full control over the design and features of your container! Contact us now for a turnkey solution for your project, including mobile container designs, floor layouts, and custom quotes.

Explore our custom shipping containers for sale below to discover the limitless possibilities of modifying shipping containers with ETO.
Shipping Container for sale
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What Are Custom Shipping Containers?

Pre-assembled Modular Buildings for All Kinds of Concepts & Purposes

Custom shipping containers are shipping containers that have been modified or converted for purposes beyond their traditional role in cargo transportation. These modifications come with a wide range of options, including concession windows, insulation, electrical systems, kitchens, bathrooms, paint, flooring, and air conditioning. This flexibility allows you to transform shipping containers into virtually any structure you can imagine, even if it's a concept not featured on our website.
These modified shipping containers, as robust and durable all-steel structures, can be parts of any building. They are nearly indistinguishable from traditional cement structures in terms of structural strength and reliability - They have robust metal walls and ceilings, are firmly anchored in place, and are equipped with secure, lockable doors and windows. However, the container modification and on-site assembly process is faster than traditional brick-and-mortar construction, resulting in a time savings of up to 50% or even more. Furthermore, due to their modular design, custom shipping containers can be easily relocated to different sites as your business needs evolve. This portability is a unique feature not found in traditional storefronts.
If you're in search of a swiftly constructed temporary or permanent structure for your project, ETO's custom shipping containers offer the perfect solution. Our team ensures rapid delivery while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Why Buy Modified / Converted Shipping Container?

 ETO Custom Shipping Containers are a Great Value for Years of Use

- Fully Customization -
With abundant customization options, shipping containers offer greater potential for design compared to traditional buildings. They can be equipped with modern equipment to create unique structures tailored to your imagination. Whether it's offices, storage facilities, temporary housing, themed restaurants, refrigerated storage, or stands, shipping containers can be customized to fulfill your every need.
- Less Construction Timeline -
Converting a shipping container by outfitting it with the necessary equipment is considerably faster than constructing a physical building from scratch. The entire process, from design to delivery, takes 50%-60% less time than traditional construction. This means you can interact with customers and generate revenue more swiftly!
- Mobile Container for Easy Transportation & Setup -
Shipping containers, whether modified or converted, are designed for easy transportation and mobility. This means your modular building isn't confined to a permanent location. All equipment and systems are pre-installed within your sea container before delivery. With just a semi-truck, you can effortlessly transport the entire structure and your business to a new location.
- Durable Structure Design for Outdoor Conditions -
The core strength of shipping containers is their durability. These steel structures are built to withstand outdoor conditions of any kind, so there are never any twisted supports or cracked walls due to extreme weather. They can be built and modified into solid and stable structures, capable of enduring even the harshest environments.


Custom Options for Shipping Container Conversions & Modifications

From Fully Equipped Mobile Kitchens to Pop-up Coffee Bars, You Can Build Anything You Want with ETO Shipping Containers

At ETO, we have dedicated ourselves to shipping container customization for an extended period. This page showcases our previous custom projects, which can provide some inspiration for your shipping container conversion design and build. If you still haven't found exactly what you're looking for, we offer an array of shipping container modification kits to help you create a truly one-of-a-kind custom shipping container. Consider the following options:

✔️ Custom Paint
✔️ Access Doors
✔️ Roller Doors
✔️ Concession Windows with Shutters

✔️ Shelving & Workbenches
✔️ Household Fixtures & Appliances
✔️ Custom Paint
✔️ Electrical Systems

✔️ Plumbing
✔️ Container Insulation
✔️ Flooring
✔️ Container Wraps

✔️ Air Conditioning Units
✔️ Vents/Turbines
✔️ Lights
✔️ Container Power Sources


Shipping Container Dimensions for Modifications & Conversions

Custom shipping containers offer greater flexibility in terms of dimensions, unlike standard cargo containers, which come in fixed sizes. There are no fixed standard shipping container sizes. At ETO, our common shipping containers typically range from 9 to 39 feet in length, with widths and heights averaging around 7 feet. But here's the exciting part – you're not confined to these predefined "cubes." Instead, you can modify the container's length, width, and height to meet your specific requirements. 
Imagine the possibilities: welding two 20-foot converted shipping containers together and expertly slicing through walls to create an expansive space for engaging with customers. Alternatively, stacking multiple shipping containers on top of one another to build multi-story structures that maximize space utilization, even on the most confined plots of land. The flexibility of shipping container sizes allows limitless opportunities for various modifications and conversions. We will build a bespoke shipping container based on your specifications, ensuring that your concepts are transformed into reality

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Custom Shipping Container at ETO?

3 Main Factors Affecting Custom Shipping Container Prices

The cost of building a custom-made container depends on several factors, including the container's specifications, the extent of customization, and the manufacturing process.
-  ⭐ Dimensions The average cost of modifying a small shipping container starts at around $7,000. For more complex multi-layer structures, prices can range from $8,000 to $25,000.
-  ⭐ Customization Your specific customization requirements can have a direct impact on the cost, ranging from a few thousand dollars to zero additional cost. Our basic container packages come equipped with standard features such as insulation, electrical systems, sinks, workbenches, lighting, and more. It's possible that these features align perfectly with your business needs. If you don't have specific requirements for the design, our basic configuration and layout can fully meet your needs. This means you can buy a customized container at the lowest price without the need for additional modifications, saving you additional expenses.
-  ⭐ Manufacturing We offer two main manufacturing options: shipping container conversions and shipping container modifications. Conversions involve taking ISO cargo shipping containers, which are mostly brand new, and transforming them into custom structures tailored for specific purposes. On the other hand, modifications entail building shipping containers from scratch in our factory to meet specific needs beyond cargo transportation. Both manufacturing processes result in containers of high quality, durability, and functionality. However, the average cost to convert a shipping container tends to be higher than that of modification due to the price of ISO containers.

As both converted and modified containers are made to order, it's challenging to provide an exact price without knowing your specific project requirements. To receive a customized quote tailored to your project, please contact us via email or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Creating the world's most high-end (often the most expensive) customized shipping containers isn't our goal. Instead, we strive to strike a balance between price and quality. In other words, we aim to deliver a custom shipping container of exceptional quality that fits within your budget. So, don't forget to share your budget with us.



Work with ETO to Create Something Unique!

We Offer the Most Competitive Prices, Best Quality & Widest Range of Custom Options

ETO, one of the leading custom container builders in China, specializes in providing turnkey solutions for custom shipping container modifications and conversions. Our primary focus is to ensure the best customer experience by involving our clients in every stage of the shipping container customization process and offering assistance to simplify the entire design and construction journey.
Transparency is paramount in our production process. From sourcing raw materials and equipment to wiring, installing drainage systems, conducting quality checks, and testing, you can stay updated on each stage's progress through videos and pictures.

When you collaborate with us, you can expect:
⭐ One-on-One Guidance Through the Process from Order to Delivery
⭐ Turnkey Solution for Modifications or Conversions With Your Price Range
⭐ Free Custom Quote
⭐ Free Shipping Container Designs (3D Renderings & Floor Plans)
⭐ Durable Custom Shipping Containers Made from High-quality Steel
⭐ Rigorous Quality & Health Tests for All Systems & Components
⭐ Affordable Shipping Container Prices
⭐ Various Payment Terms
⭐ Fast Worldwide Delivery by Road, Ship, or Rail
⭐ Supports for Applying Proper Permits & Licenses
⭐ 1-Year Warranty for Free
If you'd like to personally discuss with our designers, please feel free to contact us via email ( sales@etofoodcarts.com ) or WhatsApp!


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