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Vintage bike food carts & tricycles are affordable vehicles for starting a mobile food catering business with low start-up costs. We provide the best food cart bike & bicycle vending carts for sale. Check this page for its design and layout.
In modern business, bike food cart has been favored by many entrepreneurs because of its ease of mobility and portability. The bike food cart for sale designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE has helped many entrepreneurs succeed. These bicycle carts take up small space, are inexpensive, and have an exquisite appearance, which is very attractive.
Vintage Bike Food Cart For Sale

Vintage Bike Food Cart For Sale

Vintage Bike Food Cart
Vintage Bike Food Cart
Vintage Bike Food Cart
Vintage Bike Food Cart
Vintage Bike Food Cart
Vintage bike food cart for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. Its size is 2500×900×2200mm, suitable for selling coffee, desserts, ice cream, etc.

Designs Drawing
2D Design
3D Design
It has two wooden boxes. The wooden boxes are made of 10mm thick retro-style paint board, which is strong and durable. Of course, you can also choose any other color you want.

A small sink is installed on the big wooden box with a built-in pumping system to clean the cups. A foldable workbench is installed at the end of the wooden box to increase the operating space.

The wooden box is equipped with an external power interface, which can be connected to a generator.

It can be equipped with a retractable parasol, in a variety of colors, and can display your LOGO and brand.

In addition, the bike food cart is equipped with taillights to ensure safe driving at night.

Buy a bike food cart in ETO DEVICE

Bike food carts built by ETO DEVICE have been sold to USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, India, Manila, Karachi, etc.
We have different styles of tricycle food carts. Whether you want to sell ice cream, hot dogs, popsicle, fast food, snacks, sweets or coffee, our bicycle vending carts can meet your needs.

If you want to start a street food business but have a small budget, then buy our bike food cart! Contact us now to get a quote!

Custom bicycle food cart

We design custom bicycle food carts for customers. If your bike food cart has a distinctive design and pattern, it will be very helpful to promote your brand, and people will remember your brand.

Do you want to install a larger food storage box or refrigerator on your bike?

Do you want to put your logo on your bike? We can display your brand tag on every handle of bike.
Custom Bicycle Food Cart
Bike Food Cart Design

Bike food cart design & manufacturer

As a professional food cart manufacturer, we not only have two-wheeled bike carts, but also three-wheeled bike carts for sale. We have the ability to meet customer needs while ensuring high-quality products and performance. Of course, we also provide competitive factory prices.

Our bike food cart can be used indoors or outdoors, and its materials have high waterproof performance. You can move your small cart according to the flow of people and make a profit on the street or in the mall.

If there is no style you like in our existing bike food cart, please tell us your ideas, and we will design a new style for you.
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