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ETO DEVICE provides best mobile burger trailers and vans for sale, with a eye-catching food trailer design & layout, They are built to meet your need and local city codes and regulation. Customize a food catering trailer for your fast food business trailer now!
ETO DEVICE designs and builds many burger trailers for sale every year. We are a professional manufacturer of food trailers. All mobile trailers use the best materials to ensure quality. We have helped many entrepreneurs in the catering industry upgrade their business.
Burger Trailer For Sale
Green Burger Van Trailer
Light Green Burger Catering Trailer
Hamburger Trailer
White Burger Trailer
Burger Food Trailer for Sale
Custom Fast Food Trailer for Sale
Burger Van for Sale

Burger Trailer For Sale

Burger Trailer For Sale
Burger Trailer Kitchen
Burger Trailer Kitchen
Burger Trailer Kitchen
Burger Trailer Kitchen
Burger Trailer Kitchen
This 26×6.5 burger trailer for sale is mainly used to sell burgers, salads and ice cream. It is fully loaded, and we have equipped it with two large refrigerators, ice maker, ice cream machine, griddle, fryer, noodle cooker, grill and salad cabinet.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This large burger food trailer uses a three-axle 6-tire design and uses standard 185R14C tires.

The Burger trailer for sale has a high chassis, and a retractable foot step is installed at the door to facilitate getting on and off the trailer.

It has 4 sliding windows and two round glass windows. The round glass window adopts stainless steel edging, and the glass adopts 5mm thick tempered glass to increase the brightness in the trailer.

The interior of the trailer is decorated with all stainless steel, which is not only anti-corrosion and durable, but also easy to clean.

It is equipped with 4 T-shaped jacks, each jack can bear 1000KG.

For the comfort of employees at work, two built-in air conditioners are equipped on the top of the trailer.

Custom burger trailer for sale

If you also want to buy a large custom burger trailer, you have come to the right place. ETO DEVICE is a food trailer manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience. Our elite engineers will build your dream for you.

Green Burger Van Trailer

burger van trailer
burger van trailer for sale
burger trailer kitchen
burger van trailer kitchen
This 16.4×6.5 green burger van trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE, it is equipped with griddle, fryer, range hood and horizontal refrigerator, it is a fully loaded mobile kitchen.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This green burger van trailer belongs to an American customer. He mainly sells fast food such as hamburgers and hot dogs in the amusement park. They have 4 employees and are not crowded in this 16.4 foot mobile kitchen.

Due to the large space in the car, in order to facilitate access to the seasonings, a seasoning box placement hole is set next to the griddle, where the seasoning box can be placed.

It uses stainless steel gas pipeline, high toughness, good impact resistance, not easy to break, good corrosion resistance.

Its body material uses extruded polyethylene foam board, which has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, light weight, airtightness and wear resistance.

The burger van trailer is equipped with 4 special outriggers for square cars, which are made of thickened cast iron, with a height adjustment range of 105-520mm and a maximum load of 1.2 tons.

Light Green Burger Catering Trailer

Light Green Burger Catering Trailer
burger catering trailer
burger catering trailer front
burger catering trailer rear
burger catering trailer kitchen
This 9.2×6.5 green burger catering trailer for sale belongs to French customers. It is equipped with griddle, fryer, horizontal refrigerator, desktop salad table, and mainly sells burgers and barbecue delicacies.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
light green means green and healthy food, which is also the gourmet standard that customers seek. With green as the main color and white line decoration, this burger catering trailer is more environmentally friendly.

This mobile burger trailer has two employees working at the same time, mainly operating in the neighborhood's nighttime food court.

Since it rains a lot in the customer's area, the exhaust fan is equipped with a rain cap and rust-proof treatment. There is a rain-proof cao under the sliding window to allow rainwater to enter.

A retractable awning is designed above the sales window, which can shield diners from wind, rain and sunlight, which is very convenient.

The body is made of cold plate material, which has undergone procedures such as grinding, polishing and painting. The middle layer uses thermal insulation cotton, which has the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation.

Hamburger Trailer

burger trailer
hamburger trailer
burger trailer for sale
exhaust port
tail light connector
This is a 9.8×6.5 hamburger trailer. It is equipped with a range hood, oven, fryer, griddle, refrigerator, and is mainly used to sell burgers, fried chicken and drinks.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This hamburger trailer has a sliding window design. It uses PV plastic steel material, which is strong, durable and not easy to deform. The closedness of the window can prevent the outside dust from entering the mobile kitchen and ensure the cleanliness of the food.

It also has a retractable awning, and the polyester fabric provides rain and sun protection.

At the same time, it also comes with a foldable stainless steel countertop where customers can dine.

A rain-proof eaves design is used on the awning to prevent rainwater from flowing into the window gap.

Why choose a mobile hamburger trailer?
This hamburger trailer belongs to an American client who used to run a traditional restaurant, but because the rent was too expensive, he chose ETO DEVICE, for which we designed and built this mobile hamburger kitchen trailer.

White Burger Trailer

white burger trailer
white burger trailer front
white burger trailer rear
white burger food trailer
white burger trailer kitchen
This is a simple 13×6.5 white burger trailer for sale. It is only equipped with the basic electrical system and water system, and customers can buy equipment such as hamburger machines themselves. It is mainly used to sell burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches.

  • Complete electrical system (single-phase 110V voltage, 7 US standard sockets, maximum power 10kW).
  • 3+1 stainless steel spacer sinks (3 vegetable sinks, 1 hand washing sink).
  • Electric heating faucet (maximum water temperature 65°C).
  • Stainless steel range hood (1500×500×600mm).
  • White resin car paint (any RAL colour optional).
  • Aluminum pattern anti-skid floor.
  • Aluminum-plastic panel interior decoration wall.
  • Stainless steel worktop (with stainless steel storage compartment).
  • Hydraulic rod support sales window.
  • Aluminum plate edging (anti-rust, protect car paint).

Burger Food Trailer for Sale

brand new mobile burger food trailer for sale
16ft mobile burger food trailer for sale
mobile burger food trailer van for sale
fully equipped burger food trailer for sale
16ft  burger food trailer for sale
burger food trailer with gas tanks holder
receptacles for the generators
exterial receptacle
mobile burger food trailer layout
commercial burger food trailer inside
3 compartment water sink and hand sink in the burger food trailer
burger food trailer with griddle for sale
burger food trailer with fryers for sale
mobile kitchen in the burger food trailer
sockets with switches in the burger food trailer

Based on a 16.4ftx6.5ft enclosed food trailer model, this fully equipped burger food trailer for sale is one of our custom solutions for our client in Guam. The plenty of space for countertops and storage, coupled with the 7.5-foot-high ceilings, makes it the most common trailer size for operating a burger food business. The burger food trailer is able to accommodate 2-4 workers, even if it is outfitted with large pieces of kitchen equipment, such as stainless steel worktables, fridges, and a 3 compartment water sink.

The burger food trailer for sale is built in a standard configuration of a commercial kitchen installed with an electrical system, plumping, and gas piping so any extra electric or gas kitchen equipment can be added to its counter. It is installed with many functional cooking appliances that are required in the operation of a fast food business, such as gas burners, deep fryers, and a griddle with a flat top. They feature a countertop design that saves room in the burger food trailer and keeps the kitchen neat and clean.

Whether you are going to start your own career or expand your fast food business, the burger food trailer is an affordable mobile unit that brings substantial profits to you when your team bustles in it on any occasion! No need for marketing for yourself. Eaters will gravitate towards your burger food trailer which is the source of a tempting smell of fried food.

Floor Plan
burger food trailer floor plan
  • This 16.4ft burger food trailer for sale has a reinforced galvanized steel chassis and frame that can bear more weight than regular trailers and a three-layer wall construction consisting of the extruded polystyrene wall, black insulation, and aluminum composite wall. Its service lift exceeds 10 years.
  • 2 large flip-out concession windows are installed with sliding screens that ensure safety and keep the dirt out.
  • 2 stainless steel gas tank holders are welded on the back of the trailer, providing a safe place for mounting gas tanks.
  • An exterior receptacle on the rear door allows you to plug in extra lighting units or other electrical equipment easily.
  • Food trailer jacks, heavy-duty support legs, water tanks, and drop-down concession service tables... Many burger food trailer auxiliary equipment gives you a better experience.
  • The burger food trailer layout has been optimized to maximize the utility of countertops, storage, refrigeration, cleaning, and serving.


Not satisfied with the specification or layout of the burger food trailer? ETO has the ability to provide a custom trailer that fits your special needs for everything. Change the burger trailer color, install an NSF-certified water sink, or add extra cooking appliances... We can do more than that! Contact us for a 100% custom solution.

Custom Fast Food Trailer for Sale

custom fast food trailer for sale
13ft custom fast food trailer for sale
best custom fast food trailer for sale
custom mobile fast food trailer for sale
cheap custom fast food trailer for sale
empty custom fast food trailer for sale
full custom fast food trailer for sale
custom fast food trailer for sale with dot certified tail lights
custom fast food trailer for sale inside
custom fast food trailer for sale layout
custom fast food trailer for sale interior design
13ft custom fast food trailer for sale inside
custom fast food trailer interior
custom fast food trailer with stainless steel walls
empety custom fast food trailer
Haven't found an ideal mobile food trailer for your fast food business? How about having a full custom fast food trailer design with flexibility and optimization in performance and features? Based on an empty box trailer model, this custom fast food trailer for sale is an entry-level food trailer size for the fast food business. An 8ft mobile food trailer is too small to mount everything you need to make a burger, and a 20ft fully equipped mobile kitchen is not an affordable option for most entrepreneurs, but a 13ft fast food trailer is just right! As the choice of most fast food restaurant owners, the custom fast food trailer for sale is 10ft in length and 6.5ft in width, giving sufficient room for setting up a mobile restaurant with commercial fridges, deep fryers, gas griddles, salad prep tables, and water sinks. It is empty now, so it can be custom-built and designed according to your food trailer concepts and ideas. Contact our food trailer design team for a full list of extra add-ons and options and get a custom solution for your own fast food trailer.

Design Drawings
custom fast food trailer for sale floor plan
19ft custom fast food trailer for sale design
custom fast food trailer for sale design
custom fast food trailer model

Standard Features

  • The custom fast food trailer for sale features fine cold-rolled steel exterior walls and aluminum checkered plate strengthening the joints of steel plates
  • The fast food trailer tail lights and tires have DOT certification and are installed in accordance with health codes and regulations
  • The large concession window has a drop-out concession service table for expanding the service area
  • The interior is made of fine stainless steel, from the ceiling to the walls.
  • A standard electrical layout designed by certified electricians that allows you to use any type of electric cooking appliance in the fast food trailer safely.
  • Many options for the water system help to set up a fast food trailer that can pass all the inspections of the Health Department.

Burger Van for Sale

burger van for sale
13ft burger van for sale
13ft mobile burger van for sale
custom burger van for sale
mobile burger van for sale
13ft custom burger van for sale
burger van for sale with an air conditioner
burger van for sale with dot certified tail lights
the concession windows of the burger van for sale
burger van side window
generator receptacle socket
interior layout of the burger van for sale
burger van for sale inside
fully equipped burger van for sale
Burger ranks among the first when it comes to the food that is mostly eaten in America. What does that mean? You will gain success and profits from your burger franchise with a burger van! This 13ftx6.5ft burger van for sale is the best food trailer size for the mobile burger franchise. It is outfitted with stainless steel workbenches, gas griddles, and deep fryers that give you sufficient space for adding functional countertop appliances according to your menu and frying burger minces, and french fires. No matter focusing on a takeaway business in a fixed concession spot or having a mobile concession stall, this burger van for sale is a solution that fulfills your needs in the aspect of functionality and food trailer design.

Design Drawings
burger van floor plan
This burger van for sale is built in compliance with health codes and laws, so the health inspector is hard to fault its configuration and specification. Standard electrical system, 3 compartment water sink, and hand sink, DOT-certified tail lights and tires, and quality kitchen equipment... all these features help you get the permits and licenses for your mobile food business. Regulations differ a lot in every area. Therefore, consult with the Health Department in your city for the specific requirements first. Then, we will do the rest of the work.

The plus size of the concession windows gives you quick access to your eaters. Two drop-down concession shelves extend your service area where napkins, packaged spices, and menus can be stored.
The efficient commercial kitchen layout has an individual area for serving, cooking, cleaning, refrigerating, and storage, increasing the productivity and ease of your staff.

The worktables are made of 201 stainless steel with high strength and have a backsplash that protects the interior wall.

An A/C unit ensures a comfortable environment in the burger van during summer or winter.
ETO DEVICE offers a turn-key solution for mobile burger vans. There is a wide range of food trailer sizes, colors, and kitchen equipment packages that fit the burger van model. Contact our design team to tell us what you need.

Why should you buy a burger trailer?

In the United States, approximately 50 billion burgers are sold every year. Almost all people have eaten burgers, and most of them eat burgers every week. You will see many familiar burger chains on the street, including shake shack, burger king, KFC, McDonald’s and so on. These large gourmet companies do not mean that there are always delicious burgers. Sometimes you will buy burgers that are very difficult to swallow at these restaurants.

High-quality ingredients, delicious taste, people are willing to spend more money to eat, this is your niche market. If you can guarantee the quality and taste of your burgers, then you can stand out in this highly competitive business and make considerable profits. Now it's time to buy a burger trailer to realize your dream.

Burger trailer design

Before designing your Burger trailer, what factors do you need to consider? Creative designs always have many elements, and they are not restricted. However, the truly perfect design is always related to the following factors.
Your LOGO. The color and style of the LOGO are important factors that affect the design. The style and background color of your trailer should be coordinated with the LOGO.
The food you want to sell. When designing your trailer, you can add elements of the food you want to sell, such as burgers, pizza, or coffee. This can attract passersby from afar to come and buy.
Location and environment. If your trailer will be parked for a long time in places with certain characteristics such as beaches, characteristic parks, stadiums, characteristic streets, scenic spots, etc., then when designing your trailer, make your trailer coordinate with the surrounding environment.
Of course the most important thing is your idea. Design is not a fixed style, it varies from person to person. ETO DEVICE has a professional team of designers. Each of our designers has rich experience. If you already have your own idea, tell us and we will build it for you.
Burger Trailer Kitchen Design
Burger Food

High quality burger van trailer

We always use the best materials to build your trailer. Because we know that this means the beginning of your dreams for you. We hope that the burger trailer we built for you is a good assistant to help you realize your dreams, instead of becoming your trouble in the future.

The chassis and frame of the trailer are made of high-strength carbon steel materials and galvanized, which has high anti-corrosion performance. All exposed cold plates are sprayed with anti-rust paint to extend the service life. It uses a stainless steel workbench and an aluminum patterned floor.

Burger trailer manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a professional manufacturer of food trailers. We produced and sold more than 500 food trailers, food carts and kiosks last year, including burger trailer, pizza trailer, coffee trailer, hot dog carts, ice cream kiosks.

We have a factory of 8000 ㎡ and more than 50 employees. Our team of elite engineers has extensive experience. According to customer needs, we can provide customers with 2D design drawings or 3D model drawings for free, and can design LOGO for customers for free.

Want to start building your burger trailer now? Contact us to get a quote!

You can also browse our other food trailers to help you get inspired.
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