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Find the quick answers to common questions about how to start a mobile food business.
Frequently Asked
We believe that answers below will be vital and helpful for you starting your new mobile business. You will find quick answers to the most common questions here.
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Container
Food Trailer
More Questions?
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What Are Your After-Sale Services?
We are committed to assisting with any queries you may have when using our products and providing the necessary documents and information for registration and permit application.
Do You Offer a Warranty?
Yes, a one-year manufacturer warranty is offered on the basis of manufacturing faults, and it is free.
Do You Offer Financing?
Sorry, we do not finance.
Is There Any Potential Discount?
In certain situations, we do provide discounts.

Volume Discounts: We offer discounts for multi-unit orders. The more you buy, the bigger the discount.
Holiday Discounts: During certain holidays, you can enjoy discounts of up to 5%.

If you'd like to learn more about pricing for large orders or more details on discounts, please reach out to our sales team.
Can You Help Develop Budgets?
Absolutely. You can let us know your budget in the inquiry, and we'll tailor solutions and designs accordingly.
How Secure is the Online Payment?
ETO takes your property security and personal privacy seriously. All payments are processed securely. Your payment method or credit card information will not be retained, let alone disclosed to anyone. If preferred, you can make payments through third-party platforms like Alibaba. Whatever your choice, we assure you of a secure transaction.
When Do I Pay?
Like any online purchase, all orders require an upfront payment. A deposit is necessary to start construction, and the rest must be settled before shipment.
What Are My Payment Options?
We accept payments through Visa, PayPal, bank transfers, credit cards, and more.
How Does the Ordering Process Work?
It is rather simple to order.

For our standard models, you can request a quote by phone, email, or through our contact form. We'll promptly send you a free quote and CAD drawings for your review. Once everything is approved by you, we'll guide you through the payment process. The entire transaction can be completed in as little as one day. If you ask for customization, please provide detailed information about your requirements upfront, such as dimensions, equipment, expected budget, etc. This ensures we can efficiently offer a solution that satisfies your needs.

If you're still in the early stages of planning, feel free to reach out for a consultation. We're more than happy to answer any questions about our products and provide assistance or inspiration, even if you haven't yet decided to make a purchase. It's a free and quick consultation.
Can I Change the Order?
During the design phase, you have the freedom to make changes, and we will update the quote for you at no cost. However, once the CAD design is confirmed and production begins, most changes are often not feasible. However, we'll do our best for any potential alterations,

Please note that there is potential possibility that your changes extent the production process.
Do You Offer Drawings or CAD Designs?
Whether it's a standard model or a custom unit, we provide free blueprints, including color renderings, sections, elevations, electrical drawings, water systems, and floor plans.
How Long is the Production Time?
Production time may vary depending on what you're purchasing and the level of customization.

After the confirmation of CAD designs and the payment of the deposit, food carts and small food trailers usually require 15-30 days for production, while more complex projects may take a month or longer. Production takes place in our factory, giving us complete control over the entire process. There are no delays due to weather.

If the timeline is too long for you, consider our inventory. These models are ready for immediate shipment.
Can You Build Custom Units Based on My Specific Requirements?
Of course!

One of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is our unparalleled capability and experience in customization. Every model we offer is meticulously designed to be easily tailored to your specific needs. You can specify anything yat ETO. Take a look at our gallery to learn more about our design and get inspired.

If you don't find the feature or option on our website, feel free to reach out to our design team. You can even directly share images from Google or Pinterest that showcase what you want. We're more than happy to discuss new ideas with you and create a one-of-a-kind design based on your specifications.
Are You a Manufacturer or Dealer?
We are a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in custom design and production of concession trailers, food carts, food kiosks, and shipping containers. Every unit showcased on our website is built at our own manufacturing facility.
Do You Have Showrooms and Can I Visit?
We do not have showrooms or stores nationwide. We have one factory in which all our units are designed and manufactured. You can visit it by appointment to learn about our production techniques, processes, efficiency, and product quality, and personally view some of our stock.
Where Are You Located?
Our headquarters are located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. If you're in China or nearby, you're welcome to visit our company for a face-to-face discussion about your project. Please reach out to us in advance by phone or email so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Address: 961, 19th Floor, Xiyue City, Jinsuo Road, Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Phone: tel:15093205134
Email: sales@etofoodcarts.com
How Can I Get a Delivery Quote?
Drop us an email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page with your precise address and requirements, and we'll provide you with an estimated shipping cost. The exact fee will be provided after confirming your order.
What is the Shipping Cost?
Several factors influence shipping costs, including weight, shipping container size, destination, insurance fees, tariffs, and the chosen route. The exact shipping cost will be included in the quote. Rest assured, we'll find the most cost-effective delivery solution for you.
How Long Does It Take for Delivery to My Location?
International delivery times vary by country. Typically, shipping within Asia takes around 7-15 days, while delivery to Australia may take about one month. Upon placing your order, you will receive an estimated pickup date. However, please note that this is just an estimate, as some uncontrollable factors may impact the arrival date. We will make every effort to ensure on-time delivery.
Where Is the Pickup Location?
The pickup location is at 107 Alley, Fuer Lake Town, Changge City, Xuchang, Henan Province.
Do You Delivery Overseas?
Yes! Our products are shipped worldwide, reaching countries and regions like the United States, Australia, Africa, EU nations, and beyond. We collaborate with multiple international shipping companies to provide the most competitive shipping freights and top-notch service, no matter where delivery destinations may be.
How Will You Deliver My Unit?
We offer two delivery options: sea shipping and self-pickup.

Sea Shipping: Your unit will be shipped and delivered to your area by a third-party international shipping company, and we'll track your shipment for you. If you have a freight agent, we'll coordinate with him/her to ensure a smooth delivery process. Before shipping, we photograph and crate each unit, and personally send them to the port to ensure their safe arrival. All photos and videos will be sent to you.

Self-Pickup: You can pick up your unit at our factory from Monday to Friday.
Are You Converted Shipping Containers Code-Compliant in My City?
All our shipping containers are delivered in accordance with the specific building, health, and fire safety codes and regulations, and our clients have obtained local permits. It's worth noting that projects showcased on our website may not meet the requirements of your local authorities, as regulations vary by region. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to local health and building departments in advance to seek their guidance on meeting requirements.

For all our models, modifications are allowed to make them code-compliant. If needed, we can also construct a custom-built unit from scratch to meet your specifications.
Are Shipping Containers Hot Inside?
Our containers are insulated with a 40mm thick cotton layer to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency in outdoor locations. For extreme weather conditions, cooling or heating systems can be offered to achieve 100% climate control for your container.
Are Your Containers Secure?
Yes. At ETO, each container is constructed with quality corrugated steel for a high level of strength and durability and is equipped with windows and doors that come complete with locks. This design minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access.

Additional security features such as cameras, alarm systems, fencing, smart locks, and lighting can be added to your container for enhanced protection and property management.
I Have a Layout, Can You Manufacture It?
If you have a specific floor plan for a commercial kitchen, bar, office, workshop, or something, we are interested and more than willing to turn it into reality. Please email us your drawings and designs, and our designers will collaborate with you to explore possibilities and offer a custom solution.
Can I Use My Own Appliances?
Yes, you can. During the design phase, you'll need to share your list of appliances so that we can plan the container layout accordingly and ensure that the outlets meet the electrical requirements of your equipment. When it comes to larger items such as workbenches, refrigerators, and furniture, please provide our designers with detailed specifications. This will enable us to allocate the required installation space effectively.
I Don't Need the Equipment of Your Standard Models. Can I Change It?
Certainly. All the equipment and appliances included in our containers on the website can be swapped out or removed according to your preferences.

In addition, we provide an extensive selection of commercial-grade kitchen equipment, cooking appliances, furniture, workshop tools, industrial food processing machines, and more for you to add to your shipping container unit. Whatever you need, we can source it for you at the most competitive prices.
Can Your Container Be Used in a Location with No Access to Water or Power?
Yes. Our shipping containers are designed to be self-contained units that can get water and power without connecting to the utilities or buildings.

For water, two 25L water tanks, for clean water and wastewater respectively, come as standard. The water system incorporates a pump to ensure a pressurized water supply. If a nearby water source is unavailable, we recommend upgrading to larger tanks. We offer options ranging from 80L to 130L and beyond.

For power, our containers can be connected to a generator. Also, you have the flexibility to opt for propane or natural gas to power your gas appliances.
Are the Items in the Container Portable or Fixed?
That really depends on your needs. Most workbenches, under-bench fridges, wall cabinets, shelves, sinks, ventilation systems, and the like are secured in the container and can't be moved. Equipment such as deep fryers, griddles, and grills are fixed to the countertop but can be detached. If necessary, we can provide portable appliances and equipment.
Are the Items in the Container Portable or Fixed?
That really depends on your needs. Most workbenches, under-bench fridges, wall cabinets, shelves, sinks, ventilation systems, and the like are secured in the container and can't be moved. Equipment such as deep fryers, griddles, and grills are fixed to the countertop but can be detached. If necessary, we can provide portable appliances and equipment.
Are Your Containers Pre-assembled?
Basically, our containers come pre-assembled before delivery. They're akin to plug-and-play units, and it is easy to connect them to existing buildings and utilities.
Can I Choose the Color of My Container?
Yes. You can pick any RAL color for your container. If you request cladding, we offer choices like wood and vinyl cladding.
What Kinds of Shipping Containers Do You Sell for Conversions or Modifications?
ETO Shipping Containers: These are the shipping containers that we manufacture with standard kits. They offer the same durability and quality as standard models but come with enhanced flexibility – they can be converted into virtually anything you envision. Manufactured in our factory, these containers can be designed and built to your specifications, and you can engage in the entire process online. If your concept is innovative or you require a fully custom-built unit, they should be your first choice.

ISO Shipping Containers: These containers designed to meet ISO standards are primarily utilized for transporting goods globally through sea or land shipments. To ensure the safety of goods during transit, they are often built to withstand prolonged stacking and various climatic conditions. Due to their exceptional strength and durability, these structures are highly suitable for conversion into storage units, including container workshops, refrigerated containers, and portable concession stands. However, the limitation lies in their dimensions which are hard to customize. The most common size options are 20ft and 40ft.

Regardless of your choice for your build, we guarantee that the containers we provide are brand new and have never been used. No second-hand containers at ETO.
What Container Size Do You Offer?
Our shipping containers range from 9 feet (2.8m) to 39 feet (11.8m). We also provide standard container sizes such as 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. If you have specific dimension requirements, we can build a customized container for you.
How Much Does a Food Trailer Weight?
The weight of a food trailer depends on the model, size, and the equipment installed inside. To give you an idea, a 7*5ft roundtop food trailer weighs about 550kg, and a 9*7ft box trailer weighs 700kg. An additional equipment, appliances, or add-ons may add more weight to the trailer. An estimated weight will be provided once your order is confirmed.

In addition, it is possible for us to manage the total weight of the trailer. For instance, we utilize lightweight yet sturdy materials and components to construct trailers to make the overall weight below 750kg while ensure durability. These lightweight food trailers make registration in countries like France and Ireland easier and allow for road usage without the need for a specific category of driving license.
Can I Buy Equipment/Appliances from Other Companies and Have it Delivered to you for Installation?
Of course, we would like to install your equipment. However, please note that you will be responsible for the shipping costs, and there will be some installation fee. You can arrange for suppliers to deliver the equipment or appliances directly to us. This is particularly cost-effective, especially when purchasing from China. We'll handle the installation or deliver them along with your food trailer, saving you substantial shipping expenses.

Should you choose to buy equipment locally, self-installation is a more economical option. We'll need the specifications of your equipment to better arrange the interior of your trailer.

If you don't find what you need on our website, we're more than happy to procure it for you. Our purchasing department is dedicated to sourcing kitchen equipment, appliances, refrigeration units, furniture, disposable restaurant supplies, security cameras, and more from professional suppliers. Whatever you require, we can procure it at the best prices and install it for you at no extra cost.
Do You Built the Food Trailers to Meet the Specs and Codes in...?
Yes, we do. All trailers we built are delivered based on specific health codes and regulations and passed health inspections. To ensure your trailer is code-compliant, it's essential to consult with your local health department beforehand. They can provide guidance on meeting specific requirements, and you can relay these requirements to our team. We will then tailor our solutions accordingly.
I Don’t Know What Equipment Do I Need. Can You Help?
If you're unsure about the equipment you need, we can assist you. We can recommend suitable equipment models based on your menu type. Additionally, in some states in the United States, certain equipment and accessories are required for passing health or DOT inspections. These may include DOT-certified tail lights, brake systems, NSF-certified water sinks, fire suppression systems, refrigeration equipment, and more. Our experts are here to provide advice and guidance tailored to your needs.
Is NSF-certified Kitchen Equipment/Appliances Indispensable?
It depends on your health inspector. In some states in the United States, there are clear regulations mandating the use of NSF-certified products on a food trailer or truck to ensure a high level of food safety and health. If your mobile food trailer business operates within these states, there must be NSF logo on the equipment in your food trailer.

Other countries may have their own certification standards and procedures. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the local authorities.
How Do Your Food Trailers Get Water?
Our trailers get water from a portable water storage tank that can is refilled at commissary kitchen. The option to connect directly to water supply via a hose is provided. The tank can be founded in the cabinets of the sinks and connected to a water pump. Once the faucet is opened, you can get steady flow of pressurized clean water. And the water flows through a drain pipe and into another tank - wastewater tank. Both tanks should be cleaned and maintained properly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
What are the Water Tank Capacities?
By default, both water tanks have a capacity of 25 liters.

For those with higher water usage needs, we offer 60L and 80L water tanks. You can purchase multiple tanks to address increased water demands. If trailer space is limited, stainless steel water tanks are a preferable option. These tanks are fixed beneath the sink and replenished through a water fill connection. Their capacity are over 130L.

We offer a special wastewater tanks that is mounted to the trailer frame. The capacity options available are 59L and 82L.
How Are Your Food Trailer Powered?
Our food trailer are powered by a generator or public power source. We will find the exterior plug that fits your generators. Plus, propane or natural gas is required if there are gas appliances in your trailer. gas piping installation is standard for all our models.
Do You Offer Generators?
Yes, we do. We can provide portable diesel or gasoline generators suitable for your trailer.
Can I Choose the Trailer Color?
There are many RAL color to choose from. Please request our sales team to get a color options brochure. For custom-built trailers, all colors are free.
Do You Do Wraps or Graphics?
We offer options for custom trailer vinyl wraps and graphics.

Wraps: This is a design that incorporates everything you desire, including colors, logos, letters, images, menus, and more. It wraps around all sides of the trailer, providing comprehensive advertising for your business.

Graphics: Similar to wraps, they can include elements like logos, images, text, and more, placed for aesthetic appeal. However, graphics tend to be more localized in their application.
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