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The best custom BBQ trailers & smokers for sale for the lowest prices today. Find an ideal food concession trailer from a wide range of mobile barbecue trailers with commercial cooking equipment and unique exterior design for your street food trailer business.
Since more and more people migrated from the countryside to the city, bbq trailers began to rise slowly. On weekends or festivals, mobile bbq food trailer is people's favorite. From chicken wings and pork belly to peppers, vegetables and potatoes, all the aromas are attracting your saliva.
BBQ concession trailer and commercial bbq trailer have become one of the best tools for many gourmet entrepreneurs to make profits.
Mobile BBQ Trailer for Brazilian Barbecue
BBQ Porch Trailer for Sale
Custom BBQ Trailer With Porch
BBQ Trailer For Sale
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BYOB BBQ trailer
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Mobile BBQ Trailer for Brazilian Barbecue

custom mobile brazilian bbq trailer for sale
custom brazilian food gill trailer for sale
18ft fully equipped mobile bbq trailer for sale
18ft mobile bbq trailer for sale
mobile bbq grill trailer for sale
18ft mobile bbq trailer for brazilian barbecue
brand new mobile bbq trailer for sale
custom mobile bbq trailer for sale
generator receptacles
custom mobile bbq trailer interior
mobile bbq trailer interior design
3 compartment water sink in the mobile bbq trailer
mobile bbq trailer equipped with commercial cooking appliances
mobile bbq trailer with stainless steel kitchen equipment
fire suppression system
Hey, BBQ enthusiasts of California! Are you ready to turn up the heat and start your own Brazilian barbecue empire this summer?

This mobile BBQ trailer is a true BBQ restaurant on wheels, built to sell Brazilian BBQ food in California, US. It has an 18ft commercial kitchen equipped with restaurant-quality equipment for barbecue, including a fryer, gas stove, grill, Rotisserie Oven, blender, Bain Marie, salad prep fridge, water sink, trash bin, cash drawer, blenders, and worktables so you can provide more than just massive skewers. Caesar salad, fast food, and cocktails can be added to your menu. The width of the mobile kitchen is expanded to 7ft, giving you and your crew plenty of room to deal with a high volume of orders during hectic BBQ nights.

Will the mobile BBQ trailer be a boost for sales? Of course! In addition to your best-grilled chicken, the unique lighting design of the BBQ trailer creates unforgettable summer BBQ parties for your eaters and makes them eagerly return for more!

Now, contact us for all customization and add-on available to tailor this mobile BBQ trailer to your food trailer business needs.

Floor Plan
mobile BBQ trailer floor plan.
mobile bbq trailer design
18ft mobile bbq trailer design
custom mobile bbq trailer design
mobile bbq trailer for brazilian barbecue design


  • Large Commercial Kitchen: The mobile BBQ trailer has a fully equipped kitchen that gives a large room in which 3 or more people can prepare food with ease. It is divided into stations for different kitchen tasks, such as food preparing, cooking, cleaning, and serving. All the kitchen equipment and appliances are placed along the walls, streamlining the workflow and improving efficiency. Cooks can reach each station fast when moving around on the walkway in the middle.
  • Restaurant Cooking Equipment with High Quality: The mobile BBQ Trailer is equipped with stainless steel kitchen equipment made to the highest standards in the restaurant industry, including the worktable, 3-compartment water sink with NSF certification, fridge, UL listed range hood, and cooking appliances
  • Gas System: Wood or charcoal? Neither of them do you need to make the best-grilled ribs in town. The mobile BBQ trailer has a gas system that allows you to use a gas grill to bbq and cook with flames without choking fumes or ash. It makes cooking more healthy and more efficient.
  • Unique Food Trailer Design: The mobile BBQ trailer design includes LED light boxes, lighting strips, and food trailer warps that enhance your brand image and attract more eaters. The special vibe it creates may get more likes on Instagram and Facebook and bring you more opportunities to provide private catering services.
  • Easy to Register: The mobile BBQ trailer is constructed to meet the regulations and codes in CA. It has all the required equipment and accessories, like the fire suppression system, 3-compartment water sink, safety chain, and dot-certified trailer tail light, so the registering process will be much easier for you.

BBQ Porch Trailer for Sale

bbq porch trailer for sale
14ft bbq porch trailer for sale
14ft custom bbq porch trailer for sale
14ft mobile bbq porch trailer for sale
custom bbq porch trailer for sale in us
custom bbq porch trailer for sale in usa
custom bbq porch trailer for sale
mobile bbq porch trailer for sale
bbq porch trailer
the concession window of the bbq porch trailer for sale
bbq porch trailer side window
dot certified trailer tail lights of the bbq porch trailer for sale
14ft bbq porch trailer for sale layout
bbq porch trailer for sale with stainless steel interior
concession windows of the bbq porch trailer for sale
What makes people crazy about BBQ? It is the smoke, along with the sweet smell of barbecue and the sizzle of fat on the grill. That's most people prefer a concession trailer with porch that has an open area for outdoor BBQ. If you are looking for the same, this 14.7ftx6.5ft BBQ porch trailer for sale is the best solution for both giving you an enclosed area for cooking and an open patio for your smoker. As a converted version of an enclosed BBQ trailer, it features a 760x1920mm porch at the back of the BBQ trailer. No need for tents. Just move your smoker to the porch and start to BBQ when you get to the place where a number of eaters hunt for a delicious treat.

BBQ porch trailer for sale includes a wide range of options and extra add-ons that you want to build an ideal BBQ trailer based on your food trailer design and concept, from the food trailer configuration and kitchen equipment. You are free to have a BBQ porch trailer customized to meet your specific requirements.

Design Drawings
BBQ porch trailer for sale floor plan
bbq porch trailer for sale layout
bbq porch trailer for sale design
custom bbq porch trailer for sale layout
This BBQ porch trailer for sale comes with a reinforced cold-rolled steel exterior wall, 201 stainless steel interior, and heavy-duty galvanized steel chassis and frame that has impressive features of resisting corrosion. Four wide concession windows help you deal with more customers and air the BBQ trailer more efficiently. The porch has decorative and functional stainless steel fencing and a small gate for easy getting in and out. The trailer tail lights, side lights, and reflectors are installed on the rear and side of the BBQ trailer, just like the Federal Regulations require.

The BBQ porch trailer for sale in a standard model is an empty concession trailer that can be tailored to your needs. Our professional work team will do all the work according to codes and regulations, like wiring and plumbing the BBQ porch trailer and installing the kitchen equipment you want, and make you and your health inspectors satisfied.

Now, contact our team for a custom-built BBQ porch trailer that is ready to make money for you!

Custom BBQ Trailer With Porch

Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Water system
This is a 13×6.5 custom barbecue trailer. Because the customer wants to buy barbecue equipment locally, we designed a large workbench for the customer inside the trailer. The location of the barbecue equipment has been marked in the design drawing.

Designs Drawing
Design drawing
This BBQ trailer will be operated near a shopping mall with high traffic. We have designed a TV mount for our customers, so that customers can install a TV to play their own recorded videos. The mounting frame adopts a built-in setting, which can hide the TV when not in use.

There is a porch behind the trailer. Barbecue pits or grills can be placed here.

Due to the relatively large water consumption, in order to meet customers' business needs throughout the day, we designed large-volume stainless steel water tanks for customers, including clean water tanks and waste water tanks.

Automatic door closer. The trailer door can be closed automatically after opening, which is very convenient.

The trailer chassis is high. In order to make it easier for employees to get on and off the trailer, we have adopted a sunken design for the trailer door.

BBQ Trailer For Sale

bbq trailer for sale
bbq trailer
bbq food trailer
This 14.7×6.5 bbq trailer for sale belongs to MUSIC CIYT GYROS in the United States, which mainly sells steak, grilled chicken and tacos in Tennessee.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
According to the customer's request, we built 5 mobile bbq food trailers for the customer, each bbq trailer will accommodate 2-3 employees to work at the same time. They will operate in various locations in Tennessee.

This bbq trailer has a stainless steel framed tv box used to mount the customer's tv system to this mobile kitchen.

The key components such as the valve and valve stem of the water inlet and outlet of the water system are made of stainless steel, which is rust-proof and durable.

The fabric of its parasol is made of PVC, which is waterproof, sun-proof and durable, and its rod body is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust.

Its rear door adopts a hydraulic buffer automatic closing device, which is made of aluminum alloy and can carry a weight of 80KG.

Mini BBQ Trailer

mini bbq trailer
mini bbq trailer front
mini bbq trailer rear
mini bbq trailer led light
This 5.9×3.9 mini bbq food trailer is built by us for American customers. It is equipped with a complete electrical system and water system and is mainly used to sell barbecued meats.

  • Complete electrical system (maximum power 3.5kW, current 32A, Schneider leakage protection switch).
  • 3+1 Stainless Steel Spacer Sink.
  • Two stainless steel water tanks (110L clean water tank, 130L waste water tank).
  • 1CM thick iron plate griddle (temperature range: 120℃-220℃).
  • 156L horizontal refrigerator (0℃-10℃).
  • Night light system (top atmosphere light + outline LED light strip).
  • Custom Body Pattern.
  • Aluminum alloy edging (anti-rust, to prevent damage to the body pattern).
  • Stainless steel range hood.

BYOB BBQ trailer

BYOB BBQ trailer
BYOB BBQ trailer
BYOB BBQ trailer
BYOB BBQ trailer front
BYOB BBQ trailer rear
This 11.5×6.5 BBQ trailer is a BYOB belonging to the United States, and it comes with a refrigerator, griddle and fryer. Customers have to equip it with their own barbecue grills, mainly selling barbecues and sandwiches.

  • Complete electrical system (maximum power 8kW, Schneider double leakage protection switch, current 32A).
  • Complete gas system.
  • American Standard 3+1 stainless steel water sink.
  • 60L+80L bucket.
  • Vertical double temperature refrigerator (74L+38L).
  • Stainless steel griddle (120-220℃).
  • 2×6L stainless steel gas fryer.
  • Stainless steel range hood (2 meters long).
  • Sliding glass window (5mm thick glass).
  • Air conditioning (cooling and heating).
  • Aluminum checkered plate edging (to protect the car paint).
  • Hydraulic rod support sales window.

BBQ Catering Trailer

Are you looking for a quality concession trailer for your mobile BBQ business? Here is a fully equipped BBQ catering trailer for sale near you and its specification and layout can be customized for your specific requirements!

If there are restrictions for outdoor BBQ in place, you should consider this BBQ catering trailer in an enclosed concession trailer model. It is a perfect combination of a BBQ smoker and a mobile restaurant where you can say goodbye to the BBQ fires. Measuring 16ftx6.5ftx7.5ft, the bbq catering trailer has a large amount of space for preparing BBQ, refrigerating, storing, and serving. The standard gas piping layout allows you to use any type of cooking appliance to make meals live. Don't worry about the smart and greasy fumes. A commercial range hood fixed above the cooking area will remove it quickly when sausages sizzle on the gas grill.

Gas fryers, gas stoves, and bench fridges... Tons of extra cooking appliances can be added to the BBQ catering trailer according to your menu. You always have options and add-ons when designing your own BBQ catering trailer with us.

Design Drawings
bbq catering trailer design
16ft mobile catering trailer layout
16ft fully equipped bbq catering trailer layout


  • 500*200*230 brand new BBQ catering trailer built in compliance with health codes and regulations
  • Double axle galvanized steel chassis
  • 165/70R13 durable food trailer tires
  • DOT-certified trailer tail lights and reflectors
  • Food trailer A/C unit for creating a comfortable working environment during summer and winter
  • Standard electrical system including wiring, electrical panel, generator power inlet/outlet receptacle sockets with cover, sockets with switches, and LED lighting unit
  • 3 compartment water sink and a hand sink with splash guard, along with faucets with built-in water heaters, auto water pumps, 25L clean water tanks, and waste water tanks.
  • Food-grade stainless steel workbenches with cabinets
  • BBQ catering trailer kitchen equipment: 12L gas fryer, gas griddle with a flat top, 2m commercial stainless steel range hood, and under-bench fridge
  • Plenty of counter and storage space
  • Gas piping system

Why should you buy bbq trailer?

For most people, barbecue is an irresistible delicacy. Its aroma always leaves a deep impression and attracts your taste buds.
The process of cooking food is relatively short, and the aroma of food is relatively strong, so it can more arouse people's appetite. The high temperature during barbecue causes Maillard reaction of meat food. The amino acids and sugars in meat foods will undergo Maillard reaction under high temperature, producing complex aroma substances, which will increase your appetite instantly. In addition, the coking reaction of starchy foods and the aroma of vegetable foods will release aroma substances during grilling, resulting in a good taste.
Barbecue has become a popular food, whether in Europe, America or Asia, barbecue has become the first choice for family gatherings, festivals and various celebrations.
In crowded cities, bbq food trailer has become an indispensable mobile kitchen for barbecue activities. Many entrepreneurs have made a lot of money by operating the mobile barbecue business.

Custom bbq food trailer

Every bbq food trailer with porch we build is customized to fully meet the needs and imagination of customers. The bbq concession trailers provided by ETO DEVICE do not have the same style, each of them is unique. As you might expect, we only provide customized bbq trailers.

From the exterior of the trailer, the interior decoration, the floor to the cabinets and workbenches, everything is custom-designed. In addition, the porch behind the barbecue trailer is also custom-designed according to customer needs. We design the size of the rear porch according to the barbecue grills and other cooking equipment you want to place in the porch.
Custom BBQ trailer design

BBQ trailer manufacturers in China

ETO DEVICE is an excellent bbq trailer manufacturer in China. We have lots of competition bbq concession trailers for sale.
ETO DEVICE provides:
Favorable price. We are a factory and a manufacturer. Buy directly from us, you can get the most favorable factory price.
Free design. Our elite team can provide you with 2D and 3D bbq trailer models for free, as well as LOGO design and trailer cover design.
High-quality trailers. All raw materials are made of the best materials. The galvanized carbon steel structure guarantees the durability and longevity of the trailer.
Different standard components. We provide commercial bbq trailers that comply with European standards, American standards and other standards.

Fully equipped bbq concession trailers for sale

The bbq concession trailers produced and sold by ETO DEVICE are only equipped with kitchen equipment that meets quality standards and hygiene standards. Our long-term partnership with kitchen equipment suppliers ensures that we can provide customers with high-quality and low-cost equipment.
The main equipment of Commercial bbq trailer includes:
Range hood
BBQ grill
All these devices are available in different sizes and specifications. You can choose the right equipment according to your business needs.
BBQ trailer kitchen

Are bbq trailers profitable?

Are bbq trailers profitable? Without a doubt, the answer is YES. But this doesn't mean that you will definitely make a profit. All success requires you to pay enough attention to your business and do a lot of work.
Barbecue food is so popular today. As you can see, many people are always unable to resist the temptation of barbecue food. In the catering industry, the barbecue business is undoubtedly one of the most sought after. The barbecue with many fans of food is destined to be unique.
In addition, compared to traditional restaurants, food trailers or concession food trailers are cheaper. Moreover, you can adjust your business position according to traffic, and keeping yourself in a favorable position with high traffic flow is the key to profitability. You can also sign up to participate in large-scale festivals, carnivals or sports events and earn high profits.
In short, as an entrepreneur of bbq food trailers, before starting to operate a mobile barbecue kitchen, investigating and researching the market in advance and planning for your business are the foundation of success.

How much does a BBQ trailer cost?

The cost of a BBQ trailer mainly includes the price of the trailer, the cost of business licenses and permits, insurance costs, and barbecue equipment costs.
BBQ trailer price. The price of a 13×6.5 commercial BBQ trailer is about 6500USD to 9000USD. The price varies according to the trailer interior, electrical system and water system.
The cost of business licenses and permits. In different cities, the cost is different. Generally speaking, it may be between 500USD and 1000USD.
insurance. Generally speaking, the insurance cost of a commercial barbecue food trailer is about 500 USD.
Barbecue equipment costs. In addition to the money to buy the trailer, you also need to reserve 1000USD to 2000USD for your barbecue equipment. This will be used to pay for freezers, smokers, barbecue grills, generators, propane tanks, napkins, tableware, etc.
In general, you need to prepare 8500USD to 12500USD for your mobile barbecue business. These are just basic BBQ trailer costs. If you want to actually start operations, you also need to prepare some spare money for your operations.

BBQ food

Best BBQ recipes

Below are very popular BBQ recipes, you can add them to your menu, which will be very helpful to your barbecue business.
Grilled chicken wings. Chicken wings need to be marinated with various seasonings, then grilled and seasoned..
Roasted peppers. After washing the peppers, add seasonings such as pepper and salt, and roast them directly.
Grilled shrimps with lemon garlic mash. After the shrimp meat is processed, it is marinated with garlic paste and lemonade, and then grilled.
Roasted bacon and potatoes. Peel the baby potatoes, wrap them in bacon, and roast them.
Baked potato chips. Slice the sweet potatoes, add seasonings, and roast.
Grilled honey chicken wings. The chicken wings are specially marinated with honey, and a small amount of chili and other spices are added for roasting.
Are you ready to start a barbecue business? Contact us now!
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