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BBQ Trailer

The best custom BBQ trailers & smokers for sale for the lowest prices today. Find an ideal food concession trailer from a wide range of mobile barbecue trailers with commercial cooking equipment and unique exterior design for your street food trailer business.
We are a leading bbq trailer manufacturer that handles the entire process - from design, construction, to installation - to ensure our clients have a better experience of creating custom bbq trailers based on their concepts and visions. Every single one of our functional, unique concession trailers is made from the start at our factory - from the highest quality steel and materials.

Constructed by us, designed by you. View our mobile kitchen offerings across a huge range of impressive prefab BBQ trailers below and let's work on your trailer according to your concept.
BBQ Concession Trailer
BBQ Food Trailer
BBQ Trailer with Porch
15ft Mobile BBQ Trailer
Airstream BBQ Trailer
Enclosed BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer With Porch
BBQ Trailer For Sale
Small BBQ Trailer
11ft Barbecue Trailer
BBQ Catering Trailer

BBQ Concession Trailer

Model: FD580
This is a 19ft BBQ concession trailer, designed and constructed with the purpose of expanding the business for an Australian restaurant owner. It is equipped with a stainless steel kitchen with all the necessary kitchen equipment needed to operate a mobile bbq business on a commercial scale. Whether you require a deep fryer, a gas stove, a fridge, Brain Marie, or a stainless steel range hood – everything you need is included in the price!
With ample room, this BBQ trailer accommodates five chefs or more, ensuring efficient preparation of a wide range of dishes to satisfy diners of any scale. And its unique lighting design makes the trailer a selling point during BBQ nights!

Click the "Download" button to get the included equipment in this concession trailer, trailer specifications, designs, and kitchen floor plans for free.

BBQ Food Trailer


Model: FS550

This BBQ food trailer is a true BBQ restaurant on wheels, built to sell Brazilian BBQ food in California, US. It has an 18ft commercial kitchen equipped with restaurant-quality equipment for barbecue, including a fryer, gas stove, grill, Rotisserie Oven, blender, Bain Marie, salad prep fridge, water sink, trash bin, cash drawer, blenders, and worktables so you can provide more than just massive skewers. Caesar salad, fast food, and cocktails can be added to your menu. The width of the bbq trailer is expanded to 7ft, giving you and your crew plenty of room to deal with a high volume of orders during hectic BBQ nights.

Click the “Download” button for this bbq trailer specifications, images, features, floor plans & designs.

BBQ Trailer with Porch


Model: FS450W

BBQ holds a special allure with its tantalizing aroma and the sizzle of grilling. That's why many opt for a concession trailer with porch that has an open area for outdoor BBQ. This 15ftx7ft BBQ trailer with porch for sale is the best solution for both giving you an enclosed area for cooking and an open patio for your smoker. As a converted version of an enclosed BBQ trailer, it features a 760x1920mm porch at the back.
The BBQ trailer comes with a reinforced cold-rolled steel exterior wall, 201 stainless steel interior, and heavy-duty galvanized steel chassis that all have impressive features of resisting corrosion. Four concession windows help ensure efficient service and ventilation. The porch has stainless steel fencing and a small gate for easy getting in and out. This BBQ trailer with porch is a basic BBQ trailer that can be customized to your requirements from the start.

Click the “Download” button for trailer specifications, images, floor plans & designs.

15ft Mobile BBQ Trailer


Model: FS450

15ft mobile BBQ trailer, custom built and constructed from the start in our factory. This included a BBQ grill, deep fryer, fridge, water sink, water supply system, ventilation system, workbenches, diamond plate flooring, and cabinets. This BBQ trailer is very well-built, ideal for cooking multiple items at the same time for large groups. Comes with storage and counter space for extra cooking appliances and utensils.

Click the “Download” button to get the trailer specifications, images, floor plans, and designs.

Airstream BBQ Trailer


Model: SS400

15*7ft airstream bbq trailer is offered for sale. Ready for your mobile BBQ business.
This Airstream BBQ trailer is the perfect choice for private catering at weddings, corporate events, and special occasions because of its unique modern look & high-end style. It is a replica of an Airstream with a large gas-strut concession window and a mirror stainless steel body, designed specifically for food service. Inside, the BBQ trailer has a spacious, clean, and bright commercial kitchen equipped with a deep fryer, a griddle, a fridge, an exhaust hood, an ice cream machine, an espresso machine, a coffee grinder, a range hood, a 3-compartment water sink, water supply kits, water tanks, and plenty of stainless steel countertops and storage space. You can handle large quantities of food inside and provide catering and food truck services for large events.

Click the ‘Download’ button for more pictures, detailed specifications, and the price of this trailer model.

Enclosed BBQ Trailer


Model: FS300
Small enclosed concession trailer designed for smokeless barbecue.

This 10ft enclosed BBQ trailer offers a superior cooking experience compared to most grill trailers and mobile smokers that generate greasy smoke and fumes during grilling because of its kitchen design. The kitchen is outfitted with a gas grill, a commercial exhaust hood, and a ventilation system, allowing you to make BBQ food of the same quality as those smoked with charcoal, but in a smoke-free way. Plus, there are bain maries to keep food warm all the time, so you can prepare dishes in advance and sell them when they are still hot. Other code-required equipment is included, such as a nonporous countertop for food preparation, a three-compartment sink for water, and a fridge.

If your street prohibits open-air grilling or if you're concerned that neighbors may complain about greasy smoke, our enclosed BBQ trailer is your best choice.

Click "Download" below for more pictures of the trailer inside.

Custom BBQ Trailer With Porch

Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Custom BBQ Trailer
Water system
This is a 13×6.5 custom barbecue trailer. Because the customer wants to buy barbecue equipment locally, we designed a large workbench for the customer inside the trailer. The location of the barbecue equipment has been marked in the design drawing.

Designs Drawing
Design drawing
This BBQ trailer will be operated near a shopping mall with high traffic. We have designed a TV mount for our customers, so that customers can install a TV to play their own recorded videos. The mounting frame adopts a built-in setting, which can hide the TV when not in use.

There is a porch behind the trailer. Barbecue pits or grills can be placed here.

Due to the relatively large water consumption, in order to meet customers' business needs throughout the day, we designed large-volume stainless steel water tanks for customers, including clean water tanks and waste water tanks.

Automatic door closer. The trailer door can be closed automatically after opening, which is very convenient.

The trailer chassis is high. In order to make it easier for employees to get on and off the trailer, we have adopted a sunken design for the trailer door.

BBQ Trailer For Sale

bbq trailer for sale
bbq trailer
bbq food trailer
This 14.7×6.5 bbq trailer for sale belongs to MUSIC CIYT GYROS in the United States, which mainly sells steak, grilled chicken and tacos in Tennessee.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
According to the customer's request, we built 5 mobile bbq food trailers for the customer, each bbq trailer will accommodate 2-3 employees to work at the same time. They will operate in various locations in Tennessee.

This bbq trailer has a stainless steel framed tv box used to mount the customer's tv system to this mobile kitchen.

The key components such as the valve and valve stem of the water inlet and outlet of the water system are made of stainless steel, which is rust-proof and durable.

The fabric of its parasol is made of PVC, which is waterproof, sun-proof and durable, and its rod body is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust.

Its rear door adopts a hydraulic buffer automatic closing device, which is made of aluminum alloy and can carry a weight of 80KG.

Small BBQ Trailer


Model: FS300

This 10*7ft small BBQ trailer is our classic box food trailers from ETO DEVICE that are the top choices in most states of the USA. It is a perfect concession trailer for 1-2 people to work in, with plenty of storage and counter space for cooking appliances and utensils for food vending operations on a commercial scale. Starting small on a budget? This small BBQ trailer is the ideal solution! We're here to customize it to your exact specifications.

For a detailed list of inclusions for this BBQ trailer model, simply click the 'Download' button below.

11ft Barbecue Trailer

This is an 11x7ft barbecue trailer, custom-built in compliance with US health codes and regulations. It comes ready with everything needed for a mobile BBQ trailer business, such as the electrical system, water supply system, gas piping, refrigeration equipment, 3 compartment water sink, range hood, and more. From the deep fryer to the bbq grill, all cooking equipment is brand new and connected to the gas piping, ready to grill meats & sandwiches.
Customize this bbq trailer to your bbq business concept.

Click the 'Download' button below for more pictures, detailed specifications, designs, features, and the price of this trailer model.

BBQ Catering Trailer


Model: FS500

Are you looking for a concession trailer to start a BBQ catering business in Australia? Here is a perfect one that meets all your operational needs!

This 16*7ft BBQ vending trailer, built to Australian standards and regulations, provides an enclosed kitchen area for those selling BBQ at events, farmers' markets, or anywhere else. It is crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, with a galvanized steel frame and brakes, making it easy to tow and maneuver.

The kitchen is equipped with commercial-grade BBQ grills, deep fryers, sinks, and a ventilation system. Plus, there's plenty of refrigeration, storage, and countertop space inside. In cooking area, the wall is clad with stainless steel. 120L fresh & gray water tanks. The trailer comes with an external power source - a 7.5Kw generator, and offers the option to use propane gas as a cooking power source.

Click the “Download” below to get more information about this model.


ETO BBQ Trailers Difference

Standard Features You May Like

What we offer is not just a high-quality concession trailer built to the highest standards in the industry, but also a tailor-made mobile BBQ business solution offered at a more competitive price than what other companies offer.

- Responsibly Sourced Materials -
Brand new components & equipment sourced from leading suppliers

- Road-regal Trailer Chassis -
Galvanized trailer chassis with great durability & high distributed load

- Standard Trailer Hitch Kits -
Ensure easy & safe transportation on any terrain

- Light & Durable Walls -
Exterior: Extruded Polystyrene Board
Interior: Aluminum Composite Panel


- Insulation -
40mm black cotton insulation


- Concession Window -
Flip-out opening, with a fold-down stainless steel serving shelf


- Interior -
Nonporous & Easy-to-clean materials in light color


- Gas Piping -
Quality pipes and fittings &t he installation by qualified professionals


- Floor -
Non-slip aluminium checkered floor


- Electrical System -
Designed & installed in compliance with electrical standards


- Sink Kits-
2 compartment water sink & commercial faucets


- Instant Water Supply -
Auto water pumps, clean water tanks & cley water tanks


- Cooking Equipment -
Various commercial cooking equipment for commercial kitchens


- Ventilation -
Stainless steel range hoods and fans designed for commercial use


- Counter & Storage -
Durable & anti-corrosive 201 stainless steel surfaces


- Kitchen Layout -


You Design, We Build

Select an Trailer Model with s Range of Customization, Upgrade Options & Add-ons

When you partner with ETO DEVICE, you have the chance to bring your unique BBQ trailer designs to life, no matter how crazy or novel they may be. Our prefab mobile BBQ trailers on this page can be tailored to your exact specifications. And we also provide basic food concession trailers for full customization. You can select one of the models and then DIY your custom BBQ trailer by modifying its specifications and adding the extra add-ons and custom equipment you need. Select the trailer model, style, equipment, kitchen layout, and design, and we'll provide you with a 2D rendering of your dream barbecue trailer.

With so many customization options available, consider the followings to upgrade your BBQ trailer:
  • Brake Systems
  • Food Trailer Wraps
  • Propane Tank Holders
  • Generator Cages
  • Portable Generators
  • Trailer Porch
  • Bathroom
  • Sliding Concession Windows
  • Air Conditioners
  • LED Sign Board
  • 304 Stainless Steel Finishes
  • Awnings
  • BBQ Grills
  • Deep Fryers
  • Food Warmers
  • Rotisserie Machines
  • Drink Coolers
  • Ovens
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • UL-listed Top Roof Ventilation Fans
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • 3 Compartment Water Sinks
  • Hand Sinks
  • Instant Hot Water Supply Kits
  • 130L Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Wall Cabinets & Shelve



Best Mobile BBQ Trailers Designed for Competitions, Catering & Vending

We Have What You Want

Perhaps, not everyone may be in search of a fully equipped BBQ concession trailer for sale. Some may prefer a semi-open unit with their own smoker to join BBQ competitions. ETO offers BBQ trailers tailored for BBQ competitions, catering, and vending, each with specific specifications and features to suit diverse needs.

Whether you're part of a BBQ competition team, a professional catering company, or a restaurant owner looking to expand, we can customize a mobile BBQ trailer that aligns perfectly with your specific business vision.

- BBQ Competition Trailers -
If all you need is a trailer to take your smoker and other equipment to BBQ competitions, then your focus should be on functionality and convenience during the design process. BBQ competition trailers are typically not bound by strict rules concerning food vending units, so you have the freedom to customize the food trailer to create a comfortable space for storing all the equipment, food, and supplies you need for the competition. You can even have an open porch area for outdoor grilling and providing samples to customers. No more need to constantly enter and exit the trailer or set up tents. All the work can smoothly take place right on the BBQ trailer.

- BBQ Concession Trailers -
Looking for a food concession trailer to sell BBQ? Compliance is a crucial factor when purchasing a mobile BBQ trailer. When it comes to commercial-scale food catering or concession businesses, mobile food trailers are subject to various health regulations and rules that vary by location. The good news is, that we have extensive experience in designing and constructing concession trailers. We know how to build a BBQ concession trailer that satisfies both you and health inspectors. Just let us know the specific regulations, and we'll take care of the rest.


- BBQ Vending Trailers -
Nothing beats an Enclosed BBQ trailer for selling barbecue in crowded public places like streets or farmers' markets! These trailers come with a closed commercial kitchen equipped with everything needed to prepare and cook food under the highest health and hygiene standards. Their exterior walls are made of lightweight materials, making them much lighter than fully steel concession trailers. This design makes them easier to tow and transport. Typically, 7-10ft small food trailers are the optimal toptions that most street vendors choose.


How Much Does a BBQ Trailer Cost?

Costs of Buying BBQ Trailers 101

When considering the BBQ trailer cost, various elements come into play, each influencing the overall investment. Here's a detailed breakdown of what to anticipate:
  • BBQ Trailer Price: The price of a BBQ trailer depends on various factors, including the model and size. For the most popular box food trailers, prices range from $2,300 to $11,000. Larger trailers tend to come with a higher price tag. And for high-end trailer options like Airstream food trailers, prices start at $6,000.
  • Kitchen Equipment: We offer commercial kitchen equipment packages at competitive prices. This includes essentials like deep fryers, BBQ grills, refrigeration units, food warmers, gas stoves, and more – everything you need to run your business efficiently. Opting for a package is often more cost-effective than purchasing each item individually. Additionally, we can leave space inside the trailer for you to install your own cooking equipment, if preferred.
  • Customization: The level of customization and any extra add-ons you require will also impact the overall cost. Tailoring the trailer to meet your specific needs allows for greater flexibility but may incur additional expenses.
  • Delivery: We offer optimal delivery options to ensure you receive your trailer as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can choose to collect your trailer from our factory by yourself to save on delivery charges.
  • Additional Expenses: Additional costs such as registration, permits, licenses, and insurance may vary based on your location.

To get a custom quote, please send us an email with all your specific requirements in detail.



Top BBQ Trailer Manufacturer Chosen by Hundreds

 4,000+ Projects Delivered, 50+ Countries Exported, 2,500+ Reviews


- Excellent Rate -
Our concession trailers have received a 4.5-star rating, a testament to their excellence and high quality according to our clients.

- Free Trailer Design Services -
Starting with your first consultation, our design team will lead you through the process and create custom designs for your food trailer.
- 1 Year Warranty -
We are confident in the quality of our trailers so we offer free warranties in the industry!
- Fast Worldwide Delivery -
No matter where you are, we guarantee on-time shipment and delivery.

- Hundreds of Custom Orders -
We have exported hundreds of custom food trailers to over 50 countries and regions. Explore some of our past projects to see what we can offer.

- Built to Code -
Our food trailers are built to be compliant with exact health codes & regulations for easy registration and permit applications.
- Trailer Crafted in Our Factory -
All our trailers are designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards by our expert team in our factory.
- Custom Quote -
An exact, itemized quote tailored to your budget and your needs is offered without extras.
Take the next step by filling out the contract form below. Before you do, take a moment to think about the model, style, color, layout, and features you'd like for your dream BBQ trailer. ( This page may help spark some inspiration ) And don't forget your budget! information you provide, the better we can understand your needs and give you an accurate quote.
Now, share your bbq food trailer ideas with us. We'll be in touch with you within 24 hours.
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