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We provide quality coffee kiosks for sale that are ready for your espresso / coffee kiosk business.They are best mobile concession stand equipped with coffee machines for street vendors. Worldwide Delivery is available. Buy small mobile coffee kiosk within your budget.
If you want to start your mobile coffee business, then starting with a coffee kiosk for sale is a smart choice. Mobile coffee kiosk and Portable coffee kiosk will increase the competitiveness of your coffee business and realize your career dreams.
Mobile Coffee Kiosk

Mobile Coffee Kiosk

This is an 11×6.5 mobile coffee kiosk. It is very suitable for entrepreneurs who want to start a kiosk coffee shop business on the street. It has a pink body, it is a ruby, there is no doubt that passersby on the street will be attracted, which is very beneficial to your business.

Designs Drawing
It has super large glass windows and plenty of space, suitable for 2-4 employees to work at the same time. There is enough storage space under the workbench inside the kiosk.

This red coffee kiosk is equipped with a 1.2-meter-long refrigeration equipment, which has a capacity of 200L and can keep the temperature at 0-10°C.

If you need, we can also equip your coffee kiosk with a touch-screen controlled Italian semi-automatic coffee machine and grinder.

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Why should you buy a coffee kiosk?

Coffee kiosk for sale is very popular. As one of the world's three major beverages, coffee has many loyal fans. Entering the coffee business means countless businesses and customers. This is a huge market with unparalleled potential. In the United States, more than 50% of people drink coffee every day, and this proportion continues to grow. Buy a small kiosk coffee shop with low operating costs, and you will make high profits.

How much does a mobile coffee kiosk cost?

In China, the price of a small mobile coffee kiosk is about 3000-5000 US dollars, which is very cheap compared to European and American countries. But cheap does not mean low quality. All of our kiosks use high-quality raw materials and carry out quality inspections on the manufacturing process.
Why is Chinese kiosk cheaper? First, China's labor costs are low. Second, China is a big manufacturing country. There are many manufacturers of various raw materials, such as iron and steel pipes. We can buy high-quality steel at a lower cost. Third, ETO DEVICE is a direct manufacturer, not a trader, you will get the factory price.

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Mobile coffee kiosk design

The coffee kiosk for sale designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE includes mobile coffee kiosk and portable coffee kiosk. Specialty coffee kiosk design is very suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as large shopping malls, parks, beaches, weddings and festivals. The hand-push design allows you to easily move the position of kiosk, chase your customers according to the time distribution characteristics of the traffic, and earn high profits.

It is a vending kiosk on wheels. Usually our commercial coffee kiosk and carts are equipped with 4 wear-resistant wheels, which can bear more than 500KG. The wheels use high-speed bearings and high-performance brake parts, you can easily push your kiosk across the street to sell your espresso or american coffee.

What a good coffee kiosk manufacturer will do for you?

ETO DEVICE is a leading coffee kiosk manufacturer from China. Our professional designers design unique kiosk styles for customers according to the types of food sold and the surrounding environment. Our customized various coffee carts and cafes, juice and beverage kiosks can promote the growth of your food kiosk business.
Kiosk design. Our mobile coffee kiosk is custom designed and manufactured according to your brand positioning and LOGO. A variety of international standard colors are available. We will provide you with free 2D and 3D design drawings.
Professional manufacturing. Our welding engineers, mechanical engineers and installation engineers with many years of experience will build your coffee kiosk for you. All steel and plates are of the best quality.
Quality test. Your food kiosk will undergo rigorous testing before it leaves the factory. Each of its functions, lights, billboards, and coffee machines will be tested to ensure that you get a high-quality kiosk.

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