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Small Food Trailer

Cheap 7-10ft small food trailers start at $2,200, with 100+ customization options & add-ons. Mini concession trailer for coffee, ice cream, donut & food vending.
Want to get started in the restaurant industry with lower initial investment? How about investing in a mini food trailer as a perfect starting point for your mobile catering business? At ETO, we offer brand-new small food trailers for sale at the best prices! These concession trailers start from 7ft (2.2m) and reach up to 10ft (3m) in length, with widths varying between 5.2ft(1.6m) and 8ft(2.46m). On average, their heights exceed 6.6ft(2m). Although smaller in size compared to food trucks, these concession trailers feature compact kitchens and are perfect for small street food businesses like selling coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, hot dogs, and BBQ.

Do you have your own ideas on food trailer design? Then, our small concession trailers can be the basic model for your custom build! With over 100 customization options and add-ons available, our professional design team will tailor-build the perfect small food trailer to suit your specific needs.

Now, choose the model you prefer, and let's start the customization of your build with us today!
Roundtop Food Trailer
SuperWide: Roundtop Food Trailer
Extra: Roundtop Food Trailer
Roundtop Pro
Box Food Trailer
Streamlined Box Series
Airstream Replica Series
Modern Series
Retro Series
FQ Series

Roundtop Food Trailer

Model: FR220

Size Option: 220 / 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 160cm
Height: 230cm
Weight: 450 / 550 kg

- The cheapest food trailer model as your custom build
- Durable and strong trailer body made from cold-rolled steel
- Cute, round food trailer design, perfect for any occasion
- Large concession opening for convenient service
- Rainproof round roof design
- Lightweight construction for easy transportation
- Compact commercial kitchen layout

SuperWide: Roundtop Food Trailer

Model: FR220WD

Size Option: 220 / 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 230cm
Weight: 600kg / 700kg

- Expended width to 2m
- Upgrade version of round food trailer with an spacious interior
- Pay a little for more room in the kitchen
- Wider walkway to promote the efficiency of kitchen operation
- Additional space for storage & expanded countertop for food preparation

Extra: Roundtop Food Trailer

Model: FR220WDH

Size Option: 220 / 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 235cm
Weight: 630kg / 730kg

- Wider & Higher
- Higher Quality: Galvanized steel reinforced trailer frame & chassis
- Large Interior: Spacious and open kitchen in the trailer
- Opening: Sliding concession windows, with gas struts
- More Storage: Sufficient wall space you can use to maximize storage in the kitchen

Roundtop Pro

Model: FR220WH

Size Option: 220/ 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 215cm
Height: 230cm

- Upgrade Variant of the Roundtop Food Trailer Model for Street Vending
- Extra Height: Ample Space in the Kitchen
- Sliding Concession Window: Maintaining Concession Opening Closure and Kitchen Hygiene Standards as the Health Codes Require
- Custom Retractable Awning: Providing a Stylish Shelter From Sunshine and Rain

Box Food Trailer

Model: FS220

Size Option: 220 / 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 230cm

- Hottest Concession Trailer for Food Concession & Vending in America
- Ideal Food Trailer Model for Converting Into Mobile & Ghost Kitchens
- Stainless Steel Checker Plate on Trailer’s Bottom Side for Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
- Trailer Body Strengthened With Durable Stainless Steel at the Edges
- Light Trailer Body Made of XPS, a Kind of Sustainable & Durable Material.
- Upgrade Option: Cold-Rolled Steel Trailer Body of Great Impact Resistance, Fire Resistance & Durability
- Classic Trailer Design Enhances Your Professionalism in the Food Trailer Industry

Streamlined Box Series

Model: FS220R 

Size Option: 220 / 250 / 280 / 300cm
Width: 160 / 200cm
Height: 220cm

- Rounder & Cuter Version of the Box Trailer Model
- Perfect Small Concession Trailer Fits Any Occasion & Location
- Ideal Food Trailer Size for Single-Person Operation in the Kitchen
- Large Concession Window Enables Customers to Enjoy On-Site Cooking Shows, Giving Them a Unique Experience

Airstream Replica Series

Model: SP250

Size Option: 250 / 300cm
Width: 210cm
Height: 245cm

- Cost-friendly replica of small airstream trailers
- Can be customized to your specific needs
- More available trailer color & custom design solutions

Modern Series

Model: FM250

Size Option: 250 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 230cm

- Sleek & streamlined concession trailer design with modern aesthetic
- Visually striking trailer look that leaves a lasting impression on your eaters
- Glossy metal surfaces exudes luxury and modernity, adding style and luxury to your food business

Retro Series

Model: FR250WG

Size Option: 250 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 230cm

- Top retro food trailer for selling coffee, ice cream, bubble tea & beverages
- Vintage style that creates a memorable experience for your customers
- Unique trailer look with wood texture
- Modern stainless steel kitchen built to the highest standard

FQ Series

Model: FQ250

Size Option: 250 / 300cm
Width: 200cm
Height: 240cm

- Unique food trailer design that is unmatched in your city, guaranteed to turn heads
- Two windows at the front for order processing and food service in good order
- Extra side windows ensure ample light and fresh air through the trailer


ETO Small Food Trailers for Sale

Fully Equipped & Functional, Perfect for All Mobile Concession Businesses

Does the food trailer size matter? Absolutely! No matter how large a food trailer is, space is always limited. Kitchen equipment, cooking appliances, ingredients, and supplies all need to be accommodated in the trailer to ensure self-sufficiency while leaving room for necessary kitchen tasks like preparation, cooking, cleaning, and serving. Does that mean you should buy a large concession trailer, maybe 20ft or longer?

No! Starting a mobile food trailer business doesn't necessarily require a large mobile food trailer, as the price can be a significant factor, or a hindrance for many entrepreneurs, particularly those who are new to the concept of food trailers. Larger concession trailers tend to be more expensive. At ETO, a 20ft concession trailer starts at $7,000 to $11,100, with the total price easily exceeding $20,000 when factoring in additional costs. Isn't it risky to invest such a substantial sum of money in a new business venture?

Then, mini food trailers for sale become a preference for small business owners because they provide a rather affordable solution to start a food business with low capital expenditure and economic risks. At ETO, for just $2,800, you can buy an 8ft mobile food trailer that offers the same features as 15ft catering trailers, including stainless steel workbenches, water sinks, and gas piping. But what about storage? Storage can be a challenge in a mini food trailer, but it's not an insurmountable problem. There are effective strategies to maximize storage space, such as preparing food in a commissary, limiting the menu to core items, using multifunctional cooking equipment only, and creating an efficient food trailer layout to improve the storage. Of course, the low initial investment is not the only advantage of owning a small food trailer.

Here are more benefits it can bring to you and your business:
  • Perfect setup for a small team (1-2 persons)
  • Fast production time & delivery 
  • Low operational & maintenance costs
  • Low shipping & freight fee
  • Low economic risks
  • Few parking restrictions & parking fees
  • Easy transportation for short/long distances
  • Easy registration to be road legal
  • Access to many public areas, like malls, markets, and communities
  • Cost-effective for testing new concession spots
  • Numerous customization options & add-ons  
  • Compact mobile kitchen layout with high efficiency


How Much Does a Small Food Trailer Cost?

We Offer the Most Competitive Food Trailer Prices That You Can Not Find Elsewhere!

As we mentioned above, the food trailer size is a major factor in the food trailer price. Theoretically, the smaller a food trailer is, the less money you will spend on it. Then, how much is a small food trailer exactly?

At ETO, our small food trailers start at $2,200 to $6,500, basically depending on the food trailer sizes and models. The smallest, also cheapest, small catering trailer model - FR220D - is priced at $2,200, and the price of each unit will be lower if you purchase more at once. The hottest FS300, a 10ft classic mini box concession trailer in the US, costs $3,300 only. We also provide mini replica of classic airstream food trailers - an 8ft small airstream trailer for sale starting at $5,900 - that adds a shining & unique aesthetic appeal to your food trailer business.

There is a price list of our best-selling small food trailers for sale:
Roundtop Food Concession Trailer
Model Starting Price (USD)
FR220D 2,200
FR250D 2,500
FR280D 2,750
FR300D 2,975
Box Food Concession Trailer
Model Starting Price (USD)
FS220 2,280
FS250 2,560
FS280 2,750
FS300 3,050
Didn't find the model you like? Given the huge group of our mini food trailer models and sizes, it is a little unrealistic to numerate the price of each unit here. So, contact us now for the price of all our small food trailers for sale!


Go to Our Gallery for More Food Trailer Designs

Standard Inclusions of ETO's Small Food Trailers

Learn about What Food Trailer Prices Include

Now that you have a general idea of small food trailer prices, let's shift the topic to the next that you should and must care about - What does the price include?

Before that, let's start with an explanation of the starting price. The food trailer prices above are the basic version of small concession trailers, without any customizations or upgrades. Does that mean that you spend thousands just for a regular enclosed trailer and need to pay more dollars on wiring & plumping works and kitchen equipment? Hey, we are a professional food trailer builder who builds quality food concession trailers to the highest standards and regulations in the industry. We don't sell empty concession trailers unless you demand them.

At ETO, each small food trailer comes with a standard kit that's included in the price. The electrical, consistent clean water, floor, and commercial kitchen equipment... It is constructed as a compact, functional kitchen on wheels that meets your basic needs in food vending.

Our standard models includes:

- Brand New Small Food Trailer -
- Trailer Accessory -

- Electrical -
  • Brand new galvanized chassis
  • Durable galvanized trailer frame
  • Black Cotton insolation
  • XPS/Cold-rolled Exterior wall
  • Trailer tongue with a 88cm safety chain & 50mm ball mount
  • New 165/70R13 tires
  • Concession window & side window
  • 100+ RAL colors
  • Heavy duty trailer jack with wheel
  • Trailer tail lights that can connect to your towing vehicle
  • Trailer coupler
  • Trailer hitch ball
  • Red reflectors
  • Plate lighting
  • 7 bin trailer connector
  • Drop-down concession serving shelf

  • Standard electric wiring
  • Electrical panel
  • 32A/64A Circuit breaker
  • Electrical outlets
  • Generator receptacles with covers
  • Switches

- Water System -

- Kitchen Inclusions -

- Other -
  • Water plumbing work
  • 2 compartment water sink (75*40*16cm)
  • Hot/cold water tap
  • 25L food-grade plastic water tanks
  • 24V auto water tank
  • Floor drain
  • 2D & 3D food trailer design
  • Kitchen floor plan
  • 365-day warranty for freeTechnical support
  • CE certification
  • Specifications of all units


Customization & Upgrade Options

Build a Functional Small Food Trailer with All the Features You Want

While our basic configurations are built to the highest industry standards and fully equipped, they may not meet some client's specific needs for food trailer designs, layouts, and features, as they grow increasingly diverse. The food trailer color has to be changed; I want to customize a small concession trailer with the kitchen equipment & appliances I need; Cut the rear table to leave some space for my fridge; My mobile food trailer must have a brake or it is not allowed to hit the road...

At ETO, we offer advanced customization options that go beyond just changing the trailer's color. All the above small food trailers for sale can be the basis of your build and added to specific add-ons, making it possible to create a trailer based on your own designs and ideas.
Upgrade your small food trailer model with the following customization options at a competitive price:

- Small Food Trailer Design -

Equipment Package -

- Adds-on -
  • Trailer length, width, and height
  • 100+ RAL food trailer color
  • Custom trailer wrap
  • LED lighting strip
  • LED lighting unit on concession windows
  • Decorative lights
  • LED LOGO sign
  • Extra concession window
  • Brake system
  • Trailer tail light, ADR/DOT-approved or with E-mark
  • Fire suppression system
  • 130L stainless steel water tank & undermount grey water tank
  • Stainless steel generator box
  • Stainless steel gas tank holder
  • Air conditioner

Adaptable to Your Food & Beverage Business

Our Small Food Trailers are Perfect for Street Vending, Mobile Catering, and Sampling

- Mobile Coffee Shop -
mobile coffee shop can be the perfect solution for those looking to start a business with minimal equipment and space requirements. A 9ft food concession trailer provides ample space for all essential coffee-making equipment for making coffee, from coffee grinders to auto-sealing machines. Additionally, you can install a commercial fridge underneath the work table to keep your milk and other ingredients cool and fresh. And if your mobile coffee trailer only serves espresso drinks, it can be as small as 7ft in size.

Check Our Coffee Trailer Options

- Mini Donut Trailer -
Our best-selling mini donut trailer is a hot choice for street vendors who want to start a profitable business with minimal investment. Measuring just 10ft, this mini food trailer is compact but well-equipped, featuring a stainless steel work table, water sink, a donut maker, and an electric fryer - all designed for commercial use to ensure maximum efficiency.

Get Its Specifications

- Small Ice Cream Trailer -
Our selection of mobile ice cream trailers for sale ranges from 7ft to 9ft in length. You have plenty of options when it comes to food trailer refrigeration, including under-counter fridges and freezers, salad prep stations, soft-serve ice cream machines, rolled ice cream machines, and gelato displays. Want to get creative with your offerings? Consider adding a waffle maker or crepe maker to your setup. Our food trailer designers will optimize the layout of the mini food trailer to give you extra room for these compact countertop cooking appliances.

- Hot Dog Stand -
A mobile hot dog stand can be easily set up with a 7ft mini food trailer equipped with a commercial grill and fridge. Its compact size makes it perfect for events and busy street locations where portable food options are in high demand.

Explore Our Pre-Configurations

The possibilities are endless with a mini food trailer. From smoothies and sandwiches to breakfast foods, crepes, and popcorn, a small concession trailer can be the perfect starting point for any food business. Go to our gallery to explore more creative business ideas that can fit perfectly in a small concession trailer!



Top Small Food Trailer Manufacturer in the World

We've Delivered Over 4,000 Custom Projects Worldwide

From the foundation to now, ETO has committed to the production of quality small concession trailers that meet the standards and regulations in each country. Unlike replicas of trailer models, our small concession trailers are designed for both business and road use, ensuring that you can take your food business wherever you go legally. Our food trailer design team consists of professionals with years of experience and expertise in the industry. We know exactly how to build a small concession trailer that can be registered and permitted by doing standard wiring work to ensure electrical safety, installing DOT approved tail lights and tires, and equipping the kitchen with the necessary equipment required by local health departments.

In addition to the USA market, we also export mini food trailers to other countries, such as Australia, the UK, and the countries in the EU. Our team works closely with clients from the start to build an ideal food concession trailer that satisfies both them and their authorities.

Go and see our custom projects for clients from around the world!

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