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Essential Food Trailer Equipment: How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Worktable?

What is the essential food trailer equipment you should have in your mobile kitchen? A multifunctional griddle that can prepare all kinds of dishes? A good knife to cut food efficiently? Or a commercial oven to make sweet desserts? There is a question before you blurt out any cooking appliance or tool - where should you place it if there is no worktable in your food trailer? That's it! The commercial stainless steel worktable is the basis of a mobile kitchen, where all food is prepared, equipment is placed, and supplies are stored. Basically, it gives physical support (a base, I mean) to all working processes in the kitchen, from cooking to serving.

This blog is all about the things you should know when selecting an ideal stainless steel worktable based on your needs

food trailer equipped with stainless steel worktable


Why the Stainless Steel Worktable is the Essential Food Trailer Equipment You Must Have?

There are various worktables. Why did the stainless steel worktable become the standard in the food trailer? The code in many states requires that any food trailer equipment that comes into contact with food must have a surface that is easy to clean and impervious to water. It turns out that the stainless steel is the best material for the workbenches in your mobile food trailer.
  • It has a nonporous surface that prevents the growth of bacteria and germs and the penetration of liquid.
  • It is made of durable and strong steel that refuses to bend or crack easily.
  • It can withstand the heat generated when cooking.
  • It has a layer of chromium oxide that protects the tables from corrosion.
  • Any dirt and stain on it can be easily cleaned, maintaining the highest standards of food safety in your mobile food trailer.
  • It has a service life that is much longer than other materials, lowering your maintenance costs.

stainless steel worktable in concession trailer


How to Choose the Stainless Steel Worktable that Suits Your Food Trailer Business Best?

Is it something hard? Just find one within the price range and pay. No! Choosing the stainless steel worktable for your mobile food trailer is not as simple as you thought. There are lots of factors you should consider to select an ideal one that suits your mobile food trailer to maximize space in the trailer and simplify your workflow.

Today, our food trailer designer will give you some useful tips for choosing the right commercial stainless steel table for your food trailer.


Choose the Right Size Based on the Available Space in Your Food Trailer

The space in a mobile food trailer is so valuable that each inch should be fully utilized. The stainless steel worktable is able to increase counter space and storage, but having a large one is not always the right choice. The stainless steel worktable in the wrong size leads to either a crowded kitchen that chefs can barely turn around when preparing food or a waste of available interior space in the trailer. So, how to choose the right size of table that gives you sufficient space to work comfortably?

First, choose the size based on the space footsteps in your food trailer. That is not a thing you should be worried about. As a professional food trailer manufacturer that customized and manufactured hundreds of units, our design team has found the best size of tables for all mobile food models:
  • Standard height is 85cm
  • Width is dependent on the specific food trailer model. For instance, our enclosed box trailers have stainless steel worktables with a width of 50cm.
  • The thickness of the countertop is 8cm

Second, settle on the interior layout. Your food trailer layout is an important factor we have to take into consideration when calculating how much square footage of countertop and storage you need in your mobile kitchen. Do you want to mount your own fridge into your food trailer? Tell us its dimension, and the length of the stainless steel can be shortened to leave space for it. If counter space is not necessary for your business, the front worktable can be removed so give you a spacious room inside the trailer. Contact our design team to talk about your food trailer interior layout now!

stainless steel worktable in custome food trailer


Do You Need More Storage?

Storage is the core of your food trailer, no matter what business you are running. Ingredients, take-out containers, and cooking utensils need a proper place for storage in order to keep everything in order. So, how much storage space do you need in your mobile food trailer?
  • Open Stainless Steel Worktable: The open worktable is the best solution for those whose vehicles are used to sell non-food items, such as toys, flowers, and clothing. As the cheapest model, it features a thick countertop and a large space that allows them to place storage boxes, containers, and equipment under it.
  • Stainless Steel Worktable with Cabinets: If you are preparing to run a food concession trailer, this type of workbench is the option that ensures your vehicle passes the health inspection without a hitch. Codes in many states require food-contact surfaces made of stainless steel to perform all cooking preparation and storing cooking tools, and appliances before and after washing. It is unrealistic to stack all the things on the counter, isn't it? The worktable comes with many open cabinets under its countertop, which makes the storage of items convenient. There are pro versions of the tables that come with hinged doors or sliding doors that prevent dust and grease out of the cabinets and keep things safe when your trailer moves.

There are other solutions for maximizing the storage room in your concession trailer: Best Food Trailer Layout Ideas to Maximize the Storage Room

stainless steel worktable in food trailer


201 or 304 Stainless Steel Worktables, Which Should You Choose?

In fact, stainless steel has many types. There are two types widely used in the production of kitchen equipment, namely SS201, and SS304. With the features of long service life, high corrosion and heat resistance, and good strength, they are suitable for busy mobile kitchens. So, is there any difference?

In fact, the main difference between SS201 and SS304 is the content of chromium and nickel. The content of chromium and nickel in 201 stainless steel is 15% and 5% respectively, which is lower than that in 304 stainless steel, an alloy with 18% chromium and 9% nickel in standard. Due to the high content of chromium and nickel, 304 stainless steel performs better in resisting rust, heat, and corrosion, becoming an ideal material for producing quality worktables that can withstand the rigors of any commercial kitchen, including food trailers. However, it is not always the best choice. The 201 stainless steel has a higher hardness than 304 stainless steel and its price is much lower. So, which one is the best for you?

201 Stainless Steel Worktables - Cheap Tables for Performing Basic Task
Are you seeking both quality and affordability? Then the 201 stainless steel worktables are the best for your food trailer. As a cheap alternative to SS304, SS201 is not a patch on SS 304 in the aspect of corrosion resistance, but it is an ideal material for worktables in food trailers. 201 stainless steel worktables are suitable for general work in the kitchen, such as supporting cooking appliances, preparing food, and sorting items. Most importantly, they are included in the price of all our food trailer models or let's just say it straight, they are free. If you are running any food trailer below, SS201 stainless steel worktables are a perfect solution that addresses all the tasks for a long time:

- Coffee Trailer
- Ice Cream Trailer
- Beverage Trailer
- Hot Dog Trailer
- Bubble Tea Trailer
- Mobile Bar

201 stainless steel worktable for food trailer

304 Stainless Steel Worktables - All-around Solution in Mobile Kitchen
304 stainless steel worktables are the standard in food concession trailers. Not only can they be used in each task in the kitchen but perform a special process of preparing meals. If you need a space for cutting vegetables and chopping meat, they are better than tables made of other materials because of the strength of the SS304. The surface of the SS304 worktables is not likely to have scratches if you cut things on it. Things are different if you do the same on the SS201 worktable. Therefore, 304 stainless steel worktables are the perfect upgraded model of worktables in a catering trailer.

304 stainless steel worktable in mobile food trailer


Backsplash Shortens Your Time Spent on Cleaning

The backsplash is a vertical panel behind the countertop for protecting the walls. It can be any easy-to-clean material, such as porcelain, glass, and steel. The food-grade stainless steel backsplash has a wide application in all types of commercial kitchens, including mobile food trailers and container restaurants. In fact, it is not a required item for your food concession trailer. But, it is highly recommended to have a worktable with a backsplash if your cooking appliances are positioned near the wall. Here are the reasons:
  • Protects the walls from the damage of oil/water splash
  • Makes the cleaning much easier for you
  • Avoids the occurrence that food falling in the narrow space between worktables and walls

Placing the cooking appliances on the rear worktable where water is accessible is a perfect solution for facilitating the cooking preparation. In order to protect the walls, the rear worktables in our food trailers usually have a stainless steel backsplash with a thickness of 1mm. The height of the backsplash depends on the table's size and the client's needs.

stainless steel worktable with backsplash in food trsailer

ETO is a professional food trailer manufacturer that provides a one-stop service. We are capable of building a quality mobile food trailer with all the commercial kitchen equipment. Now, contact our design team to have a custom solution for your build!

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