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Juice Kiosk

Turnkey solution for mobile juice concession stalls / stands, juice bar & fruit juice kiosk business, including the high-quality food kiosks for sale, cost, beverage bar equipment, and juice kiosk design & layout.Get it for the best price!
Fruit juice kiosk & milk tea kiosk for sale are common food stalls on the streets or shopping malls. They usually provide fruit juice, drinks, milk tea and coffee to shoppers. Some also have seats, so you can relax while enjoying.

Juice bar kiosk and beverage kiosk have become the most popular food kiosks in shopping malls, business districts and commercial streets in recent years. To make your juice business stand out among the many food stalls, you must choose a kiosk that is high-quality, fully functional, and allows employees to work efficiently. In addition, in the design of kiosk, it must be able to attract the attention of passers-by and meet the standards of shopping malls or streets.
Juice Kiosk
Food and Beverage Kiosk

Juice Kiosk

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orange juice kiosk for sale
custom juice kiosk for sale
uice kiosk/sockets in the juice kiosk
Nothing like a cup of fruit juice to refresh people on hot summer days. If you are looking for an opportunity to rake in some money this summer, running a juice kiosk in a mall or outdoor venue is a preferred choice for starting your business with a small amount of investment. This orange juice kiosk is a replica of an outdoor food kiosk that we customized for a client in New York City. Used as an outdoor pop-up bar in Manhattan, it is a complete success for its owner, bringing huge profits and fans. It is the striking juice kiosk design that plays a big role.

The juice kiosk features a highly impressive food kiosk design - a small food stall in an orange shape - that tells your business and menu to pedestrians at all sides, attracting people of all ages and helping branding. There are some lights that add style to the food kiosk and improve visibility of the food kiosk at night. The LED logo lighting unit can be customized to suit your brand.

The juice kiosk is equipped with a stainless steel worktable that provides a large countertop for placing your cooking appliance and serving customers in all directions. A small sink is a convenient way to keep the highest standard of hygiene inside the juice kiosk. Extra can be added if needed. The installation of the electrical wiring follows the regulations and standards in the US. For clients from UK, Australia, or Switzerland, it is necessary to contact our team for redesigning the electric system to make it works in their countries.

Have some creative ideas or concepts for the orange juice kiosk design? Let's turn them into reality!

The Juice Kiosk Features
orange juice kiosk design
juice kiosk/juice kiosk design
fruit juice kiosk design
outdoor juice kiosk design
floor plan of the juice kiosk
  • Quality Juice Kiosk: The juice kiosk is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, a material with the advantages of lightweight, corrosion resistance, long longevity, and high strength. According to the estimation, it can last over 20 years in outdoor environments.
  • Adjustable Height of the Kiosk: There is a handle that helps you adjust the height of the orange juice kiosk. You can lower the top of the kiosk when closing your business. The juice kiosk will be locked, protecting your property.
  • Striking Fruit Kiosk Design: Looking for a concession stand that makes your business truly unique? The fruit juice kiosk has a striking and discernible design that brings your business to the next level. It looks like a big orange with a green leaf on its top. With just a look, customers will know what you are selling and wonder if your juice is as fancy as the look of a food kiosk. The kiosk itself is a great marketing tool that boosts sales and increases brand awareness!
  • High Mobility: The fruit juice kiosk has wheels so that your business can move from place to place without any towing vehicles. You can try different locations and find a prime one that brings your a large volume of orders a day.

Food and Beverage Kiosk


Model: FR220K
This is a 7*5ft food and beverage kiosk that can be set up and put into use quickly in indoor locations such as malls. It is a custom concession stand we designed for "Mister Mango" to make and sell fresh mango salad and fruit juices on the go. Each side features a gas strut window, one of which is decorated with colorful LED lights, and each window comes with a flip-down shelf. This design facilitates easy interaction and order processing no matter which direction customers approach from. The bottom has flexible casters for easy movement, and wheel chocks can be used to secure them to any surface to set up a fixed sales point if needed.

The interior is a simple and clean kitchen with ample space for food preparation and processing, and it has a layer of vinyl interior that perfectly matches the kiosk's exterior design. The workbenches are customized to allow our client to seamlessly install his own refrigerators and appliances. One of the workbenchs has a commercial-grade drop-in water sink with standard water supply kits.

Click "Download" below to see details of this food and beverage kiosk.

How much does the juice kiosk cost?

ETO DEVICE specializes in designing and manufacturing fruit juice kiosks of different styles. The entire process from customer consultation to design, manufacturing and testing is carried out in our factory.

What is the price of Juice kiosk? Since we provide a completely free design solution, its cost mainly includes high-quality raw materials, labor costs, management costs and a certain profit. Depending on the size of the juice bar kiosk for sale, its price ranges from US$3,000 to US$6,000.

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What equipment do you need to start a juice bar kiosk?

Before opening a juice bar kiosk, you need to know the equipment you will buy for it. Fruit juice kiosk can sell many different juices, such as watermelon juice, orange juice, pear juice, peach juice, melon juice, etc. 

The equipment you need is basically the same, including several different types of juicers, commercial refrigerators or freezers, measuring cups, electronic scales, fruit knives, cutting boards, cups and straws of different sizes, napkins, cash register systems, POS machines System and so on. You need to prepare USD 1,000 to USD 3,000 for these equipment. According to different equipment brands, the price will be different.

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Orange Juice
Juice Kiosk Design

Juice kiosk design & manufacturer

As the manufacturer of food kiosk, ETO DEVICE designs different styles of juice kiosk. We have a lot of project experience, including multiple juice bar kiosks used in shopping malls, kiosks used in food courts, and fruit juice kiosks used in outdoor streets.

Our design is based on the actual needs of customers. According to the type of juice that the customer wants to sell and the equipment required, we design the kiosks of the appropriate size for the customer, and provide the customer with a layout diagram. Everything we do is to improve the work efficiency of our customers, promote our customers' brands, and help our customers succeed.
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