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Food Kiosk

The best price of mobile food kiosk and concession stand for vending juice, ice cream, coffee, hot dog & street food outsides. We have quality food kiosks for sale built with unique design and layout. Buy one for your mobile food business now.
Food kiosk for sale is one of the most popular food businesses. In large shopping malls, commercial centers, commercial streets and food courts and other places with high traffic, kiosk food stall is the best choice for selling fast food, it can meet a variety of different market needs.

Mobile food kiosk cart is very suitable for selling fast food, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, crepe, sweet corn and other hot food, juice, beer, coffee, milk tea and other beverages. You can also use it to sell snacks, nuts, waffles, cakes, etc.
Food Kiosk for sale
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Why should you buy a food kiosk for sale?

Food kiosk for sale is very competitive in the food business industry because of its unique advantages.
The price and rent are cheap. The price of food kiosk is about 3000USD to 5000USD. If you rent a space in the mall to park your catering kiosk, it may cost several hundred dollars a month. Of course, the higher the rent, the higher the traffic.
Easy to move. If you find that your current location is short of traffic, then you can easily move your kiosk and go to a place with higher traffic to make a profit.
Earn high profits. The operating cost of food kiosk is very low, you only need to pay the possible rent, water and electricity bills. Compared to shops that need to pay rent, you will have a greater profit.

Custom food kiosk design

The elite team of engineers from ETO DEVICE will provide top design concepts for each of your food kiosk. Custom food kiosk will make your food business a star on the street.

Best food kiosk manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a professional food kiosk manufacturer in China. In the past few years, we have sold more than 200 kiosks to the world every year on average. Our cooperative customers include shopping malls, food courts, playgrounds, gourmet companies and individual customers.

In view of the difference between indoor and outdoor environments, we design and manufacture different fashionable kiosks for different customers. Customized design and manufacturing is our advantage. In mobile food kiosk, we have a wealth of experience and an excellent team.

Indoor and outdoor food kiosks

The vending carts and kiosks designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE can be used indoors and outdoors. The commercial design and stylish appearance are very suitable for shopping malls and indoor or outdoor food courts.

Portable food kiosk and push kiosk cart can quickly change your location on the street. With mobile type food kiosk, you can not only sell all kinds of food inside the mall, you can also operate it outdoors. According to the difference between the rent of the shopping mall and the outdoor rent and the difference in traffic, you can easily move the location of your food business.

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