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A wide range of custom beverage trailers for a low-cost way to run a mobile concession stands on the streets. Build your own mobile bar for your mobile beverage trailer business with a reliable food trailer manufacturer in China.
The beverage concession trailer is the best match in summer, it can sell beer, carbonated drinks, juice, milk tea, coffee, etc. We provide you with custom mobile beverage trailers ranging from 7.2 feet to 26 feet long. You can contact us for the prices of frozen drink concession trailers of different sizes and styles.
Milk Tea Beverage Trailer
Custom Beverage Trailer
Bubble Tea Trailer
Smoothie Trailer for Sale

Milk Tea Beverage Trailer

Milk Tea Beverage Trailer
milk tea trailer
Milk Tea Beverage Trailer
Milk Tea Beverage Trailer Kitchen
This 8.2×6.5 milk tea beverage trailer belongs to Omani customers. It is equipped with milk tea equipment and hot dog machines, and is mainly used to sell milk tea and hot dogs.

  • Complete power system (single-phase 220V/50Hz, 7 British standard sockets, maximum power 7kW, maximum current 32A).
  • Two stainless steel spacer sinks.
  • Electric heating faucet.
  • 2×25L buckets.
  • Bubble tea shaking machine (with two shakers and two spoons).
  • Sealing machine (Sealing materials: paper cup/plastic cup ).
  • 300W ice maker.
  • 180L capacity horizontal refrigerator.
  • Wall-mounted air conditioner (cooling and heating function).

Custom Beverage Trailer

custom mobile beverage trailer
mobile beverage trailer front
mobile beverage trailer rear
mobile beverage trailer kitchen
This is an 11.5×6.5 custom mobile beverage trailer for sale. It is suitable for 2-3 employees to work at the same time, mainly used to sell cold drinks, ice cream, coffee, milk tea and juice.

  • Complete electrical system (single-phase 110V/60Hz, maximum power 10kW, 8 American standard sockets).
  • 3+1 stainless steel water sink.
  • 6×25L food grade bucket.
  • Three electric heating taps (power 1.5kW, maximum water temperature 65°C).
  • Aluminum pattern anti-skid anti-rust floor.
  • Professional resin car paint (any RAL color optional).
  • Hydraulic rod support sales window.
  • 180L horizontal refrigerator (with stainless steel workbench).
  • 200W ice maker.

Bubble Tea Trailer

custom bubble tea trailer for sale
bubble tea trailer
14ft vintage bubble tea trailer for sale
bubble tea trailer for sale
custom bubble tea trailer
custom mobile bubble tea trailer
new custom bubble tea trailer for sale
vintage bubble tea trailer for sale
vintage small bubble tea trailer for sale
wedding bubble tea trailer for sale
bubble tea trailer with dot certified tail lights
bubble tea trailer inside
standard bubble tea trailer layout
empty bubble tea trailer for sale
bubble tea trailer with stainless steel interior
With a wide variety of toppings and flavors, bubble tea is a highly customizable beverage, as the bubble tea trailer. When working with us, there are hundreds of options for your food trailer design, from the food trailer specification to the trailer floor plan. If you are looking for a fully customized solution for building a mobile food trailer that is tailored to your bubble tea business, this bubble tea trailer gives you many possibilities in its design and layout!

Originally built as a mobile bar trailer, this 14.7ft bubble tea trailer is a vintage food trailer that highlights both functionality and aesthetics. The vintage vibe it creates fits many occasions, particularly weddings and private parties. Without any decoration, the bubble tea's cute and stylish look is able to make customers come to you!

In terms of quality, the bubble tea trailer features a reinforced galvanized steel frame and quality cold-rolled steel body that resists corrosion and deformation for a long time, even being used frequently outside. The interior wall and floor are 201 stainless steel with great impact resistance and toughness in cold conditions, creating a high-end and easy-to-clean interior.

The bubble tea trailer is an empty food trailer, meaning you can design your own vehicle from the start according to your concept. What is your favorite color? Do you want a larger concession window? What bubble tea making machine do you need? How about installing a NSF-certified water sink in the trailer? As a base for your build, the bubble tea trailer will become an ideal unit that meets and exceeds your requirements!
Move around with the bubble tea trailer and trades are on the go!

Design Drawings
mobile bubble tea trailer floor plan
mobile bubble tea trailer model
mobile bubble tea trailer model
custom bubble tea trailer design

Required Build Options in the Bubble Tea Trailer

- Electrical: ETO does electrical work, with a group of certified electricians. In the process of designing your bubble tea trailer, the electrical layout can be customized to your need. How many sockets do you need? Where do you want to install them? Do you have any special demands for the power supply? Just tell us what you need.

- Water System: The water system includes a water sink, plumbing, faucets, water heaters, water pumps, clean water tanks, and waste water tanks.

- Bubble Tea Trailer Equipment Package: Bubble tea shakers, commercial fridges, ice makers, blenders, auto sealing machines... ETO provides various types and models of portable machines and equipment that the bubble tea business requires, and assists you in the installation.

- Bubble Tea Trailer Floor Plan: ETO has the best food trailer design team that has the ability to give you an efficient food trailer floor plan that facilitates your workflow and keeps everything in order. If you have any wonderful ideas, we are keen to know.

Smoothie Trailer for Sale

smoothie trailer for sale
small smoothie trailer
small smoothie trailer for sale
new smoothie trailer for sale
mobile smoothie trailer for sale
mobile smoothie trailer
mini smoothie trailer for sale
fully equipped smoothie trailer for sale
custom smoothie trailer for sale
brand new smoothie trailer for sale
9ft smoothie trailer for sale
smoothie trailer tongue
smoothie trailer with step
A small smoothie trailer is a perfect approach to getting into the food trailer business with a low start-up cost and minimal labor. This 9.1ft mini smoothies trailer for sale is the choice for vendors who prefer a unique concept of serving healthy smoothies, milkshakes, and other beverages. It comes with all the equipment and appliances required to keep ingredients fresh and make nutrient smoothies, such as a 3 compartment water sink, under-bench fridge, and 3 compartment water sink. Basically, the smoothie trailer for sale is a mobile version of a smoothie shop that moves around and goes toward customers. It can serve as a portable concession stand to universities, gyms, and parks, providing a good choice for increasing the consumption of vitamins and fiber.

Standard Features of the Smoothies Trailer for Sale

  • 250*200*230mm concession trailer built from scratch
  • Quality cold-rolled steel trailer body
  • Reinforced galvanized steel chassis with single axle
  • Small stainless steel platform on the trailer tongue for mounting the generators and gas tanks
  • Concession trailer tail lights, reflectors, and license plate lighting
  • A large concession window and two small side windows
  • Rear door with a trailer step
  • Generator inlet/outlet receptacle sockets with covers
  • 3 compartment water sink with faucets, water pumps, clean water tans, and waste water tanks
  • Food-grade stainless steel worktables
  • Under-bench fridge
  • Plenty of counter space and storage

Why should you buy a mobile beverage trailers?

Beverage concession trailers we can build include beer trailer, juice trailer, bubble tea trailer, lemon trailer, etc. Any beverage you want to sell can be achieved in the trailer of ETO DEVICE.

Compared with traditional beverage stores, mobile beverage trailer can go anywhere, and its investment cost is lower. It only needs 1-3 employees to operate.
juice trailer for sale
beer concession trailer

Where to sell your drinks, beer and milk tea?

Your Beverage Food Trailer can go to many places to make a profit. You can go anywhere with high traffic.
  • Food carnival or beer festival. Here's where your beer trailer shows up, bringing your beer to holiday cheer.
  • Parks and Beaches. On weekends, parks and beaches are the most crowded places, and you can sell beer, juice and milk tea.
  • Food Street and Food Court. Park your beverage trailer in prime locations and serve your craft beer to customers.

Buy Beverage trailers now!

Tell us your budget and idea, our professional engineers will create a cool and luxurious concession trailer for you. You can customize any part, including the color, shape, interior trim, lighting and kitchen equipment of the mobile beverage trailer. We'll help you build amazing mobile bars, juice stands and mobile milk tea shops.
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