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Custom shipping container restaurants for sale. Portable restaurant design & easy assembled. Get a turnkey solution & price for your pop-up restaurant at ETO.
Shipping Container Restaurant: Fast, Unique & Affordable Solution for Setting up a Portable Restaurant

Converting a shipping container into a restaurant is one of the hottest trends in
shipping container modifications and conversions. It offers businesses a more affordable option to quickly create a fully customized pop-up restaurant that provides customers with a unique dining experience. Building a restaurant in a shipping container allows for even greater customization compared to traditional construction. The entire construction process can be tailored to your container restaurant design ideas and concepts, from container specifications to kitchen layouts. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate essential kitchen features into the shipping container restaurant by outfitting it with fully customized equipment.
ETO specializes in building container restaurants to specific specifications. Explore our custom shipping container restaurants for sale below, and learn more about our modifications and conversions, including design, construction, pricing, and delivery.
Shipping Container Restaurant
19ft Container Restaurant
Canteen Container

Shipping Container Restaurant

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Model: CB570

This shipping container restaurant is based on a 19*7ft shipping container we built from scratch and has been converted into a restaurant for serving any scale of eaters. It has a fully equipped commercial kitchen designed for fast cooking and serving.
Now, this container restaurant is available for sale and can be modified or customized to your needs. We offer a one-year warranty & worldwide delivery.

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19ft Container Restaurant



A standard cargo container made into a Thai food restaurant for takeout!

This 19*7ft shipping container restaurant is our special project for "Tommy That Food on Street", an authentic food restaurant  in Norrköpingsvägen, Nyköping, Sweden.It is for the business expansion as an outdoor pop-up restaurant. The front of the container is equipped with dual service windows, designed for interacting with customers and processing orders. At one end, there is a box for storing two propane gas tanks or a portable generator, along with an air conditioning unit with a protective cage.

The container restaurant has a commercial kitchen in which food is prepped, cooked, and stored onsite. The kitchen is outfitted with functional cooking equipment like a grill, fryer, gas stoves, and plenty of under-counter refrigeration.

To get the list of inclusions & features, please click the "Download" below.

Canteen Container

This is a canteen container in a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container. It can be quickly set up and create a space for staff to dine and rest at construction sites, docks, and factories. All walls are insulated. Inside, there are heaters, air conditioning, and exhaust fans to create a comfortable indoor environment.

The canteen container is divided into two sections by walls and a door: the employee area and the dining area. The employee area is equipped with a sink, a soap dispenser, an eye wash bottle kit, a towel rack, and a clothes cabinet to meet the needs of employees for changing, cleaning, and disinfecting. The dining area is a larger space that can accommodate up to 10 people and is primarily used for basic food preparation and storage. It includes a dining table, benches, a refrigerator, a bar cabinet, and outlets for appliances. There are plenty of counter and storage space. Two large windows and LED bars provide ample lighting.

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Shipping Container Restaurants: The Best Solution for Your Concession Business

These modular structures, in essence, are portable restaurants made from shipping containers. They are set up in outdoor settings like food courts, private properties, or attractions as pop-up restaurant buildings, often with several units stacked together to create distinct areas for cooking, serving, and dining. With robust and durable structures, these modular restaurants can serve customers for years, much like traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, but at a lower cost.

Opting for a food container restaurant for your concession business can give you a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive food industry.


- Fully Custom-built Design -
These versatile structures can be tailored to specific needs, allowing for unique and creative restaurant designs. From container dimensions to modifications like insulation, lighting, and layout, we offer various options for internal and external constructions. This level of customization ensures that shipping container restaurants can adapt to specific restaurant concepts, themes, and preferences.

- Less Construction Time -
At ETO, building a restaurant in a shipping container is faster than constructing a physical restaurant. Construction and site preparation often happen simultaneously. Once constructed, the container restaurant can be directly transported to the designated location and put into operation. It is entirely possible for your restaurant to open and start generating profits within two months from the initial design to the final installation.

- One-of-a-kind Industrial Look -
The distinctive industrial look of shipping containers can be the standout feature of your restaurant. With their rugged, modular design, these containers offer a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that sets your food business apart. This not only creates an innovative approach to dining but also builds a strong brand identity for your restaurant.

- Portability & Mobility -
Shipping containers, originally designed for transport, offer remarkable portability. They can be effortlessly picked up and loaded onto trucks, with all the equipment conveniently housed inside. The entire restaurant can be relocated from one site to another without the need for disassembly. For even greater mobility, consider adding wheels underneath to create a mobile restaurant!

- Modular Restaurant Construction -
Converting a shipping container into a restaurant offers the flexibility to design without being constrained by fixed floor plans and configurations. Shipping container cubes are versatile modular units made of robust steel, capable of withstanding immense weights. It is possible to flexibly stack them to create a multi-level modular building. Additionally, when extra space is needed, new containers can be seamlessly integrated to expand the available area.



Durable Container Restaurants Build for Outdoor Environments

Containers stand as one of the most durable outdoor transport units. Restaurants constructed from them almost rival traditional brick-and-mortar establishments in terms of durability and weather resistance. Even after years of exposure to the elements, they do not fade, rust, or peel. To further enhance their longevity in outdoor settings, we've implemented the following modifications during the construction process.
  • All shipping containers are constructed from high-quality steel. No easily deformable plastics or wood susceptible to erosion.
  • All welding joints are reinforced using a special welding technique and polished for structural integrity.
  • A special sealant is applied around the ventilation openings for waterproofing.
  • The walls, doors, and roof are made of corrugated cold-rolled steel with a thickness of 1.2mm.
building a shipping container restaurant
shipping container restaurant construction
  • A protective coat of paint, coupled with a specialized anti-rust layer, shields all surfaces from the rigors of weather and natural elements.
  • The galvanized steel frame reinforces the container's strength, allowing it to bear even greater weight.
  • There is a layer of cotton insulation in the middle of the walls to resist high temperatures from the external environment.
  • Floors, constructed from stainless steel, incorporate an anti-slip design for added safety.
  • Concession windows can be locked from the inside.

Why Buy Shipping Container Restaurants at ETO?

As one of the leading shipping container restaurant builders, we have a professional team dedicated to building practical, livable, and distinctive custom shipping container structures, all adhering to the highest industry standards. What we offer isn't just an empty container, but a fully equipped portable restaurant ready for operation at any time!


Standard Features: 

shipping container restaurant production

- New Shipping Container -
Constructed from high-quality steel from scratch

portable container restaurant for sale

 - Paint -
Available in any RAL color

concession windows

- Concession Window -
Available in various types and sizes


- Ventilation -
Facilitates air circulation inside the container


- Door -
 Available in roll-up doors


 - Insulation -
Balck cotton

power sockets

- Power Socket -
Extra power outlets available

electrical system

 -Electrical System -
Customized according to local electrical standards

wall and ceiling

- Interior Wall & Ceiling -
Light-colored, easy-to-clean materials


- Flooring -
The non-slip aluminium checkered floor

water sink

- Water Sink -
A 2-compartment water sink & a 220V/50Hz faucet

water tanks

- Water Tank System -
Food-grade 25L plastic water tanks

water pump

- Water Supply System -
24V/35W auto water pump

gas piping

- Gas Piping -
Connected gas piping to equipment per standards


- Workbench -
201 stainless steel surface



Customization Options

The possibilities for container restaurant designs are boundless. At ETO, we offer a plethora of customizable options to help transform your unique concept into a reality. Consider some of the most popular choices below and drop us an email ( ) detailing your design preferences and required modifications.

  • Custom Container Wraps
  • Rooftop Decks
  • LED Flood Lights
  • POS Systems
  • 304 ss Workbenches
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Ventilation with Fire Suppression System
  • Commercial Cooking Appliances
  • NSF-certified 3 Compartment Water Sinks
  • 130L Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Water Heaters
  • Pull Down Faucets
  • Heavy-duty Generators
  • Propane Tank Cages
  • Air Conditioners
  • Casters



How to Turn a Shipping Container into a Restaurant?

Everything begins with meticulous planning, and shipping container restaurant construction is no exception. Our team engages in thorough discussions regarding every aspect of your restaurant's design, such as ventilation, insulation, plumbing, electrical panels, compliance, and more, offering guidance along the way. Following this, we create a turnkey shipping container restaurant design tailored to your needs, budget, and local regulations. This includes detailed 2D container restaurant designs and layouts. Given the multitude of factors to consider, this process can be quite intricate. To expedite it, consider the following aspects:
  • Business Concepts: We've built custom shipping containers tailored for various food businesses. Perhaps, among our prefab shipping container restaurants, there might be one that just needs a few modifications to suit your restaurant concept perfectly.
  • Shipping Container Dimensions: Standard shipping containers come in lengths ranging from 8 to 39 feet, with a width and height of approximately 7 feet. Modifications can be made to these dimensions based on specific requirements.
  • Design Ideas: Do you have photos? We can replicate existing shipping container buildings with the same high quality. Alternatively, browse our gallery for prefab restaurant containers and get inspired!
  • Required Equipment: What is the restaurant concept? Pizza shipping container or container bar?
  • Health Codes and Regulations: Shipping container restaurants must adhere to local building codes, health and safety regulations, fire codes, and other relevant guidelines to obtain permits and operate. What specific requirements do local health and fire departments have?
  • Budget: Providing us with your budget in advance can help us tailor a solution that meets your expectations.
container production
Once the drawings are confirmed by both parties, our team will commence work, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality steel and equipment during construction and modification to high standards within our factory. Each individual module goes through careful measurements and thorough quality checks to make sure it is strong and fits perfectly into the overall structure.

We firmly believe that client engagement is paramount to the success of the project. Therefore, we actively encourage you to be involved throughout the entire production process, offering feedback and suggestions. You can reach out to us via phone ( +86-15093205134 ) , email ( ), or even a visit to our factory at any time to stay informed about the latest developments and share any questions or recommendations you may have. Feel free to contact our team via
WhatsApp, and let's collaborate to bring your unique portable container restaurant concept to life.


Worldwide Delivery on Time!

ETO is a professional shipping container restaurant manufacturer located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. We specialize in providing custom shipping container modifications and conversions for customers all across the country and delivery on time. We offer flexible delivery options to cater to diverse customer needs, whether it's by sea, rail, truck transport, or self-pickup. Our efficient logistics network ensures that containers reach our customers in the shortest possible time. No matter where you are, we guarantee on-time delivery without any delays!

Furthermore, we also assure the following:

⭐ Competitive Container Restaurant Prices & Special Discounts
⭐ High-Quality Disposable Restaurant Supplies
⭐ Flexible Payment Options
⭐ Shorter Delivery Times Compared to Other Companies
⭐ Comprehensive After-Sales Service and Support
⭐ One-Year Annual Fee Warranty

Now, fill out the contact form below, and let's start building a fully customized restaurant made of shipping containers together with our team! We'll make the entire construction process enjoyable and simple.
ETO DEVICE shipping container restaurant builder

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