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Pizza Trailer

Top custom mobile pizza oven & trailer for sale in a custom food concession trailer design and layout. Get a fully equipped mobile restaurant for your pizza truck trailer business today.
We have a large number of pizza trailers for sale. Browse our outstanding projects, check their style and layout, and find the pizza concession trailer you like. Call us now and get advice from our mobile trailer experts.
Pizza Food Trailer For Sale
Yellow Pizza Concession Trailer
Mobile Pizza Trailer

Pizza Food Trailer For Sale

pizza food trailer for sale now
pizza food trailer in stock
pizza food trailer with AC unit
the rear of the pizza food trailer
pizza trailer 1
generator box
the layout of the pizza food trailer for sale
pizza trailer kitchen
pizza food trailer with cooking machines
This 19×6.5 pizza food trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. It is mainly used to sell pizza, sandwiches, fried food and drinks. It is equipped with griddle, gas stoves, pizza oven, hood range and refrigerator. This fully loaded pizza trailer is indeed a tool for making money.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
It has two large sales windows, which are supported by hydraulic rods for easy opening and closing.

The dual external power supply design meets the electricity demand of the electric appliances in the cart and is safer.

The guide wheel of the traction part adopts a double-wheel design, which has a stronger load-bearing capacity.

It is equipped with an impact brake, which uses the car’s inertia to brake to ensure driving safety.

The range hood is equipped with roof ventilation, which helps to remove the oil fume in the trailer, and the air circulates faster.

The walls in the mobile pizza kitchen are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean up oily fume stains.

It is equipped with a large generator box and two gas buckets to ensure the energy supply of the pizza food trailer.

Yellow Pizza Concession Trailer

yellow pizza concession trailer
yellow pizza concession trailer with cooking equipment
yellow pizza concession trailer in stock
yellow pizza concession trailer for sale
the side of the yellow pizza concession trailer
the rear of the yellow pizza concession trailer
yellow pizza concession trailer inside
the layout of the yellow pizza concession trailer
gas stove
cooking equipment in the yellow pizza concession trailer
the inside of the yellow pizza concession trailer
This is an 18×6.5 yellow pizza concession trailer, mainly used to sell pizza, hot dogs, fast food and drinks. According to customer requirements, we equip it with griddle, gas stoves, fryer, steamer, refrigerator and range hood.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This yellow pizza concession trailer uses stainless steel interior decoration, anti-corrosion and durable. The oily smoke generated during cooking is easy to clean.

It is equipped with LED contour lights, it can also easily attract passersby at night by the roadside.

The configuration of dual-axle 4 tires, plus 4 front and rear jack legs, ensure the stability of the trailer.

A stainless steel arc-shaped smoke exhaust hole is used on the top of the trailer, which effectively prevents rainwater from entering, and has good rust resistance.

The generator box is customized according to customer requirements. It has two doors, the large door is used to enter and exit the generator, and the small door is used to operate the generator. In order to dissipate heat, an air intake grille is added beside the small door.

Mobile Pizza Trailer

mobile pizza trailer for sale
mobile pizza trailer
the rear of the mobile pizza trailer
mobile pizza trailer's concession window
mobile pizza trailer in stock
mobile pizza trailer with closed windows
the inside of the mobile pizza trailer.
3 compartment water sink of the mobile pizza trailer
cash drawer in the mobile pizza trailer
cooking equipment in the mobile pizza trailer
cooking machine of the mobile pizza trailer
undercounter refrigerator in the mobile pizza trailer
stainless steel workbench in the mobile pizza trailer
mobile pizza trailer with air conditioner
This is an 11.5×6.5 mobile pizza trailer for sale. It has plenty of stainless steel workbenches and cabinets that provide room for cooking equipment, such as a flat griddle, 4 burners and 3 comartment water sinks. You have lots of options when outfiting your mobile pizza trailer. There is a list of cooking machines that you need in the preparation of pizza and other food.  

  • Complete gas system (gas tank holder, gas pipeline, main valve and branch valve).
  • Complete electrical system (maximum power 8kW, branch line maximum power 3.5kW, Schneider leakage protection switch).
  • US-compliant sinks (3 vegetable sinks, 1 hand washing sink).
  • Two buckets (60L+80L).
  • 350W vertical refrigerator (refrigerator 74L, freezer 38L).
  • Gas griddle (size 200*450mm workbench).
  • 6L gas fryer (201 stainless steel).
  • Sliding glass window (aluminum alloy frame).
  • Aluminum checkered plate edging (to prevent paint damage and rust).

Pizza trailer design & manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a professional custom pizza trailer manufacturer and builder, we design and build different styles and types of mobile pizza concession trailer and catering trailer. Our pizza trailer for sale has been operated in cities in many countries and regions around the world, including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and other countries.
Our advantage:
Free design. We provide customers with 2D and 3D design drawings of pizza trailer for free.
Best quality. We use the best materials to build the trailer, and check the quality of the workmanship during each welding and installation process.
Rich experience. Our elite team has more than 10 years of experience. Last year we provided more than 500 food trailers to the world.
Best price. We are the factory, and you will not buy pizza trailers at high prices from middlemen.

What do you need to consider when operating a pizza trailer business?

The pizza trailer business has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs because of its low operating costs and high profits. But before starting your business, you need to consider many key factors. Below are our recommendations.
Pizza trailer business plan. This is the first step and also a very important step. Maybe you only have a one-person team and you are familiar with the business, but a detailed plan will help you a lot. When your business is bottlenecked , check your pizza trailer business plan and you will find out how to improve your business.
Menus and recipes. Please pay attention to your menus and recipes, which are related to the number of employees you want to hire and the cooking equipment used. More importantly, your pizza vending trailer needs to provide enough space for employees' work and cooking equipment.
Location. Location is very important, and it is closely related to daily sales. In addition, you have to consider whether the size of the trailer can find a suitable parking space.
In addition to the above points, you also need to consider competitor analysis, marketing strategies and brand promotion, using social media to attract loyal fans, etc.
Pizza Trailer  Design

How much does it cost to buy a pizza trailer?

The cost of buying a pizza trailer includes the cost of the trailer, the cost of cooking equipment, insurance, and business licenses.
Pizza trailer price. The price of the pizza trailer built by ETO DEVICE ranges from 4000USD to 15000USD. A small pizza making trailer, 4000USD is enough. But for a large mobile pizza food trailer, the price may fluctuate a lot, because its layout is different and the amount of raw materials used is different.
Pizza trailer insurance. According to the laws of different states, you need to purchase insurance for your trailer at a cost of about 500 USD.
Cooking equipment. The cost of cooking equipment is estimated to be between 1500USD and 3000USD. Including pizza oven, automatic dough mixer, refrigerator, etc.
Permits and business licenses. According to the laws of different states, the cost of permits and business licenses is about 500 USD.
So the cost of a pizza trailer is between 5500USD and 19,000USD. In addition, you have to consider the reserves for pizza trailer operations.

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