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Affordable prices on brand new hot dog trailers for sale. Get a selection of high-quality custom hot dog carts for setting up a mobile concession stand and starting street food trailer business.
Hot Dog Trailer for Sale - ETO DEVICE designs and manufactures different styles of hot dog mobile food trailers and concession trailers for UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, etc. Hot Dog Food Trailers are often parked at busy intersections or commercial streets . You can sell your hot dogs to passersby who go to work in the morning or at noon. Of course, you can also rush to the park in the evening to start your business. 
Hot Dog Concession Trailer
Glizzyland Hot Dog Cart Trailer
American Hot Dog Trailer
Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer
Hot Dog Vending Trailer
Hot Dog and Pancake Trailer

Hot Dog Concession Trailer

hot dog concession trailer
hot dog concession trailer for sale
hot dog trailer windows
hot dog trailer
This is a large 16×6.5 hot dog concession trailer belonging to a US customer. It is equipped with two gas stoves, range hood, griddle, fryer, beverage cabinet and horizontal refrigerator, and the customer also equips it with an oven, which is mainly used to sell fast food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This hot dog concession trailer is mainly parked in a food street near a large hospital, which is very busy, so the customer chose a large food concession trailer with a length of 5 meters, which can satisfy 3-5 employees working at the same time.

Its chassis is made of high-quality steel pipe, galvanized, rust-proof and durable.

The frames of the two large sales windows are made of aluminum alloy and use resin car paint, which is durable and not fading.

Its windows and rear doors are designed with water guides, which can effectively divert rainwater and have a good waterproof effect.

It adopts a gas system that meets the American standard, and according to customer needs, we can also equip your hot dog concession trailer with a standard fire extinguishing system.

Glizzyland Hot Dog Cart Trailer

Glizzyland hot dog cart trailer
hot dog cart trailer
hot dog cart trailer rear
hot dog cart trailer front
hot dog cart trailer kitchen
This 11.5×6.5 hot dog cart trailer was designed and built by us for Glizzyland. This 3.5-meter-long hot dog trailer is suitable for 2-3 people to work at the same time. It is equipped with air conditioner, range hood, fryer, refrigerator, barbecue grill, etc. It is mainly used to sell hot dogs and barbecue.

  • Complete gas system (2 gas tank holders, gas pipes, valves).
  • Complete power system (single-phase 110V/60Hz, 5 American standard sockets, the maximum Power of the main line is 10KW, and the maximum power of the branch line is 3KW).
  • Refrigeration Inverter Wall Mounted Air Conditioner.
  • 2×14L gas fryer (temperature controllable).
  • Vertical double temperature refrigerator (refrigerated 74L, frozen 38L).
  • Gas volcanic stone grill (stainless steel, size 550*500*370mm).
  • Stainless steel range hood.
  • Custom generator box.
  • 2+1 interval stainless steel sink (heatable faucet).
  • Body edge aluminum pattern protection plate.
  • Stainless steel worktop (with stainless steel storage compartment).

American Hot Dog Trailer

American Hot Dog Trailer
American Hot Dog Trailer Rear
American Hot Dog Trailer Kitchen
Water sinks
Fire extinguishing system
This 8.2×6.5 hot dog trailer belongs to an American customer. This is custom designed and built by us for our clients. Equipped with all the kitchen cooking equipment, it is truly a money-making mobile hot dog stand.

  • Complete gas system (stainless steel gas piping).
  • 3+1 Stainless Steel Spacer Sink.
  • 3 electric heating taps (maximum water temperature up to 65°C).
  • 2×14L gas fryer (temperature controllable).
  • Gas griddle (550×600mm workbench).
  • Fire extinguishing system (special fire extinguishing agent for edible oil, nitrogen driven gas cylinder).
  • Stainless steel cooker hood (covers fryers and griddles).
  • Top fan (110V/60Hz, 0.25HP, effectively ensure the working effect of the range hood).
  • Patterned aluminum plate edging to protect the car paint.

Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer

enclosed hot dog trailer
enclosed hot dog trailer front
enclosed hot dog trailer rear
enclosed hot dog trailer kitchen
enclosed hot dog trailer kitchen equipment
This 11.5×6.5 enclosed hot dog trailer is built by us for our customers in Guam. It uses a US-standard electrical system, is equipped with a fryer and griddle, and is mainly used for hot dogs and cold drinks.

  • Complete electrical system (maximum power 8kW, shunt 3.5kW, current 32A)
  • Schneider protection switch
  • 3+1 stainless steel spaced sinks (2 for vegetables, 1 for meat, 1 for hand washing)
  • 60L+80L bucket
  • 350W vertical temperature-controlled refrigerator (refrigerated 74L, freezer 38L)
  • Stainless steel single pot gas fryer (capacity 6L, temperature range 120℃-220℃)
  • Gas griddle (1CM thick iron plate workbench)
  • Stainless steel range hood
  • Stainless Steel Workbench (with Stainless Steel Locker)

Hot Dog Vending Trailer

hot dog vending trailer
hot dog vending trailer rear
hot dog vending trailer kitchen
kitchen equipment
This 11.5×6.5 hot dog vending trailer belongs to Guam customers. It is equipped with a heat preservation pot and a griddle, suitable for 2-3 people to work at the same time, mainly used to sell hot dogs and fast food.

  • Complete gas system.
  • American Standard Electrical System.
  • Gas griddle (1cm thick iron griddle).
  • Warming Pot (6 1/3 serving pans).
  • 185L horizontal refrigerator (0℃-10℃).
  • 3+1 Spacing Stainless Steel Sink.
  • Electric heating faucet.
  • Stainless steel range hood.
  • Stainless steel workbench (with storage compartment under workbench).
  • Aluminum pattern non-slip floor (with drainage floor drain).

Hot Dog and Pancake Trailer

hot dog pancake trailer
hot dog pancake trailer front
hot dog pancake trailer rear
hot dog pancake trailer kitchen
hot dog pancake trailer equipment
This is a 11.5×6.5 hot dog pancake trailer for sale. It is equipped with a fryer, gas stove and griddle, and can sell hot dogs, pancakes, chicken wraps and more.

  • Complete electrical system (single-phase 110V/60Hz voltage, maximum power 10kW, 8 American standard sockets).
  • Complete gas system (including gas piping and connections).
  • 3+1 stainless steel spacer sink.
  • 110L+130L stainless steel water tank.
  • 1.5kW electric heating faucet.
  • 180L horizontal refrigerator.
  • 103W beverage cabinet (0-10℃).
  • Stainless steel griddle (iron plate griddle).
  • 2×6L stainless steel fryer.
  • 4kW gas stove (tempered glass).

What do you need for a hot dog trailer?

All success is not accidental, you need to do a lot of preparation work, and the same is true for entrepreneurs who want to enter the mobile food trailer business.
The following list is the six things you must do before you start a hot dog trailer business.
  1. Develop your hot dog trailer business plan.
  2. List high traffic locations where you can sell hot dogs and various food activities that you can participate in each year.
  3. Know your competitors, develop price and menu strategies.
  4. Determine your food raw material suppliers and other consumable suppliers, such as napkins, tableware, etc.
  5. Open social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  6. Apply for insurance, permits and business licenses.

Enclosed hot dog trailer or hot dog bike cart?

The advantages and disadvantages of Enclosed hot dog trailer
Less affected by the weather, hot dogs can be sold on the street even in rainy days
Larger space, you can carry more storage space to ensure sufficient raw materials
the price is more expensive. Usually the price of a hot dog trailer is above 5000USD.
A car with sufficient load-bearing capacity is required to tow to move the position of the trailer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hot dog bike cart
The price is relatively cheap.
Human power can make the bike cart move.
Affected by the weather, food cannot be sold on rainy days.
Storage space is relatively small, and daily sales are limited.
Hot Dog Trailer
Hot Dog

Names ideas for your hot dog trailer

The name is very important to your hot dog trailer business. A good name will make more people remember your trailer and attract more fans. Now immediately choose a good name for your hot dog trailer!
Here are a few useful name ideas:
Use your family name. The family name is easier to be accepted by people, it is a name with historical significance and inheritance significance.
Use your trailer color and design concept as the name. Such as rubies, blue sky, stars, etc.
Use short words or phrases related to deliciousness.
Use your classic hot dog to name your trailer.
Other easy-to-remember names.
In short, when naming, there is an important principle. That is, the name must be easy to remember, eye-catching, and the words must not be too long.

10 most popular hot dogs

Here are the 10 most popular hot dogs, add them to your menu!
  1. Cheese dog. This is one of the very popular hot dog breeds. Add cheese to the sausage and spread on the bread. Usually soft bread is used, but some types also use baguette or toast.
  2. Choripan. This is one of the most famous delicacies on the streets of Argentina. It is generally composed of Spanish pepperoni and various condiments and crusty bread.
  3. Chili dog. This is a standard hot dog that consists of breaded sausage and topped with chili sauce, onions, cheese and other toppings.
  4. Chicago hot dog. The Viennese beef hot dog with toppings, including seasonings, mustard, diced onion, tomato slices, pickles and pickled peppers, is very popular among hot dog lovers.
  5. Danish hot dog. Usually called rod polser. It consists of Danish sausage and bread. It is the most common fast food in Denmark.
  6. Perro Caliente. This is a big hot dog from Colombia. Steamed sausages are topped with pineapple, mayonnaise, mustard, bacon and other ingredients.
  7. Cachorro quente. It consists of bread wrapped with sausage, ground beef with tomato, green pepper, onion and cheese, and sometimes served with mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, French fries or peas. This is a classic Brazilian hot dog.
  8. Korean corndog. Wrap the sausage with corn hot dog batter, then spread the French fries on the batter, and then deep-fry it. This is the Korean corn dog batter.
  9. Pancho. This is a hot dog from Uruguay. Sausages are usually longer than bread, using pancho topping, plus toppings such as corn, mustard, cheese, and onions.
  10. Mixtas. Put the sausage in a tortilla instead of bread, and then top it with coleslaw, onions, diced tomatoes and green peppers. This is a unique hot dog from Guatemala.
Hot Dog Food

Why should you buy from ETO DEVICE?

ETO DEVICE is a professional custom food trailer manufacturer in China. Thanks to the advantages of the origin of raw materials, we can manufacture high-quality mobile kitchens at a lower cost, which will benefit our customers.
What can we do for our customers?
Free design. We can provide customers with 2D and 3D design solutions for free, including design drawings.
Favorable price. As a manufacturer of hot dog trailers, we provide customers with factory prices.
High quality. We have a strict quality control process, from the purchase of raw materials to the completion of the trailer installation, all have passed strict quality inspections.
Rich experience. Our team of engineers has more than 10 years of food trailer design experience, which is an elite team.
Do you want to buy a hot dog food trailer for sale now? Contact us!
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