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Coffee Carts

ETO mobile coffee carts are the most portable, affordable & customizable solutions for your mobile coffee business. Go to our site for their features & prices.
Custom & Build Your Own Coffee Cart with All Features You Need in a Simple and Fast Way at ETO!
The ETO Coffee Cart series offers various coffee carts for sale, including mobile coffee bikes, coffee trikes/tricycles, coffee push carts, coffee trolleys, all designed as fully equipped mobile coffee bars that can brew and serve all types of coffee on-site, from cold brew and espresso to latte and coffee-based beverages. They come with everything your mobile coffee cart business needs - countertops, storage and prep space, standard electrical and water system kits, large freshwater storage capacity, and unique vintage looks, and can be set up in both indoor and outdoor spaces to expand or promote your brand in new ways
Explore some of our popular mobile coffee carts for sale below and make further modifications or customizations to meet your unique mobile coffee business needs.
Coffee Push Cart for Sale
Coffee Bike for Sale
Mobile Coffee Stand for Sale
Coffee Bike Cart for Sale
Small Coffee Cart for Sale

Coffee Push Cart for Sale

Model: HPB160

Classic & Vintage: Best Small Mobile Coffee Bar for All Events & Venues!

First time huh? Our small coffee push cart is the perfect starting point for you to quickly and affordably start your mobile coffee shop business and bring your coffee to various events and locations. This mini food cart is one of our classic and versatile portable coffee carts with a sink, designed as a simple but functional pop-up coffee stand in minutes at both indoor and outdoor locations, allowing you to brew coffee right in front of your customers.
As a basic configuration, the pushcart is a high-quality steel build with enough countertop space to hold two espresso machines and cups, as well as ample under-counter storage for your refrigerator. It’s about $3,000 and customizable. Why spend thousands of dollars on a coffee truck when our coffee push cart gives you a chance to get started with less?

Built-in Features:
  • Stylish, Smooth Marble Countertop
  • Acrylic Sneeze Guards
  • Built-in Stainless Steel Food Containers
  • Stainless Steel Water Sink & Faucet
  • Water Supply Kits
  • Interior Storage Compartment with Lock
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Coffee Bike for Sale

Model: DQB270
Foldable Design, Larger Countertop, More Storage

Our first foldable coffee bike, now with more countertop and storage space for all your coffee equipment and inventory than ever before! It retains all the features you love about our classic mobile coffee bikes, but its optimized countertops provide more than twice the space of other models.
The stainless steel counter is equipped with a foldable serving shelf and a collapsible table, providing a stable counter space to place and display your equipment and allowing you to prepare and make coffee right in front of your customers. Want to carry an ice maker or a refrigerator with you? Additional equipment can be stored in the spacious under-counter storage cabinet and the rear storage cabinets. For your coffee beans, cups, and other inventory, there are three drawers of different sizes to meet all your storage needs. All cabinets and drawers are lockable. With this mobile coffee bike, you can set up a pop-up coffee bar anytime, anywhere, and sell more coffee and products! 

The electric version of this model is available. Contact us to learn more.

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Mobile Coffee Stand for Sale

Small & Simple, But Fits You Well!
This mobile coffee stand cart, the smallest option we offer, stands as a perfect pop-up coffee stand for diverse settings, especially those that have limited space. It requires only a 2*2 square meter space, or even less, to quickly set up and start serving. The durable cold-rolled steel frame and body make it ideal for use as an outdoor coffee cart. Extra-large tires and flexible steering wheels allow it to move effortlessly over any terrain.
Despite its simple design and lack of extra upgrades, our small mobile coffee stand is better and more functional than it looks! The cart features ample countertop and storage space, power supply, outlets, and lighting, almost everything you need to start and run your mobile coffee business. That makes you start and profit more easily than ever! Contact our team to customize the cart with your logo and graphics.

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Coffee Bike Cart for Sale

Model: DQA110
Ride it, and take your products wherever you want!
This is our basic coffee bike cart designed for food vending and catering, which can be set up and unfolded as a pop-up coffee bar at trade shows and events to serve freshly brewed coffee and products. Built on a sturdier and thicker all-steel tricycle frame, it can withstand long-distance transportation and outdoor elements. The cart body and frame are made from cold-rolled steel that is 30% thicker than what our competitors use. Rust or deformation? Not a chance!
The basic setup comes with a power source that can be connected to a generator, so you can turn it into exactly what you want, a food vending cart or mobile hot dog stand, by adding your professional appliances. The desk grommet keeps everything organized on the countertop. The standard electrical package includes wiring, an outlet, a switch, and a circus breaker, all customized to ensure compatibility with your appliances. Other features include a foldable serving shelf, a detachable canopy, a lockable storage cabinet, and two open storage cabinets.
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Small Coffee Cart for Sale

Small Size, Big Storage: Your Perfect Mobile Coffee Shop Solution to Carry Everything with You!
Want something small but worried about it don’t have enough space for your coffee machine and inventory? This small coffee cart is designed with your needs for compactness, portability, and storage in mind.  

Like our other mobile food stands, it is small and can be set up in malls, trade shows, hotels, resorts, and properties as a pop-up coffee shop or a permanent fixture. The side handles and large tires make it easy to move. The coffee cart features three drawers and one storage cabinet, accommodating everything from coffee machines to coffee beans.

The standard setup comes with a standard electrical package and requires a generator for power. You can plug in up to two appliances, including a refrigerator. 

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ETO Best Coffee Carts for Sale

Your Most Affordable & Portable Mobile Coffee Shop Solution for All Needs!

There is no more affordable and unique solution to starting a mobile coffee shop and achieving your dreams than the ETO mobile coffee carts. These portable coffee carts offer unmatched quality and many features that most baristas need, all at prices around $2,500, with some models even cheaper. They provide a quick path to profitability for new businesses without large startup costs.
Highlights of Our Mobile Coffee Carts

- Quality Steel Build -
All models in this series are constructed from excellent stainless steel, brand-new components, and the finest waterproof materials for optimal performance and quality. No rotting wood or fragile plastic is used. This ensures that our carts have a longer lifespan, even with daily outdoor use.

- Easy to Use -
You can ride it, push it, or tow it anywhere! Our coffee food carts are incredibly easy to use and operate. Most systems and components come pre-assembled, so you only need to set up your equipment, canopy, water kits, and generator. Everything can be ready to go within minutes.

- Indoor & Outdoor -
Thanks to their portability and small size, these steel builds can serve as pop-up coffee stands in any location or event, from outdoor parties to indoor malls. They are a popular choice for those looking for a mobile bar for catering, marketing, or creating engaging experiences with nice coffee.

- Electrical Fixtures -
Your coffee machines and other equipment can still operate, even without nearby outlets. Some coffee bike cart models come pre-wired and have internal sockets to connect your appliances. We provide compliant electrical fixture packages and installation services to ensure safety and compatibility.

- Instant Clean Water -
Get water from a tap? No! We have a safer and better solution to let you get high-quality water for brewing delicious coffee. Our carts carry water tanks that can be easily opened and refilled with premium filtered water. You can use it to make hundreds of cups of nice coffee.

- Countertop & Storage -
Concerned about having no space for your equipment and cups? Fear not! Our optimized countertops, internal cabinets, and shelves meet all your storage needs, and our foldable coffee cart offers even triple the extra countertop space for preparation. You can even carry a refrigerator with you!

- Coffee Machine Packages -
Add optional features from this equipment package to your setup to create a versatile commercial coffee cart that does more than 50 shots an hour. If you have professional coffee equipment, we will customize your coffee cart design and configuration to make it easy for installation and use.

- 100% Turnkey Design -
All coffee cart setups can be fully customized and branded for your business by changing colors, installing LED LOGO signs, full vinyl wraps, and adding extra add-ons. Our design team provides tailored design plans and brand solutions that allow you to showcase your brand while you profit.

- Sleek, Vintage Look
We understand the unique charm of a vintage ambiance for coffee companies. All our pre-configured setups feature the most popular vintage coffee cart designs that are highlights and perfect additions for all events. You can also customize them to match your business style and aesthetics.

Self-Contained Coffee Carts, Ready to Brew on the Go!

No Need for External Water or Power Supply

ETO's mobile coffee carts make setting up and operating a pop-up coffee stand easier and faster than ever, without the worries of running out of water or power. Each cart is designed with barista-friendly features and is fitted with coffee cart necessities, like plumbing, power, and water systems, allowing you to operate anywhere, even in outdoor areas without electricity or faucets.
Must-have Features Included in Our Portable Coffee Carts

- Plumbing -
Our coffee cart plumbing kits include a food-grade hose for connecting the clean water tank to the water pump and a soft drainage pipe that seamlessly fits with the sink drain. All components are pre-assembled and can be customized to fit your coffee machine's requirements.
- Power Supply -
The default setup includes wiring, breaker panels, sockets, switches, and generator sockets. You can use a generator to power the cart and its appliances. If your venue provides power, we’ll customize the electrical system and mount a main plug so that you can plug the cart into specific outlets.

- Water Supply -
The coffee cart water system includes sinks, 12v water pumps, faucets, and water storage tanks. When you use the faucet or coffee machine, pressurized water is delivered with a consistent flow. Hot water heaters are available as an optional feature to give instant hot water as some states require,

These features may vary from model to model and can be customized to meet specific needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team to learn more.


How to Build a Coffee Cart Based on Your Designs & Plans?

Our Expert Team is Here to Help You Start a Coffee Cart

Perhaps you've read countless plans on DIY coffee carts, watched related videos, and feel confident about building one yourself. However, things are not always as easy, especially when it comes to creating a coffee cart for commercial purposes. You might overlook critical details that your local health department deems essential. But don't worry — ETO is here to guide you through the whole process, ensuring a custom coffee cart that meets all your specifications and complies with health regulations (Guess this is one of the reasons why we are the preferred choice of most coffee companies, especially for beginners.) Tell us what you want and need, and our experts will handle the rest.   

How Does Our Customization Work?

- Default Model -
All food cart models showcased on our website can be used as the default build for your project, ready to be redesigned, adapted, modified, and customized—even if they weren't initially designed for selling coffee. Any equipment and additional options included can be removed and replaced according to your needs.

- Specifications -
Make it longer and wider, or add extra bike motor kits to create an electric coffee cart? Just let us know, and we'll make it happen. Our customization options cover cart dimensions, colors, electrical systems, water systems, finishes, designs, and layouts. You get to decide every inch of your coffee cart build's design.

- Upgrades & Add-ons -
Top-notch all-in-one espresso machines, coffee grinders, cold brewers, fridges, ice makers, water heaters, foldable counters, large water tanks, acrylic sneeze guards, sinks, LED logo signs—you name it, and we can provide it. Everything you need to create your dream coffee shop on wheels.

- Sketches & Designs -
Once we have all the details, our designers will create sketches for your project. You can freely share your ideas, suggestions, or any coffee cart images you have. We will do our best to create a build that exceeds your expectations in every way. Trust in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

- Confirmation -
Modify, modify, modify until you are completely satisfied and give your confirmation. Then, the final design for your coffee cart setup will be created and provided. Then, it’s time for payment and production. During manufacturing, our team will keep you updated by sharing pictures and videos.
View our custom coffee cart designs

DIY Your Mobile Coffee Cart & Get Started Within Your Budget

Give Us a Call or Email to Get a Turnkey Solution for Your Coffee Cart Business!

At ETO DEVICE, we are more than just a manufacturer; we are your private consultant for all things related to mobile coffee cart plans. Our services include one-on-one consultations, concept and design creation, equipment procurement, construction and production, branding solutions, budget management, and global delivery. We are here to guide you through every step of setting up your mobile coffee cart business step by step.

Our solutions offer great economic flexibility. Here, you can find the most competitive prices for basic models and pre-configured coffee cart designs that fit any budget. Our team has delivered countless projects worldwide and helped businesses get started, some with budgets as low as a few thousand dollars. We know how to start and run a mobile coffee business successfully with a low budget.

Contact us via email or fill out the form below to tell us about your specific needs and budget. We will provide you with a custom mobile coffee cart solution and a quote, quickly and for free!

For information about our customization service, payment, production, and delivery, please go to this page.
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