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Container Kitchen

Pre-assembled shipping container kitchens designed for commercial use. Available in many container sizes, designs & layouts. Design your own container kitchen!
ETO DEVICE is a one-stop shop that meets all your needs for a fully equipped shipping container kitchen
As a leading manufacturer of shipping container kitchens, we excel in modifying and converting containers of various sizes into code-compliant commercial kitchens, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Every custom shipping container we produce is crafted with top-quality steel and equipped with brand-new commercial kitchen appliances and equipment.

With years of experience in shipping container modifications & conversions, our team is highly confident in offering you an optimal container kitchen solution. This includes external and interior designs, kitchen layouts, quality tests, purchasing process, and delivery terms.

Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore our special projects and learn more about our shipping container kitchen conversions & modifications! So, keep scrolling!
Shipping Container Kitchen
20ft Container Kitchen for Resorts
19ft Container Kitchen
Container Commercial Kitchen

Shipping Container Kitchen

container kitchen
shipping container kitchen
shipping container kitchen for sale
container commercial kitchen for sale
Model: CB580
This 19ft shipping container kitchen is a freestanding fried chicken restaurant, perfect for offering drive-through services in outdoor settings like prominent street corners, bustling main streets, or industrial zones. It's equipped with a self-sufficient commercial kitchen, designed and constructed in full compliance with the codes and regulations of Georgia, US.
The kitchen is outfitted with stainless steel workbenches, deep fryers, a 3 compartment water sink, a food warmer, a range hood, a freezer, and an air conditioner. Access to instant clean water, electricity, and gas is available. It needs no additional setup. Contact us for any modification and customization you'd like to make to the container commercial kitchen design and layout.

Click the "Download" button to get the container kitchen specifications, images, the floor plan, and 2D renderings for free.

20ft Container Kitchen for Resorts

Turnkey Permanent Modular Kitchen for Resorts & Clubs
This 20ft container kitchen is one of the custom shipping container conversion projects we delivered to a golf club in Australia. It is a pre-assembled modular building that can be installed outdoors and connected to an existing building with power and water.

Inside, the shipping container houses a complete commercial kitchen with a climate-controlled workspace. From dishwashers and ovens to refrigerators, the modular kitchen is equipped with commercial-grade kitchen equipment and appliances to ensure efficient kitchen operations. Its interior layout is optimized for better workflow and maximum storage. In the cooking area, the stainless steel exhaust hood comes with a fire suppression system to ensure safety and smoke-free cooking. The dishwasher has hoses for connecting to the water supply and drainage systems. If there's no nearby water source, you can always use the water tank inside the container. Cooking requires both electricity and gas as energy sources. Hookups can be found on one side of the container.

The container kitchen is built to meet AU standards, with Australian compliant power and lighting fixtures, but can be reconfigured to meet specific building codes.

Click "Download" below to get the product brochure for free.

19ft Container Kitchen


Model: CB580
A self-sufficient outdoor kitchen built in a standard shipping container.

This 19*7 shipping container kitchen is customized for Baba Bento in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a prep kitchen that focuses on grab-and-go lunches and dinners and can become a permanent structure in any outdoor location. Access to instant clean water and stable electricity is ensured through the inclusion of water inlet valves and external power sources. Serving hatches have flip-up awnings and shelves for storing takeout boxes. Inside the container, we built a modern kitchen with stainless steel counters, refrigeration, cooking appliances, plenty of storage, and a lightweight wood finish.

Shipping container construction and conversion is fully in compliance with building codes in New Zealand.

To explore further details about this container kitchen, such as specifications, features, inclusions, designs, and the kitchen floor plan, just click the "Download" button below.

Container Commercial Kitchen

container commercial kitchen
shipping container commercial kitchen
converted shipping container kitchen for sale
shipping container commercial kitchen for sale
container commercial kitchen inside
container commercial kitchen design
fully equipped container commercial kitchen inside
Model: CB350

This 11ft shipping container kitchen offers a perfect solution that reduces costs and construction time by up to 50% compared to physical buildings. It is ideal to be located populated neighborhood as a catering, prep, or ghost kitchen. And if you prefer the traditional dining experience, this container can be converted into a restaurant, with outdoor seating options.

The kitchen, which is designed and manufactured to the high standards by our professional team, comes fully equipped with brand-new, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment. This makes it an excellent choice for preparing a wide range of specialty foods, including burgers, fried chicken, seafood, vegan dishes, and BBQ.

Click the “Download” button to get the detailed specifications, images, features, floor plans, and designss of this shipping container kitchen model for free.


ETO Shipping Container Kitchens

Our Pre-assembled Containerized Kitchens are Durable, Compliant, and Multifunctional

The shells of our kitchens are high-quality shipping containers made from corrugated steel, known for their corrosion resistance and stability even in extreme weather conditions. We employ special techniques to weld the shells, smooth all welding points, and apply a layer of waterproof paint on the surface. Consequently, these steel structures have the ability to withstand various outdoor challenges without experiencing leaks or rust.

Next, we convert these containers into functional kitchens.
This process entails cutting openings for windows and doors, adding insulation, setting up wiring and plumbing, and installing kitchen equipment. It follows a standard workflow, but we're more than open to customization based on your ideas to create a climate-controlled containerized kitchen that meets the functionality and efficiency you desire.

With custom equipment, these container kitchens have all the features of commercial kitchens, such as spacious kitchen space, plenty of storage, specific areas for kitchen tasks, stainless steel surfaces, and more. From cooking and food preparation to storage and service, every requirement can be met. ETO's professional modular team will collaborate with you throughout the entire process - from design to delivery - to ensure that your project meets your expectations and is built to code.


Permanent / Mobile Kitchens with All Your Needs

Explore the Impressive Features of Our Container Kitchens that You Can never Find Elsewhere


- Concession Windows -
- Windows with pop-out shelves
- With locks & latches
- Available in many sizes & types

Green Insulation -
- Thickness: 25mm
- Materials: polyurethane spray foam or black cotton
- Lightweight & low thermal conductivity

- Interior Walls & Ceilings -
- Made of durable & non-porous materials
- Easy to clean and maintain
- In light color

- Flooring -
- Stainless steel diamond plate
- Impervious & anti-slip
- Easy-to-clean


Rainproof Vents -
- Stainless steel vents
- Designed to create a smokeless kitchen
- Avert rain from collecting

- Electrical System -
- Installed by certified workers
- Compliant electrical fixtures
- Compatible with your appliances


- Sockets -
- 110V / 120V
- Comes with 8 outlets by default
- All near the workbench, at a safe distance

- Gas Piping -
- For use with natural gas & liquid propane
- Pre-installed by certified works
- Compatible with local building codes


- Water Supply System -
- A 2 compartment water sink
- A faucet & a water pump
- 25L water tanks & a floor drain


- Workbenches -
- Made from 201 stainless steel
- With backsplash
- 304 stainless steel is optional

- Storage -
- Stainless stainless surfaces
- Open cabinet design
- Big enough for all your tools & appliances

- Kitchen Equipment -
- Stainless steel kitchen equipment & appliances
- Designed for commercial use
- Over 50 types & models


3 Container Models to Start Your Build

Check Out Our 3 Basic Options to Get Started

Standard ISO Custom
  • ETO Shipping Containers
  • Made by hand at our factory
  • Made with quality corrugated steel & materials
  • More possibilities in custom conversions
  • Fast Production & Conversion
  • Size Options from 9ft to 19ft
  • Affordable pricing
  • New Standardized Shipping Containers
  • Built for intermodal transport
  • Purchased from our manufacturer at the best price
  • Not easy to buckle when being lifted and stacked
  • High durability that passes ISO requirements
  • Last 30 years or longer  in outdoor environments
  • Standard container sizes: 20ft & 40ft
  • Anything you imagine will be realized by our excellent team!


Shipping Container Kitchens, Versatile Structures for All Concepts

Explore the Limitless Possibilities of Modular Kitchens at ETO

Shipping container kitchens are designed to do more than just efficiently prepare food! They are incredibly versatile and can be modified or converted to suit various types of kitchens based on your business concept. For example:

  • Ghost Kitchen: These are commercial kitchens designed for takeout and online ordering services. They operate without a physical restaurant front or dining area.
  • Container Kitchen Restaurant: These can be either temporary or permanent restaurants, often featuring multi-level structures including kitchens, counters, waiting areas, outdoor seating, and restroom facilities.
  • Pop-up Container Concession Stand: These temporary food stands are used for selling food and beverages at events like competitions, seasonal activities, and special occasions.
  • Drive Thru: This service allows drivers to place orders and receive their food through a window without having to leave their vehicles.
  • Shipping Container Food Truck: By equipping a shipping container with suitable chassis, wheels, and braking systems, it can be transformed into a mobile kitchen capable of cooking and providing food services at various locations.

We offer tailored solutions and well-established floor plans for all of the concepts mentioned above. You can choose one and make further modifications and customizations to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen according to your design concept. Feel free to discuss your projects with our designers directly.


Custom Shipping Container Kitchen Design Process

Build Your Dream Container Kitchen in Three Steps

Converting a shipping container into a commercial kitchen involves much more than simply placing tables, sinks, and cooking equipment inside a cargo container. Before the conversion, a design that is thorough down to every detail is required, especially for projects that require a high degree of customization. This design must not only ensure compliance with local construction, building, health, and fire safety codes but also guarantee the creation of an efficient kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances, electrical systems, sinks, storage, and more.

In order to create a compliant and efficient container commercial kitchen, our design process includes the following steps:


- Structure -

Our production of custom shipping container kitchens adheres to a standard procedure, including raw material procurement, steel plate processing, welding, surface treatment, interior decoration, accessory installation, and quality inspection. This meticulous process ensures that all models boast top-notch quality and possess the standard features we mentioned above. Further modifications in basic configurations, such as widening the container, adding concession windows, and decorating the roof, are available and will be made in compliance with local regulations.


- Commercial Kitchen -

During this phase, our primary focus is on compliance. Initially, we ensure that every aspect, from construction to equipment, is code-compliant. You may need to pay extra for required features, such as NSF-certified 3 compartment sinks and water heaters for instant hot water. Next, we take into consideration your personal preferences and requirements to lay out the kitchen in a way that serves a specific purpose, such as maximizing storage, streamlining the preparation process, or creating a dedicated space for certain kitchen tasks. We also provide a variety of efficient kitchen floor plans for your consideration and selection.


- Marketing -

Whether you're building a self-contained outdoor kitchen with a focus on takeout and delivery services, or a fully equipped container kitchen to expand your restaurant business, Our designers will unleash their creativity to artistically convey your restaurant's brand, style, and menu through the exterior design of your structure.


Once all details are clear, a draft design of your structure, including 2D design sketches and kitchen layouts, will be provided. Any necessary adjustments will be made based on your requirements. Upon your confirmation, the kitchen will be constructed in our factory strictly in accordance with the approved drawings.


How Much Does a Shipping Container Kitchen Cost?

Let's Break Down the Costs of Your Shipping Container Kitchen

Our container kitchens are highly customized units, which means that they come in different specifications and prices. To help you in budget planning, the factors affecting the shipping container kitchen price are outlined below:
  • Shipping Container Sizes: The larger the shipping container, the higher the price. Our shipping containers range in length from 9 to 32 feet, with a width of 7 feet. The 19ft container is commonly used for conversions and is priced at $12,000. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, the 8ft container, starting at $5,000, might be suitable. With the right modifications, it's excellent for basic food preparation like crafting donuts, hot dogs, crepes, and hamburgers – perfect for street food vendors.
  • Modification vs. Conversions: We offer two options for building container kitchens: converting new ISO shipping containers and modifying shipping containers we construct from scratch using standard kits. Both offer the same level of quality, durability, functionality, and design.
  • Single unit vs. Combination: Any size of container can be converted into a commercial kitchen with designated areas for food preparation, storage, refrigeration, and cleaning. However, for those aiming to create a shipping container restaurant, it may require extra containers or utilizing the container's top to create additional space for customers
  • Kitchen Equipment: It all depends on your menus. You can create a fully equipped shipping container commercial kitchen by adding deep fryers, grills, bakery ovens, gas stoves, Bain Marie, ice cream machines, and so on. Additionally, consider refrigeration units, ventilation systems, and sinks for washing hands. Just like any other commercial kitchen, converted shipping container kitchen must comply with specific regulations set by the fire department and health departments
  • Customization Degree: Full-customized container kitchens can be built from scratch, allowing you to design and construct units that meet your specific needs and business requirements. We'll present all our custom options along with their prices, and provide a custom quote to you.
Our team is ready to discuss your kitchen concept and provide the best solution for your business within your budget. Contact us now via email ( sales@etofoodcarts.com ) or phone ( tel:15093205134 ) !


3 Delivery Options

We Promise Global Delivery on Time!

Shipping containers are designed for transportation, so basically, they can be shipped to any country or region. We offer the following options for transportation and delivery.


- Sea Freight -

We partner with reputable international shipping companies to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our containers nationwide. No matter where you are, we guarantee on-time delivery.

- Railway Transport -

Opting for railway transport can offer you shorter delivery times, simpler shipping procedures, and lower freight costs, especially when shipping to countries bordering China.

- Self-Pickup -
If it's convenient for you, you have the option to pick up your container kitchen from our factory in person. We'll provide the necessary support to ensure a seamless pickup process.

Before shipping and delivery, the kitchen equipment and appliances inside the containers are reinforced and packaged to ensure they are in the best condition. Additionally, each container is securely crated for maximum protection during transit. we handle all the necessary documentation and procedures for transportation while providing real-time tracking. Once your shipment arrives at the designated port or warehouse, we will arrange for delivery.
Delivery is a crucial part of our kitchen solutions. Our team will consult with you on delivery terms, destination, tariffs, insurance, and more, and provide an exact freight quotation. We guarantee a reliable and expedited delivery service at the best price.



Why Buy Shipping Container Kitchen at ETO?

Because We Can Offer More & Better than any Other Manufacturer!

ETO is a company specializing in one-stop solutions for
custom shipping container modifications & conversions. We have a professional team responsible for handling all aspects of shipping container conversions, including the design, procurement, construction, installation, and inspection. With extensive expertise and experience in this industry, we have the capability to create containers that meet your business requirements, whether it's for shipping container outdoor kitchens or mobile kitchens. Simply put, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

ETO Service Commitments:
- Fully Custom Solution -
Everything is designed and manufactured according to the exact specifications you request.
- Construction from Scratch -
All shipping containers are brand new, either manufactured by us or sourced from other companies.

- Built-to-Code Design - 
Kitchens are designed and constructed to be compliant with regulations in terms of building, safety, and health.

- Commercial Equipment -
We only use brand-new commercial kitchen equipment & appliances sourced from leading manufacturers.

- Better Purchase Experience - 
During the purchasse process, we will address all your queries & offer guidance to assist you in making wise decisions.


- Payment Term -
Various payment options, including PayPal, Alipay, Online Banking Transfer, and more, are available.

- After-sale Services -
We provide training on how to operate your own kitchen and offer a range of technical support that you need.

- 1-Year Warranty -
For every clinet, we offer a one-year manufacturer warranty for free to give you peace of mind.

- Disposable Catering Supplies -  
You can wholesale high-quality disposable restaurant supplies from subsidiary at competitive prices.

Looking to build a kitchen in a shipping container? Our team is eager to learn more about your kitchen concept and turn it into reality! Please fill out the contact form below, providing as much information as possible about your concept and business, such as your business model, preferred container specifications (model and dimensions), necessary equipment, specific requirements, budget, as well as any local regulations pertaining to shipping container kitchens. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to initiate an initial discussion about your project. Following that, you will get a feasible kitchen design proposal and a custom quote.

We look forward to working with you!
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