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Bakery Trailer

7-26ft bakery food trailers for donut, sandwich, cupcake, crepe & waffle, tailored on the hottest concession trailer models. Build your mobile bakery with us.
You are in the right place if you are looking for a turnkey solution for a unique mobile bakery concept! As a professional food trailer manufacturer specializing in food trailer design and customization, we provide a wide selection of bakery food trailers and trucks for sale, from the fully equipped mini donut trailer to the cute cupcake trailer. All these pre-configured mobile bakeries can be tailored according to your requirements in terms of design, layout, style, and budget.

Now, keep scrolling down to take a look below at the custom bakery trailers built for our clients from all over the world for some inspiration for your setup.
11ft Bread Trailer for Sale
11ft Mobile Bakery Food Trailer for Sale
7ft Sandwich Trailer for Sale
Mini Donut Trailer for Sale
Small Cupcake Trailer for Sale
Taiyaki Ice Cream Trailer for Sale
Donut Concession Trailer for Sale
Waffle Food Trailer for Sale
Small Cake and Dessert Food Trailer
Fried Dough Cart for Sale
Candy Food Trailer

11ft Bread Trailer for Sale

Model: FS350
A True Mobile Bakery to Bake on the Go!

This 11ft air-conditioned bread trailer for sale is a mobile bakery designed to bake and sell fresh bakery food around communities. As the ultimate solution to the bakery business, it is outfitted with commercial-grade kitchen fixtures and equipment for all baking needs on the road: a double deck gas oven, a 32L dough mixer, a 350L fridge, stainless steel workbenches, and cabinets. And ventilation, allowing you to make large batches of bread, pastries, cookies, and more outside your storefront. The water sinks and the hand sink are USA-compliant, and they are equipped with 5 large water tanks for water storage. Inside, there is plenty of space to store ingredients, prep your dough, bake, and clean up. 

The food trailer comes with its own power source - a 6.5kw generator with the ability to power all the appliances and units in the kitchen. The braking system is included. Natural gas pipelines and electrical fixtures are installed before delivery. 

Click "Download" below to get more pictures and specifications of the bread trailer.

11ft Mobile Bakery Food Trailer for Sale

Model: FR350WD
Fully Equipped Mobile Bakery for Desserts & Ice Cream Rolls

This 11*7ft mobile bakery food trailer by ETO is specially customized for a Dutch home-based bakery brand - Alex's Patisserie and it's used to sell scratch-made custom cakes, cupcakes, waffles, ice cream rolls, and various homemade pastries on all occasions. The bakery trailer design is to meet on-site live baking, food preparation, and cooking needs and ensure products are as hot and fresh as possible before being sold.

The trailer has a full bakery kitchen that is outfitted with a mixer, a waffle maker, a fridge, a rolled ice cream machine, a cake display, an oven, electric stoves, fryers, workbenches, cabinets, and ventilation. All bakery equipment is electric and commercial-grade, capable of mass-producing almost all types of bakery food and frozen desserts. To ensure a reliable power supply, there are three separate dedicated circuits for specific kitchen equipment and devices like lighting, water pumps, and sockets. The workbenches have stainless steel surfaces that are durable, easy to clean, and maintain, with ample storage underneath. Super large concession windows and extra countertop space help display and sell your products. The vinyl graphics are customized to reflect the client's brand and philosophy. Visit this page to learn more about the story of Alex's Patisserie Bakery Trailer.

Click "Download" below to get more pictures and specifications.

7ft Sandwich Trailer for Sale


Model: FR220D
Small Breakfast Trailer With a Commercial Kitchen to Cook on the go!

Built on our hottest roundtop food trailer model, this mobile sandwich trailer for sale is a quick and low-cost solution to set up a pop-up breakfast station to offer on-the-go breakfast and lunch options. As a small food trailer, it is towable for more vehicles and requires minimal space for quick setup. And the best part? Less fuss finding parking and fewer costs spent on operation!

The sandwich trailer is small in size, but big in functionality. Its commercial kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel kitchen equipment and cooking appliances, including a griddle, fryer, fridge, water sinks, and worktable, which allows you to whip up personalized sandwiches, paninis, pancakes, and omelets within a minute. The electrical fixtures are USA-compliant, so you can use your professional appliances in the trailer. On your food trailer wrap, you can add anything you want to make the trailer branded.

Click "Download" below to get more pictures and specifications.

Mini Donut Trailer for Sale


Model: FM300

Mini Food Trailer Model, Equipped with Donut Making Machine

This 10ft mini donut trailer for sale is your best solution to start your donut business in a unique way so that location is no longer a restriction for the operation and expansion of your food business. It allows you to start a pop-up donut shop on wheels, taking your fresh handmade donuts to special events, like sports, weddings, and parties. The classic and retro food trailer design will definitely attract longer queues! The model, just like our roundtop series, is a full steel trailer, but with unique patterns and larger flip-up concession windows, making it the top choice for bakers who seek uniqueness and distinctiveness.

The donut trailer is designed for baking live, not for delivery. It is equipped with stainless steel workbenches, a fridge, an oven, a donut maker, a donut fryer, and sinks, all designed for commercial use. Above the donut-making machines, there is an exhaust hood installed for effectively removing the fumes produced during frying. The U-shaped workbench provides you with plenty of countertops and storage space. Dedicated circuits can be designed for your professional cooking equipment. The kitchen can accommodate up to 3 people. All of these features make the trailer a perfect mobile bakery trailer for hand-crafted, small-batch donuts.

Click "Download" below to get the food trailer designs and layouts

Small Cupcake Trailer for Sale

Model: FR220WD

Mobile Concession Stand to Sell & Display Cupcakes & Desserts at Anywhere

This 7ft small cupcake trailer is custom-built for "Andie’s Eats," a New York brand known for its innovative custom cake scraps, entirely designed by Andie herself. We built the trailer and Andie, completed the final trailer wrap, making her trailer branded. It replaces Andie's concession tent and becomes a mobile concession stand selling cake scraps on the go at weddings, birthday parties, sports events, and other special occasions in a unique way.

The cupcake trailer is a single-axle roundtop food trailer, our most popular and adorable concession trailer model, almost perfect for parking and setting up anywhere on the street. It features large concession windows on both sides with stainless steel counters, providing ample countertop space to display products and attract customers passing by. Don't miss anyone walking past the trailer! The interior layout is designed to maximize storage, countertop, and refrigeration space. It's equipped with stainless steel workbenches, cabinets, water sinks, and fridges to ensure smooth business operations.

Click "Download" below to get detailed specifications and more pictures.

Taiyaki Ice Cream Trailer for Sale

Model: FS350
Make fresh fish-shaped waffles and take them to the street with this fully equipped food trailer, where the aroma will captivate everyone!
This 11*7ft taiyaki ice cream trailer by ETO is a taiyaki food trailer in Switzerland appearing in street fairs, communities, farmers' markets, gatherings, pop-up events, and sports events. It's a bakery on wheels, designed to make fresh ice cream, taiyaki waffles, and other Japanese street foods on-site and bring them to various events and locations!
The food trailer size is just perfect, fitting a variety of locations and spaces, from the front of your ice cream shop to someone’s backyard. To ensure you can bake and create on-site while adhering to the highest quality standards, we outfitted the food trailer with a commercial-grade equipment package. This includes refrigerators, a drink cooler, ice cream machines, and Taiyaki makers. You can make each Taiyaki in front of customers to satisfy their curiosity. We haven't forgotten about ventilation. Even though these electric Taiyaki makers don’t produce flames or smoke, we installed a commercial-grade range hood above them, which ventilates to keep the trailer cool and helps the delightful waffle aroma spread far and wide. All equipment runs on electricity. We have also installed stainless steel cabinets along both walls, capable of holding hundreds of pounds. Regarding the water tanks, we upgraded them for greater storage capacity: 80L for fresh water and 82L for wastewater. Other upgrades include KNOTT axles, brakes, a trailer step, air conditioning, a canopy, and a logo sign.

Click "Download" below to see what is included in the Equipment Package.

Donut Concession Trailer for Sale

Model: FS430
Fully Equipped Donut Trailer that Makes Batches of Fresh Donuts
This 14*7ft donut concession trailer is our enclosed box trailer model, a top choice in our lightweight food trailer series, and a popular option across the United States, perfect for setting up and operating in communities, sports events, farmers' markets, and more. It has efficient donut machines that semi-automatically churn out large batches of fried donuts,

Inside, you'll find a small donut production line consisting of a dough mixer and an auto donut dryer, both commercial-grade equipment ensuring consistent quality, shape, and texture of the donuts without the need for labor-intensive manual work. From batter mixing to frying, the entire donut preparation process is nearly hands-free. Donuts are automatically deposited, fried, flipped, and dispensed in the fryer. You can sugar, ice, or glaze donuts in front of customers while a new batch of donuts takes on a golden hue in the oil. A stainless steel range hood covers the entire cooktop area, effectively removing the greasy fumes generated by the donut fryers and other cooking equipment. The stainless steel guard on the workbench protects the walls from potential damage caused by oil splashes that may occur while using the fryer. Essentially, you can cook safely and efficiently inside the trailer.

Click "Download" below to get the donut trailer specifications.

Waffle Food Trailer for Sale

Model: FS220R
Small Round Box Trailer Design for Selling Waffle & Street Food

This 7*5ft waffle food trailer for sale is designed to whip up and sell fresh-made, soft waffles, not pre-packaged frozen dough. It is small, portable, and light, perfect for roaming around the state and neighboring areas and catering to weddings, parties, and events. You can also use it as your creative stand to offer food and beverages on the go at malls, exhibitions, and resorts. With an extra large concession window, you can create unforgettable dining experiences by allowing customers to witness how their food is being made.

Besides classic Liege waffles, the waffle trailer can offer waffle sundaes, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, coffee, milkshakes, and toast, nearly anything you want BECAUSE It has a fully equipped commercial kitchen, capable of prepping, cooking, and serving anytime, anywhere. Inside, you'll find:
  • Large workbench with stainless steel surface for food preparation, cooking, and storage
  • Wall shelves for disposable food containers, ingredients, and utensils
  • A 3-compartment water sink, a hand sink, and other water supply kits required by Health Codes
  • A 130L stainless water tank and waste water tank
  • Standard power sockets for plugging in your professional cooking appliances
  • Dedicated circuits, cable cover kits, and LED lights
  • Cabinet with sliding doors
  • Non-porous, smooth, easy-to-clean interior finish

Click "Download" below to learn more about our waffle food trailer for sale.

Small Cake and Dessert Food Trailer

This 7.2×5.2 small cake and dessert food trailer belongs to a Dutch customer. Customers will buy cakes, breads and refreshments at a nearby market. This is a great deal on a small food trailer perfect for first-time entrepreneurs.

  • Power system in line with European standards (single-phase 220V/50Hz, 6 sockets, 32A external power supply, maximum power 7040W)
  • Generator box made of cold plate material (double-door grille cooling holes)
  • RZ3900CX gasoline generator (rated output 2.8kW, forced air cooling, four-stroke, 208cc)
  • 205L horizontal refrigerator (208W, 0-10℃)
  • Stainless Steel Work Bench (with Locker Compartment)
  • 2 spaced stainless steel sinks (with hot and cold taps)
  • Hydraulic rod support sales window
  • Aluminum-plastic panel interior
  • Patterned aluminum floor
  • 2×25L buckets
  • 5mm thick glass

Fried Dough Cart for Sale


Model: FN350
Perfect Addition for Bakery Shop, Cafes, Ice Cream Shops & Restaurant!

If you're looking for the most unusual mobile food trailer, here it is. This odd, unique black fried dough cart for sale is our custom food trailer project that creates a sale point to attract customers and improve sales for a donut shop in UAE. It is used as an addition to make and offer classic fried dough, doughnuts, apple fritters, and other fried foods in front of the shop. Its unique appearance - peculiar look and matte surface - definitely stands out among those popular enclosed box trailers and roundtop trailers, making every passerby turn their head.

The fried dough cart has a stainless steel commercial kitchen equipped with commercial-grade kitchen equipment and appliances. Quality stainless steel finishes ensure an easy-to-clean and maintained kitchen space. The oil splashes and grease generated from fryers and other cooking appliances can be effortlessly removed by wiping. Ventilation is included. The electrical system, including Schneider's circuit breaker, an electrical panel board, 220V sockets. You can use your professional equipment in the trailer. The water system comes with a water heater, capable of giving instant hot water within seconds.

Click "Download" below to trailer specifications.

Candy Food Trailer


Model: FS400
The best food concession trailer to display and sell sweet food in all states in the USA.

This 13ft candy food trailer is a code-compliant concession trailer custom-built for Crackable Sweets, a brand specializing in candied fruits. It is for product pickup, delivery, and catering services at special events. The trailer body is wrapped in fully vinyl graphics for brand promotion. Both concession windows are decorated with LED lights and track lights, enhancing product display and catering experiences.

The candy food trailer features plenty of refrigeration and storage space and an air-conditioned kitchen that allows efficient food preparation anywhere and anytime. Everything is ready, and all you need is a generator which we can offer to start.

Click "Download" below to get more candy food trailer pictures for free!


Mobile Bakery Trailers and Trucks

A Fast & Efficient Way to Get Started in the Bakery Industry

What is a bakery trailer? Simply put, it is a bakery in a trailer, offering a unique and innovative approach to getting started in the bakery industry.

As a unique bakery concept, a bakery food trailer now becomes the hottest trend that has revolutionized the baking industry by changing the way bakeries operate. It gives bakers the opportunity to take their food on the road and bring the bakery experience directly to customers, wherever they may be.



A bakery on wheels allows you to cater to demand wherever it may be, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing trends and explore new locations without the limitations of a permanent building.
Fast Setup

With a towing vehicle, you can swiftly take your mobile bakery to any desired location, allowing you to expand your customer base across diverse communities.
Customer Engagement
A mobile bakery offers a unique opportunity to transform each interaction into an unforgettable experience by providing personalized bakery food and offering private catering services. 
Cost-Effective Solution
Investing in a bakery franchise often involves significant expenses. In contrast, a mobile bakery trailer allows you to kickstart your business with a small investment.


Endless Possibilities for Your Bakery Business

Explore Our Hottest Types of Mobile Bakery Trailers & Trucks

More than just bread! The bakery concepts are various. So do the options our bakery trailer for sale give you. Whether you're dreaming of a small dessert trailer for serving cupcakes or a fully equipped mobile bakery to provide freshly made pastries, our food trailers can be converted to the perfect setup that fits your specific bakery business, with a wide array of options in food trailer design, layout, and kitchen equipment available. Here are some popular bakery configurations designed for the hottest bakery concepts.

Mini-Donut-Trailer-for-Sale Mini Donut Trailer
  • Ideal food trailer size for all street food vendors
  • Designed for mobile food vending
  • Equipped with commercial donut makers and fryers
  • Fast setup
View more here.
Mobile Bread Bakery 
  • A food trailer that you can bake bread inside
  • Fully functional, fully equipped bakery on wheels
  • Can be used as a retail bakery in residential areas
  • Equipped with a double-deck oven, a dough mixer, 3 compartment sink, and more

View more here.
Mobile-Dessert-Trailer-for-Sale Dessert Trailer
  • Designed to display and sell your sweet treats
  • Refrigeration space to keep the best quality and texture of your products
  • Plenty of countertop, storage, and shelf space
  • Add your appliances to the trailer
View more here.
Cupcake Trailer
  • Designed to sell cupcakes on the go
  • Better than concession tents
  • Large concession windows on both sides
  • Clean kitchen space for food preparation
View more here.
Waffle-Trailer-for-Sale Waffle Trailer
  • Enclosed food trailer for making fresh waffles
  • Equipped with an under-counter fridge and a freezer
  • Option to add countertop cooking appliances
  • Electricity and gas are available
Customize it Now!
Sandwich & Panini Trailer
  • Designed for food preparation and cooking rather than just baking
  • Offers on-the-go breakfast option
  • Quickly set up near office buildings or commercial areas
  • Including a griddle, fryer, fridge & water sink
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 We Do Customization to Your Mobile Bakery!

Configure Your Mobile Bakery Trailer in 5 Simple Steps!

Every bakery is unique, distinguished by its unique concept and the delectable desserts they create. Hence, the need for an ideal bakery trailer tailored to those specific requirements becomes important. The pre-configured option you prefer may be lacking in a certain feature that you want - a cake display to showcase your sweet creations clearly to customers, or a commercial fryer to make fresh donuts. However, customization is the key that unlocks endless possibilities for your mobile bakery, allowing you to construct a mobile bakery that caters precisely to your specific business needs.

It is vital to consider each step when building custom food trailers, for it entails more than simply adding fancy and advanced embellishments and add-ons. There are critical factors to contemplate, ensuring that your bakery food trailer not only fulfills your business requirements but also optimizes your overall operations. There is ultimate guidance our professional food trailer designers give to assist you in creating your ideal bakery on the wheel.

Food Trailer Models
Here are the hottest food trailer models you are looking for.
ETO-Food-Trailers-for-Sale   This page showcases some of our pre-configured options, all equipped with the commercial kitchen equipment and appliances essential for bakeries. They can be customized to provide a 100% turnkey solution, such as adding necessary equipment and additional components and optimizing the interior layout. Whether you're focused on pre-baked cupcakes or freshly made cookies, there must be an ideal setup here for your baking business. If you have the image of the trailer design you like, share us and we will work to fabricate a replica for you.
Visit our gallery to see all of our food trailer models!
Food Trailer Sizes
Find the Best Food Trailer Size for Your Bakery Business
The smallest size available is 7 feet, while the maximum can reach up to 26 feet. Our trailers offer a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet your specific length, width, and height requirements. The best food trailer size depends on your menu.
  • Pre-baked bakery food: A small food trailer ranging from 7 to 10 feet in length is the ideal solution because you won't need kitchen space for baking.
  • Bakery food on the go: The size of the food trailer should be determined based on the type and quantity of cooking equipment needed. To optimize space utilization, we recommend countertop cooking equipment.
  • Artisanal Baking food: 15ft concession trailers or large ones are the perfect food trailer size for converting into a bakery where you can prepare and bake all kinds of artisanal pastries with ease.

 Read this ultimate guide for trailer sizes.

Food Trailer Equipment
A Versatile Mobile Kitchen or a Display Unit?
Mobile-Food-Trailer-Interior   No matter what you need, we can build it! Just like traditional bakeries, mobile bakery trailers should be outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment that enhances baking capabilities and efficiency. From ovens and cake displays to exhaust hoods and sinks, we offer a wide range of commercial-grade kitchen equipment and appliances. Whatever model you require, we can source and install it into your food trailer.

 You can also add your own professional equipment. We'll handle a series of tasks to facilitate your easy installation and usage, such as drilling, designing separate circuits, and installing special outlets. Please share your equipment list with us during the design phase.
Food Trailer Design
Decide on the Design of Every Inch of Your Bakery Trailer, Both Inside & Out
Your mobile bakery should not only be a functional workspace but also a reflection of your unique style and brand.

At ETO, from the food trailer look to the interior kitchen layout, every element can be customized to suit your brand image and create a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you prefer a modern design or a rustic, vintage aesthetic, our food trailer design team is here to bring your vision to life. We pay attention to every detail, from food trailer lighting design and flooring options to color schemes and food trailer wrap, to create a mobile bakery trailer that showcases your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Extra Add-ons
For Better Functionality, Efficiency & Comfort

Our mobile bakery trailer for sale comes with many add-ons to enhance its functionality, efficiency, and comfort. Below are several popular options to elevate your mobile bakery to the next level:
  • Extra appliances for upselling: espresso machines, soft-serve ice cream machines, rolled ice cream machines
  • Items to increase storage: wall shelves, wall cabinets
  • Addition options for safety and comfort: retractable awnings, sliding concession windows, brake systems, generator boxes, gas tank holders


Complete Your Mobile Bakery Trailer

Build a True Bakery to Bake

If you're a professional baker, you know how crucial specialized equipment is for your business. Passion for baking is just one element of business success; high quality and efficiency, which require the right specialized equipment, are equally vital. Like physical bakeries, food trailers allow you to tailor them to specific types of bakeries by equipping them with the necessary tools and machinery. Check out the ultimate equipment list for mobile bakery trailers and trucks and select the right one for your mobile bakery.


Bakery Equipment

The Core of Your Bakery

Extra Options

Expand Your Menus

Kitchen Equipment

Some are Required for Compliance
  • Electric Mixers
  • Ovens
  • Bakery Display Case
  • Food Warmers
  • Fridges / Freezer
  • Donut Fryers
  • Toasters
  • Salad Prep Bars
  • Soft-serve Ice Cream Machines
  • Espresso Machines
  • Drink Dispensers
  • Waffle Makers
  • Crepe Makers
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Grills
  • Ice Makers
  • 3 Compartment Water Sinks
  • Hand Sinks
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Water Heaters
  • NSF-certified Kitchen Equipment

Where to purchase? Leave it to us! We can source any equipment and appliances you need at near wholesale prices, even those not listed on our website, all of which are high-quality, durable commercial-grade equipment. You can specify brands, types, models, specifications, and more. As for pricing, we only offer the best! By buying from here, you save the hassle of comparing prices and arranging trailer space. Everything is delivered after installation.

Go to this page for the ultimate guide on the food trailer equipment.



Need an Exact Quote for Your Custom-built Bakery Trailer?

Contact Our Team Now!

How much does it cost to buy a bakery food truck trailer that is built for your special needs? Why not contact us now for a free quote?

At ETO, we understand that food trailer cost plays a pivotal role when selecting a bakery food truck trailer for your business. It is difficult to provide an exact price here since our bakery trailers are built to order, including additional features and add-ons that may vary in price. While we do showcase a selection of prefabricated bakery food trailers for sale with prices, these prices may have slight fluctuations, higher or lower, depending upon your preferences concerning the food trailer size, kitchen equipment, customization, and additional add-ons. So, contact us now for detailed customization and add-on options that are available to the pre-configured bakery food trailer for sale.

If you prefer a 100% custom-built unit, we will work with you from the start and deliver an ideal bakery food trailer built to your design ideas and concepts. Our professional food trailer design team comprehends the intricate requirements of bakers, be its specialized equipment, efficient storage solutions, or a captivating exterior design. So, nothing is impossible here.

Now, please fill out the contact form below to inform us of your requirements, such as trailer model, size, color, electrical specifications, equipment, interior layout, etc. The more detailed information you provide, the more accurate our quote will be.
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