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Andie's Pink Dessert Trailer - Love From Father

This 7.2×6.5 desert trailer for sale was built by ETO DEVICE for Larry in the United States. This is a birthday gift that Larry bought for his daughter Andie. His daughter has always had a pink princess dream. This dessert trailer is indeed a pink dream.

Andie's pink dessert trailer

Andie's pink dessert food trailer

When our engineers knew that this was a gift from a father to his daughter, they made their best efforts to design and build this dessert trailer because they knew it was a very meaningful thing.

Custom design

Our designer designed this beautiful trailer for Larry. The pink tone of the trailer makes it full of dreamy colors, which is a sweet girly style. We also customized her LOGO, Andie’s Eat.
Andie was very happy after receiving the car. Yes, she likes this gift very much.

Specifications of Dessert Food Trailer

Model: 220WD
Size: 2200×2000×2300mm
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Double sale windows
Double water sinks
Andie's Eats LOGO
Equipment of dessert trailer


Dessert Food Trailer is only equipped with a horizontal refrigerator to ensure the freshness of the food. Andie will buy other dessert cooking equipment herself and place them on the workbench.
Horizontal refrigerator specifications:
Size: 1500×800×800mm
Capacity: 250L
Temperature: 2-8℃
Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Design drawing of Dessert Food Trailer

We provided Larry with a 2D design drawing of the trailer.
Design drawing

Details of the dessert trailer

Our free services for customers:
Logo design
Body pattern design

Why does Larry buy a food trailer?

Larry is from New York, USA, and he has a lovely daughter named Andie. Andie discovered her love of the culinary world at a very young age when her mother used to bake with her and her father taught her how to cook gourmet dishes.
As a talented amateur chef, Andie’s dad taught her everything from how to use knives properly to what seasonings would add the right flavor to each dish as they spent countless hours making family meals together.
Andie also enjoyed watching cooking shows on television including Ace of Cakes and The Cake Boss, both of which solidified her love of baking.
After dabbling in making cupcakes and cakes, Andie turned her attention to using royal icing on butter cookies. she combined the entrepreneurial values taught at home with her special talents and created her first business, Karma Cookies, while still in high school. When Andie was in college, he also worked part-time in a dessert shop, which was mainly engaged in biscuits, cakes and snacks.

Dessert trailer design

When Andie became an adult at the age of 18, Larry promised to give his daughter a commemorative gift. So Larry found Emma, the sales manager of Chinese food trailer manufacturer ETO DEVICE. According to the client's budget and business plan, our engineers designed a round trailer with double windows for Larry and equipped it with a refrigerated refrigerator. This 7.2×6.5 small food trailer is suitable for gourmet entrepreneurs who have just started a business.

If you are from New York and plan to start a mobile food trailer business, you can go and take a look at Andie's pink dessert food trailer.

Do you want to start a dessert business too? You can browse our more food trailer pictures. If you already have an idea, let ETO DEVICE build a dessert food trailer for sale for you now!
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