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White Enclosed Hot Dog Food Trailer

This white enclosed hot dog trailer for sale belongs to the Danish customer El Gran Danes. ETO DEVICE accepted his request and built this mobile hot dog cart trailer. El Gran Danes mainly wants to sell hot dogs and chicken wraps.

Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer

The white hot dog food trailer

Design drawing of mobile hot dog cart trailer

Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer 2D Design Drawing

Hot dog cart trailer specifications

This is a 7.5×6.5 enclosed food trailer for sale. Ample space allows 2-3 chefs to make hot dogs without hindering each other.
Inside the trailer, there is a surrounding workbench next to the window. Below the workbench is storage space.
It has two water sinks and is equipped with hot and cold taps.
In the rear space of the hot dog trailer, we have reserved space for customers to place refrigerators or freezers.

Hot Dog Trailer Details  Hot Dog

Where does El Gran Denes Hot Dogs sell food?
El Gran Danes is committed to providing the best local Danish hot dogs and has won praise from customers.
He often signs up for his hot dog trailer to participate in various food events, and he also provides services for weddings and parties. In the daily operation route, the entrance of the movie theater, the shopping mall and the campus are the places where El Gran Danes' food cart trailer most often goes.
Gran Denes Hot Dogs participated in the Danish Queen’s birthday celebration in the Danish community in Chile, and was invited by the Royal Danish Embassy to participate in the European Community anniversary celebration with the theme of food. He said that all the attendees liked his hot dogs, and El gran was also very happy to bring everyone a gourmet experience.
In addition to participating in different activities, in order to allow more Chileans to taste delicious hot dogs, the enclosed hot dog food trailer will operate in different locations during the rest of the time, such as Matucana, Plaza Borsillo in Morland, El Salvador and Sanfont, etc.

Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer At Party  Enclosed Hot Dog Trailer On Street

Do you also want to have a enclosed hot dog trailer for sale?
We have many different mobile hot dog cart trailers, browse our gallery to help you get hot dog trailer ideas.
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