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220D Red Pizza Food Trailer

This is a 7×5 mobile pizza food trailer for sale, but as long as it is equipped with the corresponding equipment, you can use it to cook and sell any food. It is a very simple small mobile trailer suitable for selling simple food. If your food menu is complicated, then you may need a larger trailer.

Mobile pizza trailer

Red mobile small pizza food trailer

This red pizza food trailer belongs to Giuseppe from France. He said that he wants to run a small pizza business on holidays and hopes to see his food trailer in France in the shortest possible time. Our 220D small food trailer can fully meet the needs of customers.

Design drawing

Below is the 2D design drawing of the 220D pizza trailer. If you need, we can also provide 3D design drawings. The design service is free.
220D pizza trailer design drawing

220D pizza trailer specifications

Model: 220D
Size: 2200×1600×2300mm
Water system: double sinks + hot and cold water tap
Color: red (can be customized)
Workbench width: 500mm


The advantages of the standard 220D food trailer:
Delivery time is short. Usually our factory has stock and can ship at any time.
Because it is a standard trailer with a simple structure, it is cheap.
Suitable for simple menu options.
Can be equipped with the kitchen equipment you need.
Giuseppe's Pizza
Dough mixer

Mobile Pizza Kitchen Equipment

According to the customer's request, we equip the customer's pizza trailer with a 20L capacity dough mixer, which is an important kitchen equipment for making pizza.
Specifications of the dough mixer:
Model HS20
Volume capacity 20L
Mixing capacity 8KG
Speed of dough mixer 150/200R/Min
Barrel speed 15/20R/Min
Voltage  110V/220V/3-380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 1.5kW
Size 730mm*390mm*900mm
Weight 90KG

What does the red pizza food trailer bring to Giuseppe?

Before owning a mobile pizza trailer, Giuseppe could only run an indoor business, or occasionally set up temporary tents outdoors to make and sell pizza.

After Giuseppe bought the pizza trailer, he usually parked the trailer in front of his pizza shop, Pizza al taglio. This red pizza trailer attracted a large number of people to buy pizza and gained many loyal fans.

Pizza tent VS pizza trailer
Pizza tent VS Pizza trailer
Now, the red mobile pizza trailer allows Giuseppe to participate in more outdoor activities, such as music festivals and food carnivals. Even when it rains, his trailer can be opened normally to provide food for everyone. The red pizza food trailer has indeed brought huge profits to Giuseppe.

If you are interested, you can follow Giuseppe's FB, which will update the dishes regularly and publish discounts.

If you want to start your mobile gourmet business like Giuseppe, contact us now!
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