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Paul’s Fully Equipped Ghost Kitchen Food Truck for Fast Food Takeaway in Guam

This 16ft ghost kitchen food truck, a combination of the ghost kitchen and mobile food truck, is the creative custom project we designed for Paul, a whizz in the kitchen. He had a plan for making money by selling fast food in Guam. At first, Paul came to us with the concept of the ghost kitchen, a new trend in the restaurant industry, and expected a solution for converting a 16ft food truck into a ghost kitchen for the fast food takeaway business only. Here is the surprise that our design team gave him. Keep reading to learn more about Paul's fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck, including its spec, features, price, design, and how it ensures sustained growth of your business.

16ft ghost kitchen food truck for sale in guam
fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck for sale


Specification of Paul’s Ghost Kitchen Food Truck in Guam

Model: YT-FS500
Dimension: L500*W200*H230 cm
Tires: 165/70R13
Chassis & Frame: Reinforced Galvanized Steel Tubes
Color: RAL7044
fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck for sale in guam
fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck layout
Electrical: 110V/60Hz, electrical panel, sockets, LED lighting units , exterior receptacle outlet for the generator
Water system: sinks with splash guard, cold & hot water faucet, auto water pumps, 25L plastic water tanks, floor drain, water heaters
Accessory: 88cm safety chain, heavy duty support legs, trailer jack with wheel, trailer tail light, drop down folding concession shelves


  • A quality food truck made of fine steel materials that reach industry standards.
  • Reinforced galvanized steel chassis and frame
  • Two large concession windows with awnings and drop-down concession service tables
  • A/C unit
  • Standard layouts of electrical and water system
  • The installation of gas piping
  • Large refrigeration storage
  • The turnkey commercial kitchen equipment package
  • Custom mobile kitchen layout
  • Plenty of countertops and storage space


Ghost Kitchen Food Truck Design

fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck design


How Much Does It Cost to Start a Ghost Kitchen Food Truck in Guam?

There are many factors in estimating the start-up cost of the ghost kitchen food truck, such as fuel, labor, and permits. But, they are not the largest share of the cost. So, let's put them aside, and talk about the cost of the ghost kitchen food truck, the topic that most buyers care about the most. Here is the price list for Paul's 16ft fully equipped food truck and the included equipment:

Item Price
YT-FS500 Food Truck $5,600
350L Under-bench Fridge $750
Stainless Steel Range Hood $310
3 Compartment Water Sink & a Hand Sink $260
6L Gas Fryer $190
Countertop Gas Grill $260
Gas Line $70
A/C Unit $620
Total $8,060

fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck
electrical system in the fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck


How Does a Ghost Kitchen Food Truck Help Your Business Grow?

Believe it or not, the ghost kitchen food truck is the future of the industry. It requires no traditional in-dining setups or huge rents and gives a unique experience to customers. Is that all the features it has? What will it bring to me? Can it help me to expand my business? Is it worth investing in it? These are common questions that our buyers have. So, it is time to give you the lowdown on the ghost kitchen food truck concept. Here are the benefits of the ghost kitchen food truck that help your restaurant business grow in the long term.

100% Custom Built

When setting up a traditional restaurant, you are limited in your choices by the existing layout of a building. Water tubing, gas lines, and wiring are designed in advance, deciding your kitchen layout to some degree. Your kitchen design is great and works best for you, but some modifications are necessary if it is not in compliance with the building layout. Then, thousands of dollars will be spent on the redesign of the electrical, pipes, and tubes. So, why not have something that is built based on your specific requirements from the start?

The ghost kitchen food truck is customized and tailored according to Paul's ideas and business needs, from its specification to the interior kitchen layout. Yes. When it comes to customization, we are not talking about restaurant equipment for cooking, refrigerating, and cleaning only. What we want to provide clients with is a turnkey solution for creating the fully equipped ghost kitchen food truck with all the features they need and want in the aspect of the spec, layout, and design. Working with you from the start, our professional team leads an ear to your requirements patiently and offers options that you need, simplifying the process of building the ghost kitchen food truck you dream of.

Here are some of the options for customization you can consider for your build:
  • Food Truck Color: Any RAL color is available.
  • Food Truck Specification: What size of the truck do you want? Need an extra concession window?
  • Food Truck Design: Customized ghost kitchen food truck wrap applied to the truck displaying your logo and services, expanding your brand across the city.
  • The Commercial Kitchen Equipment: What is your menu? Do you need a refrigeration room? Which one do you prefer, gas or electric appliances?
  • The Kitchen Layout: With an optimized mobile kitchen layout, a small food truck enables you to work efficiently and comfortably, with everything in hand.
  • The Extra Add-ons: Food trailer air conditioners, braking systems, music players, generator boxes, LED lighting strips... Scads of available options to add more features to your truck.

Try with Low Risk

Success is the expectation for everyone, including Paul. However, ventures are ineluctable, particularly in the restaurant industry. Location, menu, and branding are factors exerting influence on your business. Plenty of up-front cost and time is in need of keeping the restaurant afloat in the first months. Is there a way to lower the risk?

The ghost kitchen food truck allows you to press on to find an efficient business solution without any huge risk. The place you opt to operate your business at the first is short of potential customers. Don't be in panic and change your menu blindly. Keep moving with the ghost kitchen food trailer from place to place and bring your brand to a new market for more orders. Finally, you will find a prime one that suits the long-term growth of your catering business.


Focus on Your Food & Service

Paul is not a restaurant owner or a manager with experience and knowledge and skills in management. Is he capable of running the restaurant business? Of course! In fact, many food truck owners are cooks or those who are conversant with and crazy about cooking. Given the kitchen size, the ghost kitchen food truck business is small and focuses on the takeaway business only, requiring a few workers and simple operation steps. It has no operation puzzles people are overwhelmed by during running a traditional restaurant or ghost kitchen. No delivery or employee management. Your excellent food and service will maximize sales for you.


Minimize the Costs

How much does it take to buy a restaurant franchise in Guam? You may relinquish the thought of running your own restaurant. The average start-up cost of restaurants is above $200,000, which is not an affordable option for most people. The following operation costs give more economic pressure. But, you can start selling food with a small amount of investment, like $10,000 or lower, with the ghost kitchen food truck. How is it possible?
  • Affordable Ghost Kitchen Food Truck Price: The cheap food truck model starts at $2,500.
  • No Rent: Where you go, the kitchen moves with you. The truck is a mobile restaurant to feed your customers. Of course, the outlay of the appliance for required licenses and permits is necessary.
  • Less Pay Roll Fee: How many hands do you need to run the food truck business? Just one, namely yourself, if you are qualified to deal with everything efficiently.
  • Low Expense of Kitchen Equipment: Considering the small kitchen space in the food truck, the kitchen equipment has a portable and compact design, which is much cheaper than its counterpart designed for commercial kitchens.

More Business Opportunities

The ghost kitchen food truck is highly mobile, bringing your business to more than one place. Instead of figuring out how to advertise yourself online and waiting for customers to open the door, it goes where customers are and feeds them with the delicious meals they want. Many food truck owners not only apply themselves to the operation of the mobile catering business but offer private catering services for the occasions like weddings, parties, and large activities. Profits and fame are gained.

ghost kitchen food truck business


Which One Should You Choose for the Food Delivery Business, Ghost Kitchen or Food Truck?

The pandemic forces people to shift their focus from dine-in services to takeaway, no matters are eaters or restaurant owners. It seems a waste an invest in a brick-and-mortar: restaurant for the food takeaway service, given its extortionate operating costs. Then, the ghost kitchen business booms, a new concept of setting up a restaurant that doesn't have a storefront but a commercial kitchen to prepare food according to orders. It operates well in a small area and requires a few staff, so it is rather a cheap solution, compared with traditional restaurants. However, the success of the ghost kitchen business largely depends on the location. Once it is built, the kitchen is impossible to relocate. If there isn't enough business in the place you choose to keep your ghost kitchen afloat, you end up with nothing.

The food truck, a hot trend in the catering business, can be seen as a mobile version of the ghost kitchen. It comes with a commercial kitchen layout, cooking appliances, and plenty of room for preparing and storing. But, it has high mobility that allows you to start your business in many prime locations without opening any new stores, which is the feature that Paul prefers. Parks, carnivals, and business areas...(check here for the hot location for the food truck business) The food truck can enter these places with foot traffic easily and offers a delicious taste fast, while it takes months and thousands of dollars to establish a ghost kitchen there. Eaters order in front of the concession window and leave when getting their food. Let's focus on the food takeaway service only.

In short, the ghost kitchen is a perfect choice for those who have a prime location for their business. If you are a beginner, like Paul, the food truck, with all the features of the ghost kitchen, enables you to explore different locations for more customers and eaters!

Are you ready to make money with your ghost kitchen food truck? Go to our gallery to find the right food truck model that can be customized and tailored to your specific requirements and local health codes. We have scads of options and extra add-ons to best suit your business. Now, send an inquiry and tell our design team what you are looking for!

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