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Ravon’s Street Food Truck in Arizona for Fried Food Business

street food truck for sale in phoenix

This 13x6.5 street food truck is now on a ship towards Phoenix, Arizona, marking the collaboration between us, a food truck trailer manufacturer in Arizona, and Ravon, who has a plan for running a fried food truck business in the local town. It is a turnkey solution for the conversion of an empty box food truck for sale. We redesigned the mobile food truck and installed quality food trailer kitchen equipment in it to make it meet the client's requirements. Now, keep reading to learn more about Ravon's street food truck in Phoenix, what additional extras we offered to build a custom food truck, and where you can find the best vehicle for your mobile food trailer business in Arizona.


Ravon's Custom Street Food Truck in Phoenix

This is a 13x6.5 street food truck we built for Ravon's fried food business, converted from the GL-FS400, a classic box food truck model. With commercial kitchen equipment, it is a mobile restaurant that provides catering service for any type of event, party, and festive and serves fried food on the street. Given the fact that the truck is customizable, we changed the design and layout of the mobile food truck in order to make it ideal for Ravon's fried food truck business.
street food truck for sale in arizona
custom street food truck for sale in arizona

Standard Specification of Ravon's Box Food Truck

Model The FS400 (Box Food Truck for Sale)
Size 400*200*230cm
Weight 1,200kg
Axle Dual-axis Structure
Tire 165/70R13
Window 3 Flip-out Concession Windows
Floor  Anti Slippery Aluminium Checkered Floor
Lighting Interior LED Food Trailer Lighting Unit
Electrical System (Included)
  • Wiring
  • 32A USA Plug Sockets (6-8)
  • Electric Panel
  • External Plug for the Generator
  • 7 Bins Connectors Signal Light System
  • DOT Tail Light with Reflectors
Water System (Included)
  • Plumbing
  • 25L Water Tanks (2)
  • Water Sink
  • Hot/Cold Taps(220v/50hz)
  • 24V Water Pump
  • Floor Drain

best street food truck trailer for sale in arizona 2022
solution for street food truck business in arizona

Additional Extras for Street Food Truck Customization

This square street food truck is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of Ravon. Apart from the foregoing features, there are available options for building a custom food truck. Yes. All of our truck trailers are built to order. Check out the additional extras Ravon asked for and get inspiration for your own truck!

3 Compartment Sink with a Hand Sink (NSF-Approved)

A standard 2 compartment water sink is one of the standard specifications of our mobile units, and it requires no extra cost. But, any client in the USA must pay extra for an NSF-approved 3 compartment sink and a hand sink, a requirement for a food truck according to federal regulations and codes.

Near the door of the Ravon's street food truck, there is a stainless steel mobile sink with 3 large sinks and a small hand-washing sink. It has 2 drain boards to keep the countertop clean and dry, stainless steel splash guards on the side and rear, and 2 gooseneck faucets providing instant hot/cold water, just like the local regulations require.

street food truck with 3 compartment sink and hand sink for sale

Sliding Screens for Concession Windows

The FS400, a hot box food truck for sale in the USA, has 2 huge flip-out concession windows on one side of the truck, which makes truck owners closer to their customers. However, Ravon demanded smaller windows with sliding screens due to epidemic prevention. Hence, we did what the client asked for - installing quality small sliding concession windows on his box food truck. The concession windows have double sliding rails for free moving and locking bars to keep the vehicle safe. Also, rolling shutter windows and up-and-down sliding windows are available options for your food truck conversion.

box food truck with sliding concession windows


Generator Box

With a standard electrical system, Ravon's truck is driven by electricity. A generator box can protect the generator from bad weather conditions, lower the noise, and keep the generator safe, so it is a perfect enclosure for housing the generator aesthetically and safely. The box is fine stainless steel treated with a special covering so that it won't rot or rust. It has cutouts for ventilation, preventing an overheated generator.

The generator box should be larger than the generator. In order to determine the size of the box, our expert calculated the total wattage number of all appliances in the street food truck and discussed with Ravon the proper generator sizing. Luckily, Ravon had a power generator that met his power needs, and he sent its specifications to our engineer. Then, a custom generator box was welded on the trailer tongue.

box food truck with generator box


Food Trailer Brake System

An independent food trailer brake system is required when the weight of the vehicle is over 3,000 lbs, according to trailer towing regulations in Arizona. Ravon’s street food truck has a gross weight of 2,645 lbs. If fully equipped, the truck will be much heavier. For the sake of safety, a KNOTT brake system was installed on the food truck, which allows the vehicle to stop without damage to the structure of the towing car or the truck.


Large Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Given the type of Ravon food truck business, a 25L plastic clean water tank can not meet Navon’s large demand for water. Hence, a stainless steel fresh water tank (113L) and a waste water tank (130L) were fixed under the water sink, connecting to the taps. These tanks have an outlet for water supply.

Here are some tips for choosing the water tank size. Check out this blog - Everything You Should Know About Your Mobile Catering Trailer Water System.


Rolling Shutter Door

Navon's truck has a rolling shutter door, wider and bigger, for going in and out of the mobile unit more easily. Unlike the heavy duty roller shutter, it is forged from high-quality aluminum, a lightweight material that has the ability to resist corrosion. It is the best solution for a manual push-up operated door.

enclosed food truck with large door


4M Canvas Top

In Arizona, the scorching sunlight burns during the day, particularly at noon. Hence, a canvas top is advisable. We customized a retractable awning whose design matches well with the food truck trailer. It provides a huge shade for the customers who are waiting for their meals, which brings a better experience for eaters.

Of course, a food truck will be hot and stuffy if the temperature outside is high. A food truck trailer air conditioner can be one of the additional extras for your food truck. Check this blog to know how to choose an ideal food trailer A/C unit - Is It Worth Buying a Food Trailer Air Conditioner?

13x6.5 street food truck design


Pull Out Trash Cans (400x260x480mm)

Room is always a problem for food truck owners. This space-saving trash is under the stainless steel workbench to hide messes and odors. With a slide-out rack, it can be pulled out smoothly. If a large amount of trash is produced when you serve clients, a pull-out trash must be on your purchase list.


Stainless Steel Workbench with Hinged Door

Each food truck is equipped with stainless steel workbenches that have many cabinets under them. These benches provide more room for storage. But, they have a shortcoming in design - they don't have a door. That means the huge possibility that your goods fall out of the cabinets when your food trailer is on the road. Hence, we suggested Navon have an upgrade version of workbenches, namely the workbench with a hinged door. The door can avoid a mess in the vehicle when Navon’s fully loaded street food truck is on the way to the location for his business.

box street food truck inside


Gas Bucket

Navon pointed out that he had gas-driven kitchen equipment and needed proper storage for his gas tanks. We welded two gas buckets on the trailer tongue, just near the generator box, a relatively safe place for these tanks. In addition, our certified workers installed gas lines for Navon's food truck. Kitchen equipment is functional once a line connects the gas tanks and gas valves. This blog tell you how to use gas in your food truck - The Ultimate Guide: How to Install Food Trailer Propane Tank?

box street food truck with gas buckets and gas valve


Wall Shelf with Sliding Door

If is designed properly, the interior wall of the food truck can maximize the efficient use of space. We have 4 types of wall shelves for food truck trailers, namely the stainless steel wall shelf, the wall shelf above the concession window, the wall shelf with sliding doors, and the wall shelf with hinge doors. Navon chose the one with a sliding door due to its high safety and space-saving design.

wall shelves in food truck

Kitchen Appliances Ravon’s Fried Food Truck Business Needs

The most important reason why we are now a leading food truck trailer builder in the world is our ability to satisfy our client’s needs, from the custom design of a food truck to the specific choice of kitchen appliance. When you choose us for your business solution, tons of food trailer kitchen appliances that suit the size and model of your truck are available. Here are what add-ons we provided to Navon's mobile food truck:
  • Double Head Waffle Maker (560x400x240mm)
  • Juice Dispenser 18Lx3 (750*470*750mm)
  • Electric Food Warmer with 6 Pans (690*580*260mm)
  • Vertical Fridge (40L Cooler and 72L Freezer)
  • Gas Stove with 4 Burner (800*730*460mm)
  • Gas Fryer with 2 Tanks (600*650*480mm)
  • 1.5M Stainless Steel Range Hood

fully equipped street food truck with kitchen equipment for sale in arizona


Best Box Food Truck for Sale in Arizona by a Leading Food Truck Trailer Manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is an international food truck trailer manufacturer that provides the best food truck trailers for sale, and Navon's food truck is a primary example. Each food truck is designed and built from scratch on a new frame and axle. We do all the custom work that needs to be done, such as wiring, painting, and cooking equipment installation. Before the shipment and delivery, our inspectors will check every part of the vehicle to ensure its best performance.

Since our foundation, we have provided many turnkey food trailer solutions to the clients in the USA, such as Andie's Pink Dessert Trailer - Love From Father, Custom Food Trailer for Sale in Wisconsin, and The Solution for How to Start a Mobile Bar Business in Massachusetts. Check out these custom projects for more about their mobile food truck trailers. Our wonderful solutions and the vehicles we offered earned Nacon’s trust. If you are looking for a street food truck for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, we are the best food truck trailer builder you should work with because of our quality mobile units built in accordance with food truck regulations in Arizona!  


Fully Equipped Street Food Truck for Mobile Kitchen

According to the local health code in Arizona, food truck owners can not prepare food at home. Our box food truck for sale is outfitted with almost everything a commercial kitchen has. Basically, it is a legal mobile kitchen for serving eaters on the street.
  • These commercial-grade tables the truck has are 304 stainless steel that produces no harm to human health when it comes into direct contact with food.
  • The street food truck is outfitted with functional cooking appliances that allow Navon to sell any type of street food in Arizona, sparing the need to go to the approved commissary for replenishing ingredients back and forth.
  • Our food truck has an energy-efficient fridge and freezer that keep ingredients at an ideal temperature, avoiding the occurrence of food poisoning because of bad meat or vegetable.

custom street food truck trailer for sale


The Proper Food Truck Layout & Design

In many states, including Arizona, a food truck should be constructed to keep food safe when it is in operation. The mobile units we sell are enclosed food trailers with a complete structure that includes the ceiling, door, wall, and floor, protecting the cooking area from any chance of outside containment.

box food truck for sale designstreet food truck layout


Professional Staff to Expedite the Process of Approval by the Health Department

Some paperwork must be submitted to the health department in Arizona county for getting a license for your box food truck. In addition to a commissary agreement, something about your vehicle should be prepared, such as pictures of your mobile truck trailer, its specification, and a list of equipment. As a food trailer manufacturer, we have professional staff who provide you with the specific information and dimensions of our mobile units for free to facilitate the process of applying for a license.

Send us an inquiry now and let's talk about your street food truck solution for mobile trailer business!
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