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Everything You Should Know About Your Mobile Catering Trailer Water System

catering trailer water systems

The catering trailer water system is one of the prerequisites for the smooth operation of a mobile food trailer, along with the electrical system and propane plumbing. It is not always easy to source a stable hot water supply at any time and anywhere, after all. Most importantly, the water you use in your trailer is one of the factors influencing the quality and safety of your food. A food trailer hot water system ensures the quality and safety of the water and food. Without it, you can not pass the local health inspection, let alone start your food trailer business.

Since our foundation, we have built thousands of food trailers that have been exported to different countries, particularly America, Britain, and Canada. We know the codes and regulations these counties require, and that is why our catering trailer water system we designed for the trailer is up to the local standard. Here are the things about the mobile catering water system we want to share with you so that you can know better about the catering trailer design and food trailer water supply and disposal.


What is the Catering Trailer Water System?

It is an indispensable part of a standard catering trailer. Our catering trailer water system has 7 parts: a stainless steel water sink, a faucet for hot/cold water, an automatic water pump, a clean water tank, a grey water tank, and plumbing. It aims to supply clean water for cooking and cleaning.

catering trailers water system


How to has a Stable Source of Fresh Water in Your Catering Trailer?

Just turn on the faucet and the water comes out immediately, if your fresh water tanks are full. The catering trailer water system contains 25L water tanks, sinks, water pumps, and faucets.

Steps to Replenish Water in Your Catering Trailer

  1. Unscrew the lid of the freshwater tanks and find a potable water spigot to get fresh water.
  2. Open the door of the cabinet under the water sink, and put the tank in the right place.
  3. Put the tubing inside the fresh water tank, and close the door.
  4. The electrical water pump works as you turn on the faucet.

clean water tanks in food trailer

5 Perfect Places to Get Clean Water for Your Food Trailer

  • Commissaries
  • Restaurants
  • Fuel Stations
  • Parks
  • Churches


Can You Use Hot Water in Your Food Trailer at Any Time?

Hot water is important for your mobile catering business. It is mainly used for cleaning and sanitizing utensils and cooking equipment. The hot water should be at a high-temperature range, from 50℃ to 70℃, and generated in the catering trailer for the sake of hygiene. Is there a system to provide hot water in your food trailer?

Our food trailer hot water system makes everything easy for you. It has a water tap which is used for cold and hot water. It is always ready to dispense hot water when the hot side of the lever remains on. The food trailer hot water system is powered by the generator, heating up the cold water to 60℃ within 30 seconds. Our workers will install the system before the delivery so the work you should do is prepare a powerful generator for your mobile catering trailer.

Faucet for hot/cold water


How to Dispose of Grey Water?

Grey water is a kind of wastewater from the sink on your mobile food trailer. It may have grease, food remains, and dirt after you use water to wash hands or clean used utensils. Where does the grey water go when it goes into the sink drain? A sewer, or ground? According to regulations, most regions require, grey water should not be discharged outside without any treatment. That means that a container for storing the grey water in your food trailer is necessary.

Our food trailer is outfitted with a 25L plastic grey water tank under the hand sink. With a grain pipe, used water is discharged into the grey water tank. If your demand for water is huge, there is another solution for you. You can pay extra to have an 82L grey water tank. Given its large volume, it should be installed under the food trailer. The installation is totally free. You can empty a full grey water tank at a dump station, which is a legal and environmental-friendly approach.

grey water tanks for food trailer


Why Do You Need a 3 Compartment Water Sinks in Your Catering Trailer?

A standard hand sink is one of the fixtures of your mobile catering trailer, no matter which state you are in. According to federal and local regulations in the US, the food trailer should have sinks with 3 compartments, which are used for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing.
  • Washing: This compartment is used for washing equipment that has come into contact with food, like knives.
  • Rinsing: The second compartment is used for rinsing the washed equipment at a temperature of above 40℃.
  • Sanitizing: This compartment is full of sanitizing solutions for soaking washed cooking equipment.

The 3 compartment sink for the food trailer must be kept away from the cooking area. We prefer to install it near the rear workbench in the process of building a custom food trailer. In addition, there is a stainless steel splash guards on the sides and rear of the hand sink, which ensures a clean and neat working environment.

Of course, things differ in the UK. A catering trailer water system should have a hand sink with 2 compartments for washing your hands and cleaning cooking equipment, according to the local authorities. We will choose the right wash sink for your mobile catering trailer.

3 compartment water skins with a hand sink


Tips For Choosing the Right Water Tanks

As an integral part of the catering trailer water system, water sinks are a carrier for storing clean water in your catering trailer. Like the design of a food trailer, these must meet the permits and regulations required in your state. Here are some tips for choosing the right water tanks when you build a custom food trailer.


1. The Bigger the Water Tank is, the Larger Van you Need

A big water tank gives you confidence in operating a mobile catering trailer business. But, is it necessary for you to go everywhere with an 80L water sink? In fact, no! Every liter of water is about 2 pounds. 80 liters of water add an extra 160 pounds to your mobile food trailer. A 3.25*2.15*2.25 mobile food trailer is about 650gk, which can be easily towed by a car, even if it is outfitted with kitchen equipment. But, an extra 80L water tank makes everything hard to move.
Honestly, 50L of water is enough for the operation of an ice cream trailer business. Every food trailer we built has 2 water tanks whose volume is 25L. We send it with your food trailer with no extra fee.


2. Find Out the Requirement in Your State

There are 2 types of water tanks we provide. One is a 25L plastic water tank that is free, and the other is a 130L stainless steel water tank. The owner of a burger trailer prefers the latter because of his huge demand for water and business. However, stainless steel water sinks are legally banned in some states. For example, Los Angeles says that the material of a food trailer’s water tank should not be stainless steel or aluminum. You can contact us now, and we will tell you which type of water tanks you should have.

stainless steel water sinks in the food trailer

3. Don't Forget the Grey Water Tank

The grey water tank should be larger than your clean water tank. There are 2 options for you: a 59L grey water tank, or an 82L grey water tank. Given their capacity, tanks are installed under the trailer, with an outlet for discharging exhaust water. Speaking of small food trailers, 25L grey water is a perfect choice. You can put the tank under the wash sink and put the pipe in it.

Don’t put attention to the price or model only when you buy any food trailer. The catering trailer water system is important as well. ETO Device has experience in building food trailers that meet codes and regulations. We are here to provide you with a standard catering food trailer. Now, send an inquiry to us and start your business today!
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