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Container Workshop

Build your shipping container workshop for storage! We offer 10/20/40ft container sizes, features, equipment, customizations & worldwide delivery! Come explore.
ETO DEVICE is your top one-stop shop for custom shipping container workshops designed & built to your exact specifications.

Being a global shipping container builder, we offer the most extensive options you won't find elsewhere, including shipping container models, sizes, colors, features, equipment, and, customization and upgrade options. This allows for shipping conversions and modification for any purpose or commercial business concepts. Our standardized container design and production, along with guidance from our container workshop experts, make the entire purchase process simple and easy.

Come explore our custom projects, container workshop features, customization, and services, and build your next container workshop with us!
ISO Shipping Container Workshop

ISO Shipping Container Workshop


Model: 20 ISO Shipping Container

This container workshop is built using a new standardized shipping container that has been converted into a storage unit according to our client's layout. It is a perfect storage solution for use on outdoor construction sites, especially in extremely cold weather conditions.

The container workshop features original shipping container cargo doors at both ends, equipped with external seals and locking bars, 40mm-thick insulation, and heating systems. There are external power hookups available in the air conditioning cage, including a standard power socket and a three-phase one. For optimal durability and low maintenance, the interior wall, ceiling, and floor are clad with aluminum chequer plates, most fixtures are made from quality stainless steel. The workbenches, storage shelves, and cabinets are customized and can support a great weight. There are five standard power sockets located near the table space, suitable for most appliances.

Click the “Download” below to get the container specification and more pictures of the inside.


ETO Shipping Container Workshops

Your Top Storage Solution
Although originally designed for overseas shipping, shipping containers now are durable and versatile units for various commercial purposes, such as building and storage. Shipping container workshops are a prime example of this conversion and modification. They are made of high-quality corrugated steel, capable of enduring harsh environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for creating outdoor workshops, temporary or permanent. Not to mention, these modular constructions are entirely customizable, so you can easily DIY your own shipping container workshop by adding any customizations inside according to your specific needs and layouts.


Custom Shipping Container Builder

Since 2018
ETO DEVICE excels in shipping container modifications and conversions with unparalleled container knowledge, production, procurement, and customization experiences, and top-notch services. Therefore, we are capable of delivering any workshop project, from turning a shipping container into a workshop for extra storage to providing companies with large-scale workshops involving multiple containers.

For us, each client is a unique project. We take the time to understand his needs for workshop containers and storage, and together, we specify detailed plans to create ideal shipping container workshop designs and storage units that not only meet but exceed expectations.


ETO Shipping Container Workshops for Sale

Great Values That Are Beyond Your Imagine

Brand New Containers


All shipping containers for workshop are built from scratch in our factory using standard kits, and we procure new ISO shipping containers for workshop conversion—no second-hand or tired containers here.
High-grade Security


Our containers are robust, and doors and windows are lockable. This design exhibits strong resistance to outdoor weather conditions and unauthorized entry, minimizing the risk of theft or damage to your valuable equipment and tools.

Long-term Investment


ETO shipping container workshops require minimal maintenance because their full steel shells are treated to resist rust. They can last up to 25 years or even longer. Investing in these workshops gives you reliable, long-term storage comparable to physical buildings, but at a lower cost.
Affordable Workshop Solution


It costs less to build a workshop in a shipping container than setting up a brick-and-mortar building or renting storage space. A 20ft container costs between $9,000 and $13,000, and small container workshops can be priced below $6,000 and still provide utility for over a decade.

Portable Constructions


If your business location or residence changes, there's no need for additional investment in a new workshop. Using a forklift and truck, you can transport the container workshop from one place to another and reestablish it within an hour.

Flexible Workshop Design & Layout


From power and insulation to workbenches and cooling or heating systems, every part of our containers can be customized according to your exact needs.

If you're looking for shipping container workshops for sale and require customization, ETO DEVICE is here to provide everything you need!
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Standard Features of ETO Shipping Container Workshops

We offer standard container workshop configurations, a budget range with the following features:
  • Heavy-duty Corrugated Steel Construction
  • Galvanized Steel Frame Reinforcement
  • Industrial Shipping Container Appearance
  • Durable Paint Exterior Grade Finish, Custom Color
  • 25mm thick Insulation Layer
  • Entry Door & Windows with Locks
  • External Electrical Hookups
  • Standard Water System
  • Compliant Electrical System 
  • Water Inlet with Valve for the Connection of City Water
  • Wires Under Wall Lining
  • Easy-to-clean Interior Walls & Ceilings in Light Color
  • Non-slip Diamond Plate Flooring
  • Ventilation
  • Plenty Storage & Counter Space

Customization & Upgrade Options to Built a Workshop to Your Specifications

When DIY your shipping container workshop, you can add almost anything you want in it to fit your needs. Here are some common upgrade & customization options for all our standard configurations:
  • Container Colors
  • Container Dimensions
  • Container Cladding
  • Interior Wall Finishes
  • Rooftop Decks & Stairs
  • Insulation
  • Anti-vandal Windows
  • Special Sockets
  • Power Points for the Operation of Electrical Tools
  • Flooring
  • Holes for Wires, Tubes, Air Conditioning Units, & Equipment
  • Custom Workbenches, Shelving Racks, Cabinets
  • Shutter Doors, Personnel Doors & Roll-up Doors
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Restrooms & Kitchens
  • Must-have Tools & Equipment for Any Garage or Workshop

If what you need isn't listed here, please email us at sales@etofoodcarts.com with your specific requirements on shipping container design ideas and a tool list.

We're here to provide a one-stop solution for your storage project and source any equipment, tools, or appliances you require. Everything will be within your budget.


Build Your Best Shipping Container Workshop at ETO and Save!

Did you know that buying shipping container workshops from ETO DEVICE can save you thousands of dollars? ETO DEVICE is your most reliable custom shipping container builder for container workshops at the best prices. When you make a purchase from us, you can get more than just a high-quality container. You expect a simplified workshop design process, more customization options, faster responses, efficient production, reliable delivery, and the best after-sales support - Our team is fully prepared to meet all these anticipations!

   When working with us on your project, you are qualified for more services than most other shipping container builders and suppliers offer: 


⭐ 01
Most Competitive Container Workshop Prices

For each client, we offer the best container within their price range and transparent pricing.

⭐ 02
One-on-One Guidance and Advice

From design to delivery, our experts guide you through the entire process and offer advice along the way.


⭐ 03
High-quality Shipping Containers

Container are made of top-quality steel, and all systems, equipment, and parts pass quality testing.


⭐ 04
Streamlined Workshop Design Process


You can choose from our standard configurations and modify them, or create your own workshop design.


⭐ 05
Process of Engineering Container Workshop

Sandard production process ensures accurate project timelines & budget adherence. No delay risks.

⭐ 06
Shipping Containers Available from Stock


Our extensive stock is ready for immediate use in shipping container workshop conversion, reducing production time.
⭐ 07
More Options & Upgrades for Your Build


As a one-stop shop, we offer everything you need for your container workshop, including all kinds of tools & equipment.
⭐ 08
Worldwide Delivery on Time


We serve more than 50 countries and regions, including the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Africa.

⭐ 09
Excellent Support & After-sales


We are committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to address any issues or help you obtain permits.

⭐ 10
One-year Warranty for Free


Everyone who purchases container workshops from us will get a one-year manufacturer warranty at no extra cost.



Shipping Container Workshops 101


Q: What Container Size Options Do You Offer?
A: Our standard options are 10ft, 20ft, 40ft shipping containers. And we can customize the container height, width, and length to your exact requirements.

Q: I Have a Workshop Layout, Can You Manufacture It?
A: Absolutely! We're more than happy to build your dream container based on your design and layout. Please note that any customization may impact production time and costs.

Q: Can I Use My Tools or Equipment in the Container?
A: You can use any equipment you prefer. During the design phase, let us know your equipment and its dimensions so we can plan accordingly and determine the number and location of power points. In addition, we can create space on the container for self-fitting any equipment you may need.

Q: How Are Your Shipping Container Workshops Assembled On-Site?
A: Our containers are pre-fabricated and assembled using a crane in a way, much like stacking LEGO bricks. Once assembled, the container can be connected to external power sources and city water.

Q: Are Your Container Workshops Code-Compliant?
A: Each of our containers is customized and delivered in accordance with the specific codes. It is recommended to consult with local health departments, fire departments, and building authorities to seek guidance on any requirements for shipping container workshops. We will modify the container to meet their requirements.

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