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ETO delivers code-compliance container bars built to exact specifications & layouts. Everything is pre-assembled & ready to use. Set up your pop-up bar with us!
Turnkey Shipping Container Bar, Ready-to-use Pop-up Bar Built to Your Brand
ETO Device specializes in providing fully customized container bars for restaurants and catering businesses worldwide. We offer a diverse range of bar container models and customization options, allowing our clients to enjoy the freedom to create and construct a cargo shipping bar that seamlessly aligns with their business concept.
When working with us on your bar project, you can expect:

Permanent or Mobile Container Bar for Outdoor & Indoor Locations
Commercial Bar Equipment & Appliances
Fully Custom Shipping Container Bar Design
Worldwide Delivery on Time
Built to Code

View our available prefab shipping container bars for sale and explore more details about our services of custom shipping container bar conversions and customization.
Shipping Container Bar
Container Coffee Shop for Sale

Shipping Container Bar

shipping container bar for sale
pink shipping container bar for sale
custom shipping container bar
shipping container bar
container bar
custom shipping container bar for sale
container bar for sale
rooftop deck
shipping container bar interior design

Model: CB580

Meet the modular construction of a bar - a shipping container bar that delivers the space of a brick-and-mortar bar at half the cost!
This 19ft container bar is a modular concession building for outdoor locations such as stadiums, parks, and squares and features a full-on commercial kitchen equipped with everything you need - workbenches, sinks, water tanks, cooking appliances, lights, refrigeration, storage, and ventilation. It has more room inside for kitchen staff (4-7).

Click the "Download" button to get the container bar specfications, images, floor plans, and designs.

Container Coffee Shop for Sale

container coffee shop design
container coffee shop design (2)
container coffee shop design (3)
container coffee shop design (4)
container coffee shop design (5)
container coffee shop design (6)
container coffee shop design (7)
How to avoid fierce competition in the coffee business? This vintage container coffee shop for sale is the best solution for setting up a unique outdoor coffee bar that tells you apart from your competitors by dint of its stylish modern and industrious look and modular construction.

As a new concept in the restaurant industry, the vintage container coffee shop is built as a pop-up cafe or bar that serves coffee and drinks to people in a fixed or temporary location. Compared to traditional coffee shops, it requires less investment and operational costs and can be set up quickly, making it a cost-friendly solution that helps you stay on budget. You can use the shipping container cafe for different businesses, such as selling bubble tea, milkshakes, and juices, when you equip it with specific appliances.

Made of the best corrugated steel, the container coffee shop has impressive properties of high durability, perfect heat, and corrosion resistance, and good protection from extreme weather. With walls, floor, and ceiling, it is just like a regular coffee shop that lasts for a long time, but its design is more attractive and unique.

The Compact Design of the Container Coffee Shop for Sale
Due to its modular construction, the container coffee shop has a double-deck design. The shipping container has main working areas of the commercial kitchen and a large service opening to serve customers, and its top provides a comfortable dining area for customers to enjoy their drinks. Such a compact design allows you to start a cafe shop business in a small space.

The shipping container coffee shop is built to the standards of commercial kitchens. Its interior has essential kitchen equipment including stainless steel worktables and cabinets for placing your cooking appliances, ingredients, and consumables. The water system gives you a stable supply of sufficient hot and cold water. The container cafe layout can be tailored to your specific requirements and health codes.

There is a stair up to the top of the container cafe that is floored. We installed the railings around the top for the sake of safety. With a strong steel frame, the container coffee shop is able to support the great weight so tables and chairs can be placed on top to create a dining area. The container structure is stable and firm.

With high design flexibility, the outdoor container coffee shop for sale can be customized based on your shipping container cafe design ideas and concepts. What kind of cafe style do you prefer? Which espresso machine do you need? How to arrange each working block in the cafe to make it suit your workflow? Talk with our design team about your container coffee shop design today!


Shipping Container Bar: Flexible & Modular Structure You Can Make Your Own

Interested in building a bar within a shipping container? Shipping container bars are a prevailing trend! They serve as temporary or permanent pop-up bars, selling beverages and drinks in outdoor venues such as sports stadiums, backyards, and beaches. Being pre-configured units, these converted shipping containers are the top choice for many entrepreneurs seeking a swift and profitable operational solution to get started in the bar industry. With modular structures, they can be installed and ready for use in just a few hours, and they provide the flexibility to expand upwards or sideways, much like building with LEGO bricks. However, it seems like they don't stop there...
Why build a shipping container bar?
- Durable Construction -
Our shipping containers are built from high-strength corrugated steel and reinforced by a galvanized steel frame. All surfaces are treated with waterproof and rust-resistant coatings. This all-steel structure ensures survival even in the most extreme weather conditions without rusting, cracking, or warping.
- Temporary or Mobile -
A truck can effortlessly transport container bars to any location. Once you find the ideal spot, use concrete slabs or bolts to ground the containers for a permanent structure.
- High ROI -
Kitchen equipment, electrical systems, water supply systems, and lighting are all pre-installed, so container bars can be immediately operational upon delivery.
- Cool Bar Design -
Undeniably, the distinctive style and design of shipping containers are eye-catching.

- Fast Construction Timeline -
rom design to delivery, the process takes 2-6 months.

Standard Features

shipping container bar conversion

- Durable Shipping Container -
Made from quality corrugated steel

- Insulation -
5mm cotton insulation

- Watertight Painting -
Available in many RAL colors
concession window

- Concession Window -
With hydraulic lifts & locks
serving shelve
- Serving Shelve -
Flip-up design

- Door -
Standard personnel door
wall and ceiling

- Interior Wall & Ceiling -
Easy-to-clean materials

- Flooring -
Slip-resistant flooring
electrical system

- Standard Electrical System -
Customized to local electrical standards & regulations
water sink

- Water Sink -
Stainless steel sink with 2 compartments
water supply system

-Water Supply System -
Faucet, water pump, 25L water tanks

- Workbench -
201 stainless steel
Our shipping containers come in various configurations for you to choose from. You can make additional modifications to the basic shipping container models to create whatever you want. Available conversions and customizations include concession windows, doors, lighting, container colors, finishes, electrical systems, heating, workbenches, shelves, and anything you can imagine. Contact us now to share your specific requirements! Our designers will promptly reach out to you to discuss your shipping container bar concept and provide an ideal solution.


Extend It Upwards

You don't have to stop at the interior of the shipping container. By modifying the container's roof, you can create an additional patio space for outdoor seating or a relaxation area. We offer a wide range of customizations for this space, including wooden flooring, metal balustrades, awnings, lighting, and more. By decking out the roof, you can build a shipping container patio bar that features a unique selling point for your bar business - a comfortable rooftop experience.
shipping container patio bar design
multilayer shipping container bar design
Perhaps one container isn't sufficient. You can stack one, or even two containers on top of each other to create a full-service bar. This modular design offers you more space and allows you to make the most of vertical capacity. Such a multi-level structure demands high standards of stability and safety. In the design process, we will take into account your specific requirements and site conditions, while also considering building regulations and safety standards in your city. This way, we can provide you with a structurally sound and secure design solution.


Get Inspiration from the Hottest Shipping Container Bar Ideas

Cocktails, beer, whiskey, vodka... the possibilities for bar business ideas are endless, and the same goes for ETO container conversions and modifications. Didn't find what you were looking for on this page? We can offer fully custom-built shipping containers tailored to your specifications and needs. All of our standard container models serve as a starting point, and through the addition of various components, stylistic elements, and upgrade options, we can transform them into bars that align perfectly with your business and brand. Explore the shipping container bar ideas below for inspiration, and collaborate with us to bring your unique project to life!

  • Outdoor Shipping Container Garden Bar: The container garden bar is a versatile outdoor structure that combines a bar, social space, and entertainment area. With counters, seats, and recreational amenities, it creates a unique environment and atmosphere distinct from traditional brick-and-mortar bars. This type of shipping container outdoor bar typically includes thicker insulation and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable interior environment.
  • Backyard Shipping Container Bar: In design, aesthetics and comfort take precedence over marketing. We offer various custom options for the exterior design that you can choose from to build a bar that harmonizes with the style of your backyard or garden. Our container comes equipped with drop-down folding concession shelves that serve as bar counters.
  • Vintage Shipping Container Coffee Bar: The industrial look of the shipping container is a major attraction, and it can also become a feature of your coffee business. Also, you can stack multiple shipping containers and get creative with the container design to create a unique outdoor coffee shop.
  • Small Container Juice Bar: No need for anything too large. A 9ft mini shipping container, equipped with refrigeration, a water supply system, and kitchen appliances, can be transformed into a pop-up juice bar located by the roadside, catering to customers with takeout services.
  • Shipping Container Cocktail Bar with Patio: Delivering an unforgettable bar experience doesn't solely revolve around offering high-quality cocktails at reasonable prices. Customers are also seeking novelty and uniqueness. Consider building a rooftop shipping container bar to provide extra space. With a rooftop, you have the opportunity to create a lounge area and accommodate as many guests as possible by laying down flooring, installing barriers, and arranging tables and chairs.
  • Mobile Container Snack Bar: This setup is like a mobile food concession stand, which could potentially include a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Its modular design and easy portability make it an excellent option for selling beverages and food at different events and seasonal locations.

Feel free to discuss your modular container bar design concept with our designers through WhatsApp or email ( ) .


We're Ready for Your Custom Shipping Container Conversion & Modifications

Where to buy shipping container bars? You can buy the best at ETO DEVICE.
ETO offers containers for bar, but we provide even more. Since our inception, we have been focused on bespoke shipping container conversions and modifications. We have designed and built high-quality, durable custom shipping containers for various business concepts, including restaurants, kitchens, concession stands, bathrooms, and more. Our design and production teams have accumulated years of technical expertise and experience in the field of container design, manufacturing, and installation. With their guidance and advice, the entire purchase process, from custom container design to final delivery, will be simple and hassle-free.

- Manufacturing Capability -
ETO has its own manufacturing base in Xinzheng, where all container bars are designed and constructed. We welcome you to visit our factory and participate in the production process, offering suggestions and personally inspecting the details of your structure.

- Professional Team -
Having completed numerous custom shipping container projects, we are able to leverage our expertise in kitchen design, engineering, and manufacturing for the efficient creation of high-quality container bars.

our factory for shipping container bar conversions

- Full-Service -
We provide a turnkey solution for your project, including design, customization, production, installation, quality testing, delivery, and after-sales services.

- Quality Shipping Container -
All our custom shipping container bars are constructed from scratch by our team using durable steel and brand-new equipment and components. They are built to last over 10 years.
ETO design team

- Disposable Supplies -
We offer the best disposable bar supplies such as paper cups, straws, napkins, and cup holders at the most affordable prices.

- Supports -
All the necessary documents & information regarding your shipping container will be provided to facilitate the application of permits and approvals.

- Competitive Prices -
No hidden fees, only straightforward container bar pricing. We will provide a free custom quote for your project and the highest possible discount.

- Delivery on Time -
No matter where you are, on-time delivery is guaranteed.

Transform your unique shipping container bar concepts into reality with us!

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to provide us with all the details of your project, including budget, business concept, required equipment, and necessary building regulations and standards. The more information you share with us, the better we can offer a feasible design proposal and an accurate quote.
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