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Custom catering trailers for sale, we are a professional manufacturer.
ETO DEVICE has designed and built various styles of catering trailers for sale. If you want to buy a catering food trailer, then you have found the right builder. We only manufacture high-quality custom food trailers. We can customize your trailer according to your needs and budget. You can browse our pictures, videos and floor plans to get your creative ideas. Importantly, you can get help to improve your mobile food business from the page below.
Catering Trailer For Sale
MEAL PIE Mobile Catering Trailer
Small Salad Food Trailer
Aya's Kitchen Custom Catering Trailer
Fried Chicken Catering Trailer
Bahamas catering trailer
Grape Gardens Fast Food Trailer
Guyana Catering Trailer
Small Cake and Dessert Food Trailer
Bakery Food Trailer

Catering Trailer For Sale

Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer
Catering Trailer Kitchen
Catering Trailer Kitchen
This 13×6.5 catering trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE and is mainly used to sell ice cream and fast food. It is equipped with a workbench with a refrigerated cabinet, Upstand 4 Heads Gas Stove with Oven and an ice cream machine, which is indeed a profitable machine.

Design Drawings
2D Design Drawing
3D Design Drawing
This catering trailer uses two-color car paint, the roof corners are rounded, and the bottom is wrapped with aluminum. It is very beautiful.

It has two selling windows, one for selling fast food, and one for selling ice cream and other cold drinks.

It is a fully galvanized sheet/tube materials catering trailer. The body uses 3cm thick thermal insulation cotton, and the interior uses aluminum-plastic panels, which have good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects.

It is equipped with a stainless steel gas pipeline that complies with European standard EB1127. The gas pipeline is equipped with an automatic solenoid valve device, and the range hood can run automatically when the gas is used.

On the trailer towing frame, a generator box and two propane tank mounting frames are installed, which can ensure your energy supply throughout the day.

MEAL PIE Mobile Catering Trailer

MEAL PIE Mobile Catering Trailer
MEAL PIE Catering Trailer
MEAL PIE Trailer
Mobile Catering Trailer
MEAL PIE Trailer Kitchen
MEAL PIE Mobile Kitchen
This 13×6.5 mobile catering trailer for sale belongs to MEAL PIE, an enterprise pursuing natural and healthy food. They mainly sell pies of various flavors.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
According to MEAL PIE's needs, we equipped this custom catering trailer with a refrigerator with a stainless steel workbench and a stainless steel shelf. The refrigerator is used to store the raw materials for making pies, and the stainless steel shelf is used to place the finished pies.

The roof adopts the red hat design, which is inspired by the red hats of the employees.

The body pattern uses fresh vegetables, symbolizing the brand spirit of pursuing nature and health.

MEAL PIE mobile catering trailer has three large sales windows, and a circle of workbenches are designed next to the sales windows, suitable for 2-4 employees.

You can contact us to build a similar mobile food catering trailer for you, or we can customize it for you according to your budget, needs and ideas!

Small Salad Food Trailer

Small Salad Food Trailer
Small Food Trailer
salad bar
Water Sinks
This 7.2×5.2 small salad food Trailer belongs to Belgian customers and is mainly used to sell salads and fruits. The client has his own salad shop and brand O 'Bowl, which features fresh food.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This small catering food trailer adopts single-axle twin tires and is equipped with 4 jacks to ensure its stability.

It has a dome design, and our engineers use professional bending machines to ensure its radian.

It uses resin car paint to ensure that the body does not change color or fade.

The interior features a stainless steel work table and double sinks and hot and cold taps.

The salad cabinet uses built-in design to save space. It contains 16 food grade stainless steel salad boxes with a temperature range of 0-8℃.

This small salad food trailer will mainly be parked by customers in front of the store to attract passers-by, and can also be used to hold store activities or participate in local carnival activities.

Aya's Kitchen Custom Catering Trailer

custom catering trailer
custom catering trailer for sale
catering trailer for sale
kitchen equipment
This 9.8×6.5 custom catering trailer belongs to Aya's Kitchen. This is a client in New Zealand who found ETO DEVICE after seeing the booming business of mobile food trailers. We built this catering trailer for our client.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
This custom catering trailer is equipped with a range hood, gas stove and horizontal refrigerator. According to customer requirements, we reserve installation space for the oven and thermal insulation display cabinet purchased by the customer. Customers will mainly sell Indian-inspired delicacies, including pilaf and roti.

Since customers often operate at night, the body is equipped with LED colored light strips that surround its silhouette. The LED light strip uses PPC circuit board, waterproof and sunscreen, bright color, safe and reliable.

The body adopts PVC waterproof sticker pattern according to customer requirements, which is durable and sun-proof and does not fade.

The windows are made of stainless steel water guides, which are not easy to rust and prevent rainwater from entering the interior of the mobile kitchen.

Fried Chicken Catering Trailer

Fried Chicken Catering Trailer
catering trailer front
catering trailer rear
catering trailer kitchen
kitchen equipment
kitchen pendant light
This 11.5×6.5 fried chicken catering trailer is designed and built by us for a Swiss client. Equipped with fryer, griddle, noodle cooker, insulation soup pool, range hood and two sinks, it mainly sells fried chicken and pasta.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The client, a start-up food entrepreneur, opted for a 3.5m long food trailer as there were two employees. They mainly operate in high-traffic food courts, serving customers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Since the client was open at night, we provided the client with a custom kitchen pendant light that added light and was very aesthetic.

This catering trailer uses aluminum alloy wheels, which are not only very cool, but also have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

It uses 165/70R13 natural rubber standard tires with double steel wire protection on the crown.

Due to the use of multiple high-power devices in the kitchen, we designed multiple external power supplies for it, and each high-power device uses a separate circuit to ensure safe electricity use.

Bahamas catering trailer

Bahamas catering trailer
Bahamas catering trailer front
Bahamas catering trailer rear
generator box
catering trailer kitchen
kitchen equipment
water sinks
This 9.2×6.5 Bahamas catering trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE and it belongs to a Bahamas customer. It is equipped with Griddle, salad cabinet, range hood and beverage cabinet, and is mainly used to sell fast food, hot dogs, burgers, salads and drinks.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The Bahamas catering trailer is parked near the station and mainly provides catering services for travelers. It has 2 employees and the 2.8m long space is enough.

The customized generator box has two double doors on both sides for easy access to the generator, and two small doors on the front for easy wiring. All generator box doors are fully locked, which is more secure.

Its external power supply uses a high-power 32A waterproof working plug and an impact-resistant engineering plastic shell, with a 1P44 protection level.

The door frames, window frames and trailer edges of the Bahamas catering trailer are wrapped with aluminum alloy material, which is not only beautiful, but also protects the paint from physical damage by the customer.

Grape Gardens Fast Food Trailer

Grape gardens fast food trailer
Grape gardens fast food trailer front
Grape gardens fast food trailer rear
Grape gardens fast food trailer kitchen
Grape gardens fast food trailer kitchen
This 13×6.5 Grape Gardens fast food trailer belongs to customers in Abu Dhabi. It is equipped with food warmers, air conditioners, horizontal refrigerators, exhaust fans and stainless steel workbenches, and is mainly used to sell special grape leaf delicacies.

  • The windows are decorated with wood grain carved panels, which are thermally insulated and fireproof.
  • Complete water system (double compartment sink, self-priming water pump, 3kW heating faucet and 2*100L stainless steel water tank).
  • Complete electrical system (including sockets, external power connectors, lamps).
  • Customized LED Lighting Billboard.
  • Custom Yellow Ambient Lights.
  • Commercial Stainless Steel 4 Basin Insulated Food Workbench.
  • 250L horizontal refrigerator (temperature 0-10℃).
  • Custom generator box.

Guyana Catering Trailer

Guyana Catering Trailer
Guyana Catering Trailer For Sale
Guyana Catering Trailer Rear
Guyana Catering Trailer Front
Guyana Catering Trailer Kitchen
Guyana Catering Trailer Kitchen
This 11.5×6.5 custom catering food trailer belongs to Guyana customers, it is equipped with all kitchen equipment and has a very cool exterior pattern. It mainly sells local Guyana delicacies and juices.

  • Complete gas system (stainless steel bellows gas pipeline, fireproof rubber sleeve, separate valve for branch pipe)
  • Complete electrical system (32 current, total power 3kW, 7 American standard 118B sockets)
  • Double compartment stainless steel sink (with heated faucet)
  • Stainless steel range hood (895mm×525mm×100mm)
  • 2×6L gas fryer
  • Single gas stove
  • 205L horizontal refrigerator (0-10℃)
  • 2×15L juice machine (7-10℃)
  • CCTV system
  • Custom appearance patterns
  • Reserved food holding cabinet layout (customer provides holding cabinet)

Small Cake and Dessert Food Trailer

Small Cake and Dessert Food Trailer
Cake and Dessert Food Trailer
Cake and Dessert Food Trailer Front
Cake and Dessert Food Trailer Rear
Cake and Dessert Food Trailer Kitchen
This 7.2×5.2 small cake and dessert food trailer belongs to a Dutch customer. Customers will buy cakes, breads and refreshments at a nearby market. This is a great deal on a small food trailer perfect for first-time entrepreneurs.

  • Power system in line with European standards (single-phase 220V/50Hz, 6 sockets, 32A external power supply, maximum power 7040W)
  • Generator box made of cold plate material (double-door grille cooling holes)
  • RZ3900CX gasoline generator (rated output 2.8kW, forced air cooling, four-stroke, 208cc)
  • 205L horizontal refrigerator (208W, 0-10℃)
  • Stainless Steel Work Bench (with Locker Compartment)
  • 2 spaced stainless steel sinks (with hot and cold taps)
  • Hydraulic rod support sales window
  • Aluminum-plastic panel interior
  • Patterned aluminum floor
  • 2×25L buckets
  • 5mm thick glass

Bakery Food Trailer

Bakery Food Trailer
Bakery Food Trailer For Sale
Custom Bakery Food Trailer
Bakery Food Trailer Kitchen
Bakery Food Trailer Equipment
This 11.5×6.5 bakery food trailer belongs to a Dutch customer. This is a fully loaded mobile kitchen, it is equipped with cream mixer, waffle machine, gelato ice cream machine, electric stove, bench freezer, electric fryer, electric oven, cake display, ice cream roll machine and range hood. It is mainly used to sell cakes, pies, cupcakes and ice cream.

  • Complete electrical system
  • 250L bench freezer (201 stainless steel workbench, load bearing 60KG, 0-10℃)
  • 180L cake display cabinet (2-8℃, thickened tempered glass, automatic humidification system, heating wire glass defogging)
  • 500mm diameter fried ice machine (304 stainless steel, -20℃, automatic defrost)
  • 1.75kW waffle machine (162*98*24mm waffle, cast iron model, time reminder)
  • 4.5kW+4.5kW electric fryer (stainless steel material, temperature setting)
  • 2.2kW+2.2kW electric stoves (rated voltage 220V, current 16A, tempered glass panel, dual fan cooling, child lock design, microcomputer control, constant temperature setting)
  • 2.4kW electric oven (stainless steel heating tube, tempered glass door, automatic constant temperature, time setting)
  • 7L egg beater (stainless steel container)

What do you need to consider about food catering trailers?

Food menu. Before starting a mobile catering trailer business, you need to focus on your menu. What is your staple food? Pizza, burger, hot dog, fast food or what? In addition to the staple food, what other desserts, soups or side dishes do you want to sell? If you are a chef, these questions already have answers in your mind. So, now we can equip your catering trailer with the necessary oven, fryer, griddle, steamer, range hood, ice cream machine according to your menu, or reserve enough space for your catering trailer equipment.

Kitchen space. How many employees will your trailer have? One or two people? Three people or five people? We provide trailers of different sizes, from 2 meters long to 8 meters long. The trailer space ensures that no one hinders others while working. In addition, the storage space of the trailer must be sufficient. The storage cabinets, cupboards, and shelves can allow you to store enough ingredients or napkins, tableware, etc. Of course, cold storage space must also be considered, such as refrigerators, freezers or fresh-keeping cabinets.

Location and sales opportunities

Location and sales opportunities are closely related. Keep your trailer parked in a good location with high traffic, and you can get more sales opportunities. In addition, you also need to pay attention to your business hours, because customers will arrive at different times.

Location is important
The surrounding areas of the business district from Monday to Friday are high-traffic locations. You can park your trailer in the parking space near the roadside. On weekends, you can go to parks, food courts, beaches or baseball stadiums to sell your food. Nearby food is always more attractive than restaurants farther away. You can also follow the city calendar to participate in different activities, such as carnivals, sports events, festival celebrations, etc., where you will make huge profits.

Business hours
Do you serve during breakfast tim e? Park your trailer in advance to the selling position and prepare the ingredients for breakfast. This is a very good selling opportunity. Of course, lunch is a must. Due to the short time at noon, in order to reduce the time for customers to line up, it is very necessary to send the menu to customers in advance. You need to update your menu to your Facebook, Instagram and other social media before noon, and make the menu in front of the trailer more clear. It is a very good choice to activate the App ordering service. If you serve the crowd after work, then, add external lighting to your trailer, we have a variety of LED lights to choose from. You can also add tables and chairs, because customers after work are not in a hurry. Even, you can add entertainment equipment, such as stereo, Wi-Fi and TV.
High traffic location
BRUSKETTA food trailer

What is a good name for a catering trailer?

A good name is very important to a catering trailer, it can make your trailer more impressive. A good trailer name should be easy to remember, unique, or have a special meaning. The following are commonly used naming methods.
Family name. It is very meaningful to name your food trailer after your family name. The name implies your family heritage and credibility.
Business concept. Incorporating your business philosophy into the trailer name is a good idea to promote your trailer.
Food name. You can add the name of the unique food you sell to the name of the catering trailer. Unique food, unique name, this is enough to attract people.
When your catering trailer has a good name, of course you must use this name to register a social media account. Facebook and Instagram are essential. Here you will interact with your fans and attract more customers to become your loyal fans.

Why buy from ETO DEVICE?

ETO DEVICE is a professional Catering trailer manufacturer in China. We design and manufacture custom catering trailers to meet all customer needs. A professional team of engineers builds a professional mobile kitchen. Professionalism and integrity have allowed us to win the trust and support of our customers, and we have established long-term cooperative relations with many customers.

Our customers are all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Poland, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Chile, Switzerland, India, Denmark, UAE, New Zealand, etc.

We promise to continue to improve our production process and quality. In the procurement of parts, we will continue to improve quality and reduce costs, which will benefit our customers. We are very proud, because the catering trailer for sale we provide for each customer is unique and high-quality.

If you already have catering trailer ideas, contact us now!
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