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Food cart for sale, we are food carts manufacturer.
Food cart for sale is becoming more and more popular with the rise of large shopping malls, food courts and street mobile stores. Food carts generally appear in large shopping malls such as Walmart, high-traffic food courts, stadiums or parks, beaches and other places that require catering services.

Food cart has been very popular around the world for the past ten years, especially in the United States. In these places in the United States, such as portland, beaverton, oregon, nyc (new york city), california, los angeles, san diego, florida and hawaii, you can easily find delicious food from the food cart. It is also popular in other countries and cities, such as Vancouver in Canada, Japan, Spain, Quezon in the Philippines, Qatar, Delhi and Kolkata in India, UK, Karachi in Pakistan, etc.
Food Cart for sale
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Food cart design

After more than ten years of development, ETO DEVICE has an elite team of expert designers and engineers. Our experienced designers will provide you with professional Food cart design ideas. As a professional Food cart stand manufacturer, our designers will consider aesthetics, practicability and cost from the very beginning, and fully consider cooking equipment, refrigerators, storage space and chef working space in terms of Food cart dimensions.
Our free design services include:
Food cart drawing
Food cart 3D model and 2D design
Food cart LOGO design
Food cart cover design

Food cart manufacturer

As a leading food cart manufacturer in China, ETO DEVICE's business has covered more than 30 countries, mainly including the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Since 2008, ETO DEVICE has entered the food cart industry. For more than ten years, we have been committed to building newly designed food carts that meet customer needs.

We design and build the food cart completely according to customer needs. From logo design, food cart design to manufacturing, installation and transportation, we provide a complete custom food cart service.

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Food cart equipment

ETO DEVICE provides fully equipped food carts. When we design and manufacture custom food carts for customers, we directly equip customers' food carts with all high-quality kitchen equipment. Including grill, umbrella, generator, storage, hand sink, water sink, fryer, griddle and fridge for your food cart.
Of course we have many other kitchen equipment available.

Food cart type and style

ETO DEVICE supplies different types and styles of food carts, including food cart trailer, rickshaw food cart and food cart on wheels.

Food cart cost

The price of a small food cart may range from US$4,000 to US$6,000. If you buy through a middleman, it might be more expensive. ETO DEVICE is a manufacturer, we can provide customers with factory prices.

You also need to consider other costs:
Cost of kitchen equipment. This fee may be around US$1,000.
Insurance for your food cart. Insurance costs may range from 500-1000 US dollars.
Food cart license and permit. This fee may be different in different cities. For example, in cities such as Florida, San diego, oregon, the fee varies due to differences in public policies and laws.
In addition, you also need to prepare some money for your mobile food business operations, which is used to pay for food raw materials, water, electricity, gas, etc.

New food cart VS used food cart

Item New food cart Used food cart
Advantage Newly manufactured, reliable operation.
Customized design, fully meet your needs.
Low maintenance costs.
Cheap price.
No need to wait.
Disadvantage The price is more expensive.
You need to wait for manufacturing and shipping.
Maintenance costs are high.
It can’t fully meet your needs, some equipment may need to be modified or replaced.

You already know the difference between new food cart and used food cart. If you want to reduce the trouble in operation, please contact us now to build a new food cart for you! We can design the food cart that meets your needs according to your budget and ideas!
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