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Container Kiosk

Standard shipping container kiosk for long-term food concession operations at sports & events, as a portable concession shop. Tailored to your design & budget
Buy the Best Shipping Container Kiosk for Food, Drink, Retail & Shop at ETO
We offer a unique, durable, and sustainable all-steel structure for swiftly establishing your portable concession stand at any location and event. Our shipping container kiosks are designed for optimal operations in high-traffic locations. They offer sufficient workspace, countertops, storage, external power options, multiple serving openings, clean water, and electricity, catering to various applications and setups - from pop-up retail shops to portable concession stands.

Explore our past special projects, what to expect, available upgrade options & customizations, and our services here.
Shipping Container Kiosk Shell

Shipping Container Kiosk Shell


Model:  CB500

This 16*7ft shipping container is a shell for the food & drink concession business, as a concession stand. It is a fully custom-built unit. All the parts - framing, painting, serving window, door, electrical system, worktables - are designed and built to the exact specifications our client requires, and the rest, such as equipment installation, is completed by him on-site.
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Portable Shipping Container Kiosk for Food Concession Operation

Shipping containers offer a perfect portable unit for food and drink concession businesses as well as retail purposes.

Through a series of processes, including cutting, wiring, plumbing, and window installation, ETO shipping containers are transformed from regular storage units into durable and portable concession kiosks, suitable for venues such as sports stadiums, carnivals, and parks. We specialize in shipping container modifications & conversions. The standardized design and production processes make our container kiosks have the features that meet the most needs for commercial food service operations.

- Insulation -
50mm black cotton insulation layer

- Serving Openings -
Openings with gas struts & awnings for easy customer interactions

- Door -
The steel door is integrated into the container, positioned at either the side or end

- Interior Walls & Ceilings -
Light-colored, smooth, non-absorbent materials that are easy to clean. No exposed studs, joists, or nails


- Flooring -
Durable non-slip diamond plate flooring, with a floor drain


- Electrical Installation-
The work is done by qualified electricians according to electrical wiring regulations & electrical safety guidelines


- Concealed Wiring -
Wires are run in conduits and safely sealed inside the walls or ceilings


- Standard Power Sockets -
Sockets are near counter spaces for safely plugging into all appliances


- Lights -
LED light bars offer sufficient illumination in all areas


- Sink -
3 compartments for washing, rinsing & sanitizing and a hand sink, along with splash guard & drainboard


- Clean Water Supply -
With faucets, water pumps & clean water tanks, clean water under pressure is available


- Sewage Disposal -
Wastewater tanks are connected to the drain of each sink and placed within the cabinet below


- Worktable -
All surfaces are made out of  stainless steel. Sufficient storage under the countertop.


- Kitchen Equipment & Appliances -
All are made out of stainless steel & designed for commercial use. NSF-certified or UL-approved appliances can be provided.


- Ventilation -
Commercial stainless steel range hood with integrated fire suppression systems.


- Refrigeration -
Commercial under-counter fridge & freezer to store perishable food at 45 degrees F. or below.

Custom Shipping Container Kiosk to Your Concepts

You Design, We Build.
At ETO, we manufacture standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers and then modify or convert them to suit various business concepts. However, nothing here is one-size-fits-all. After all, everyone has specific requirements, taking into account factors like food and beverage offerings, target customers, and operation models. All our container kiosks are made to order, with unique dimensions, styles, features, and internal layouts. Almost all accessories and fixtures can be customized to some extent.
Whether you need a fully equipped container kitchen or a fixed unit for drive-thru services, we can meet your personalized needs by building one or several custom shipping container kiosks that can be quickly set up and put into operation, tailored to your specific specifications.
Consider the following accessories and customization options, and discuss the possibilities with our designers.
  • New ISO shipping containers
  • Container sizes, from 8ft to 40ft
  • Container colors
  • Serving opening types & sizes
  • Roller doors
  • Hot water systems
  • Additional power outlets
  • Air conditioning
  • Stainless cages for propane tanks or generators
  • Connections for public water system
  • Portable generators
  • Neon light boards
  • Finishes for walls, ceilings & counters
  • NSF-certified equipment


Our Process - Stages of Building Your Shipping Container Kiosk

Free Consultation



Free professional advice will assist you in determining container type, size, kitchen equipment, upgrades, custom options, interior layout, and exterior design. Click this page for inspiration for your kiosk.
Custom Quote



We will give a solution based on your budget and provide a custom quote including specifications, services, and a detailed breakdown of all costs.
Container Kiosk Design



Your concept will be brought to life from our blueprints, including overall container dimensions, color renderings, sections and elevations of the kiosk, electrical drawings, water systems, and kitchen floor plans. The entire construction is guaranteed to adhere strictly to the Health Department, fire, and building codes in the respective jurisdictions.





The production and installation processes are carried out in our factory, strictly following the approved drawings. No potential weather-related delays. It takes around 30 workdays or more, depending on the level of customization.


Final Inspection & Testing

Quality and performance checks will be conducted on all equipment components, along with testing of all systems. The entire process will be documented through photos and videos for your confirmation.




ETO can deliver nationwide on time, or you can come to our factory to pick up your shipping container kiosk.

Contact our team now to build your unique project plan. The best shipping container kiosk price is guaranteed.



Build Your Dream Shipping Container Kiosk with Our Experts


Never been such easy to create a perfect outdoor food kiosk in a shipping container just the way that you desire.

ETO DEVICE is a company specializing in custom shipping container modifications & conversions. We have built numerous high-quality container units for catering companies, restaurants, and entrepreneurs and exported them to countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Africa, and more. The balance between quality and affordability is our main focus, meaning that we construct shipping container kiosks to the highest industry standards, all while staying within your budget.

- Experienced Team -
Our team, a crew of experienced and certified professionals including designers, engineers, electricians, workers, and sales personnel, has crafted numerous standard shipping containers and converted them into units for various purposes.

- Quality Materials & New Equipment -
ETO only uses the finest materials and brand-new kitchen equipment from the market to ensure the food kiosk's long-lasting durability and aesthetics in outdoor settings.

- Brand New Shipping Containers -
All shipping containers are custom-produced and installed from scratch in our factory. We also supply brand-new ISO containers suitable for a variety of modifications and conversions.


- Customization -
Each client for us is a one-of-a-kind project. We offer more than 100 upgrade & customization options to allow you to design and create a container kiosk with the features you can imagine!

- High-Quality Standards -
We ensure that every shipping container we produce meets high quality and craftsmanship standards in the industry. You can have full confidence in everything we provide.


- One-year Warranty for Free -
We provide a warranty for the work performed and all equipment installed in the shipping containers and ensure they are in good condition upon delivery and beyond.



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