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Brand new custom coffee trailers, mobile coffee shops, bar trailers & espresso trailers for sale by a leading food truck trailer manufacturer. These vintage mobile bars are affordable options for running a coffee catering business on the streets.
Coffee trailer for sale is the most popular mobile trailer for coffee business entrepreneurs. Before a successful start of a coffee trailer business, buying a multifunctional mobile coffee trailer is the first step. For most starters, this is an expensive option because food trailers have an average price of $7,000-$10,000, particularly those that are produced by local manufacturers in the USA or EU. Where to find an affordable mobile coffee trailer for sale near you?

ETO DEVICE is a leading food trailer manufacturer that specializes in coffee trailer design, customization, and conversion within your budget. We have a professional design team that allows your mobile coffee stand business to have a quality concession trailer that is built in accordance with your needs and local regulations. A multitude of affordable mobile coffee trailers for sale in different models is ready for your coffee catering business, and they can be converted and customized to your specific needs, such as adding a coffee trailer equipment package and installing a LOGO lightbox. Our experts and engineers will provide a turnkey solution for your mobile coffee trailer business.

Here are hot brand new mobile coffee bars for sale with perfect food trailer design and layout this year. Select one, and we will customize it within your price range!
Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer
Mobile Coffee Trailer For Sale
FRY DOUGH Coffee And Donut Trailer
Vintage Coffee Trailer
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer
Small Coffee Cart Trailer
Small Coffee Trailer
Horse Trailer Bar
Coffee Horse Trailer

Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer

Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer
Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer
Coffee Trailer
Coffee Machine
Coffee Trailer Equipment
Bobble Tea Coffee Trailer is an old-fashioned small coffee trailer, mainly used to sell bubble tea and coffee. This 8×6.5 food trailer is suitable for 1-2 employees.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
Bobble Tea Coffee Trailer is equipped with a 1.2m long horizontal refrigerator, a 10KG capacity ice machine and a 12L capacity double-head coffee machine, which is a profitable tool.

It uses a three-sided sales window design, with a three-sided serving table and bar chairs, which can provide enough dining area. This is a customized mobile coffee bar.

The streamlined design imitating the hull and the brown wood board body, coupled with the transparent window made of round acrylic material, it is attractive enough in any place.

Warm-colored lights surround the entire coffee shop, bringing warmth to coffee lovers at night.

In order to increase the stability of the trailer, the coffee bar trailer uses outriggers specially designed for touring vehicles.

Mobile Coffee Trailer For Sale

mobile coffee trailer
mint green coffee trailer
white coffee trailer
beige coffee trailer
brown coffee trailer
yellow coffee trailer
coffee trailer kitchen 01
coffee trailer kitchen 02
coffee trailer kitchen 03
This 10.5×6.5 mobile coffee trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE, it comes in many different colors and is mainly used to sell coffee, hot dogs, burgers and ice cream.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The rear of this mobile coffee trailer is designed as a sales window, and it also has an arc-shaped table, which is convenient for customers to dine.

There is a awning above the sales window, which can shade and protect the diners from the rain.

The door is located above the traction frame, and the traction frame is paved with anti-skid aluminum checker plates as steps for employees to get on and off the car.

All workbenches in the coffee trailer are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevents rust.

The windows are designed with upper and lower layers, the upper windows are used for ventilation, and the lower windows are used to sell coffee and burgers.

FRY DOUGH Coffee And Donut Trailer

coffee and donut trailer
coffee and donut trailer for sale
coffee and donut trailer front
coffee and donut trailer rear
coffee and donut trailer kitchen
This 11.5×6.5 coffee and donut trailer for sale belongs to FRY DOUGH in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which is a new donut brand that mainly sells donuts and coffee. It comes in a unique matte black color and has a unique shape, which attracts a large number of diners to customers.

Design Drawing
coffee and donut trailer design
The interior decoration walls of the body are made of 201 stainless steel, which has a good anti-rust and waterproof effect, and is easy to clean the residual oil fume.

The front of its sales window uses wood-patterned aluminum panels to display its menu.

It adopts single-phase 220V/50Hz, 32A standard power system, the maximum power can reach 7kW, and uses Schneider's circuit breaker.

The two spaced sinks are equipped with a 3kW faucet that can run hot water within 5 seconds and reach a maximum temperature of 58°C.

Vintage Coffee Trailer

Vintage Coffee Trailer
Vintage Coffee Trailer For Sale
Vintage Coffee Trailer Front
Vintage Coffee Trailer Rear
Coffee Machine
This 11.5×6.5 vintage coffee trailer for sale belongs to American customers. It adopts a dark green nostalgic style, and is matched with LED light strips and 4 white bulbs on top to create a cafe atmosphere for customers.

Features of Vintage Coffee Trailers
  • Fade-resistant resin car paint (any RAL color available).
  • 5mm thick tempered glass.
  • Round transparent windows with 201 stainless steel frame.
  • Sliding windows with plastic-steel frame (high-quality slides).
  • The edge of the stainless steel worktable adopts a circular arc design, which does not hurt hands
  • Step entry design.
  • 3mm thick aluminum-plastic panel interior, rust-proof and easy to clean.

Australian Coffee Concession Trailer

Australian Coffee Concession Trailer
Coffee Concession Trailer
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Front
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Rear
Australian Coffee Trailer
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Kitchen
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Kitchen
This 14.7×6.5 custom coffee concession trailer belongs to a customer in Australia. This is specially designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE for customers. According to the client's budget and ideas, we designed this special dark blue coffee trailer for it, which mainly serves coffee and beverages for various events and parties.

Design Drawing
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Design
  • External tires to ensure the width of the interior space of the trailer
  • The sales windows are decorated with wood grain aluminum panels.
  • License plate lights.
  • 2+1 interval sinks.
  • 70L+100L stainless steel water tank.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Drawers
  • Horizontal refrigerator
  • Aluminum pattern floor
  • Stainless steel workbench

Small Coffee Cart Trailer

small coffee cart trailer
small coffee cart trailer
small coffee cart trailer front
small coffee cart trailer rear
small coffee cart trailer kitchen
This 9.8×6.5 small coffee cart trailer belongs to a Los Angeles customer and has a large overhead advertising light box. The client has two employees working at the same time, selling cold coffee outside the supermarket.

  • Complete electrical system (110V/60Hz, 5 American standard sockets, 32A current, maximum power 10kW)
  • 2+1 interval water sinks (with heatable faucets)
  • 2×80L large bucket
  • Grid net generator box
  • Custom top font lightbox
  • Retractable awning (pattern can be customized)
  • Sliding glass window (aluminum profile frame)
  • Stainless steel workbench
  • Roof storage rack
  • Stainless steel storage space under work table
  • Cash drawer

Small Coffee Trailer

small coffee trailer
small coffee trailer with hitch
small coffee trailer for sale
rear of the small coffee trailer
new small coffee trailer for sale
small coffee trailer in stock
small coffee trailer for sale now
concession window of small coffee trailer
3 compartment water sink in small coffee trailer
electrical panel of  small coffee trailer
floor in small coffee trailer
layout of small coffee trailer
stainless steel work tables in small coffee trailer
tire of small coffee trailer
This is an 8.2x9.8 small coffee trailer we designed for a client who runs a coffee shop in Australia. According to the client’s requirement, several electrical outlets (Type I) are installed in the coffee trailer so that the client can power his coffee-making machines easily. A 1.5m bench fridge is under the front working table, keep milk, cream, and chocolate fresh. Put this small coffee trailer at the corner of the street and serve clients with a cup of coffee!

Design Drawings
the design of the small coffee trailer for sale
  • A Business Opportunity with Low Risk: If a 15ft or 20ft mobile food trailer is costly for you, the small coffee trailer allows you to start your mobile coffee trailer business with a small number of start-up costs. In other words, it lowers the risk of your business because of its affordable price and small size. If you are looking for a low-cost choice for your plan, the small coffee trailer can be customized and built on the basis of your ideas.
  • Upgrade Equipment Kit: despite its size, the small coffee trailer has everything your mobile trailer business requires, such as 2 stainless steel workbenches, many cabinets under tables, a 3 compartment water sinks with faucets and water tanks, an electric trailer jack with wheel, a 1.5m bench fridge with hinge door, and LED lights. Commercial kitchen appliances, such as espresso machines, can be offered to you at the best price.
  • Free Design: Our designers work with you to find out the ideal design and style for your small coffee trailer. The logo stickers, signs, and patterns can be customized in order to highlight the values and services of your coffee business. A 2D model or 3D model will be sent to your e-mail before the manufacturing of the trailer.

Horse Trailer Bar

horse trailer bar for sale
converted horse trailer bar
horse trailer bar for sale
horse trailer bar
vintage horse trailer bar
wedding horse trailer bar
new horse trailer bar
small horse trailer bar for sale
ramp of the horse trailer bar
concession service window of horse trailer bar
horse trailer bar tongue and trailer jack
horse trailer bar tires
horse trailer bar inside
layout of horse trailer bar.
bench fridge in horse trailer bar
This is a 6.5x5.9 converted horse trailer bar for sale, a mobile coffee bar designed for a client in the UK. It is a vintage horse box trailer converted into a concession trailer for coffee, beverages, and desserts. Equipment kits include an electrical system, a water system, a commercial bench fridge, and sufficient room for working and storing, making everything ready for weddings and other types of events. Small as it is( about 600kg ), the horse trailer bar allows you to focus on your dream on wheels!

Design Drawings
horse trailer bar for sale design
horse trailer bar layout
horse trailer bar 2D model
horse trailer bar for sale layout
This vintage horse trailer bar for sale is built by us from scratch, without any blemish. Everything part of it is high-quality steel and materials. No ding or creaking when you head for a private event or serve your customers. A used horse trailer transformed into a bar may make a health inspector frown, but this new horse trailer bar will not. It meets all the requirements of local inspections and tests. Don't worry about applying for permits and licenses for it.

It has 3 concession windows for serving, and one of them can be used as a drop ramp with wood floors. The ramp has decorative bars at each side, a hot combination for high-end weddings! These large service windows allow you to interact with your customers easily, improving a better bar experience.

This wedding horse trailer bar is a kitchen on wheels. It has everything your mobile catering business requires, from an electric system to running your espresso machines and a hot/cold sink for ensuring a stable supply of clean water. Besides, the horse trailer bar has a deluxe package for kitchen appliances. The bench fridge it is equipped with can be replaced with a freezer or sandwich prep table, just as you wish. We are willing to build your horse trailer bar according to your requirements and likenesses.

There are a lot of different styles and concepts for horse trailers used as coffee trailers, donut trailers, sandwich trailers, and dessert trailers. Whatever your idea about the trailer bar is, there is a new horse trailer bar built for you. Our horse trailer bars are located in many countries, including the USA, the UK, and Austria. They can be shipped and delivered to your home no matter where you are. Contact us to discuss your shipping options and freight fees.

Coffee Horse Trailer

custom coffee horse trailer
converted horsebox trailer for sale
horse box coffee shop for sale
horse trailer concession bar for sale
horse trailer mobile coffee bar
new coffee horse trailer with tail lights
small coffee horse trailer
vintage horse trailer for mobile coffee business
coffee horse trailer inside
coffee horse trailer with cabinets
fully equipped coffee horse trailer
coffee horse trailer with steps
This 9.8x6.5ft coffee horse trailer for sale is an excellent small horse box coffee shop for starters who prefer a food concession trailer with an appealing and creative shape and design. Due to the idea of horsebox trailer conversion, it is transformed from a brand new horse trailer and built in compliance with EU standards and regulations regarding the food concession trailer business. The inner area is designed to ensure the efficient utilization of room for commercial kitchen appliances and necessary items. Equipped with every component your coffee & beverage trailer business needs, this vintage coffee horse trailer fits street food vibes, unique weddings, and theme parties.

Design Drawings
coffee horse trailer design
coffee horse trailer 3D model
custom coffee trailer bar design
horse box coffee trailer design
At ETO DEVICE, we aim to create something exceptional and creative, apart from providing food concession trailers for sale. This small coffee horse trailer is designed and customized for the client's needs. Its frame is galvanized rectangular tubing, durable and strong, quality steel that is unlikely to be deformed or bent when the milestone increases.  Fine cold-rolled steel plates are tightly welded to form the exterior walls of the trailer. Most importantly, they have a special design that ensures your food trailer business is quickly noticed by customers. 

This coffee horse trailer has a basic package for a coffee trailer business, including an electrical system (food trailer lighting units, an electrical panel, 32A UK electrical sockets with switches, and E-mark tail lights), 2 compartments sink with a hot/cold tap, 25L clean water tanks, a 24V automatic water pump, food-grade stainless steel work tables, 120L bench fridge, food trailer jack and brake system. In addition, tons of upgraded trailer equipment kits are available to give you a better experience. Installation requires no extra fee.

Two stainless steel workbenches are fixed at both sides of the coffee horse trailer, providing a large countertop for working, serving, and displaying. Lots of cabinets under these tables give you sufficient room for placing consumables, such as coffee cups, lids, and straws. Space is no longer a hamper to your business.

Big flit-up concession windows bring you and your customers closer, making sure quick and efficient access to them and better services. With a maximum angle of 90 degrees, these windows have the advantages of serving coffee to customers easily, displaying your products, and giving shelter against rain and sunlight.

The trailer steps are a good solution for making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle stably. This mini coffee horse trailer is equipped with manual steps that have an anti-slip surface on each step, guarding your safety in wet and slick situations.

Why Should You Buy a Coffee Trailer for Your Coffee Business?

Are you looking for a low-cost solution for operating a small coffee shop? Or do you want a unique idea for expanding your coffee catering business? No matter what you are planning for your business, buying a coffee trailer is an excellent choice that brings you untold profits. Nowadays, mobile coffee trailers are a trend across many countries and regions. They function as mobile coffee shops that serve cups of coffee and food on the streets in a legal way. But, why should you buy a coffee trailer? Are its wheels that allow your coffee trailer business to whizzes from one place to another? Is that all?

Well, A coffee trailer has many outstanding features and benefits, and its high mobility is just one of them. Check out the following advantages of buying a coffee trailer for your business and talk with us about your trailer design then.
  • An Affordable Solution for Coffee Trailer Business

When it comes to the coffee trailer business, there are many solutions, such as setting up a coffee shop, buying a franchise, or building a coffee truck. However, they require high start-up costs. A small coffee store costs at least $80,000, while a coffee truck, even a used one, is priced at over $10,000. That not includes the operation costs. High start-up costs can be prohibitive to many starters. However, a coffee concession trailer is more affordable. Our custom coffee trailers start from $2,200-$8,000, depending on food trailer sizes, designs, and customizations. You can have a fully equipped coffee trailer under $6,000! If you prefer a cheaper mobile unit, check out our coffee cart for sale.
  • Head to Your Customers

High mobility is a highlight of coffee trailers. It can be towed anywhere, from private parties in the backyard to festivals and parks. In order words, a coffee trailer allows you to bring coffee to your customers, instead of waiting for them to head to you. That means you can explore more communities and neighbourhoods for more opportunities. Of course, you can set out tables and benches near your trailer once you have a prime location for your business, and operate your business as other coffee shop owners!
  • Operate Your Business Anytime

You can be your own boss with a coffee shop trailer. The operation time and place are all at your disposal. You can either immerse in the around-the-clock operation of your coffee trailer business or run your business during a specific time, as a part-time job. Coffee is in demand all day anyway. You will have customers even at night.
  • Focus on Takeaway Business

Because of Covid-19, the takeaway business is and will be a long-term trend eventually. In-person dining faces many restrictions, so customers give priority to pickup options. You can focus on the takeaway business with a mobile coffee trailer. Using single-use disposables lowers your operational cost to some extent.


The great potential of the coffee business

From 2017 to 2020, global coffee consumption has exceeded 9,000 tons. According to the information from coffinace and the 2020 American Coffee Consumption Trend Report (NCDT) released by the National Coffee Association of the United States, in the past 5 years, the number of people who drink coffee every day in the United States has increased by 5%, and there are more and more American consumers began to prefer espresso and cold brew coffee.
Overall coffee consumption:
62% of Americans drink coffee every day.
70% of Americans drink coffee at least once a week.

How does your coffee trailer make a profit?

Before you buy a coffee shop trailer, you must know how to make it profitable in the future. The following points are your main considerations:

Location advantage. The place with high traffic is the place you should choose to park. Business districts, large shopping malls, commercial streets and other places are your first choice for gaining loyal fans and earning profits.
Brand power. Create your own brand and keep it in people’s eyes.
Unique and attractive taste. The unique taste of coffee is the key to attracting customers. If your coffee can impress customers, then your business will get better and better.
Comfortable service. You need to pay attention to your customers. Listen to customers' opinions to improve your coffee taste or service concept, which will make customers become your loyal fans.
Coffee Trailer 3D Design

What kind of coffee do you want to sell?

Here are some common types of coffee:
Espresso: The taste of espresso is the strongest, with a high coffee concentration and a very thick color.
Coffee Latte: It has a very strong aroma, and even beautiful patterns created by baristas. Very suitable for breakfast.
Cappuccino: This is a kind of coffee similar to coffee latte. The milk aroma is very strong, but its milk foam is thicker and the taste is softer.
Americano: It does not contain milk and sugar, completely retains the original taste of coffee, and has a relatively high caffeine content.
Flat White: Its milk froth will be less, the coffee flavor will be stronger, the milk flavor will be lighter, and the taste will be better. Flat white will reduce the burden on the stomach.
Caramel Macchiato: It is mixed with vanilla-flavored syrup, and then added with steamed hot milk and milk foam, and finally topped with caramel sauce. The taste and taste are very good.
Espresso Con Panna: Espresso with whipped cream, has a good-looking appearance, this is a coffee that only pursues taste.
Cafe Mocha: It is a mixture of coffee, milk, whipped cream and chocolate. It has a great taste and rich flavor.
Cold Brew Coffee: It retains the original taste of coffee, but does not have the strong bitterness of Americano, but the coffee tastes more intense.

Optional items for custom coffee trailer

The customization options we can provide to our customers mainly include:
Electrical System.
Air Conditioning System.
Music system and TV screen.
Interior wall style, outer wall style and colors.
Customized refrigerator and freezer space.
Coffee kitchen equipment, ice maker, coffee machine, etc.
Custom kitchen: cupboard, floor, workbench, water sinks and sales window, etc.
Lighting system: indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, ambient light, LED light and ordinary fluorescent light.
If you need to customize other equipment for your mobile coffee trailer, please contact us.


Why should you choose ETO DEVICE to build your coffee trailer?

ETO DEVICE is a leading coffee trailer manufacturer in China. We design and manufacture more than 500 mobile food trailers for customers all over the world every year.
In the field of coffee trailer design and manufacturing, we have an experienced team. Engineers with coffee business background are our biggest advantage. Professional designers and engineers provide you with valuable coffee trailers and coffee machines.


How to clean and maintain your coffee trailer?

If you want to operate a coffee trailer business, then cleaning and maintaining trailers and equipment should be a daily job.

Cleaning and maintenance work at the end of every day:
Clean the inside of the trailer. Including floor, workbench, etc.
Clean the sink and water tank
Cleaning the coffee machine
Check the tires and around the trailer

Monthly cleaning and maintenance work:
Trailer maintenance
Replacement of wearing parts of coffee machine
Thoroughly clean all storage cabinets, refrigerators and other equipment once.
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