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Custom design ice cream carts for sale. With ETO DEVICE, you will get preferential factory prices and free 2D or 3D design drawings.
The ice cream cart for sale is specially designed for summer by ETO DEVICE. It is not only easy to move but also equipped with an energy-saving freezer. Summer is a colorful season, and we have created numerous ice cream carts with preferential prices for this season. Including ice cream bikes and electric tricycle carts. Scroll down to browse our different styles of mobile food carts.
Ice Cream Bike Cart For Sale
Ice Cream Push Cart
Tricycle Ice Cream Cart
ESKIBROS Fried Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Bike Cart For Sale

Ice Cream Bike Cart
Ice Cream Bike Cart
Ice Cream Bike Cart
This 7.2×2.4 ice cream bike cart is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. This is a freezer cart specially used to sell soft ice cream.

Designs Drawing
Ice Cream Bike Cart Design
We use the best materials to build the best food carts, and the compartments are galvanized, which is anti-corrosive and durable.

Freezer uses the world's No. 1 sales DONPER compressor, its 170W power can easily meet the refrigeration needs.

The bicycle uses 20-inch wheels with a load-bearing capacity of more than 200KG.

There are 6 stainless steel ice cream buckets with a capacity of 5L on the stainless steel workbench. You can provide customers with different flavors of ice cream.

The mobile bicycle ice cream cart is also equipped with an awning. The stainless steel awning support column guarantees good stability. The awning is made of canvas material with good water resistance and shading performance, and it is available in a variety of colors.

Ice Cream Push Cart

Ice cream push cart
ice cream push cart for sale
gelato push cart
ice cream hand cart
push cart freezer
mobile ice cream cart
freezer window
This is a 3.9×3.1 ice Cream Push Cart. It is very popular on the street and is mainly used to sell ice cream and cold drinks in summer.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The core part of the Ice Cream Push Cart is a cold cabinet with a compressor, which has a cooling hole at the bottom.

Its carriages are welded from galvanized sheet material using special car paint, any RAL colour available.

It uses 201 stainless steel work table, refrigerator uses push-pull glass window, easy to take ice cream.

The freezer contains 10 1/4 plates, allowing you to have multiple flavors of ice cream for customers to choose from.

On top is an awning supported by four stainless steel pillars that can be customized in color and style, as well as a customized LOGO.

Tricycle Ice Cream Cart

Tricycle Ice Cream Cart
Bicycle Ice Cream Cart
Ice Cream Bike Cart
Ice Cream Cart
This is a 9.6×2.6 tricycle ice cream cart. It includes a built-in refrigerator, awning and tricycle frame, and is mainly used to sell ice cream, popsicles and cold drinks.

Design Drawing
Tricycle Ice Cream Cart Design
  • 180W Donper compressor
  • 2.6 x 1.6 ft freezer
  • 10*1/4 serving plate
  • Disc brake
  • 2 support casters
  • Sliding glass window
  • Stainless steel support post awning (color and pattern can be customized)
  • Detachable frame (rear seat and tires are removable)
  • The rear seat bears 200KG

ESKIBROS Fried Ice Cream Cart

Fried Ice Cream Cart
Fried Ice Cream Cart Front
Fried Ice Cream Cart Rear
Water sinks
This is a 7.5×2.6 fried ice cream cart for sale. ETO DEVICE designs and builds custom ice cream carts, and we offer affordable factory prices.

Design Drawing
Fried Ice Cream Cart Design
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Artificial marble workbench
  • 2 frying ice machines (size 520×520mm)
  • 2 round water sinks with a diameter of 200mm
  • 2×15L buckets
  • 2 foldable stainless steel workbenches
  • 10 stainless steel food pans
  • Panasonic compressor
  • Customized LOGO light box and pattern
  • 400mm diameter wheel (load bearing 200kg)
  • Removable canopy (supported by stainless steel tubes)

Why should you buy a ice cream cart for sale?

What business is most popular in summer? The answer is definitely the ice cream business. Walking on the street in summer, you will see many vendors selling ice cream, gelato, fruit smoothies and cold drinks. When your budget is limited, you can also start your business with an ice cream cart. This is a low-input high-yield investment, and many entrepreneurs recover their investment costs in a quarter.

Where can you sell ice cream?

Using a mobile vending cart, you can easily move your business location. Shopping malls, business districts, parks, stadiums, and various carnival activities will all be where you make a profit.

You can also provide services for weddings, corporate events and private parties.
Ice Cream Roll
Ice Cream Cart Design

Our advantage

As a manufacturer, we have the ability to provide customers with high-quality ice cream carts and very favorable prices.

High-quality materials. All frames are galvanized and have good rust and corrosion resistance. The body of the food cart is treated with anti-rust paint and is suitable for outdoor use.
Free design. We provide customers with 2D or 3D design drawings for free to ensure that your mobile gelato cart fully meets your needs.
Favorable price. You will buy your food cart directly from the factory, which means you will get the best factory price.

Custom ice cream cart design & manufacturer

After years of market experience, ETO DEVICE has designed multiple series of ice cream carts, including electric tricycles carts, mobile freezer carts, bike carts, mexican ice cream push carts and ice cream trolleys.

For all ice cream carts, we provide the factory's best prices. Custom food cart design will meet all customer needs.

Do you want to start your mobile ice cream business? Contact us now!
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