Ice Cream Trailer

Small ice cream trailer for sale at the best price. Custom concession trailer solution for the soft serve / gelato / snow cone / rolled ice cream food vending. including free quote, concession trailer design & layout, and customization.
Is an ice cream trailer a good business? Of course, a mobile ice cream food trailer is considered the hottest mobile food trailer idea, attracting customers of all ages! It offers more than just a scoop of ice cream to boost dopamine; it delivers a delightful burst of nostalgia, filling every moment with sweetness and joy. People's craving for ice cream contributes to the high demand for ice cream trailers, even in the winter, making the ice cream food trailer one of the most profitable businesses in the food industry. What's the best part? Low barriers to entry in an ice cream trailer business. It does not necessarily require professional cooking skills or extensive experience. Just an ice cream fridge and a smile can help sell all your products soon. Moreover, an ice cream trailer allows you to unleash your creativity by offering personalized flavors and showcasing your unique business style.

However, choosing the right ice cream concession trailer can be overwhelming with so many options available. To make your decision easier, we offer top ice cream trailer models, each equipped with special features and add-ons that can improve sales and build your brand. These pre-configured setups can be customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring 100% uniqueness for your ice cream business.
Ice Cream Tacos
Small Soft Serve Ice Cream Trailer
Ice Cream Concession Trailer for Sale
Soft-serve Ice Cream Concession Trailer
Ice Cream Stand
Converted Ice Cream Trailer

Ice Cream Tacos

small ice cream trailer for sale
mobile ice cream trailer design
ice cream trailer design
fully equipped ice cream trailer for sale
fully equipped ice cream trailer design
small ice cream trailer interior
mini ice cream trailer design
mobile ice cream concesion trailer
small mobile ice cream trailer
This 8ft ice cream tacos was built by us for a Canadian client. It is equipped with a refrigerator and rolled ice cream machines, and is mainly used to sell ice cream rolls.

  • Complete electrical system (single-phase 110V voltage, 5 American standard sockets, current 32A, maximum power 10kW)
  • 156L horizontal refrigerator (0℃-10℃)
  • 2.8kW Frying Ice Machine (50cm diameter stainless steel frying pan)
  • Air conditioner (heating and cooling models)
  • Custom pink body (Waterproof paint, any RAL color optional)
  • Stainless Steel Workbench (with Stainless Steel Locker)
  • 2 compartment sink with an electric heating faucet
  • 25L water tank for storage

Small Soft Serve Ice Cream Trailer


Model: FR220WD
At the lower range of budgets, this soft serve ice cream trailer is a sweet opportunity to serve up cold treats to customers in your community.

With a length of 7ft and a width of 7ft, it is a mini ice cream trailer for solo ice cream entrepreneurs in Malta. It is small in size but has a compact kitchen equipped with stainless steel kitchen fixtures, from the worktables to the floor, and 2 compartment water sink. A salad fridge with 8 compartments for refrigerating and freezing different toppings underneath allows you to provide personalized soft serve ice cream.

There is a custom workbench for the client's soft serve ice cream machine, and it has electrical outlets nearby for easy access to electricity. If you have your own ice cream machine, we will leave a proper place for it according to its dimension. Of course, we provide commercial ice cream machines, including ice cream displays, gelato ice cream machines, soft ice cream machines, snow cone makers & rolled ice cream machines.

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Ice Cream Concession Trailer for Sale


Model: FT300

Vintage Horse Trailer Bar for Ice Cream!

This ice cream concession trailer for sale is the latest food concession trailer model featuring a unique vintage style that makes you stand out from your competitors. Measuring 10x7x8ft, it is a small ice cream concession trailer with a compact design so it has the ability to operate a mobile concession stand or pop-up in all kinds of occasions, like parks, weddings, beaches, and private parties.

No extra money on the kitchen equipment! The ice cream concession trailer for sale is fully equipped with a 3 compartment water sink, vertical fridge, ice cream freezer, and workbenches. The workbenches come with many compartments for storing cups, cones, and portable appliances. A wall shelf fixed above the water sink provides extra space.

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Soft-serve Ice Cream Concession Trailer


Model: FR250WH

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Quickly set up a food stall and start serving at any special event with this compact soft-serve ice cream trailer!

This is a small food trailer built on the Roundtop Pro model, an upgrade of the roundtop food trailer with a bigger interior. At about 8ft long, 7ft wide, and 8ft high, it's perfect for operation in compact spaces, such as busy blocks or events with high food traffic.
We customized the concession trailer for our client, Preya, who operates a soft-serve ice cream business in California, and make it road-legal and code-compliant by installed DOT trailer tail lights and NSF certified kitchen equipment. There is plenty of table, storage, and freezer space inside, along with a dedicated counter for the client's ice cream machine. Many power sockets are placed near the table space for easy plug-ins. With an upgraded water system, it is available to get instant cold & hot water. The Sink is  Clean water tank: 80L, waste water tank:120L.

Interested in this model? Click "Download" below to get its specifications, images, features, designs, and interior layouts.

Ice Cream Stand


Towable Ice Cream Stand
This 14ft ice cream stand is perfect for selling ice cream and cold drinks as a pop-up concession food stand. It is on a trailer chassis, towable for most vehicles. The stand has roll-up windows at each side for offering services to customers from all directions. This design not only facilitates ventilation inside the stand but also aids in dissipating heat from the ice cream machines. Each of the three windows is equipped with a retractable canopy for extra shade from the sunlight. The panels around the trailer chassis can be folded down to cover the tires and base. Then, you set up a food stand just like others, but in just minutes.

The ice cream stand is equipped with two gelato displays, three soft-serve ice cream machines, three slush machines, and storage cabinets. All equipment is plug-and-play, ensuring convenience in operation.

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Converted Ice Cream Trailer

This mobile ice cream trailer, built for Icy Delights Parlor, a brand owned by our Jamaican client, Tiffany Davis, is a custom unit converted from our stock FS350 Fast Food Trailer. This unit was originally a dual-axle concession trailer designed to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, fried foods, and so on. We made modifications to its configuration to suit the client's needs.

Some gas appliances were removed and replaced with a griddle, and the front worktop was cut to install a freezer and an ice cream display. The water sink kits are swapped for the basic model. For the trailer exterior design, we wrapped the entire trailer with custom-designed vinyl graphics, designed by our team specifically for Icy Delights Parlor, turning it from a blue enclosed concession trailer into a branded ice cream shop on wheels!

The entire conversion process took just about a week, much quicker than building a new trailer from scratch!

Click this page to explore our stock available for special sale. All are ready for delivery or can be converted according to your specific requirements!


Refrigeration Equipment: Which One Should You Consider for Your Ice Cream Trailer?

What is the key to the ice cream business? Commercial refrigeration equipment! Well, ice cream carts are an exception for they depend on dry ice. However, most ice cream shops rely on commercial freezers because of their ability to ensure the optimal quality and consistency of ice cream under an ideal temperature, and the ice cream concession trailers as well. At ETO, the refrigeration equipment for ice cream trailers goes beyond just fridges or freezers. There are a variety of appliances designed for storing and making ice cream that can be added to your build:
  • Commercial Under-Bench Freezer: This must-have refrigeration equipment for every ice cream business ensures the perfect temperature of -18°C, making it ideal for storing various types of ice cream. With its space-saving design, it can be conveniently installed under the workbench, eliminating the need for extra countertop space.
  • Chest Freezer: Offering a large volume, this typical freezer, commonly found in supermarkets, provides ample space to store a wide range of ice cream products. 
  • Gelato Ice Cream Display: This display unit allows you to showcase a variety of ice cream flavors, enticing customers near the concession windows. For added appeal, consider cutting an extra small side window, making it easier for everyone, including children, to view the irresistible treats in the freezer.
  • Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine: This essential equipment enables you to create ice cream according to each customer's preferences. From choosing flavors to adding toppings, customers can personalize their ice cream creations. To expand your offerings, add your food trailer with a countertop salad prep fridge, providing a range of toppings for customers to further customize their ice cream.
  • Rolled Ice Cream Machine: For street food vendors, the rolled ice cream machine is a must-have addition. Placing it next to the front workbench allows customers to watch the interesting process of rolling ice cream. 

At ETO, our team will source the best refrigeration equipment models that fit your ice cream concession trailer when creating your build. Check out this page for more about refrigeration equipment for concession trailers, including models and specifications.


How Much Does an Ice Cream Trailer Cost?

The cost of ice cream trailer mainly includes the following four items:
  • Ice Cream Trailer Price: The ice cream trailer price can vary significantly based on the model and size you choose. Our range of ice cream concession trailers for sale offers options to suit different budgets. The price can start as low as $3,000 and go up to $12,000 or higher, depending on the specifications and features. One of our hottest selling models, the FR220WD, is available at a best price of $2,500 in its standard specification. Additionally, if you prefer a classic concession trailer model, our box trailer series ranges from $2,300 to $10,800.
  • Kitchen Equipment: Our ice cream trailers come with a standard specification that includes essential equipment such as an electrical system, water sink, workbench, flooring, and gas piping – all provided at no extra cost. However, to complete your setup, you may need to invest in additional equipment and appliances. These can include ice cream machines, waffle makers, freezers, and more, depending on your specific menu offerings.
Ice Cream Trailer Design
Ice Cream
  • Add-ons: Customize your ice cream trailer with our range of add-ons to enhance functionality and aesthetics. The hottest options for ice cream food trailers includes air conditioners, custom trailer wraps, generator boxes, brake systems, and trailer lighting designs.
  • Other Expenses: Running an ice cream trailer business involves more than just the upfront cost of the trailer and equipment. You should also consider other essential expenses that come along with it. These expenses may include permits and licenses, parking fees, insurance, fuel cost, and potential staffing needs.

Why Choose ETO DEVICE to Build Your Ice Cream Trailer?

ETO DEVICE is a leading manufacturer of custom food trailers and concession food trailers in China. We have designed and built more than 1,000 food trailers for customers all over the world. We mainly manufacture hot dog trailers, bbq trailers, ice cream trailers, pizza trailers, coffee trailer airstream food trailer and so on.
Advantages of ETO DEVICE:
Elite team
Unique free design
High-quality raw materials
One-stop service
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