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Ice Cream Trailer

Small ice cream trailer for sale at the best price. Custom concession trailer solution for the soft serve / gelato / snow cone / rolled ice cream food vending. including free quote, concession trailer design & layout, and customization.

As one of the world's leading custom food trailer builders, we have a wide array of mobile ice cream trailers for sale that suit all kinds of mobile ice cream businesses, from gelato and soft-serve ice cream to ice cream rolls and snow cones. When our pre-configured options won't cut it, we offer custom solutions for building perfect food trailers entirely to your specifications and concepts. Whatever you can dream up, our expert team can bring it to life!


Take a look at some of our custom ice cream trailers below, each with unique fixtures and add-ons.

Rolled Ice Cream Trailer for Sale
Small Soft Serve Ice Cream Trailer
Ice Cream Concession Trailer for Sale
Soft-serve Ice Cream Concession Trailer
Ice Cream Stand
Converted Ice Cream Trailer

Rolled Ice Cream Trailer for Sale

Model: FR250WD
Small Ice Cream Trailer Equipped with a Commercial-grade Rolled Ice Cream Machine

This 8ft rolled ice cream trailer is a USA-compliant food trailer project we delivered to a Canadian client. Its smaller size, adorable appearance, and range of features make it the best entry-level trailer choice. The trailer is designed to let you make ice cream rolls anywhere outside your store, providing customers with a unique experience. It can be used as a pop-up concession stand, a mobile ice cream shop, or an expo booth for street vending, catering, and sampling.

The interior is equipped with a 156L bench fridge, a commercial-grade rolled ice cream machine, water sinks, water supply kits, lights, an air conditioner, and storage. All equipment features stainless steel bodies, making them easy to clean. There are also five 110V outlets compatible with your equipment and appliances.
Click 'Download' below to get the specifications for this model.

Small Soft Serve Ice Cream Trailer


Model: FR220WD
At the lower range of budgets, this soft serve ice cream trailer is a sweet opportunity to serve up cold treats to customers in your community.

With a length of 7ft and a width of 7ft, it is a mini ice cream trailer for solo ice cream entrepreneurs in Malta. It is small in size but has a compact kitchen equipped with stainless steel kitchen fixtures, from the worktables to the floor, and 2 compartment water sink. A salad fridge with 8 compartments for refrigerating and freezing different toppings underneath allows you to provide personalized soft serve ice cream.

There is a custom workbench for the client's soft serve ice cream machine, and it has electrical outlets nearby for easy access to electricity. If you have your own ice cream machine, we will leave a proper place for it according to its dimension. Of course, we provide commercial ice cream machines, including ice cream displays, gelato ice cream machines, soft ice cream machines, snow cone makers & rolled ice cream machines.

Click "Download" below to the trailer specification for free.

Ice Cream Concession Trailer for Sale

Model: FT300
Vintage Horse Trailer Bar for Ice Cream!

This ice cream concession trailer for sale is the latest food concession trailer model featuring a unique vintage style that makes you stand out from your competitors. Measuring 10x7x8ft, it is a small ice cream concession trailer with a compact design so it has the ability to operate a mobile concession stand or pop-up in all kinds of occasions, like parks, weddings, beaches, and private parties.

No extra money on the kitchen equipment! The ice cream concession trailer for sale is fully equipped with a 3 compartment water sink, vertical fridge, ice cream freezer, and workbenches. The workbenches come with many compartments for storing cups, cones, and portable appliances. A wall shelf fixed above the water sink provides extra space.

Click "Download" below to get the ice cream trailer designs for free.

Soft-serve Ice Cream Concession Trailer


Model: FR250WH

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Quickly set up a food stall and start serving at any special event with this compact soft-serve ice cream trailer!

This is a small food trailer built on the Roundtop Pro model, an upgrade of the roundtop food trailer with a bigger interior. At about 8ft long, 7ft wide, and 8ft high, it's perfect for operation in compact spaces, such as busy blocks or events with high food traffic.
We customized the concession trailer for our client, Preya, who operates a soft-serve ice cream business in California, and make it road-legal and code-compliant by installed DOT trailer tail lights and NSF certified kitchen equipment. There is plenty of table, storage, and freezer space inside, along with a dedicated counter for the client's ice cream machine. Many power sockets are placed near the table space for easy plug-ins. With an upgraded water system, it is available to get instant cold & hot water. The Sink is  Clean water tank: 80L, waste water tank:120L.
Interested in this model? Click "Download" below to get its specifications, images, features, designs, and interior layouts.

Ice Cream Stand

Towable Ice Cream Stand
This 14ft ice cream stand is perfect for selling ice cream and cold drinks as a pop-up concession food stand. It is on a trailer chassis, towable for most vehicles. The stand has roll-up windows at each side for offering services to customers from all directions. This design not only facilitates ventilation inside the stand but also aids in dissipating heat from the ice cream machines. Each of the three windows is equipped with a retractable canopy for extra shade from the sunlight. The panels around the trailer chassis can be folded down to cover the tires and base. Then, you set up a food stand just like others, but in just minutes.

The ice cream stand is equipped with two gelato displays, three soft-serve ice cream machines, three slush machines, and storage cabinets. All equipment is plug-and-play, ensuring convenience in operation.

Click "Download" below to get the specifications for free.

Converted Ice Cream Trailer

Model: FS350 
This mobile ice cream trailer, built for Icy Delights Parlor, a brand owned by our Jamaican client, Tiffany Davis, is a custom unit converted from our stock FS350 Fast Food Trailer. This unit was originally a dual-axle concession trailer designed to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, fried foods, and so on. We made modifications to its configuration to suit the client's needs.

Some gas appliances were removed and replaced with a griddle, and the front worktop was cut to install a freezer and an ice cream display. The water sink kits are swapped for the basic model. For the trailer exterior design, we wrapped the entire trailer with custom-designed vinyl graphics, designed by our team specifically for Icy Delights Parlor, turning it from a blue enclosed concession trailer into a branded ice cream shop on wheels! The entire conversion process took just about a week, much quicker than building a new trailer from scratch!

Click this page to explore our stock available for special sale. All are ready for delivery or can be converted according to your specific requirements!



Complete Your Ice Cream Trailer in the Way Your Want

With Our top-notch Commercial Ice Cream Machines or Your Professional Equipment

Option 1 - Ours
Not only do we offer top-notch foo trailer and truck models, but we also provide commercial-grade ice cream shop equipment, some even have NSF marks, to ensure your mobile ice cream trailer business operates with top quality and efficiency during those scorching summer days. We've got you covered with everything you and your local health inspector need, and we even offer free installation according to your requirements.
Take your pick from our equipment package for ice cream trailers & trucks:
  • Bench Freezer/Chest Freezer
  • Display Displays
  • Soft-serve Ice Cream Machines
  • Shaved Ice Machines
  • Rolled Ice Cream Machines
  • Ice makers
  • Popsicle Machine
  • Cooking appliances
  • Slush machines
Check out our other specialty equipment for food trailers

Option 2 - Yours
You have ice cream machines and a refrigerator? That's awesome! Using them can save you a lot of money! Our mobile ice cream trailer design is super flexible and can accommodate all sorts of kitchen equipment and appliances, ranging from countertop models like soft serve machines and rolled ice cream machines to larger gear like bench freezers.
We offer the following services to help you set up yourself and operate:
  • Custom Workbenches (materials, dimensions, countertops, storage cabinets, shelves, backsplash) 
  • Compliant electric
  • Standard power outlets and special ones like USB and GFCI outlets
  • Cutting holes for wires or pipelines
  • Dedicated circuits for your freezers
  • Custom interior layout and design
  • Suitable portable generator
  • Stainless steel generator box
  • City Water Hookups
Share your equipment list so we can arrange everything better


Top Ice Cream Trailers & Trucks Ideas & Concepts This Year

View Our Best Ice Cream Truck Options for All Kinds of Mobile Ice Cream Food Businesses

Worried we can't meet your needs? Hey, we've delivered almost 4,000 custom food trailer projects. We've seen it all. Nothing is too new or crazy for us. Check out our pre-configured setups for the hottest mobile ice cream businesses below.

- Soft-serve Ice Cream Trailer -
Soft-serve ice cream machines guzzle power, especially those commercial ones. You might need a custom electrical setup or a dedicated circuit to ensure smooth operation without any voltage hiccups during your service hours.  Our electrical experts will tailor the ideal electrical solution for you and recommend suitable generator models if needed.



- Gelato Trailer -
Besides its silky and smooth texture, gelato brings a sense of wonder by the act of scooping. Make sure customers get a clear view of the entire process - simply install a plug-in gelato display freezer on the front workstation and cut out an extra display window, which we did several times. Trust us, this will give customers the same experience as standing at an ice cream counter.


- Rolled Ice Cream Trailer -
Compared to portable rolled ice cream carts and machines, our trailers are a better option because they can offer more food and beverage options to complement the ice cream rolls. So, all catering needs will be met at events. Also, plug-in pans need to be installed on the front workstation to maximize the visibility of the rolling process.


- Snow Cone Trailer -
Snow cones are a hit, and our snow cone trailers for sale are the same. We've delivered plenty of ice cream trailers designed specifically for selling shaved ice, most ranging in size from 7ft to 13ft because, let's face it, shaved ice machines don't take up much space. We offer commercial-grade shaved ice machine kits to get you started.


- Ice Cream Horse Trailer -
Not your run-of-the-mill horse trailer! We're all about the vintage options here - think retro design, style, and aesthetics. Our vintage food trailers come with all the elegance and charm you'd expect. We've installed a chest fridge in the FT300, a pretty retro trailer. Now, the trailer is hitting the streets, serving up ice cream bars.



- Airstream Ice Cream Trailer -
Yes, we do provide airstream food trailers for sale, all brand-new & custom-built. These aren't second-hand or converted trailers; they are perfect airstream replicas that come with galvanized steel frames and chassis, mirrored stainless steel bodies, and the classic Airstream style and appearance.
Explore Our Gallery for More Ice Cream Truck Pictures & Get Inspired!



How Much Does an Ice Cream Trailer Cost?

Request a Custom Quote & Get a Breakdown Cost for Free

You might have found the model you're looking for, but where's the price tag? Well, you need to reach out to our team to get a custom quote.

Basic Models
These food trailers come standard with trailer hitching kits, interior walls and ceilings, flooring, workbenches, sinks, water supply kits, lights, electrical setups, and ventilation. Their prices mainly depend on the model and size you choose.
  • Models: We offer options to fit different budgets. The most budget-friendly option is the FR220D, priced at $2,200. The Classic enclosed box trailer series ranges from $2,300 to $10,800. If you're looking for something high-end and luxurious, the Airstream food trailer starts at around $6,000.
  • Sizes: Ice cream businesses don't require much space to operate, which is why our small ice cream trailers are top sellers. With just a fridge, a 7ft trailer can sell over 300 ice cream cones at an event. Visit this page to see all our small food trailer models and their standard specifications.
 Custom Builds
Custom-Food-Trailer-for-Sale   When you have specific requirements for trailer specifications or need professional ice cream machines, our basic models might not cut it. You can start with any of our basic models and make any modifications you need, such as changing the trailer color, redesigning the interior layout, installing specific equipment and appliances, customizing electrical setups, and adding additional features. Some modifications may incur costs.
For custom builds, our pricing is fair and transparent. In the initial stage, we'll share our price list of all our trailer models and customization options with you and give you a detailed custom quote according to your choices. The quote includes the trailer, customization, additional options, shipping costs, taxes, potential discounts, deposits, and any other relevant costs associated with your project. If there are further modifications, the quote will be updated accordingly until you confirm it.


How to Buy Ice Cream Truck?

It Takes 6 Simple Steps to Buy Your Dream Ice Cream Truck from ETO DEVICE

Ready to make a purchase but unsure how to buy online?

One call or email and you'll get started on your turnkey projects!

ETO DEVICE has been in the custom food trailer and truck business for several years and has successfully delivered nearly 4,000 projects worldwide, with this number continuously growing. So, we pretty much know how to get things done efficiently, fast, and safely. You can contact our experts through phone, email, WhatsApp, or online chat - whatever works best for you - to get a custom solution and a quote or ask any questions you may have. Each member of our team is ready to help you and get what you need right away.


Our Process for Your Build

Free One-on-One Consultation
Just send us a "hi"! Our experienced experts will start chatting with you and provide professional help and advice. Whether you want to ask for our catalog and an exact quote, learn more about all our custom options or find something that best fits your business goals, we're here to help with everything!

Custom Trailer Solution
Let us know your needs clearly, such as the food trailer model, size, color, modifications, equipment, layout, expected price, etc., and we'll find the perfect solution for your mobile ice cream business. If you're not sure what's best for you, we have multiple design options and expert suggestions for you to explore.

Confirmation & Purchase
A complete quote, including food trailer prices, pricing of your options, shipping costs, potential discounts, and any required deposit, will give you the breakdown cost of your project. When you formally confirm it, we'll introduce our payment methods and guide you through the whole process which is simple and secure.

Production & Quality Inspection
To keep you informed of the production progress, we can send you photos and videos of the trailer as you request. After production, we'll test and check all parts, systems, and equipment, which ensures the best quality of your food trailer before delivery. If there's anything specific you want us to inspect, let us know and we'll provide feedback.


Final Shipment & Delivery
We ship and deliver worldwide. Our reliable third-party shipping and container companies will deliver your food trailer intact and on time to the designated location, even to your doorstep. If you prefer to pick up your trailer from our workshop, we will arrange everything in advance.

Warranty & After-sale Services
ETO always aims for the highest customer satisfaction. For every customer, we offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty as a gift, and our services include training and guidance, spare parts, equipment supply, online technical support, and maintenance advice, all provided for free. This is something other companies may not offer.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and let's start building your dream ice cream trailer today!
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