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Vintage Food Trailer

Custom retro & vintage food trailers / campers / caravans for sale. Unique & classic trailer models designed for the coffee, ice cream & food catering business.
Classic & Retro Trailers Built as All-In-On Mobile Kitchens: The Best Solution To Bring Creative Ideas and Unique Style to Your Mobile Food Trailer Business!

On this page, you'll find our latest vintage trailers for sale designed to meet your special requirements as a pop-up restaurant / food concession stand, and some have special prices.

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Vintage Horse Trailer Coffee Bar for Weddings
Horse Trailer Bar
Coffee Horse Trailer
Small Horse Trailer Bar for Sale
Basic Container Food Trailer for Sale
Mobile Coffee Trailer For Sale
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer

Vintage Horse Trailer Coffee Bar for Weddings

Model: FN300
A unique mobile coffee bar that creates a customizable wedding experience.

The mobile coffee bar has evolved beyond being a mere trend – it's now essential for creating unique weddings. This 10ft vintage horse trailer coffee bar, our latest creation in our vintage trailer series, is the ultimate beverage solution for wedding planning companies and traditional cafes to provide private bartending services at weddings. Its classic horse trailer body in a shade of milky white is a perfect centerpiece for weddings, suiting various styles – from minimalist and modern to rustic or monochrome.

The trailer coffee bar has an ideal design that accounts for top-notch bartending services.

Click "Download" below to unlock the secrets of its design.

Horse Trailer Bar

Model: CR200
A horse trailer bar converted into a mobile bar may make a health inspector frown, but this one will bar because it is a brand new horse trailer bar that won't ding or creak when heading for a private event!

This 7*6ft trailer bar is a mobile coffee bar we built for a client in the UK. All materials, trailer parts, and equipment we use are brand new and high quality. One of the side walls can be dropped and used as a deck that supports over a ton of weight. The deck is laid with flooring and adorned with railings, creating a unique ambiance that matches all occasions and bringing bartenders and guests closer. On the other two sides are concession windows equipped with bar counters, ready to take orders. This design allows for all-around service and better customer interaction. Even at large events, we can offer the best bartending service with this horse trailer bar.

Inside the bar, there are essential equipment kits, like the workbench, sink, fridge, and storage cabinets.

Click "Download" below to get the trailer designs for free.

Coffee Horse Trailer

Model: N300
This 10*7ft coffee horse trailer for sale is an excellent small horse box coffee shop for starters who prefer a food concession trailer with an appealing & creative design. It is converted from a brand-new horse trailer constructed from quality steel and built in compliance with EU standards and regulations regarding food trailers. On both sides, there are concession windows with awnings.

This coffee horse trailer has a basic package for a coffee trailer business, including an electrical system (food trailer lighting units, an electrical panel, 32A UK electrical sockets with switches, and E-mark tail lights), 2 compartments sink with a hot/cold tap, 25L clean water tanks, a 24V water pump, food-grade stainless steel work tables, 120L bench fridge, food trailer jack, and brake system.

Click on the "Download" below to get more pictures of this model.

Small Horse Trailer Bar for Sale

small horse trailer bar for sale
horse trailer bar for sale
horse trailer bar design
orse trailer bar
small horse trailer bar for sale near me
vintage horse trailer bar for sale
mobile horse trailer bar
10ft horse trailer bar for sale
mobile horse trailer bar for sale
horse trailer bar interior design
horse trailer bar inside
horse trailer bar interior
water sink
water sink kits
tow bar

Best Vintage Horse Mobile Bar for Weddings & High-end Events

Special Sale from $6,550

This vintage dual-axle horse trailer is a standard configuration awaiting your unique touch – customizing it into the ideal trailer bar for weddings with additional customization options and kitchen equipment. Its retro look as a bar nestled within a circular horse trailer makes it an excellent choice. The entire construction is made from sturdy steel – no decaying wood here! A galvanized steel trailer frame is positioned on a brand-new road-legal trailer chassis, melded with cold-rolled steel exterior walls that have been painted. Our team breathed new life into this horse trailer bar through a series of works, including wiring, plumbing, flooring, and kitchen equipment setup. Inside the horse trailer bar, there are stainless steel workbenches, a sink, internal lighting, power outlets, anti-slip flooring, and storage.

This horse trailer bar's interior and exterior design, layout, and embellishments offer limitless flexibility. Additional equipment can be added to built the trailer as a tailored cocktail workstation, a beer bar, or even a mobile cafe. Reach out to our design team now to explore an array of customization upgrades and obtain a comprehensive kitchen equipment list!

  • 100+ RAL Trailer Colors
  • Power Sockets
  • NSF-certified 3 Compartment Water Sinks and Hand Sinks
  • Large Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • 50 Appliances, Including Espresso Machines, Fridges, Ice Makers & Ice Cream Machines
  • 304 Stainless Steel Workbenches
  • Trailer Lighting Designs
  • Vinyl Branding Decals
  • Air Conditioning
  • Generator Boxes
  • Brake Systems
  • Customize Kitchen Layouts

The Specification

Model: FT300
Dimensions: 300*200*230cm
Weight: 1,200kg
Condition: Brand new & customization available
Electrical: 220V/50HZ
Axle: 2, galvanized steel
Tire: 165/70R13
Material: Quality cold-rolled steel
Insulation: Black cotton (2cm thickness)
Window: Flip-out concession windows, coupled with serving shelves
Electrical System: Electrical panel board / circuit breaker / power sockets / generator receptacle with cover / 7 pin trailer connector / interior lighting units / trailer tail lights & red reflectors / side lights
Water Cycle System: 2 compartment water sink / hot & cold water faucet / 12V auto water pumps / 25L food-grade plastic clean water tank and waste water tank / floor drain
Accessory: 88cm safety chain / trailer hitch ball / trailer coupler / heavy-duty support legs / heavy-duty trailer jack with wheel / door keys
Workbench: 201 stainless steel workbench with cabinets
Floor: non-slip aluminium checkered floor
Warranty: 1 year for free

Basic Container Food Trailer for Sale

shipping container food trailer for sale
shipping container food trailer
10ft shipping container food trailer for sale
container food trailer
container food trailer for sale
custom shipping container food trailer
shipping container food trailer interior
shipping container food trailer inside
shipping container food trailer interior design

Model: CBT300


This 10ft shipping container kitchen is a template ready to be tailored to your food trailer concepts! From coffee and ice cream to donuts to beers, you can serve a variety of food and drinks to different crowd sizes after adding your cooking appliances in the kitchen. Menu options are entirely in your hands!

The container kitchen is equipped with a modern kitchen setup, complete with plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, lighting, storage, workbenches, and a sink. At the front, a large opening serves as a concession window for interaction with customers, and it has a drop-down serving shelf that offers extra counter space.


Click the "Download" button below to get the food trailer specifications, images, and features for free.

Mobile Coffee Trailer For Sale

mobile coffee trailer
mint green coffee trailer
white coffee trailer
beige coffee trailer
brown coffee trailer
yellow coffee trailer
coffee trailer kitchen 01
coffee trailer kitchen 02
coffee trailer kitchen 03
This 10.5×6.5 mobile coffee trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE, it comes in many different colors and is mainly used to sell coffee, hot dogs, burgers and ice cream.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The rear of this mobile coffee trailer is designed as a sales window, and it also has an arc-shaped table, which is convenient for customers to dine.

There is a awning above the sales window, which can shade and protect the diners from the rain.

The door is located above the traction frame, and the traction frame is paved with anti-skid aluminum checker plates as steps for employees to get on and off the car.

All workbenches in the coffee trailer are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevents rust.

The windows are designed with upper and lower layers, the upper windows are used for ventilation, and the lower windows are used to sell coffee and burgers.

Australian Coffee Concession Trailer

Australian Coffee Concession Trailer
Coffee Concession Trailer
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Front
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Rear
Australian Coffee Trailer
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Kitchen
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Kitchen
This 14.7×6.5 custom coffee concession trailer belongs to a customer in Australia. This is specially designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE for customers. According to the client's budget and ideas, we designed this special dark blue coffee trailer for it, which mainly serves coffee and beverages for various events and parties.

Design Drawing
Australian Coffee Concession Trailer Design
  • External tires to ensure the width of the interior space of the trailer
  • The sales windows are decorated with wood grain aluminum panels.
  • License plate lights.
  • 2+1 interval sinks.
  • 70L+100L stainless steel water tank.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Drawers
  • Horizontal refrigerator
  • Aluminum pattern floor
  • Stainless steel workbench

Conversion and Restoration of Old Trailer to Build Your Vintage Food Trailer?

No! We Build Brand-new Ones from Scratch

If you are seeking trailer conversion and restoration services, we apologize for the confusion, as you have landed on the wrong page. Our vintage food trailers for sale are built from scratch by working closely with their owners, and now they are provided as basic pre-configurations that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. In other words, these classic trailers are brand new, designed in a retro style, and not used or old trailers. ETO ensures the construction of these made-to-order mobile food trailers is of the highest quality using proprietary engineering and the best materials, resulting in mobile food trailers with excellent performance and features. All installations, including electric, gas, and water lines, are executed in compliance with US or EU standards and codes.

Although our vintage food trailers and trucks may appear to have lower prices compared to other suppliers offering them in your city, it's important to note that at ETO, a low price does not indicate a compromise in quality. We are committed to providing nothing but the best products to our valued customers.
The Materials and Accessories We Use in the Construction:

Frame 50mm*50mm*2.0mm galvanized steel tubing
Chassis 50mm*100mm, 40mm*60mm*2.0mm, 50mm*70mm*2.5mm galvanized steel tubing, or upgrade option: Knott trailer chassis
Tire 165/70R13
Exterior Wall 1.2mm cold-rolled steel
Interior Wall 3.5mm aluminum composite panel
7mm plywood
Insulation 28mm Black Cotton
Floor 1.0mm galvanized steel sheets
8mm MDF boards
1.5mm non-slip aluminium checkered sheets
Workbench 201 / 304 stainless steel
Brake Disk brake / electric brake
Electric System Wires
Electrical panel board
32A/64A circuit breaker
Outlets designed to the electrical standards in EU/UK/Australia
2m, 7 pin trailer connector
Heavy-duty generator receptacle with cover
E-mark certified / DOT compliant / ADR certified trailer tail lights & red reflectorsInterior lighting units
Water Sink Kit 2 compartment water sink
220v/50hz, 3000W, rotating water faucet for hot & cold water
24V/35W auto water pump
25L/10L food grade plastic clean water tank and waste water tank
Floor drain
Accessory 50mm, 1500kg, trailer ball hitch
Trailer coupler
88cm safety chain
1200kg trailer jack with wheel
Heavy-duty support legs
Note: The materials used may vary from model to model. You can contact us for detailed information regarding the specific materials and specifications of the exact retro food trailer model showcased on this page.

Classic & Versatile

Mobile Kitchens for All Your Food Serving Concepts

Vintage camper trailers for travel? No. These are vintage food trailers that specialize in meeting your food serving concept as a mobile kitchen! Our team keeps the iconic exterior designs of the hottest vintage trailer models found in the US, UK, and Australia. We then construct them to meet the highest standards in the concession trailer industry, ensuring they are fully compliant with road regulations.

The interiors of these vintage food trailers are built as commercial kitchens equipped with essential features required by codes - easy-to-clean interior walls, floor, ventilation, water system, gas piping, refrigeration, and stainless steel workbenches. but their specific configurations are not the same.
Our professional team is dedicated to optimizing your trailer's kitchen layout for maximum efficiency and storage capacity, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your food business concept. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities:
  • Dreaming of setting up a mobile cafe? We offer vintage coffee trailers equipped with essential equipment for a coffee house, including an espresso machine, coffee grinder, ice maker, cup sealing machine, mixer, fridge, and freezer.
  • Looking for an ice cream solution this summer? Our vintage ice cream trailers for sale, designed in a charming horse trailer bar model, will set you apart from other ice cream retailers and vendors.
  • Have a unique beer bar idea?  Check out our mobile beer bar solution, the 13ft Custom-built Airstream Bar, tailor-made for our clients.
In addition to your food trailer concept, factors such as food preparation methods, daily product sales, and local codes greatly influence the kitchen layout. We will work closely with you, step by step, to create the perfect trailer kitchen layout. This involves identifying the specifications and features you require in your mobile kitchen, selecting kitchen equipment that works with your power source, and precisely determining the locations of power sockets, equipment, and piping within the trailer. Then, our team will make conceptual sketches. These sketches become detailed trailer floor plans, 3D renders, and a comprehensive quote once they receive your confirmation. From there, the manufacturing process begins.

Share your special food trailer business concept with us now! Whether it's a mobile bakery or a food catering trailer, our vintage food trailers are available to cater to all types of food businesses.


Is a Vintage Food Trailer a Good Investment?

Exploring the Profit Potential of ETO Vintage Food Trailers

When it comes to concession trailers models, there are numerous options that offer functionality and versatility (Check this page for all trailers we built for our clients). So why pay extra for a retro-style food trailer? Well, there's a good reason: the classic and vintage look of a concession trailer!

Let's admit it, the appearance of your food trailer, being the first thing customers notice, plays a key role in attracting customers and enhancing your business. In the world of food trailers, where box concession trailers and small food carts dominate, uniqueness is highly sought after by all. When many food trailer owners opt for custom food trailer wraps to distinguish their businesses, a vintage concession trailer featuring elements from the popular styles of the 80s or earlier holds a unique and captivating appeal that draws a curious crowd. Just imagine having your mobile food trailer surrounded by a crowd of people. The result? The improvement of your popularity and product's cachet! It is a well-known psychological phenomenon: long lines tend to pique interest. People instinctively assume a lengthy queue with excellent food and a memorable dining experience. After all, people wait for what they want only. Therefore, for start-up firms seeking rapid popularity and brand establishment, having one of our retro catering trailers proves to be a more effective strategy than relying solely on promotional efforts, social media marketing, or innovative advertising.

Beyond customer growth, our retro food trailers offer more benefits for your mobile food business:
  • A timeless trailer design that never goes out of style: Classic things never lose their charm! Our vintage concession trailers for sale are designed, drawing inspiration from iconic classic models of travel trailers, campers, caravans, and horse trailer bars that have successfully stood the test of time. Their timeless style endures year after year.
  • More likes on social media: Visual appeal is more than everything on social media. A unique food trailer with a vintage & elegant style tends to be an instant hit, attracting attention and generating likes from users of all ages. You don't need to pay for a great image. Its vintage look is a magnet for click rates and likes on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • High resale value: Regular food trailers and trucks are usually sold at half price after being used for just one year or a few months. However, a classic trailer, particularly the airstream food trailer, is an investment that will last  due to its timeless quality and uniqueness—factors that people are willing to pay more for.
  • A special customer experience: For catering companies, our retro food trailers for sale become the highlight of any occasion or event, be it weddings, birthday parties, or other gatherings. They create a memorable and special experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers, ensuring positive feedback and reception.


Food Trailer Customization

Create a Replica of a Vintage Trailer You Dream Of!

Countless options are available for classic and vintage trailers for sale, but there are fewer choices specifically designed for mobile food catering businesses. However, there's no need to worry. Our exceptional team specializes in creating replicas of popular retro trailers, vans, campers, caravans, and even vintage airstream food trailers!

We have a team of professional trailer designers and technicians who will carefully discuss every detail of your build. Our aim is to create a replica of the trailer you prefer in terms of appearance and design while also ensuring it meets the specific requirements and health codes necessary for registration and permit application.
But our replicas offer more than just the classic trailer look. We provide a wide range of customization and add-on options as bonuses, allowing you to create a trailer that perfectly matches your desired design and layout. Moreover, we offer a selection of over 70 models of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances that can be integrated into your build. (Go to this page to learn more about the equipment you should have in your mobile food trailer)

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of options, don't worry. Our experts are here to assist you throughout the entire trailer design, customization, and production process. They will provide suggestions to help you make wise decisions. So go ahead, send us pictures of the model you like, and let's discuss how we can transform it into a fully functional mobile kitchen for your unique food concept.

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