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Custom Airstream Beer Trailer For Sale

For many years, ETO DEVICE has been committed to providing you with super mobile beer and beverage trailer for sale. We design and manufacture mobile airstream beer trailers to meet all your needs, from beer machines, beer filling, beer cans to refrigerated beer cabinets, we can provide you with a complete set of customized mobile beer bar solutions.

mobile airstream beer trailer

Chile Mobile Custom Airstream Beer Trailer

This 13×6.8 custom airstream beer trailer for sale was designed and built by ETO DEVICE for a client in Chile. We have a construction workshop of 8000㎡ and an elite team of engineers, and always use the best materials, which is why we are trusted by our customers.

airstream beer trailer  airstream beer trailer
airstream beer trailer  mobile beer trailer
airstream beer trailer  airstream beer trailer  


Kitchen equipment

This airstream beer trailer comes with 4 beer taps, hot dog maker, pizza oven, ice maker, refrigerator,beverage fridge and air conditioner. In addition, according to customers' requirements, we also provide customers with customized beer glasses, tables and chairs and beer cans.

beer trailer kitchen equipment
beer trailer kitchen equipment

3D design drawing

We provide customers with unique beer trailer designs, all for free.

design drawing

Our imaginative beer trailer customers

Rodrigo is a dynamic entrepreneur and a seasoned bar operator. He has a venue that can accommodate 50-60 people. In order to expand his business and improve his brand influence, he chose ETO DEVICE to build this 4-meter-long airstream beer trailer for him, which is mainly used to sell beer, beverages and hot dogs.

What does Rodrigo do?
  • Bespoke 4 beer taps, it has 6 oak barrels of beer, which is enough to guarantee a full day of sales.
  • Aluminum cans were used to fill the beer and a can seamer was used.
  • Advertising screens were placed in front of the airstream beer trailer to promote its mobile beer tap trailer.
  • Lighting in warm yellow
  • Happy bouncy castle, a playground for kids.
  • Using a generator to power the beer trailer can ensure the needs of outdoor business.
  • Bespoke outdoor folding tables and chairs allow beer lovers to enjoy a fresh brew under the stars.
airstream beer trailer for sale

Customized options we offer our customers

ETO DEVICE is a factory with 8000㎡ manufacturing workshop, we have an experienced team of engineers. Any airstream beer trailer and beverage trailer you need, we have unrivaled customizable options.
  • Beer taps
  • Water systems and tanks
  • Gas system. Gas systems that meet US, Australian, Canadian and European standards.
  • kitchen fire extinguishing system
  • Power systems
  • LED lighting
  • Logo design
  • Body color and pattern
  • Any kitchen equipment you want

Everything you want, we can design and build it for you.

Start now and let us design and build the airstream beer trailer for you!

Contact us now to communicate with our professional engineers to help you design your dream custom beer trailer and beverage trailer. You can also browse our more airstream food trailers for more inspiration!
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