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Carly’s Small Boba Tea Cart in Australia

Do you want to get a head start on a boba tea business in Australia? Then, forget about the investment in a bubble tea shop. It is not the best solution for beginners. You know, a regular shop has many weaknesses, and being trapped in a specific location and requiring high front investment are lethal and easily lead to failure. Is there a better solution to start a bubble tea business for beginners? Here it is, the small boba tea cart designed for the mobile boba bar business in Australia, a unique bubble tea shop on wheels for sale under $6,000.

small mobile boba tea cart for sale in Australia


Mini Boba Tea Cart, a Mobile Boba Bar in Australia

How to start a bubble tea business in Australia with less investment? This small bob tea cart, a custom project we worked on with Carly, is a low-cost solution if you are on a limited budget. It is a compact boba bar built in an 8*6ft small mobile food cart, and the construction is in compliance with the safety requirements and standards in Australia, so the cart can move around as a pop-up bar to sell food and beverage legally.

Electricity is the main power source of the bubble tea cart. Given the difference in outlets and voltage internationally, we designed the electrical system for use in Australia to ensure compatibility. An applicable break panel and electrical sockets are installed by certified electricians. The mobile boba tea cart is equipped with ADR-approved trailer tail lights (including reversing lamps, side lamps, and stop lamps ) and a brake system, making the vehicle configuration compliant, so the process of registration and application for licenses and permits will be much easier. The chassis is made from thicker and stronger galvanized steel tubing, ensuring high stability and safety of the mobile boba bar.
small mobile boba tea cart for sale
mobile boba tea cart interior
Though it is small, the mobile boba tea cart has an efficient kitchen configuration that meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene. It comes with stainless steel worktables made to restaurant quality, standard water plumbing, non-slippery floor, easy-to-clean interior walls, LED lighting units, and electricity. Most importantly, the compact food cart layout makes it possible to prepare bubble tea in a small place without the need to keep moving, streamlining the preparation process and maximizing the working efficiency. As Carly required, we provided a turnkey kitchen equipment package for the mobile bubble tea business that fits her mobile boba tea cart model, and we will give details later to tell you what equipment is required to start a mobile boba bar business. There are sufficient countertops for placing all machines for making bubble tea, and electrical sockets are installed near them for easy access to electricity when plugging into any appliance.  

The Specification of Carly’s Small Boba Tea Cart

Model: FR250WD
Size: L250xW200xH230CM
Full Size: L370xW200xH230CM
Tire: 165/70R13
Net Weight: 600KG
Gross Weight: 800KG
Max Load Weight: 300KG
Electricity: Breaker panel / electrical outlets / generator receptacle with cover / LED lighting unit
Opening: Concession window with awning / small side window
Accessory: 88cm safety chain / trailer jack with wheel / heavy-duty support legs / drop down folding concession shelf / LED lighting unit / ADR-approved trailer tail light / red reflectors / steel generator box / air conditioner / keys

mobile boba tea cart for the bubble tea business in Australia


List of Equipment You Need to Run a Boba Tea Cart in Australia

The foundation of a boba tea cart is the right equipment. Choosing the right equipment ensures your boba tea business runs smoothly and increases your efficiency. So, what do you need to open a mobile bubble tea shop? Here is the list of equipment in the food cart:


Stainless Steel Worktables

As a fundamental part of every food trailer and cart, worktables serve various working areas, such as preparation, storage, and serving. There is a worktable next to the concession window, providing plenty of countertops and storage space. Plastic cups, straws, and lids can be stored orderly in the compartments under the countertop so that everything is kept within your reach. With a small worktable near the side window, the boba tea cart has a U-shape kitchen, a kind of highly efficient kitchen layout, that gives more work areas and storage. Three adjoining worktops form a large worktop that supports fluid movement in the kitchen, as the following food trailer layout shows. However, these tables make the available workspace smaller. To have the best experience of teamwork, two worktables are enough. These worktables have food-graded stainless steel surfaces.

floor plan of the small boba tea cart


Bubble Tea Counter

The bubble tea counter is a complete workstation where all kitchen tasks are processed, from cleaning used utensils to refrigerating toppings. Its well-organized design facilitates the process of making bubble tea. With many components, the key functions of the bubble tea counter include providing a refrigerated room, a large countertop, a water sink, and plenty of storage for bubble tea toppings and add-ons. Stainless steel is the main material used in the production of every part of the bubble tea counter, ensuring a strong and firm structure and an easy-to-clean surface.

mobile boba bar

The bubble tea counter is customized in dimensions to make it fit into Carly's small mobile boba bar. Our team made 3D drawings for the boba tea cart before production, including the interior design of the cart that displays the arrangement of the kitchen equipment and appliances, and did some modifications so that they can meet Carly's requirements in the design and function of the counter.

There is a wall shelf fixed above the bubble tea counter in which ingredients, consumables, and small appliances can be stored within reach in preparation, managing a simple workflow.  
Bubble Tea Counter
Size 150*60*80cm
Material 304 stainless steel
Refrigerator length 120cm
Fridge temperature 2 - 8 ℃
Refrigerated stainless steel food containers 8 pcs.
Included Ice bin / water sink / faucet for hot & cold water / drain board

mobile boba tea cart design


Pearl Cooker

Pearls, or boba, whatever you call it, are small granules made from Tapioca. Its preparation is not complex. All you need is a gas stove, a pot, and water. However, it takes skills to cook perfect tapioca pearls with a chewy texture. For beginners, an auto pearl cooker is highly investable due to its ability to reduce your workload. Designed for cooking all types of tapioca pearls, the cooker processes pearls automatically after presetting the cooking time and temperature, allowing you to deal with other tasks. It is a multifunctional machine that can be used to cook other popular add-ons for bubble tea, such as sago, taro, and red beans.

If you prefer the traditional preparation of tapioca pearls, you can add a gas piping system and a gas stove to your small boba tea cart. We have professionals specializing in gas piping design and installation. Everything will be set up before the delivery.
Pearl Cooker
Power 900W
Capacity 5L
Pot Size D240*H145mm
Weight 6kg
Machine dimension 300*400*260mm
Gross weight 10kg


Auto Fructose Dispenser

To provide personalized bubble tea, a fructose dispenser is an indispensable machine for the mobile boba bar. Controlled by a smart system, it adds a certain amount of fructose into the bubble tea precisely, so you can give customers more options on the sweetness of their beverage. Its high automation speeds up the preparation process and helps Carly deal with a high volume of orders efficiently during peak times. For a small bubble tea business selling fewer than 100 cups a day, the investment in a fructose dispenser may fail to provide you with maximum returns,
Fructose Dispenser
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 80W
Capacity 8L
Controller computer controller
Optional capacity 16 keys
Weight 7kg
Dimension 360*260*420mm
Packaging size 400*340*470mm
Gross weight 10kg


Milk Tea Shaker

To make a cup of smooth bubble tea without a clump of mike tea powder, shaking is an important step that blends all the ingredients well. A milk tea shaker is a perfect machine that automatizes the process of shaking, helping dissolve bubble tea powder and sugar quickly. Manual shaking is a cheap alternative method, but it is devoid of efficiency when preparing large quantities of bubble tea. The arms of the milk tea shaker are adjustable to fit 500-700ml stainless steel shaker cups perfectly.
Milk Tea Shaker
Power 20W Rev:320r/min
Suitable cup capacity 500-700ml
Weight 25kg
Dimension 350*300*345mm
Packaging size 410*360*410mm
Gross weight 27kg


Ice Maker

Bubble tea can be either hot or cold. According to market research last year, nearly two-thirds of customers have a preference for cold boba tea. That makes a sufficient supply of ice tubes vital for the operation of the mobile boba bar, particularly during hot days. A freezer takes up too much area, so we suggested Carly have a small ice maker. According to expected sales, the 48F Ice Maker is an ideal model that produces 48kg of ice tubes a day. Given its height, it is fixed next to the front worktables, sparing the countertop for other countertop bubble tea making machines.
Ice Maker
Model 48F Ice Maker
Capacity 48kg/day
Weight 500x430x798/32KG
Ice storage capacity 18kg

boba tea cart with an ice maker


Other Equipment and Machines for Make the Best Bubble Tea

The above are essential items for the operation of a mobile bubble tea business in Australia. However, there are some options that help to complete your mobile boba bar and enable you to expand the menu. Consider the following machines if your budget allows:
  • Auto Sealing Machines
  • Blenders
  • Espresso Machines
  • Soft-serve Ice Cream Making Machines
  • Ice Crushers
  • Coffee Bean Grinders
  • Microwaves

Here is a complete list of all the things your mobile boba bar should have, covering the essential food trailer equipment, disposables, and ingredients for making bubble tea:  What Do You Need to Start a Bubble Tea Business on a Truck?


The Boba Tea Cart VS Bubble Tea Food Truck, Which one it the Best for Your Business?

The boba tea cart and the bubble tea food truck are two affordable solutions for running a bubble tea business. Converted from vehicles, they are a kind of special bubble shop on wheels that allows you to sell drinks in more than one place. Park the unit, open the service windows, and then put a hand-written menu aside. A temporary concession stand is set up within 5 minutes. Since the boba tea cart and the bubble tea food truck are cost-friendly alternatives for starting a bubble tea shop, which one will benefit your business the most?


Boba Tea Cart: a Low-risk Investment for Starters

For newcomers to the bubble tea industry, starting small can minimize potential risks and lessen the financial strain. Thanks to its low price and operational cost, the boba tea cart is an affordable and convenient way to start a business. It requires minimal capital and offers potential returns with low risk. Most importantly, it has all the features of a food truck if it is equipped with specific equipment. Water sinks, worktables, fridges, and shelves... You can have all kinds of essential food trailer equipment to build a mobile kitchen in the boba tea cart. With the right marketing strategies, you can quickly grow your bubble tea business and make it profitable in no time. Here are the advantages of the boba tea cart:

- Affordable Food Cart Price: Can you start a bubble tea business with $7,000 or less? Of course! The upfront cost of the boba tea cart is much more affordable than you thought! At ETO, a small boba tea cart starts at $2,200, and it comes with a basic kitchen equipment package, including the electrical system, water sink, floor, stainless steel worktable, and so on. No extra outlay on kitchen equipment unless you require a specific model, such as a 3 compartment water sink with  NSF certification. Bubble tea making machines will be run when you plug them into electrical outlets in the cart.
- Perfect Food Cart Size: Compared to the food trucks, the boba tea cart has a smaller size, allowing it to reach more places where food trucks can not enter, such as beaches, sidewalks, and someone's backyards. Many locations have strict restrictions on the size of mobile food trucks and trailers. A large food truck, let's say a 25ft one, has to go through the rigmarole of applying for a permit before starting a business in a spot and need to pay more parking costs.

mobile beverage cart


Bubble Tea Food Truck: an Advanced Solution to Expand Business

Originating from the U.S., the food truck is a trend in the restaurant industry. It is a true restaurant, but on wheels to quickly feed people who are looking for on-the-go food. Due to its long history, it now becomes a culture. 80% of entrepreneurs prefer the way of starting their catering businesses with a food truck. However, it is not a perfect solution for all, particularly those small business owners. It takes about $100,000 to buy a custom-built bubble tea truck. Even a used truck costs $20,000 - $50,000. That is a large amount that most people can not afford. Financing is a preferred expedient but may impose a significant economic burden. Once your business plan or strategy doesn't pay off and you are short of backup money to support the business going through the first months, you may end up with nothing but debts. That's why most food trucks fail within a few months.

The operation of a bubble tea food truck is usually more suited for those who know the rules of the game, namely established brands and companies that are prepared to expand their business and set up an empire. On the one hand, they have sufficient money in backing. On the other hand, their loyal customer bases can help them get fast revenue in the mobile bubble tea business, even if without marketing. Their brands and logos are the best advertisements that attract customers. Here are the benefits that bubble tea food trucks bring to those companies:
  • Low-risk experimentation on testing market in a new place
  • A chance to form a food truck fleet to enhance their reach
  • The offer of food delivery and personal catering service to customers
  • The establishment of new shops with less investment
  • A low-cost marketing strategy

Of course, there are other business modes in the boba tea industry when it comes to low-cost solutions, such as beverage kiosks for malls and shipping container bars set up as pop-up shops. Compared to regular bubble tea shops, they require less investment, operational costs, and time to set up in a new location, providing an affordable approach to making money in the food industry. At ETO, our professional team is capable of creating a mobile bubble tea shop based on any model, food concession trailers, or shipping containers, and making sure the construction meets the standards and regulations in your city. Just send us an e-mail to tell us what food trailer size you are looking for and which kitchen equipment you need. Our team will contact you as soon as possible!

Want some inspiration for your build? Go to our gallery to check out all our custom projects or choose prefabricated beverage trailer models as the base. Then, let's create your boba tea cart and make your business reach every corner of Australia!
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