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Trailer Generator Box to Secure a Generator on Your Food Trailer

generator box for food trailer

The operation of a mobile food catering business needs certain kitchen appliances, and that makes the generator an indispensable piece of equipment for every food trailer owner. A mobile food trailer has a higher demand for electricity because many appliances need to work at the same time during rush hours, which requires large generators. These components are bulky and heavy. Unlike any common trailer or RV, a mobile food trailer has a good interior design for the efficient use of space for commercial kitchen equipment only. It doesn’t have any compartments for generators. Putting them in the trailer not only gets in the way of your work but puts your safety at risk. But, a generator outside makes you worry all the time whether someone will steal it.

So, how to secure a generator on your food trailer? Where should you mount a generator on your vehicle for safety? In this post, there is the best option for mounting a generator to a mobile food trailer - the trailer generator box, an available additional extra for our mobile trailers.


What Is a Food Trailer Generator Box?

It is a metal box for keeping and protecting your food trailer generator properly. If you have ever browsed our food trailer gallery or projects, you must see a black box on the trailer tongue. There it is! The food trailer generator box, or cage, no matter what you call it. It is a hot additional option most of our clients request for their custom units because of its following features.
  • Customizable enclosure for different food trailer generators
  • Rigid heavy-duty frame is made from indestructible and durable steel that resists corrosion.
  • A wall lid and a latch provide easy and quick access to your trailer generator at any time and ensure security.
  • Cutouts on walls help ventilation and cool a generator.
  • Perfect generator box for trailer tongue has the ability to handle more weight so that it provides the generator from falling when moving.

food trailer with generator box


Why Do You Need a Trailer Generator Box on Your Food Trailer?

Are there no other solutions for mounting a generator to a food trailer? Yes, there are. A cargo tray mounted to the rear of the trailer and a metal carrier installed above the propane tanks are convenient ways to mount a generator. However, the trailer generator box is a better enclosure for a food trailer generator because of its practical benefits below:

Run a Generator Safely During Bad Weather:

Everyone knows it is dangerous to run a generator in wet weather. The rain can cause a short circuit in the generator, which results in injury or death when you touch the wet generator. Don’t believe a tarp can protect the generator. It is a hindrance to the ventilation of the generator. So, you have to end your food trailer business early and go back home in bad weather, even if it is just drizzling outside, don’t you?

No, of course! The food trailer generator box provided a closed shelter that covers the generator from rain and snow. As a rain cover, the box ensures a dry enclosure for the operation of the generator. A stable power supply allows you to keep serving your eaters when your competitors have to close their generators when the rain comes.

pizza trailer with generator cage

Have a Fixed Enclosure for the Generator

It is a tiring task to move a generator, particularly one with a large sizing. Why not have a fixed place to mount a generator to your food trailer? Tightly welded on the trailer tongue, the food trailer generator box holds the generator all the time and ensures it is safe to be around.  

generator box for trailer tongue

Ensure Security

A generator is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the food trailer business. You probably tend to leave the security of your generator behind when you talk to your customers. Accordingly, it provides an open invitation to crime. A food trailer generator is not cheap, right? Hence, it is necessary to lock it in a generator box.

The cargo tray and the metal carrier for generators are designed for holding and placing the generator. They can not ensure the security of the generator. With the lid and latch, our food trailer generator box locks the generator in an enclosure. Besides, the box has a strong frame. So much noise must be made if a thief attempts to smash the box and get the thing inside. Therefore, set your mind at rest when you have a mobile food trailer with a generator box.

enclosure for food trailer generator

Avoid Noise Complaints

When you open the generator and are ready to cook, noise compliance may be the first thing you should handle with. A generator needs to power the fridges, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances on your concession trailer all the time. If your vehicle parks in the community, the noise a large-wattage generator makes annoys residents easily. Therefore, a trailer generator box is an advisable option when we customized food trailers for our client.

The cover of the box is able to muffle the noise largely and provide a pleasant environment for eaters and neighbors.

Make Everything Match

Every mobile food trailer we build has an exterior design that matches well its function and business. Take the airstream mobile bar we customized for a client in the UK. It is a airstream food trailer with a fancy look. A bare generator with a heavy body and dark look can really ruin the atmosphere the trailer creates. A generator box is a good option for mounting a generator to your food trailer aesthetically. If you need, it can be printed to the RAL color you expect to make it match your mobile unit!

generator box for mobile bar

No Complicate DIY Works

Having a generator box for trailer tongue doesn’t mean a master of welding. We have certified staff to fix a generator box on your food trailer. When you choose extra options for your custom food concession trailer, the trailer generator box is on the equipment list, along with commercial kitchen equipment, food trailer color, and logo stickers.

trailer generator box on food trailer


Generator Box for Trailer Tongue to Secure Your Generator Better

Where is the best place to mount a generator to a mobile food trailer? Some people tend to mount it to the bumper with the help of a hitch. But, the bumper is not designed for that, and our round-top food trailers do not have a bumper for fixing a cargo tray or carrier for the generator. In addition, a heavy generator at the rear of the food trailer will lead to a bumpy ride. You may worry all the time if the generator will fall and hurt the drivers behind you when driving, which leads to a dangerous distraction.

Therefore, the trailer tongue is the best place to mount a generator to the food trailer. Usually, the trailer tongue is designed to handle more weight than the bumper because it needs to keep the trailer in balance when towing. It is not easy to be damaged or breaks off. A steel plate welded on the trailer tongue gives a flat and open surface. Apart from the generator box, the gas tank bucket and the food trailer A/C unit can be installed on it.

generator box for food trailer tongue


How to Have a Trailer Generator Box for Your Concession Trailer?

A used food trailer has less margin for customization. For those who already own a food trailer, having extra accessories to their trailer size and model is a difficult task, and sometimes they need to ask for professionals for the installation. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a food trailer manufacturer that provides good units for sale and a wide range of extras, upgrades, and customizations. At ETO DEVICE, we offer services like conversion, transformation, and modification to accommodate our clients' needs and requirements on our food trailer models. We have many generator boxes in different sizes, styles, and models. Before choosing a proper one for your mobile food trailer, the generator size you should consider first.

The food trailer generator box should be larger than the generator, so your generator sizing is important. Our expert will calculate the total wattage of kitchen appliances in your trailer and check whether your generator meets your full load capacity or not. If it can, you need to send its dimensions so that we can determine the size of the generator box. A correctly sized trailer generator box provides a room that fits your generator and lets the air in.

custom food trailer manufacturing

ETO DEVICE is here to find the proper option for mounting a generator to your food trailer. Our power experts and engineers will partner with you to build a quality unit with a trailer generator box on its trailer tongue. Now, send us an inquiry and talk about your concession trailer design with our friendly staff members.

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