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Container Food Trailer

Durable & affordable shipping container food trailers & trucks customized for your brand. Towable shipping containers for food concession & catering at events.
Make Your Kitchen Rolling With ETO Shipping Container Food Trailers & Trucks!

As experts in designing and constructing food trailers and custom shipping containers, we've turned a remarkable concept into reality - shipping container food trailers. These innovative creations combine the mobility of concession trailers and the durability and industrial looks of shipping containers.

Below are our best-selling pre-configured shipping container food trailers and trucks for sale, each one fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.
Container Cafe Trailer with Rooftop Deck
Shipping Container Food Trailer
Basic Container Food Trailer for Sale

Container Cafe Trailer with Rooftop Deck


A Towable Shipping Container Cafe!

This 19ft container cafe is a shipping container food trailer that can be towed by most four-wheel-drive vehicles and SUVs. It features a rooftop deck with a wood deck, foldable railings, and a rotating staircase. This design provides nearly 120 square feet of extra usable space for creating a unique rooftop bar experience or offering more outdoor seating options.

If your business focuses on events like music festivals, sports events, and weddings, this setup will make you stand out by the top-notch services and unforgettable experiences you offer. When everything ends, hook the trailer to your vehicle, and head home. It is possible to transfer your business within 5 minutes without a third-party trucking company!

A fully equipped commercial kitchen comes standard with the container cafe and you can find code-required equipment inside, such as sliding concession windows, nonporous stainless steel worktops, a 3-compartment water sink, a hand sink, refrigeration equipment, and ventilation. Many standard outlets are available for plugging in various appliances.

Click "Download" below to get everything you need to know about the container cafe, including configurations, features, and design.

Shipping Container Food Trailer

small shipping container food trailer
small shipping container food trailer for sale in usa
small shipping container food trailer for sale
hipping container food trailer for sale
small shipping container restaurant trailer for sale

Model: CBT300
Based on a 10x7ft standard shipping container size, this is the small shipping container food trailer we customized for a client in Norfolk, Virginia.
Its strong structure is made of reinforced gauge corrugated steel with a cover of special treatment, the material of most shipping containers, and it is tightly welded and fixed on a galvanized steel trailer chassis that provides high mobility so you can take the shipping container food trailer from place to place and set up a portable concession stand for selling food. Heavy-duty support stabilizers can give your support and balance when you park the container and run your business. The trailer chassis is  detachable.
The container food trailer is a fully equipped commercial kitchen with plenty of counter and storage space.

Click the "Download" button to get the specifications, trailer images, and floor plans for free.

Basic Container Food Trailer for Sale

shipping container food trailer for sale
shipping container food trailer
10ft shipping container food trailer for sale
container food trailer
container food trailer for sale
custom shipping container food trailer
shipping container food trailer interior
shipping container food trailer inside
shipping container food trailer interior design

Model: CBT300


This 10ft shipping container kitchen is a template ready to be tailored to your food trailer concepts! From coffee and ice cream to donuts to beers, you can serve a variety of food and drinks to different crowd sizes after adding your cooking appliances in the kitchen. Menu options are entirely in your hands!

The container kitchen is equipped with a modern kitchen setup, complete with plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, lighting, storage, workbenches, and a sink. At the front, a large opening serves as a concession window for interaction with customers, and it has a drop-down serving shelf that offers extra counter space.


Click the "Download" button below to get the food trailer specifications, images, and features for free.


Shipping Container Food Trailer Features

trailer chassis
- Road-legal Trailer Chassis -
Brand new trailer chassis with VIN numbers
Heavy-duty trailer stabilizer legs
trailer frame
- Galvanized Steel Trailer Frame -

Thicker main frame on all trailer sizes
shipping container commercial kitchen
- Corrugated Steel Walls & Ceilings -
Full steel structure with a layer of waterproof painting
tow bar
- Heavy-duty A-Frame Tow Bar -
Tough, easy to use, and highly tested for safety
- 165/70R13 Tires -

Tire design reduces rolling resistance for a smoother ride
trailer kitch kits
- Trailer Hitch Kits -

Trailer hitch / Ball mount
 Trailer ball
Hitch pin / Trailer coupler
88cm safety chain
7 pin trailer connector
Trailer jack
- Insulation -
40mm black cotton
- Vents -
Vents at the side of the trailer
rear lights
- Lights -
Brake lights
Reversing lights
Turn signals
generator receptacle
- Industrial Generator Receptacle -
Ideal to any generators
Waterproof design
concession window.
- Concession Window -
Flip-out window with pneumatic rods for easy lifting
- Steel Door -
Steel personnel door, for easy access, can be locked inside


Interior Overview

What we offer is not just a shell, but a fully equipped food trailer. Even our basic models come with standard internal features - workbenches, sinks, water supply systems, storage, lighting, electrical systems, and gas pipelines. While different models and sizes may have slight variations in layout, the essentials remain the same.
shipping container food trailer interior

- Walls & Ceilings-


- Flooring -

- Light -


- Workbench -

3 compartment water sink

- Water Sink -

water pumps and plumbing

- Water Supply System -

water tanks

- Water Tank -


- Storage -

  electrical system

- Electrical System -

gas piping

- Gas Piping -

It's worth noting that we can customize a complete set of commercial kitchen equipment and the kitchen layout to meet your specific needs.


Flexible Shipping Container Food Trailer Conversions

When you invest in a shipping container food trailer, you get the best of both worlds: a mobile food trailer and a stylish shipping container!

Towable Shipping Container Mode

By default, all our containers are securely mounted on high-quality lightweight trailer chassis. This allows any vehicle to safely tow them from one location to another, except for those that are 25 feet or longer. For these, an SUV or truck with a strong towing capacity is necessary due to their heavy-duty trailer chassis. These shipping containers, much like food trailers and trucks, adopt a mobile business model that brings food/products to more than one place. All equipment and fixtures are pre-installed in containers, eliminating the hassle of disassembly and packing. What sets them apart from regular food trailers and trucks? Their striking rugged industrial appearance!
mobile shipping container trailer
small shipping container food trailer

Shipping Container Mode

The trailer chassis is detachable, allowing you to dismantle it at any time and convert the trailer into a permanent outdoor container restaurant or kitchen. By putting down your roots and expanding horizontally, vertically, or upwards, you can set up your own restaurant in a fixed location to gain a stable customer base. Want to relocate? Simply attach the chassis and move your restaurant to a new location! Our team will provide detailed guidance and technical support for chassis installation and disassembly.



Endless Possibilities of Shipping Container Food Trailers & Trucks

At ETO, extensive customization options enable more versatile designs for shipping container food trailers. By configuring specific kitchen equipment or custom facilities, our container food trailers can be converted into functional units suitable for purposes beyond food preparation and cooking! For instance:
  • Mobile kitchens for any purpose - takeout & delivery, food prep, private catering
  • Mobile coffee shops
  • Container bars
  • Seasonal selling points for outdoor or indoor locations
  • Food concession stands at special events & festivals
At ETO, we provide a wide range of prefabricated shipping container food trailer designs and efficient kitchen layouts suitable for all the concepts mentioned above. These can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. If you have a clear vision of what you want and need, you can discuss your requirements, and share images of the trailer/truck you desire, as well as your budget with our team via email ( sales@etofoodcarts.com ) or WhatsApp. They will craft a detailed plan and provide a custom quote for your kitchen project.


We're Your Reliable Partner for Shipping Container Food Trailers & Trucks

ETO stands as a leading food trailer builder worldwide, that specializes in mobile kitchens tailored for a wide array of food business concepts. From mobile concession trailers to custom shipping containers, the possibilities in design and customization are boundless. With a plethora of tailored options, we can create a mobile shipping container trailer equipped with any feature you can imagine. All of this is done with the understanding of staying within your budget.
Please fill out the contact form below and provide us with as much information as possible about your mobile kitchen project. Our team is ready to deliver the highest quality shipping container food trailer that you can afford!
- Trailer Specifications -
Fully Tailored to your need
- Exterior & Interior Design -
Free 3D renderings & floor plans
- Customization -
Color, electrical, graphics, finish & kitchen equipment
- Quality Test -
All systems & equipment will be tested before delivery
- Delivery -
Shipping, rails, or pick-up
- After-sale Services -
Training & technical support you need
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