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Our Team

Our elite team is our most precious treasure.
Unity and growth have always been the driving force of ETO device. In the past ten years, from a few people to more than 80 people, it has never changed. At ETO device, we encourage active personalization, everyone is an independent individual with independent thoughts. Everyone starts from the direction they are good at, and works closely with each other for a common goal, the best mobile trailer, and persevered until today.
Our team respects different voices, and we believe that different voices are the source of innovation. It is innovation that keeps us passionate and confident in the future. We are constantly absorbing and learning new things, which does not mean that we do not pay attention to details and every mobile trailer is carefully checked. This is a very challenging job, we have always remained patient, calm and focused.
Mophie Lee
The founder Mophie has a clear view of the way forward. "Provide customers with the best products and services, and do our best to help the community", which also makes ETO device more powerful.
Vincent Yang
Senior engineer
Graduated from Peking University, Vincent has worked in ETO device for more than 10 years. He is mainly responsible for the development of new models and the research of advanced processes. Vincent likes to solve complex projects and embrace new changes.
Clark Zhao
Clark has his own unique insights in 3D design and graphic design. He always looks at graphics from an extraordinary perspective and gives novel opinions. In our team, he is the most liked by customers.
Work and life
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