Airstream Food Trailer

Brand new airstream food trailer for sale in different sizes. High-end mobile catering trailer and truck designed and customized by ETO DEVICE, a leading food truck trailer builder in China. Affordable concession trailer for ice cream, coffee, fast food & hot dog businesses.
The airstream food trailer for sale is very popular in Australia, Canada, UK and USA. In Texas in the United States, you will see many airstream concession trailers and airstream catering trailers. They provide cheap and delicious burgers, hot dogs, pizza, coffee, milk and other fast food and drinks. They are welcomed by many people and have a large number of loyal fans. 
10×7 airstream food trailer for sale
Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Airstream Concession Trailer
Airstream Mobile Bar for Sale

10×7 airstream food trailer for sale

10×7 airstream food trailer
10×7 airstream food trailer
10×7 airstream food trailer
10×7 airstream food trailer
10×7 airstream trailer kitchen
10×7 airstream trailer kitchen
10×7 airstream trailer kitchen
10×7 airstream trailer kitchen
This 10×7 airstream food trailer for sale is designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. It is used for selling Spanish Churros and Hot Dogs. The trailer is equipped with gas griddle, churros machine and beverage fridge. It is fully loaded.

Designs Drawing
10×7 airstream food trailer design drawing
The airstream trailer uses 185R 14C type trailer-specific tires with white wheels. Its load-bearing capacity can reach 875KG, which ensures the stability and safety of the trailer.

Because the trailer is heavy and equipped with a lot of kitchen equipment, the customer chose 4 vertical jacks. The support height of the jacks is 350mm, and each jack bears 1 ton, which can ensure that the trailer is more stable and safe when parked. In addition, when the jack fully reaches the supporting height, the tire can be easily replaced.

The yellow LED taillights have strong penetrating power, which can effectively ensure safe driving at night.

The aluminum pattern edging at the bottom of the entire carriage can protect the stainless steel body at the bottom of the trailer carriage.

Generator box is installed on the tow bar,which is used for providing electricity for this food trailer.

Custom Airstream Catering Trailer

Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Custom Airstream Catering Trailer
Front Window
Sales Window
Kitchen Equipment
Lighting Effect
Range Hood
Water Sink
This is a 13×6.8 custom airstream catering trailer, mainly used to sell coffee and specialty food. The entire trailer is made of stainless steel, equipped with fryer, griddle, ice cream machine, horizontal refrigerator and coffee machine.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
Its generator box shelf is welded with galvanized square pipes, and the gaps are waterproofed. The size is designed according to the size of the generator provided by the customer. We have increased the height of the generator box so that customers can refuel the generator.

Ordinary wall-mounted air conditioners are added in the mobile kitchen, and the air conditioner wiring holes adopt a seamless rainproof design.

The sales window uses hydraulic support rods, which can carry 60KG (according to the size of the window, 300KG is optional).

According to customer requirements, a movable pie pan shelf is designed in the kitchen, which can push out the entire pie pan shelf for cleaning.

Our service
ETO DEVICE provides customized airstream food trailer. If you also want a mobile airstream trailer to expand your mobile food business, then you have come to the right place.

Airstream Concession Trailer

Airstream Concession Trailer
Airstream Concession Trailer
Airstream Concession Trailer
Airstream Concession Trailer
Ventilation Hole
This is a 16×6.5 Airstream concession trailer, which can be used to sell coffee, ice cream, burgers, hot dogs, barbecues, etc. It is equipped with refrigerated cabinets with workbenches, range hoods, barbecue grills and other equipment.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
Parameters of Airstream Concession Trailer
Trailer Body Dimension 5000×2000×2350mm
Inside Dimension 4900×1900×2000mm
Full Dimension with  Frame 6300×2000×2350mm
Net Weight 1200kg
Wheels 185R14C×4 850KG/Load-bearing
Inside Working Space 18.62m³
Suitable For 3-5 employees

Full shinny stainless steel materials, strong and durable.

Enough storage space is designed under the workbench to ensure that your trailer can operate continuously for a whole day.

Gas tubes can be customized according to your requests. Universal standard caliber made of stainless steel.

Three circular perspective windows are designed on the back of the trailer to increase the brightness of the kitchen. The windows are made of 5mm-thick tempered glass, the rims are made of 201 brushed stainless steel, and the gaps are rainproofed.

The joints of the rounded corners of the trailer are treated with spot welding and rivets, and are rain-proof.

The doors and sales windows are designed to be rain-proof, and the gaps are treated with rain-proof treatment.

Airstream Mobile Bar for Sale

airstream mobile bar
airstream mobile bar with light
airstream mobile bar in stock
airstream mobile bar for sale
side of airstream mobile bar for sale
hitch of airstream mobile bar for sale
cage for the generator and AC unit
service window in airstream mobile bar for sale
layout of airstream mobile bar for sale
2 compartment water sinks in airstream mobile bar for sale
airstream mobile bar air conditioner
airstream mobile bar inside
floor in airstream mobile bar for sale
inside of airstream mobile bar for sale
U shape beer tower in airstream mobile bar for sale
This is a 13x6.8 airstream mobile bar for sale. It has a new heavy-duty frame made from galvanized steel tubes and shining stainless steel exterior walls. Custom interior lighting and Logo create a unique atmosphere for drinkers at night. This mobile bar is equipped with bar equipment, from an ice maker to beer towers. Provide beer at private party with it!

Design Drawing
the design of airstream mobile bar for sale

Details of the Airstream Mobile Bar for Sale

Model SS400
Size 400*210*245cm
Axles Two New Axles
Tires 165/70R13
Electricity 32A/64A
Power Electricity or Propane
Weight 1020kg



Commercial floor made of aluminum checkered plates is less slippery, protecting your safety.

Custom 204 stainless steel workbenches with cabinets provide sufficient room for storing and working.

2-compartment water sinks have a facet that generates hot water within seconds. 25L water sinks ensure a stable supply of clean water.

Energy-saving A/C unit provides you with a cooling and comfortable environment in the summer.

Equipment and tool required for a bar are all fitted in this airstream mobile bar for sales, such as vertical beverage fridges, ice makers, and beer towers.

A large concession window with lights allows you to service more customers.

Best airstream food trailer manufacturer in China

ETO DEVICE is the leader of China's custom food trailer manufacturer, we focus on providing customers with the most valuable mobile airstream food trailer.
We are an experienced elite team, each team member has his own best direction. Our design engineers, welding engineers, installation engineers and test engineers have worked hard to build each airstream concession trailer. The most professional knowledge and the best materials make the trailer have a high use value.
ETO DEVICE has always attached great importance to the procurement of airstream catering trailer parts. We never stop looking for affordable and high-quality screws, tires and floors. The purpose of all this work is to allow customers to buy trailers with great value at a competitive price.
custom mobile kitchen
Airstream food trailer design

Custom airstream food trailer design

The Custom airstream food trailers supplied by ETO DEVICE are all newly designed and manufactured in the factory. Using a customized airstream catering trailer or concession trailer, you will have a unique coffee shop or pizza trailer, which is the most eye-catching existence.
The customized mobile kitchen will be equipped with range hood, gas stoves, griddle, fryer, grill, workbench, steamer, freezer, storage cabinets, etc. We can also reserve suitable space for your refrigerator, propane tank, ice cream machine, coffee machine and popcorn machine.
Other customizable items:
LED lights, sockets, billboards, interiors, floors, body colors, LOGO, food trailer cover, windows, etc.

Where does your airstream catering trailer sell food?

Good location. Choose a high traffic intersection and let your trailer appear there every day. Residents in nearby communities will remember you and often buy your burgers. They will become your loyal fans.
Participate in regularly organized activities. Every year, the city or the community regularly organizes festivals, carnivals, sports events and parties. These activities are places to make high profits, so don't miss it.
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