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How Much Does an Airstream Food Trailer Cost?

airstream food trailer

In this blog, we will explore the exceptional epitome of mobile food trailers - the airstream food trailers and uncover the associated costs of the purchase. Discover the allure of their classic trailer design, the functionality they offer, and why they stand out in the competitive mobile food industry.

If you're considering starting your own food business, read on to find out if an airstream is the perfect investment for you.


Airstream Food Trailer, a Mobile Kitchen Built on Classic Airstream

Airstream has become an iconic symbol in the trailer industry, known for its unique design and style that has made it the most popular trailer model not only in the US but also globally. While Airstream trailers were initially designed for travel and camping, they have evolved to meet the diverse demands of the public.

An Airstream food trailer is a derivative product within the Airstream series, specifically designed for catering as a mobile food concession stand. It retains the classic Airstream design with its gleaming stainless-steel body, resembling a shooting star traversing the sky, exuding a sense of modernity and futurism. Inside, it features a fully equipped commercial kitchen with stainless steel workbenches, sinks, refrigeration, and storage - no living rooms or bathrooms. It's essentially a kitchen on wheels, designed to cook and serve customers quickly and efficiently.

airstream food trailer design

Indeed, the airstream food trailer offers all the functionalities of a regular mobile food concession trailer, but its uniqueness transcends the ordinary. And many businesses willingly pay for it as it adds a touch of uniqueness and luxury to their operations. If you aim to build a high-end brand or offer customers a one-of-a-kind dining experience, the airstream food trailer will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.


How Much Does an Airstream Food Trailer Cost?

When it comes to the trailers, the Airstream stands as the pinnacle of excellence, but with that reputation comes a price tag that might seem out of reach for many. Airstream trailers typically range from $50,000 to $200,000. Considering their design for travel, you need to pay extra for converting sleeping and bathroom areas into a kitchen. As a result, the total cost could reach around $300,000 or more. That may seem unaffordable to many entrepreneurs. In comparison, the franchise of a restaurant in a prime location is a cheaper option. However, don't lose hope; there are more affordable solutions available.

At ETO, you can purchase a high-quality and fully equipped airstream style food trailer at half the price or even lower than the original Airstream models and start your business after the registration.


⭐ Airstream Food Trailer Price List

Although they are of the same model, our airstream food trailers for sale come in various sizes, which results in slight price differences. Generally, the cheapest options are small food trailers (below 10 feet), capable of accommodating a maximum of 2 people. Despite their compact size, these mini concession trailers serve as an excellent starting point for small businesses. You can read our blog "How a Small Mobile Food Trailer Benefits Your Business?" to understand the reasons behind this choice. For larger models (20 feet and above), prices may exceed $10,000.

airstream food trailer models
Let's take a look at the standard prices for ETO's hottest Airstream concession trailers:
Models Dimensions(CM) Prices($)
SS250 250*210*245 5,850
SS300 300*210*245 6,300
SS350 350*210*245 6,950
SS400 400*210*245 7,650
SS500 500*210*245 9,800
SS600 600*210*245 11,100
SS700 700*210*245 14,700
SS800 800*210*245 16,900

Small airstream food trailers are well-suited for selling coffee, ice cream, bubble tea, hot dogs, and other street food items that don't require much space to operate. However, when considering long-term business expansion, they may not be the most suitable option. If you're unsure about choosing the best trailer size for your food business, you can refer to our blog "Food Trailer Size & Dimensions: Which is the Best for Your Food Trailer Business?" for valuable insights. Alternatively, you can contact our experts for professional advice on selecting the right dimensions for your food concession trailer.


⭐ Extra Kitchen Equipment & Add-ons

The prices mentioned above are for the basic specifications of the airstream food trailers. You may find that these specifications lack certain equipment or features necessary for your business, such as NSF-certified kitchen equipment, a 3-compartment water sink, a brake system, and more. You will have to pay extra for these additional options to ensure your business runs smoothly according to plan.

Without any additional add-ons, all our Airstream concession trailers come with the following features:
  • Road-legal trailer chassis
  • Stainless steel trailer body
  • Essential trailer accessories for towing
  • Tail lights & red reflectors
  • Trailer hitch
  • Concession window
  • Serving shelf
  • Standard wiring & electrical system
  • insulation
  • Easy-to-clean walls & ceiling
  • Lighting unit
  • Stainless steel workbench
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Gas piping
  • Floor drain
  • Sink and faucets
  • Water tank system
  • Storage

As a benefit of working with ETO, we offer a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment and stainless steel cooking appliances designed for mobile food trailers at discounted prices. We also offer free layout design and equipment installation services, saving you the hassle of purchasing equipment separately from local dealers and hiring someone for installation or modifications. Everything is assembled and ready for delivery according to your requirements at ETO!

airstream food trailer interior


⭐ Additional Costs to Consider

Delivering a food trailer to your door incurs extra expenses, especially when you shop overseas.

Packaging: In order to withstand the impact during sea shipping, our concession trailers are thoroughly packaged to prevent any serious damage such as scratches, dents, and breakages. We use sturdy crates to enhance structural security, and all trailer parts and accessories are securely bundled together.
  • Shipping: Due to the large size and weight of the airstream concession trailer, shipping by sea is a more economical transportation option. Especially when shipping to nearby Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, and others, the freight cost is usually around $1,000 or even lower. However, for destinations like the United States or the United Kingdom, where the shipping distance is greater, the freight cost may exceed $2,000. But fret not, we are here to help you secure the most favorable shipping rates. Our team will carefully select the optimal shipping route to ensure you enjoy the lowest possible freight costs and receive your cargo in a timely manner.
  • Delivery: The delivery cost depends on factors such as the trailer's weight, size, transportation distance, and delivery method. In general, the cost of door-to-door shipping for goods of the same specifications is higher. By contrast, opting to have the trailer shipped to a nearby port and arranging the transportation back home yourself can often be a more cost-effective choice. You have the option to use a suitable vehicle for towing the trailer or rent specialized towing equipment to reduce transportation expenses.
  • Insurance: Given the substantial price of an airstream food trailer, it is advisable to insure your trailer to ensure timely and secure delivery. Generally, insurance costs around $150.

The More Information You Provide, the More Detailed Your Quote
Numerous factors can influence the price of an Airstream concession trailer, and it can fluctuate based on your choices and customizations. To receive a detailed quote, the simplest method is to email us and share your specific requirements for the food trailer's specifications, equipment, layout, and any other preferences. The more detailed your needs, the better we can determine the potential costs and provide you with an accurate quote. So, what are you waiting for? Send us an email now!


Hottest Airstream Food Trailers You Can Purchase at ETO

Airstream food trailers, as a branch of the Airstream brand, cater to various mobile food business concepts, each designed with unique features and layouts to meet specific needs.

Here are the hottest models you should take into account:
airstream coffee trailer Airstream Coffee Trailer:
Among this batch of trailers, the Airstream coffee trailer stands as the smallest and most cost-effective option, starting at $5,400. Though compact, it offers ample countertop space for you coffee-making appliances and refrigeration units. The exterior of the coffee trailer can be customized with the classic Airstream stainless steel look or painted in your preferred color.
Airstream Ice Cream Trailer:
quipped with under-counter freezers and fridges, this ice cream trailer provides ample refrigeration space to store your delectable frozen treats. Consider adding a gelato ice cream display to showcase your mouthwatering desserts to your customers.
airstream ice cream trailer
airstream burger van Airstream Burger Van:
The core of this food van lies in its compact kitchen area, measuring 3.5 by 2 meters. It is outfitted with essential kitchen appliances such as a fridge, gas stove, deep fryer, grill, ventilation, ice maker, sink, and drink cooler. The front workbench offers sufficient serving space to efficiently cater to your customers.
Airstream Bar:
Our 13ft Airstream bar, co-crafted with a client from Chile, preserves modern and elegant Airstream aesthetics. The interior is thoughtfully designed with a range of amenities, including a refrigerator, an ice maker, an oven, a drink cooler, a beer tower, a sink, trash bins, and an air conditioner. This mobile bar elevates our client's brand impact by providing a unique bar experience for their customers, leading to increased revenue. For more information on this custom-built Airstream bar, check out our page: "Custom Airstream Beer Trailer For Sale."
airstream bar

As a leading custom trailer manufacturer, ETO has the capability to construct a one-of-a-kind airstream food trailer based on your vision. All our Airstream models can serve as templates for modifying specifications and designs. Whether you want to create a vintage coffee trailer for selling Italian espresso or a small trailer bar to serve drinks at weddings and high-end events, our team can bring your ideas to life! Contact us now and share your vision with us. While waiting for our response, have a look at our featured food trailer and cart projects: "ETO DEVICE Featured Food Trailer & Cart Projects."


Is Investing in an Airstream Food Trailer Worth It?

In the mobile food trailer industry, there's no shortage of options with good quality and affordable prices. With such a variety, you might wonder: Is it truly worth investing more in an airstream food trailer? Can it really be a profitable business?
The answer is Yes, and it all boils down to its vintage Airstream look, which gives it a profit potential far surpassing that of ordinary food trailers and trucks. Let's explore the reasons:
  • Captivating Customer Attention: During the initial stages of a small business's brand development, capturing the customer's attention is crucial. The eye-catching design of an airstream food trailer serves as a catalyst in attracting potential customers, setting your business apart from the competition.
  • Catering High-End Events: A vintage airstream food trailer opens doors to more catering opportunities at high-end events by dint of the special and upscale dining experience it creates.
  • Social Media Buzz: An airstream food trailer's photogenic charm allows it to shine on various social media platforms. By posting enticing pictures of the trailer, businesses can attract more likes, shares, and comments, effectively promoting their brand and attracting new customers.
  • High Resale Value: The investment in an airstream food trailer extends beyond immediate profits. Unlike many other food trailers that depreciate rapidly, Airstream trailers hold their value exceptionally well over the years. This resale value was demonstrated by one of our customers who purchased a 13ft Airstream catering trailer. He spent around $15,000 buying it to test different locations for his taco shop. After establishing a brick-and-mortar shop, he decided to sell the trailer online. Guess the selling price? Approximately $11,000, a remarkable retention of its value! (partly owing to its well-maintained condition). So, rather than relying on purchasing a used Airstream to reduce starting costs, investing in a new one proves to be a more worthwhile option.

airstream concession trailers

Take action now and reach out to us via phone or email to discuss building your very own unique airstream food trailer from scratch. The best solution within your budget will be provided to you! Now, fill out the contact form below, and let's talk!

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