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Food Trailer Tail Lights

food trailer tail light

Safety must be seen as paramount when food trailers are on the road, especially in a dark condition. Considering that a trailer is moved behind an SUV, its food trailer tail lights are essential safety gear for you and other drivers. Without it, you would better spend thousands of dollars to insure your food trailer against any accidents. Basically, food concession trailer lights are a kind of language to tell the other drivers the existence of your food trailer and your next intention. Hence, do not ignore to ask about the details of food trailer tail lights when buying a food concession trailer! Keep reading to learn more about which food trailer tail lights you should have, the materials of the light, 3 features of LED trailer tail lights, and trailer lights laws in different countries.


Which Food Trailer Tail Lights Should You Have?

It is estimated that the types of trailer tail lights are over 10. Is it necessary to have all of them? Actually, no. According to the regulations and codes of most countries, the food trailer tail lights must include turn signals, brakes lights, reverse lights, stop lights, and license plate lights. These lights should be at the rear of a food trailer. Next, we will take the food trailer tail lights on our product to expatiate on their importance and functions.


5 Indispensable Food Trailer Tail Lights

If you have ever checked out the collection of our food trailer images, you may notice those food trailer led lights at the rear of our product. There are 2 red triangular lights, 2 LED lights bar with 3 colors, and a white light on the rear of the food trailer symmetrically. What are these?
  • Yellow Turn Signals: Turning signals convey the message to drivers behind you that you are going to turn or change traffic lanes. Therefore, drivers can take measures in advance to avoid a collision.
  • Red Brake Lights: This light informs others that the food trailer driver brake or slow down to prevent the occurrence of severe traffic accidents, such as rear-end collisions.
  • White Reverse Lights: Reverse lights illuminate bright white lights to warn the cars and people behind the trailer that you are reversing your vehicle.
  • Red Triangular Reflectors: Technically, reflectors are not LED lights. They are signals to increase the existence and visibility of your food trailer.
  • White License Plate Lights: Food trailers must have a license, just like other vehicles. The license should be illuminated by a stable light at night. If this little lighting tool is a missing part of your food trailer, you will receive a ticket and a fine when your food trailer is on the road.

design of food trailer tail lights


The Position of the Food Concession Trailer Tail Lights

Is there a regulation for the position of the food concession trailer tail lights? Of course! Do you notice that tail lights are symmetrically in the lower bottom? In fact, tail lights must be installed in the rear of the food trailers in order to show others the width of your trailer. The distance between the 2 tail lights should be the same from the trailer’s vertical center line. Usually, the food concession trailer tail lights need to be 30 cm above the ground.

food concession trailer tail lights


What are the Materials for the Food Trailer Tail Lights?

Tail lights are an integral part of a food concession trailer. Hence, lights should be made of high-quality material.
  • The food concession tail lights:
The material of the food trailer tail lights of our products is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It is a kind of plastic used in the manufacturing industry. With excellent features of resilience, heat resistance, and chemical stability, it has a long service life of over a decade.
  • The lens of the tail lights:
The lens of the tail light is usually methyl methacrylate (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic. It has an impressive ability to resist UV radiation. Most important, its high transparency can last for a long time, lowering the difficulty of maintaining the lights.


3 Impressive Features of the LED Food Concession Trailer Tail Lights on Our Products

Our food trailers are outfitted with refined and upgraded LED tail lights. Traditional LED lights are fragile and easily burn out. However, the tail lights of our food concession trailers have the following excellent features:
  • Longer Service Life:
The service life of the tail lights on our food trailers is rated at up to 100,000 hours, which is 2.5-4 times longer than that of normal trailer tail lights. In addition, the lighting units are firmly sealed in the lens, so no short circuit will be created because of rain. The chance of changing trailer tail lights is impossible for you when the mileage of your food trailer increases.
  • Less Heat:
Due to the small size of the trailer tail lights, the heat increases dramatically when the lights are on, increasing the possibility of breaking filaments. The LED tail lights on our food trailer generate little heat and other units are made of materials of great ability to resist heat.
  • Sustainable Source Only
In the spirit of the balance of the environment and development,  we only source food concession trailer tail lights made of sustainable materials for our products. It allows our food trailers to have less energy consumption.

LED food concession trailer tail lights


What are the Lighting Requirements for Food Trailers in Your City?

With development and innovation, more materials and technology are used in the process of designing and manufacturing food concession trailer lights. Accordingly, the designs and constructions of food trailer tail lights are diverse. However, not every tail light sold on the Internet meets the requirements of federal and local regulations and laws. Only a food trailer with standard tail lights is approved to be driven on the roads. So, what are the requirements and laws for the food trailer tail lights? It varies greatly according to the country.


In the USA

In the pursuit of saving lives and reducing vehicle-related crashes, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, a part of the Department of Transportation, has developed requirements for the food concession trailer tail lights.
It asks for the following things:
  • The types of the food concession trailer tail lights, including colors and functions.
  • The installation of the concession trailer tail lights, such as location, height, and distance.
  • The concession trailer tail lights must have manufacturer labeling.
  • The tail lights must meet the required performance standards.
  • All concession trailer tail lights must be DOT certified, or the trailer can not be on all roads and highways in all states of the United States.

food trailer in america
The Requirements for the Food Trailer Tail Lights in the Different States
As we mentioned, regulations and codes are slightly different depending on states. But, having a standard food trailer tail light is required. Can I tow a food trailer without lights? Absolutely, YOU CAN NOT!
  • Florida: The food trailer must have tail lights on the rear. The food trailer tail lights emit a red light that can be seen from a distance of 300 meters.
  • New York: Food trailer tail lights should include brake lights, license plate lights, and turn lights.
  • Tennessee: The food trailer must have tail lights that are visible from a distance of 150-200 meters in normal weather.
  • South Carolina: In addition to the tail lights, license plate lights, and brake lights, the food trailer must have red reflectors at its rear.

What are DOT Certified Food Trailer Tail Lights?
What is DOT? In fact, DOT is the abbreviation for the Department of Transportation. It is a department for developing the regulations and rules in transportation and safeguarding traffic safety. It tests the food trailer tails to ensure their safety and quality, even the SAE-certified food trailer tail lights ( SEA-certified tail lights are not illegal unless they pass the DOT’s test ). Accordingly, DOT certified food trailer tail lights totally comply with the standards and regulations in the USA. Therefore, you can tow your food trailer across the states and run your business without a ticket.
If you want to have a mobile food trailer business in the USA, approved concession trailer tail lights make your food trailer legal with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle and the Department of Transportation. The food trailer tail lights on our products have the word “DOT”, the official mark instigating they are up to strict standards, regulations, and specifications that DOT has set. They can serve their purposes, as a device to let other drivers be aware of where your food trailer is and what your next move is. Hence, our food trailer can help you save as you tow it on the roads in the USA.

DOT certified food trailer tail lights

In Europe

Countries in the EU have a United Nations agency, the Economic Commission for Europe, to give approval to the concession trailer tail lights from different manufacturers. It issued the regulation that the food concession trailer must pass a series of inspections and tests from the ECE and comply with the basic requirements and standards of traffic safety and protection before it enters the European market. E-mark is the certification of the ECE, which points out that the food trailer is certified to the ECE regulations. The food trailer with E-mark tail lights can be sold in Europe.
The food trailers we customized for European clients are equipped with E-Mark concession trailer tail lights that passed strict testing. The mark is on the outside of the lens, so the inspector can see it easily. Therefore, their food concession trailers passed the test of customs successfully, and the process of clearance was fast. Now, our clients probably are cooking in their food concession trailers and serving eaters with their special dishes near the streets!

E-Mark concession trailer tail lights

In Australia

The term “ADR Approved” is not something new for Australian buyers. What is ADR? What does it mean if the food concession trailer tail lights have the mark of ARD approved?
The Australian Design Rules (ARDs) are the collation of national standards and regulations for vehicle safety in many aspects, including the food concession tail lights. Food concession trailers must comply with the ADR, or they will be denied for the local trailer market.
As a national food truck trailer builder, Australia is one of the largest markets for us. In order to fulfill the food trailer business plans of our Australian buyers, we work with independent third-party testing specialists to build a food concession trailer that complies with the correct ARDs.

food trailer tail lights in austria

For beginners who are looking for a standard food concession trailer, food trailer tail lights are one of the most important parts that you should pay attention to. If the product you buy from a manufacturer or dealer has not approved food trailer tail lights, everything you spent on your food trailer business is useless. Hence, your country is one of the information we expect to be informed of when you send the inquiry to us. According to your country, an ideal product with standard food trailer tail lights can be recommended to you. Send an inquiry to us now and get a certified food trailer that is legal to be on the road!

food trailers with tail lights

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