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Buy an outdoor gelato & ice cream kiosks for sale from a reliable food kiosk manufacturer. We customize and design mobile food stall & stand for street food vending business. Check out this advanced ice cream kiosk design we provide with the best price!
Since the appearance of ice cream kiosk, it has always been the most popular food stall. In the past ten years, ice cream kiosk has always been a popular gathering place, whether in shopping malls or on street corners. At any time, the unique ice cream kiosk design can always stand out in business.
Ice Cream Kiosk for Sale

Ice Cream Kiosk for Sale

ice cream kiosks with different colors for sale
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new ice cream kiosk for sale
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ice cream kiosk
door of ice cream kiosk
concession window of ice cream kiosk for sale
2 compartment water sinks in ice cream kiosk for sale
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layout of ice cream kiosk for sale
This is a 7.2 x 5.2 ice cream kiosk for sale. The structure is used high-quality cold-rolled steel that is painted with different colors or custom Logo stickers according to the client’s requirement. As a trending idea for the ice cream business, it can be seen near malls, parks, and street corners! An ice cream kiosk is always a good investment that brings you untold profits in summer!

Design Drawing
design of ice cream kiosk for sale
the design of ice cream kiosk for sale
The ice cream kiosk for sale has 5 working parts: cooking area, storing area, fridge area, water sink area, serving area, and fridge area.

Cooking Area: this small ice cream kiosk is equipped with stainless steel workbenches on each side of the unit. They provide large room for kitchen appliances, such as soft serve ice cream makers, waffle makers, and snow cone machines.

Fridge Area: A 170L bench fridge is under the front work table, keeping ice cream at an ideal temperature.

Storing Area: Workbenches have many cabinets for storage. A double wall shelf is fixed on the wall, near the exhaust range hood.

Water Sink Area: A 2-compartment water sink is at the corner. It has a facet for cold/hot water. 25L clean water tanks are in its cabinet. It can be replaced with a 3 compartment water sinks with a hand sink if you need it.

Serving Area: Concession window is decorated with colorful LED lights. The color of these lights will change in rhythmic time, impressing your eater at night. 

Ice cream kiosk for sale - why buy it?

We all love ice cream. Yes, both children and adults are fans of ice cream, especially in summer, we always visit ice cream kiosks or ice cream carts countless times. According to IDFA data, most American ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers have been in business for more than 50 years. This is an industry that has remained hot for a long time. According to estimates by Fortune Business Insights, compared to 2019, the global ice cream market will grow by 30% in 2027.

If you want to start your own food business, selling ice cream is a very good investment. The cost of buying a small ice cream kiosk is relatively low. If you want to test your new ice cream flavor, you can also choose mobile ice cream kiosk for sale, follow the traffic of different places to test your new menu.

Do you want to start your dream now? Contact us now to start manufacturing your ice cream kiosk.

Ice cream kiosk style

ETO DEVICE designs and manufactures different styles of ice cream kiosks to suit the type of ice cream you sell and the surrounding environment.

We have beach style, mall style, street style, colorful style, white style for you to choose from. If you want other styles of ice cream kiosk and gelato kiosk, please let us know and ETO DEVICE will design and build it for you.
Ice Cream Kiosk Design
Ice Cream

What do you need to do before buying ice cream kiosk?

Before buying an ice cream kiosk, you need to consider the following important tips.
1. What type of ice cream are you selling? Is it soft ice cream or gelato? According to the different types of ice cream, we will provide you with different types of refrigerators.
2. How many ice creams do you sell every day? According to the quantity of ice cream you want to sell, we can customize the size of the refrigerator you need.
3. What is your brand and logo? A good brand and logo can help promote your ice cream.

In addition to the above tips, you also need to consider your business location, route, business hours, and ice cream flavors and types.

Ice cream kiosk design and manufacturer

ETO DEVICE is a professional manufacturer of ice cream kiosk. We only design and manufacture food kiosks with unique styles for customers to help customers stand out in business competition. Using our most competitive mobile food kiosk, you can sell ice cream, shaved ice, frozen desserts, cold drinks, juice or coffee, etc.

Our high-quality ice cream kiosk for sale has been operating in shopping malls and streets all over the world for more than 10 years, and has a large number of regular customers who repeat orders.

Contact us now, communicate with our engineers, and get more help and quotations!
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