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Are you looking for mobile hot dog carts and hot dog concession stands for sale? We can provide you with these custom units within your price range! These high-quality small food cart with grill and fryer are the best vehicles for street food vendors.
Where to have a bite of a hot dog with assorted toppings? A mobile hot dog cart near the corner! People seem to be reluctant to drive to a fast food store and wait for minutes for a hot dog after the emergence of small hot dog carts across all states. These mobile food stands are equipped with a grill and fryer to provide quick and easy service for preparing and selling hot dogs everywhere, allowing eaters to enjoy a taste of hot dogs easily. Eaters’ preference for them makes these mobile hot dog carts a lucrative business opportunity. A hot dog vendor in New York earns six figures in a year. Nobody will tell you that. A small investment can bring back a barrel of dollars when you navigate your route across communities with your mobile hot dog cart. Hot dogs are always in demand after all.

At ETO DEVICE, we provide brand new small hot dog carts for sale that are great for the street vending business. These high-quality small food carts are made of food-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and is easy to clean. They will last more than 10 years if maintained properly. In addition to quality and practicability, we focus on a unique hot dog cart design that facilitates the cooking step and highlights your brand. Check out the following creative hot dog carts with grill for sale that can be designed and customized to your specific needs.
Hot Dog Cart For Sale
Hot Dog Stand For Sale

Hot Dog Cart For Sale

hot dog cart
small hot dog cart
hot dog cart for sale
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water sinks
This small hot dog cart with grill and fryer for sale is customized for Jose in Puerto Rico. It is a low-cost solution in fully equipped food carts to sell great fresh hot dogs with grill marks in any place, such as parks, campuses, and streets around the state. The hot dog cart starts with a strong steel frame, stainless steel worktable, built-in water sink, food warmers, gas grill, deep fryer, and plenty of storage room. Its perfect design and layout meet the health codes and regulations in most states and countries. NSF-certified componentss can be added to it, and tons of upgrades and add-ons can make it high-end and multifunctional. Start serving hot dogs on the street with this hottest hotdog cart in the USA and make hefty profits today!

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
J Angell is a start-up brand whose clients are just getting into the street mobile food business. At first he chose to rent, but the rent was too high. Later, the customer chose ETO DEVICE, and we built a Hot Dog Cart for the customer.

The body of this small food Cart is made of aluminum pattern plate, which is not prone to scratches and has good reflective performance at night.
It uses 165/70R13 tyres, each bearing 437KG.

Two sinks, hot and cold faucets, more sanitary.

Foldable worktable, increase the area of use.

Six warm boxes to keep the food warm.

Hot Dog Stand For Sale

hot dog stand for sale
hot dog stand
hot dog stand carts
hot dog stand
hot dog cart
small hot dog cart
stainless steel workbench
hot dog warmer
water sinks
This 7.5x2.6 small Hot Dog Stand for Sale was designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. It is one of our most popular mobile Hot Dog Carts, mainly used to sell hot dogs, hamburgers and other street food.

Design Drawing
2D Design Drawing
The body of hot Dog Stand Cart is made of fiberglass, or fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is light, durable and resistant to corrosion.

It's designed in the shape of a hot dog, with a 201 stainless steel countertop in the center, where you can put any cooking equipment you want.

Its red head is hollow storage space that you can use for napkins, cutlery, etc., or as a trash can.

It uses 300-10 solid tyres and can bear up to 300KG.

It includes three sinks and two hot and cold faucets, which can be used to wash hands and vegetables to ensure the cleanliness of food.

It contains a gas Griddle and three Warmers. Two fuel tank retainers are provided on the traction bar.

This small hot dog stand for sale is suitable for small vendors as well as chain food enterprises. With a small investment, it's a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs on a small budget. If you want to start your American hot dog business down the street or in front of a mall, you've come to the right place.

Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer

As an excellent Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer in China, ETO DEVICE has a workshop area of more than 8000 square meters. We have a team of elite engineers, from design to construction, every process is completed in our factory.
  • Eight engineers and 30 workers.
  • Professional logistics department.
  • Preferential factory prices.
  • 500 food trailers and food carts per year.
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Why Buy a Small Hot Dog Cart?

Small hot dog cart stand for sale is the perfect choice for first-time entrepreneurs. Because of its lower investment cost and lower risk. Food Cart is cheaper than a larger food trailer or food truck, and you don't need to hire an employee.
  • Low cost. You can have it for 2000-3000USD.
  • Simple menu. It mainly sells hot dogs with salads, vegetables and drinks.
  • Easy to manage. You don't have to hire people.
  • More flexible business location. Easy parking, lots of street corners, parks are all places you can run your business.



What is the Price of a Mobile Hot Dog Cart?

In general, mobile hot dog carts are priced in the range of $3,800 to $8,000 on eBay and Craigslist. That is cheaper than a hot dog trailer or truck. However, we can reduce your startup cost further. Here is the price list of our mobile hot dog carts in different sizes and models:
Model Size Start at
GL-HS120A 120*60*92 $1,600
GL-HS120B 120*60*92 $1,600
GL-HS120C 120*100*92 $1,750
GL-HS120D 120*86*92 $1,700
GL-HS200A 215*120*165 $2,200
GL-HS200D 200*100*92 $2,360
GL-HS230 230*80*90 $1,900

These are not bare food carts that you need to do lots of work to mount portable kitchen equipment to them. They are built based on the American hot dog cart design that meets federal regulations and health codes. The standard configuration of these small food carts includes a stainless steel work table, two water sinks, hot and cold water taps, stainless steel frame, aluminum patterned panel cladding, and a small on-stage grille storage rack, which allows you to pass any health inspection and get permits in your state.

If you need, a hot dog cart with frill and fryer can be customized for you. There is a wide selection of compact hot dog making machines that fit these small mobile food cart models and sizes. In addition, we can also equip your hot dog stand with a gas pipe retainer, LED signage, outline LED lights, and various cooking equipment to build a unique hot dog cart for your business. These additional options require a little extra, but the food cart design and kitchen equipment installation are totally free. A detailed quote will be sent to your e-mail for free after a customized solution is provided to your needs.

Now, contact our engineer and tell us your ideas about your mobile hot dog carts.  


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