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Hot Dog Cart

Are you looking for mobile hot dog carts and hot dog concession stands for sale? We can provide you with these custom units within your price range! These high-quality small food cart with grill and fryer are the best vehicles for street food vendors.
ETO DEVICE, Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer Since 2018

How to start a hot dog business? All you need is one of our mobile hot dog carts to serve grilled hot dogs and street food to crowds of any size, anywhere! Each model is a fully equipped hot dog cart with grill and fryer, much like a mobile hot dog stand. It has all the features you can imagine: a gas grill, deep fryer, steam table, sink, water tank system, refrigeration, storage, and a food-grade countertop. What's more, we offer extensive customization options beyond other food cart companies, allowing us to create a functional hot dog cart suited to your unique business concept and menu!

Now, check out the following hot dog carts with grill and fryer for sale, and contact us for a free custom quote!
Hot Dog Cart with Refrigerator
Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer
Hot Dog Stand For Sale
Electric Hot Dog Cart

Hot Dog Cart with Refrigerator

hot dog cart with refrigerator
hot dog cart with refrigerator for sale
compact hot dog cart with refrigerator
mini hot dog cart with refrigerator
mobile hot dog cart with refrigerator
outdoor hot dog cart with refrigerator
mobile hotdog cart with refrigerator
3 compartment water sink and a hand sink

Model: HS200A
Amercian Compliant Mobile Hotdog Stand with Grill, Fryer & Fridge!
Is just a deep fryer and grill enough? Don't forget about refrigeration! Here is your ultimate hot dog cart with hot and cold storage! This model is an upgraded version of our American-style hotdog cart, one of our best-selling food carts. It is a fully-featured mobile kitchen with a grill, a deep fryer, a refrigerator, food warmers, a 3 compartment water sink, a hand sink, and storage,  suitable for feeding at outdoor events and locations.

  • Built to US codes & standard
  • Towable for almost all vehicles
  • Standard trailer accessories & parts
  • American-compliant electrical fixtures & standard gas line
  • 50L refrigeration storage
  • Complete commercial-grade hot dog equipment, gas-powered
  • 3 compartment water sinks & a hand sink
  • Plenty of interior storage & stainless steel counter space
  • Pressurized water supply kits & water storage tanks

Click "Download" below to see the specifications & details of this cart.

Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer

water sinks

Model: HS200A

The Basic Model of Our Hottest American Hot Dog Cart!

For all hot dog vendors, this functional hot dog cart with grill and fryer for sale is an affordable and fast solution to get started. It features a galvanized steel trailer chassis equipped with standard trailer hitching kits. You can hook the cart up to any vehicle and tow it to your location/next event. The body is made of durable stainless steel checker plate, and the countertop is smooth and nonporous stainless steel. Standard electrical accessories, gas piping, and water sink kits are included.

Equipped with commercial-grade equipment, the hot dog cart has the features you dream of - grilling, frying, and enticing customers with food smells and smoke! This is something that models used for heating or reheating food cannot achieve. By default, the cart comes with a flattop grill and a deep fryer, all gas-powered models connected to the gas piping. The standard mobile also includes 2 sinks, 6 food pans, an umbrella, a 2-tier shelf, a logo sign, and plenty of interior storage space.

You have plenty of add-ons and customization options to upgrade the cart to meet your local codes and regulations. Contact our team to discussthe configuration and layout of your hot dog cart!

Click "Download" below to see the standard features of the cart.

Hot Dog Stand For Sale

hot dog stand for sale
hot dog stand
hot dog stand carts
hot dog stand
hot dog cart
small hot dog cart
stainless steel workbench
hot dog warmer
water sinks
This 7.5x2.6 small Hot Dog Stand for Sale was designed and manufactured by ETO DEVICE. It is one of our most popular mobile Hot Dog Carts, mainly used to sell hot dogs, hamburgers and other street food.

Electric Hot Dog Cart


Model: FD240

Never before has there been a small hot dog cart with so much!

This electric hot dog cart is the ultimate solution for hot dog vendors, designed to keep up with the high demand for fresh hot dogs at public locations such as carnivals, farmers' markets, and sporting events. It features a perfect combo of hot dog warmers, a fridge, an oven, Brain Marie, a sink, and plenty of storage - essentially everything you need for a hot dog cart business. And if you're looking to expand, add a grill and a fryer (compatible models available), and you'll have a fully equipped hot dog stand!

The hot dog cart comes in a standard electric model with a lead-acid battery that delivers outstanding performance with power and acceleration. It's never been easier to hit the streets and serve up fresh hot dogs with it!

Note: this model is customized and constructed in compliance with standards in Switzerland, but it can be re-configured to be a code-compliant cart in your city.

One click on the "Download" below to get the detailed specifications of the cart.


ETO Hot Dog Cart

Going Beyond the Ordinary of Food Push Carts You Found on the Streets

At ETO, we offer the ultimate mobile hot dog vending solutions - HS200A and GL-HS230. These versatile and efficient fully-equipped mobile kitchens are the top choices that many hot dog vendors have made as they feature nearly everything needed for swift cooking and service.
HS200A-Small-Hot-Dog-Cart-for-Sale HS230-Hot-Dog-Cart-for-Sale Electric-Hot-Dog-Cart  
  • Classic American-style Hot Dog Cart
  • Durable Stainless Steel Cart Body & Frame
  • Standard Trailer Chassis & Parts
  • Drop-in Cooking Equipment
  • Spacious Interior Storage Space
  • Hotdog-Style Food Cart
  • Fiberglass Cart Body & Stainless Steel Counter
  • Unique & Attractive Looks for All
  • Suitable for Street Vending & Event Catering
  • Countertop Cooking Equipment
  • Electric Food Push Cart
  • Durable Stainless steel Cart Body & Frame
  • Green, Sustainable & Zero Emission
  • Electric Cooking Equipment
  • Interior Storage & Refrigeration Storage


Standard Features

Your Mobile Hot Dog Cart Comes with These Features

· Lightweight Trailer Chassis ·
· Durable Cart Body ·
  • Towable for most vehicles.
  • Made of high-quality galvanized steel.
  • Rust-resistant coating applied.
  • Includes standard hitching kits, VIN numbers, an ID plate, & heavy-duty stabilizer legs.
  • All steel structure. No wood or plastic.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel diamond plate.
  • Capable of withstanding rigorous outdoor elements.
  • Lifespan exceeds 10 years.
· Countertop ·
· Fold-down Shelf ·
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Durable & anti-corrosive.
  • Non-porous & easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Ample counter space for food preparation.
  • Quality stainless steel surface
  • Creates extra space for food prep and serving.
  • Easily foldable
  • High stability
· Cooking Equipment ·
· 2 Compartment Water Sink ·
  • Includes a flattop grill, a deep fryer & 6 food pans
  • Designed for commercial use
  • Gas-powered models
  • Inserted & installed into the countertop
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Rolled stainless steel edges prevent splashes & overflow
  • Equipped with a commercial-grade faucet.
  • Includes a removable drain & a basket
· Water Supply Kits ·
· Gas System ·
  • Includes auto water pump.
  • A 25L clean water tank & A 25L waste water tank, all food-grade
  • Pre-assembled under the sinks
  • Water heaters are optional
  • Custom-built propane tank holder, made of stainless steel.
  • Standard gas piping.
  • Installed by our certified workers.
  • Easily connectable to your propane tanks.
· Storage ·
· Umbrella ·
  • 2 interior storage cabinets & a double-layer cabinet.
  • Offer much space for storing all your essentials.
  • Easy opening.
  • All lockable compartments.
  • Made of waterproof polyethylene.
  • Shields entire countertop.
  • Can be removed.
  • Custom color schemes.



Extra Add-on & Customization Options

Build a Functional and One-of-a-kind Hoddog Cart You Conceive with Us!

With numerous hotdog cart manufacturers in the market, why should you choose ETO? The answer is clear: our customization options. At ETO, each of our hot dog carts and stands is meticulously created as a made-to-order masterpiece in our factory. This means you have the freedom to fully customize your project from scratch. We adhere to a set of standard cart specifications during production, yet we are more than happy to make some modifications to align with your specific workflow, menu requirements, and local health regulations. The following are the customization options available for our hot dog vending cart models:
  • Grill: By default, our hot dog carts come equipped with a flattop grill. However, you have the choice to opt for a model with a grooved top to leave a perfect sear on your hot dogs.
  • Fryer: The decision is yours: electric or gas fryer? How many fryer baskets do you need?
  • Refrigeration: Health regulations dictate that perishable foods must be kept at or below 40°F (4°C). To meet this requirement, consider adding a portable refrigerator or freezer to your hot dog cart.
  • Steam Table: Add a gas steam table for cooking or reheating sausages. It uses steam to evenly heat your hot dogs to a safe temperature of 165°F (73°C) or above. How many steam pans do you need? Do you have special requirements on their dimensions?
  • Sink System: How many sinks does the local Health Department require? Are side splash guards necessary for sinks?
  • Umbrella: Blue and white stripes or red and yellow stripes?
  • Cart Sign: Display your logo, brand, menu, contact information, and operating hours on one side of your food cart.
  • Generator: Do you require a compact, portable generator to power equipment such as a water pump or water heater?
  • Extra Accessories: We also offer spare tires, propane tank holders, and water tanks as additional accessories.
Any customization you request may result in differences between your hot dog cart layout and the one shown in the images on this page. Please specify your customization requirements in your inquiry, and we will provide you with a free custom quote as soon as possible. Read this blog to learn more about our hot dog cart design and layout.

Click on the image below to learn more about our custom project for Hot Doggity Dog


How Many Sink Do You Need on Your Mobile Hotdog Cart?

By default, our hot dog carts come with a 2 compartment water sink, capable of cleaning all your cooking tools. This setup ensures compliance with sanitary food handling standards. However, this setup may not satisfy local inspectors in regions with stricter regulations on food carts. Our hot dog carts can be equipped with up to 4 sinks for washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and handwashing. Depending on specific health codes, we can customize the number of sinks on your hot dog cart and handle the installation to ensure pass health inspections.

Now that you have sinks, you need water for them. To supply more than 2 sinks, it is recommended to buy additional or larger water tanks (60L or 80L). Also, consider adding a water heater to your cart, as instant hot water is required in some areas.

Can You Have a Grill or Deep Fryer on a Hot Dog Cart?

Most hot dog vendors cook their hot dogs at a commissary and reheat them on their push carts. Can you can a grill or deep fryers on your hot dog vending cart for on-site cooking? It's all depends on local health codes concerning vendor carts.
  • Grill: Yes! Many health departments allow grilling pre-cooked meat products like sausages on carts. However, raw meats like steak or chicken are prohibited,
  • Fryer: Codes vary by location. In Texas, cooking on open carts is not allowed, while the Health Department in Colorado might require the use of a fryer with a hood.
The cooking equipment on our mobile hot dog carts can be removed or swapped to build a code-compliant hotdog cart. If needed, the grill and fryer can be swapped to a steam table to reheat sausages.

How Much Is a Hot Dog Cart at ETO?

Let's Break Down the Cost of Buying Your Hot Dog Cart at ETO

If a hot dog trailer is a little expensive for you, ETO's hot dog vending carts offer the ideal solution for your hot dog business. These mobile vending carts work as mobile hot dog stands, providing entrepreneurs like you with the most affordable entry point into the hot dog business. You can buy a brand-new hot dog vending trailer for less than $5,000, and start earning hundreds of dollars on your very first day!

But wait, $5,000? Let's break it down. This is the total cost when you buy a hot dog cart from ETO, but please note that prices may vary based on your specific customization needs.
- Basic Hot Dog Cart - $1,900 - $2,200 Hot dog cart prices are for our basic hot dog cart models, which include standard features without any additional equipment or customization.
- Cooking Equipment - $0 -$300 No need to spend a lot on additional cooking equipment. Our hot dog carts come almost fully equipped with everything you need.
- Customization - $0 - $200 Optional
- Package - $80 - $130 Before shipping, your cart needs to be packed and carted for added security.
- Shipping & Delivery - $800 or Higher Shipping costs are influenced by factors such as product dimensions, weight, location, shipping methods, and container size. You have the option to reduce shipping & delivery fee by picking up your cart by yourself.
- Insurance - $0 - $100 Optional

With all these cost considerations, you can have a brand-new hot dog cart for around $3,500 or even lower! Then, let's factor in permits, licenses, cooking utensils, supplies, fuel, ingredients, and more. It is possible to kick off your hot dog cart business for as low as $5,000 to $6,000!


 Things You Must Know Before Buying at ETO

Learn More About Our Services and What We Can Offer You

ETO is the premier choice for hot dog vendors in the USA and other countries. What? Haven't heard of us before? Allow us to introduce ourselves. ETO DEVICE, founded in 2018, specializes in mobile kitchen solutions. Originally focused on mobile food trailers and trucks, we expanded to design and manufacture hot dog carts. Our concept was to create a highly adaptable outdoor mobile kitchen, a versatile setup surpassing the capabilities of food push carts. This open kitchen, built on a trailer chassis, is equipped with necessary equipment such as fryers, grills, sinks, cabinets, and water tanks. Such a compact setup functions as a concession stand serving hot dogs and street food at outdoor locations like stadiums, parks, and farmers' markets.

Here are other things you should be aware of before the purchase:



We offer various payment methods including Visa, PayPal, bank transfers, and more.



50% deposit is required before production, and the balance must be paid prior to shipping


Enjoy a 1-year manufacture warranty for free.

After-Sales Suppor

Feel free to contact our technical team anytime for help。

For more info about delivery, production time, payment, and ordering, go to this page.


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If you need assistance getting a quote to see our price range, please fill out the contact form below to reach our sales team! To get an accurate quote fast, please provide detailed information including: model, dimensions, color, equipment, custom requirements, your budget expectations, and country. Our sales team will provide you with a custom quote within 24 hours, including delivery costs.

By the way, we offer discounts for multi-unit orders!

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