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Small Mobile Hot Dog Cart for Sale in Birmingham, Alabama

best mobile hot  dog cart business in alabama

Where can you get a taste of a hot dog topped with layers of house meat sauce and cheese in Birmingham, Alabama? At Hot Doggity Dog! Ask for an address? It can not be provided because that shop doesn’t have a fixed locution for its hot dog business. Hot Doggity Dog is not a real store or restaurant you see on the streets, but rather a small hot dog cart built by us, a leading food trailer manufacturer in China. It is on wheels, moving from one place to another based on a schedule. Sometimes, it enters someone’s backyard to provide a special catering service. ETO DEVICE worked closely with the team from the Hot Doggity Dog to design and built this small hot dog cart with an impressive look for the first operation of a mobile chargrilled hot dogs business in Birmingham.

Keep reading this project to learn more about our mobile hot dog cart for sale, involving its standard specification, impressive features, detailed design & layout, and functional add-ons.

small hot dog cart in birmingham alabama


Mobile Hot Dog Cart for Sale in Birmingham, Alabama

The GL-HS230 is our newest small food cart for serving hot dogs and a hot choice for hot dog vendors in most states. It is built for street vendors who are looking for a mini mobile kitchen. Its food-grade stainless steel table has a large countertop for a water sink and kitchen equipment. There are available options and upgrades. For example, a commercial gas grill or griddle can be added to the food cart for more cooking options, and an extra water sink can be installed to make the food cart meet rules and laws in your state. Read below included its standard specification and extra options.
mobile hot dog cart with grill for sale
small hot dog cart for sale in usa

The Specification of the Small Hot Dog Cart

Model GL-HS230
Height 2.3m
Width 0.8m
Height 0.9m
Manufacturer ETO DEVICE
Condition Brand new, in stock
Tire 300-10 solid tires
Material Fiberglass (Body)
Food-grade stainless steel(worktable and kitchen appliances)
Water system
  • Plumbing
  • Standard water sink with faucet ( NSF sink can be provided)
  • 25L clean water tank
  • 25L cley water tank
Equipment kit
  • Gas line
  • Gas valve
  • Trailer jack with wheel
  • DOT certified coupler
  • DOT certified taillights and reflectors
  • Gas tank holders
  • Food-grade stainless steel worktable
  • Cash drawer with keys
  • Cabinets
  • Food warmers with covers

hot doggity dog mobile hot dog cart


Extra Options for Mobile Hot Dog Cart

  • NSF-approved 3 compartment sinks: The basic mobile hot dog cart includes a water sink and a faucet with a built-in heater. If the health department in your state requires an NSF-approved sink, we will add 3 standard sinks and 2 faucets to your cart.
  • Umbrella: The hot dog cart is an outdoor business, so a huge umbrella is able to provide shade during hot days. It comes in red and yellow, standing out for visibility.
  • Gas Grill: A grilled hot dog has a special flavor that most eaters are crazy for. A small countertop gas grill can be added to your small hot dog cart so the smell of meat coming from it will bring more customers for you.  
  • Built-in Commercial Griddle: As a functional kitchen appliance, a griddle can make a hot dog crispy and juicy and heat up food. It has a large flat heating area with splash guards. Given that the griddle is mounted to a food cart permanently, consult with our expert about your hot dog cart design if you need it.
  • Prep Shelf: The detachable stainless steel prep shelf extends the length of a small hot dog cart, allowing you to have more workspace. It comes in a flat type or one with small pans for storing necessities, like napkins and bags of condiments.

extra options for mobile hot dog carts


Impressive Features:

  • Small Size: A small hot dog cart has advantages in mobility. Its small and compact design allows it to enter and park in many hustle and bustle locations. Besides, it is light. Most vehicles, including motorcycles, can tow it easily.
  • Standard Water system: For food safety, a stable water supply and sinks are required by law. The mobile hot dog cart for sale has a sink and faucet used to wash hands and tools. Fixed in the cabinet under the sink, the clean water tank and cley water tank are very accessible.
  • Large Storage Room: It is small, but it can load more! The design of the small hot dog cart has been optimized so that it can provide more space for storage. There are cabinets under the worktable for storing snacks, candies, consumable items, and other things you need to keep on hand.
  • DOT-approved Cart: This mobile hot dog cart for sale is DOT-approved so it is able to hit on the road across states legally.
  • 2 Gas Tank Holders: Exposed gas tanks put your safety at risk. Any collision may result in an explosion. You need to find a safe place for them. Two stainless steel holders welded on the trailer tongue provide a safe enclosure to mount gas tanks.
  • Unique Styling and Look: Get tired of these uninspired steely hot dog carts on the streets? The GL-HS230 is a good solution to make you stand out from your competitors! With a colorful and beautiful body in a hot dog, the mobile hot dog cart is a bright spot on the street that both adults and children gravitate towards. The client told us that he gained a group of little fans for his cart, and some of their parents asked him to provide catering services for their private parties.

hot dog cart water system


Why Should You Buy a Mobile Hot Dog Cart From Us?

Do you want to run a hot dog vending business successfully just like Hot Doggity Dog? Buying a quality mobile hot dog cart is the first thing you should do. There are many hot dog cart manufacturers and suppliers, some of which are from the UK or USA when you search“mobile hot dog cart for sale”on Google. Tons of options are available to you. Why should you buy a mobile hot dog cart from us, a food cart manufacturer in China?
Look at what we did to win over the client:

Offering a Solution within Budget

When it comes to the operation of a hot dog business in the USA, hotdog carts are much cheaper than any solution, such as a hot dog franchise. On average, a hot dog cart is priced at $3,500 to $8,000 in America. It is more affordable than a food truck that costs $10,000 at least for most starters. But, not everyone has sufficient start-up costs. Our client is an example. Is there any possibility to source a cheaper but quality hot dog for sale? Can you get a brand new hot dog cart under $2,000?
Everything is possible here! You can find the perfect hot dog cart that meets your demand for specific functions, sizes, and designs, no matter your budget. Forget about those used food carts on eBay. ETO DEVICE will build a functional hot dog cart with high versatility and quality within your budget. Check out here to get our hot dog cart price!

Building the Food Cart with High-quality Parts

A food cart manufacturer in the world, ETO DEVICE gains a reputation for the high quality of its products. Cutting corners to reduce costs goes against our value. Our hot dog food carts are built with high-quality stainless steel sourced from the best steel suppliers in the domestic and designed to be durable and strong. Hot Doggity Dog’s small hot dog cart has been in operation for a least a year, it is still perfectly functional now, even though it moves several locations a day for serving chargrilled hot dogs outdoors. The longer service life of a mobile hot dag cart can lower your operational costs.

mobile hot dog cart manufacturing

Providing Multiple Add-ons to Build a Multifunctional Hotdog Cart

Can I have a frill on a hot dog cart? Do you have a hot dog cart with a griddle for sale? Of course! We strive to provide our clients with a hot dog cart built on the basis of their design ideas and concepts. A multiplicity of add-ons are provided to build a high-end food cart, such as gas grills, gas griddles, and commercial steam pans. Instead of buying a bare hot dog cart without the kitchen equipment you want from other suppliers, a fully equipped one saves you a lot of time and energy. You don’t need to worry whether it breaches federal regulations or not or spend extra on hiring an expert to redesign the cart and add on extra kitchen appliances. We have a professional team to deal with that work!
A functional hot dog cart with an impressive look improves sales greatly. We are proud of designing and building a portable small hot dog cart for Hot Doggity Dog and helping the client start a successful family business. The client told us that the daily profit our small hot dog cart brought to him was significant.

Take some time to select our hot dog cart models at our gallery and our design team will make it match your business on the premise that its design and layout can pass the inspection of the Health Department. Now, start your hot dog vending business today!
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