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Miami Naranja Piña Ice Cream Trailers & Carts

Naranja Piña, located in Miami, Florida, is an ice cream shop that specializes in Cuban gelato - a unique combination of Cuban ice cream and artisan Italian gelato. Can’t make it to there in person? Now, you can enjoy its distinctive ice cream flavors without having to drive there!

Recently, Naranja Piña debuted its own ice cream trailers and gelato carts, which can be found on West 4th Avenue Valsan of Hialeah and special occasions like birthday parties. These trailers and carts were fully equipped and offered over 40 ice cream flavors.

Our team is honored to have collaborated with Naranja Piña in designing and building their trailers and carts from scratch. Keep reading to learn more about Naranja Piña's custom ice cream trailers and gelato carts.
ETODEVICE-custom-ice-cream-trailer   ETO-custom-gelato-cart
Small Ice Cream Trailer & Gelato Cart We Customized for Naranja Piña


Naranja Piña’s Custom Ice Cream Trailers & Gelato Carts

Located at 756 SW 10th Ave, Miami, FL, Naranja Piña is the place where you can savor this uniquely handcrafted treat. But is this experience limited to just this spot? Of course not.

Naranja Piña went a step further by placing an order with us for four custom ice cream trailers and four gelato carts to expand their ice cream business and promote their brand. These vehicles are now taking their exceptional ice cream and Cuban culture to even more locations.

Now, let's take a closer look at these custom-built ice cream trailers and carts we tailored for Naranja Piña.


Custom Ice Cream Trailer: A Small Ice Cream Shop on Wheels

What's the best thing about an ice cream business? You can always run it without needing too much space.
Naranja Piña has been running their mobile food trailer business for a long time, with a 13ft ice cream trailer. This time, they wanted something smaller, or to be precise, a mini version of their own ice cream trailer.

Naranja Piña's ice cream trailer is a dual axle trailer featuring a roundtop. The good news is, we have the same concession trailer model in a smaller size. The 250WD is an upgraded roundtop food trailer model - its width expanded to 7ft, with a length and height of 8ft each. However, to make this small food trailer look exactly like Naranja Piña's trailer, especially in appearance, a considerable amount of design work is needed. How did we achieve this?

Vinyl Wrap!

This allows us to apply custom graphics and patterns on the surface of the small food trailer, perfectly replicating the unique look of Naranja Piña's trailer, right down to the black trim on both ends of the trailer frame! Thanks to everything provided by Naranja Piña, our designers were able to accomplish this.
Small Ice cream Trailer Design

At the same time, we made some changes to the ice cream trailer design for an even better user experience.
- Extra Window

Below the concession window, right where the ice cream display freezer is fixed, there is a small window with glass, allowing a clear view of the inside of the freezer. This design allows customers to see the various flavors and appearances of the ice cream more clearly when making their selection.
- LED Sign

A custom LED sign at the front of the trailer beams Naranja Piña's philosophy: “Gelato is Family, Tradition, Happiness, Friends.” This makes the small food trailer itself and the treats it offers even more visible at any time.
- LED sign

As you can see, the door isn't positioned right in the middle, but rather slightly off to one side. Well, that ice cream display takes up quite a chunk of space inside the trailer. So, to make it easy for staff to get in and out, we had to get creative. We custom-built a workbench, narrower than the standard, and shifted the door over. And, we installed a double door instead of the default single-door model. This choice provides a more spacious passage, making it easier for both staff and equipment to move in and out.

Check out these ice cream trailer designs below!
Ice Cream Trailer Design


Small Ice Cream Trailer Interior Design

Designing and building the trailer interior follow standardized processes, which include wiring, and insulating, installing inner walls, ceilings, floors, and so on. Naranja Piña had no additional requirements, as long as the trailer could pass health inspections and provide freezer space for their ice cream. Our trailer designers made some slight modifications to the basic trailer configuration to meet these specifications.

Please look at the following ice cream trailer design and layout diagrams. Let's explain their cleverness.

ice-cream-trailer-layout small-ice-cream-trailer-floor-plan

Following the above configuration, we customized four ice cream trailers, each with the same inclusions:
Most health inspectors ask for four sinks. Installing so many sinks in an 8ft small food trailer is not a challenge in itself. The real challenge is figuring out where to put them—compliant yet not space-gobbling. In the default design, the sinks are embedded into the rear workbench. However, as mentioned earlier, the workbench at the back of this ice cream trailer is narrow, making it impossible to seamlessly install our sinks.

What if we install the sinks at one end of the trailer, directly facing the door? This way, they wouldn't narrow the aisle or take up too much counter space. After precise measurement and cutting, a 3-compartment sink with a drainboard and side splash, along with a hand sink, were snugly integrated into two countertops. Below, there was space for five water tanks, and on the wall, multiple outlets were installed for the water pumps.

The best freezer for storing and selling gelato? It's the ice cream display freezer! The model we offer comes with a glass door and window (similar to most ice cream displays), but it also has an additional window on the front for clearer visibility. We opted for the smallest one and installed it beside the door. All of this is to maximize counter space.

Ice Cream Trailer Interior Design

Following the above configuration, we customized four ice cream trailers, each with the same inclusions:

  • Non-porous,easy-to-clean interior walls & ceilings in light color
  • Non-slip diamond plate flooring
  • LED light bars
  • 201 stainless steel workbenches with cabinet
  • Backsplash
  • Standard power sockets
  • 3 compartment water sink with drainboard and side plash
  • Hand sink
  • Commercial faucets
  • 24V water pumps
  • 5*25L plastic water tanks
  • Commercial ice cream display freezer 100*69*123cm
Interested in the ice cream trailer price? Send us an email now with the link to this page to get a quote for the custom ice cream trailers.


Gelato Carts With Freezer

Naranja Piña has shown keen interest in our ice cream cart series, particularly because these carts come equipped with commercial ice cream freezers, rather than just insulated boxes! They've opted for the A610 model and requested customizations to the exterior design.
gelato-ice-cream-cart The A610: Mobile Ice Cream Freezer

The A610 is our best-selling model in the ice cream cart series. It has served as the blueprint for various other ice cream cart designs, including the one custom-made for Naranja Piña. You can check out all these cart designs and explore all the features of the A610 on this page.

This gelato cart is a portable push cart with a built-in commercial ice cream display freezer which features a small window at the front. Basically, it is a mobile ice cream freezer. The freezer requires standard outlets or an external power source like a generator to operate. Therefore, the cart is ideally used as a fixed sales point.

Gelato Cart Specifications

Model: A610
Dimensions: 140*75*200cm
Weight: 270kg
Power: 220W
The Temperatures of the Fridge: -18℃~-22℃
Water Sink Kit: Standard plumbing / stainless steel water sink / water tap / auto water pump / 25L food grade plastic clean water tank and waste water tank


Gelato Cart Design & Layout

gelato-push-cart-design gelato-cart-design

For Naranja Piña, this cart model has all the features necessary to meet their operational needs. It's truly perfect. All that's left to do is brand it!
The gelato ice cream cart received a full-body vinyl wrap for a complete makeover. And that's not all - we've custom-designed the canopy to perfectly complement the gelato cart's vibe and added an LED sign on the frame for increased visibility and recognition.

Gelato Cart Design


ETO DECIVE, Your Custom Food Trailer Builder

ETO DEVICE, one of the largest food trailer builders, offers a wide range of concession trailer types, from mobile coffee trailers to hot dog trailers. However, sometimes these options may not meet the specific requirements of some brands. For them, we have the capability to design and build custom food trailers from scratch, tailored to their exact specifications.

Almost every part of our concession trailer can be customized. This allows us to create something exactly you want, even if it's a design we've never done before. Once we receive your email, we'll reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your custom project, including trailer type, size, use, specific requirements, health codes, and budget expectations, and guide you through every step of the trailer design, construction, ordering, and delivery process.

If you're looking for a custom ice cream trailer or cart built to your exact specifications, please fill out the contact form below.

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