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Custom Ice Cream Carts Cost

When the hot summer comes, it is undoubtedly the ideal for small traders to open mobile ice cream cart business. From a small ice cream push cart, a large ice cream stand cart to a 26-foot ice cream trailer, you can make huge profits in summer. Many entrepreneurs who want to start a mobile ice cream business wonder, how much does a custom ice cream cart cost? Here, we will introduce the prices of various ice cream carts and trailers for aspiring food business entrepreneurs.

Cost of Custom Ice Cream Food Cart and Trailer

Custom mobile ice cream carts can range from $2,000 to $4,000, while ice cream trailers can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

Ice cream cart prices

ice cream push cart ice cream bike cart ice cream bike cart
3.6×3 Ice Cream Push Cart
7.5×3.2 Ice Cream Bike Cart
9.6×2.6 Ice Cream Bike Cart
custom ice cream cart custom ice cream push cart custom ice cream push cart
7.5×2.6 Custom Ice Cream Cart
5.6×3.4 Custom Ice Cream Cart
9.5×6.5 Ice Cream Push Cart

Ice cream trailer prices

Ice cream trailer Custom ice cream trailer Custom ice cream trailer cost
7.2×6.5 Ice Cream Trailer
9.2×6.5 Custom Ice Cream Trailer
14×6.5 Custom Ice Cream Trailer

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Ice cream equipment price

After purchasing the ice cream cart or ice cream trailer, you also need to purchase the necessary ice cream equipment. You can buy them individually or at the ice cream cart maker.
  • Ice Cream Machine: 1000-2500USD
  • Ice cream display: 500-800USD
  • Slush Slushie Machine: 800-1500USD
  • Freezer with workbench: 500-900USD
  • Ice cream freezer: 300-500USD

Other costs

In order to keep your mobile ice cream cart business running, you also need to pay some extra costs for it. This includes operating manufacturing and licensing costs, ice cream cups, spoons, napkins, ice cream raw material expenses, etc. These costs may vary by country and state, and you will need to check with your local supplier and business administration.

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